WWE SmackDown Live Results (4/16/19): 2019 Superstar Shakeup Part 2

WWE SmackDown Live Results (4/16/19)

WWE SmackDown Live
April 16, 2019
Bell Centre
Montreal, Canada

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

SmackDown Live Additions: 

– Roman Reigns

– Finn Balor

– Elias

– Bayley

– Ember Moon

– Kairi Sane

– Lars Sullivan

– Buddy Murphy

– Liv Morgan

– Chad Gable

– Apollo Crews

– Mickie James

– Heavy Machinery

The Kevin Owens Show With Special Guests: The New Day 

People are buzzing about the Superstar Shakeup. Tonight, Mr. McMahon will reveal the biggest acquisition in Smackdown history, but the biggest star is already standing in the ring. Owens guest tonight deserves respect. It’s someone who had a WrestleMania moment we will never forget. Owens brings out the brand new WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston. No Big E because he suffered a serious injury last week. Owens welcomes The New Day to the Kevin Owens Show and Montreal.

What Kofi did at WrestleMania is something we will never forget. In his first title match in 11 years, Kofi fought against the odds to get there and fought against greater odds to become the champion. Montreal gives Kofi a standing ovation. Kofi appreciates the kind words. At WrestleMania, they did something special. He got to share it with his family, his friends, and with all of you. Xavier Woods says that Raw is taking away most of the UpUp DownDown crew.

If Tyler Breeze doesn’t appear tonight, he’ll riot. Kofi says that they need to focus on tonight. The New Day has a tag match against Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. If The New Day needs back up, Big O can offer his services. It’s a big commitment. Will Big O wear a crop top? Woods mentions cereal tasting, pancake throwing, video game playing, and moving of the groinal region. Would the WWE Universe like to see Big O become an honorary New Day Member. Big O shakes his hips. Woods welcomes Big O to the group.

First Match: Finn Balor vs. Mustafa Ali 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Balor applies a side headlock. Balor drops Ali with a shoulder tackle. Ali nips up. Ali with a waist lock go-behind. Balor transitions into a side headlock. Ali drops down on the canvas. Ali dropkicks Balor in the chest. Ali with a side headlock takeover. Balor with the headscissors escape. Balor rolls Ali over for a one count. Balor whips Ali to the corner. Ali slips over Balor’s back. Balor with a running elbow strike for a one count. Balor bodyslams Ali. Balor follows that with a running elbow drop for a two count. Balor applies an arm-bar. Balor drives his knee into the midsection of Ali. Balor with a knife edge chop. Ali kicks Balor in the face. Ali with a Hurricanrana. Ali hits The PK. Ali lands a Suicide Dive.

Ali rolls Balor back into the ring. Ali with the cover for a two count. Ali applies an arm-bar. Ali with a heavy chop. Balor reverses out of the irish whip from Ali. Ali goes for a sunset flip, but Balor counters with a basement dropkick. Balor with a blistering chop in the corner. Balor repeatedly stomps on Ali’s chest. Balor with a hesitation dropkick for a two count. Following a snap mare takeover, Balor applies an arm-bar. Ali is throwing forearms at Balor. Balor locks in The Abdominal Stretch. Balor with a knee lift. Balor continues to chop Ali in the chest. Ali side steps Balor into the turnbuckles.

Ali with an Apron Enzuigiri. Ali follows that with a Roll Through X-Factor. Ali with two running knife edge chops. Balor responds with a spin out elbow drop for a two count. Balor hits The SlingBlade. Ali SuperKicks Balor for a two count. Balor drives Ali back first into the turnbuckles. Balor with clubbing shoulder blocks. Ali with a high knee strike. Ali goes for a Tornado DDT, but Balor blocks it. Balor with a double leg takedown. Balor with a Standing Double Foot Stomp. Ali has Balor perched on the top turnbuckle. Ali with a Top Rope FrankenSteiner for a two count. Ali goes for The 450 Splash, but Balor ducks out of the way. Balor with a ShotGun Dropkick. Balor connects with The Coupe De Grace to pickup the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor via Pinfall 

Second Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella w/R-Truth 

Charlotte kicks Carmella in the gut. Charlotte pulls Carmella down to the mat. Charlotte hates Canada. Charlotte talks smack to Carmella. Carmella shoves Charlotte. Carmella dodges a Big Boot from Charlotte. Carmella thrust kicks the midsection of Charlotte. Carmella SuperKicks Charlotte for a two count. Carmella mocks Charlotte. Carmella ducks a clothesline from Charlotte. Carmella with two forearm shivers. Charlotte drives Carmella back first into the ringside barricade. Carmella with a Flying Crossbody Block off the barricade for a two count. Charlotte unloads three knife edge chops. Charlotte goes for an Exploder Suplex, but Carmella lands back on her feet. Carmella drives Charlotte face first into the middle turnbuckle pad.

Carmella repeatedly stomps on Charlotte’s chest. Carmella moonwalks. Carmella hits The BroncoBuster. Charlotte sends Carmella to the ring apron. Charlotte with a shoulder block. Charlotte delivers a Big Boot. Charlotte nips up. Charlotte struts around the ring. Charlotte pie faces Carmella. Charlotte goes for an Exploder Suplex, but Carmella counters with a Rear Mat Slam. Carmella kicks Charlotte in the face. Charlotte blocks a boot from Carmella. Charlotte with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the middle rope. Charlotte throws Carmella into the barricade. Carmella negates The MoonSault. Carmella SuperKicks Charlotte. Carmella is favoring her left knee. Charlotte block chops Carmella. Charlotte makes Carmella tap out to The Figure Eight.

After the match, Lars Sullivan gets into a brawl with R-Truth. Sullivan connects with The Freak Accident. Sullivan plants Truth with The Running PumpHandle SitOut PowerBomb. Carmella walks away from Sullivan.

Winner: Charlotte Flair via Submission 

Becky Lynch, Paige, Asuka, Kairi Sane, The Iconics, Bayley, Ember Moon, Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville In-Ring Segment: 

Third Match: Asuka, Kairi Sane, Bayley and Ember Moon w/Paige vs. The Iconics, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville in a 8-Woman Tag Team Match 

Billie Kay and Moon will start things off. Kay is trying to play mind games with Moon. Moon ducks a clothesline from Kay. Kay goes for a Hip Toss, but Moon lands back on her feet. Moon kicks Kay in the chest. Moon with a Hurricanrana. Kay tags in Royce. Moon with a Spinning Back Kick. Moon with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Moon is fired up. Bayley tags herself in. Bayley with a sliding clothesline. Bayley with an elbow drop for a one count. Bayley applies an arm-bar. Bayley goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Royce blocks it. Royce applies a wrist lock. Royce with a forearm smash. Royce tags in Deville. Deville with clubbing bodyshots. Deville bounces Bayley’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Deville whips Bayley across the ring. Bayley kicks Deville in the jaw. Bayley with a Flying Back Elbow Strike for a one count. Bayley is distracted by The Iconics. Bayley applies a side headlock. Bayley tags in Asuka. Asuka shakes her hips. Asuka avoids a flurry of kicks from Deville. Asuka with a high head kick. Deville attacks Asuka from behind. Deville bounces Asuka head on the top turnbuckle. Deville kicks Asuka in the ribs. Deville tags in Rose.

Rose repeatedly stomps on Asuka’s chest. Rose goes for a Bodyslam, but Asuka lands back on her feet. Asuka drops Rose with a hip attack. Rose tags in Sane. Sane drops down on the canvas. Asuka with a Spinning Back Kick. Sane follows that with an Axe Kick. Asuka with a Running Bulldog. Sane with a Basement Dropkick. Bayley with a forearm smash to Deville. Bayley dumps Deville out of the ring. Bayley lands The Suicide Dive. Moon with a Massive Crossbody Block off the steel ring post. Sane rolls Rose back into the ring. Sane with the cover for a two count. Sane with two open hand chops. Rose drives her knee into the midsection of Sane. Rose with a clubbing blow to Sane’s back. Rose tags in Royce. Royce kicks Sane in the gut. Sane responds with an open hand chop. Royce reverses out of the irish whip from Sane. Sane with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Sane brings Royce to the corner. Sane tags in Bayley.

Bayley with a knife edge chop. Bayley with a leaping back elbow smash. Kay runs interference. The Iconics are double teaming Bayley. Royce with a Spinning Heel Kick for a two count. Kay tags in Deville. Deville with three gut punches. Deville poses for the crowd. Deville puts her knee on the back of Bayley’s neck. Deville bounces Bayley’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Deville tags in Rose. Double Thrust Kick. Deville drives her knee into the midsection of Bayley. Rose with a Bicycle Knee Strike. Deville hits The Shining Wizard. Rose hooks the leg for a two count. Rose applies a rear chin lock. Bayley gets back to a vertical base. Rose tags in Royce. Royce repeatedly stomps on Bayley’s chest. Royce is choking Bayley with her boot. Royce goes for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Bayley ducks out of the way.

Bayley knocks Rose off the ring apron. Royce with a running forearm smash to Moon. Bayley crawls under Royce. Bayley tags in Asuka. Asuka with two leg kicks. Asuka with a Double Hip Attack to Fire and Desire. Asuka dropkicks Royce. Asuka with a Corner Hip Attack. Asuka with a RoundHouse Kick. Asuka follows that with a Release German Suplex. Asuka SuperKicks Royce. Asuka connects with The Shining Wizard for a two count. Moon ducks a clothesline from Rose. Moon with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Deville Spears Moon. Bayley responds with The Bayley To Belly. Kay hits Eat Defeat. Sane with a Spinning Back Fist to Kay. Royce slaps Sane in the face. Royce launches Sane to the ring apron. Asuka drops Royce with a Spinning Back Fist. Asuka with a Reverse DDT. Asuka tags in Sane. Sane lands The Insane Elbow to pickup the victory.

Winner: Asuka, Kairi Sane, Bayley, and Ember Moon via Pinfall

Buddy Murphy Promo: 

Fourth Match: The New Day & Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro, Rusev, and Shinsuke Nakamura w/Lana in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

Xavier Woods and Rusev will start things off. Woods applies a side headlock. Rusev dumps Woods to the corner. Woods side steps Rusev into the turnbuckles. Woods unloads a knife edge chop. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rusev backs Woods into the turnbuckles. Rusev drives his knee into the midsection of Woods. Rusev with a straight right hand. Rusev is throwing haymakers at Woods. Woods kicks Rusev in the jaw. Woods delivers The Honor Roll for a two count. Woods tags in Kofi. The New Day are double teaming Rusev. Double Bulldog for a two count. Kofi applies a wrist lock. Rusev with a straight right hand. Rusev tags in Nakamura. Nakamura with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Nakamura hits Bad Vibrations. Kofi with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Kofi rolls Nakamura to the corner. Unicorn Stampede. Owens with a Running Cannonball Strike. Owens plays to the crowd.

Woods with the cover for a two count. Woods with a forearm smash. Nakamura with a knee lift. Nakamura drops Woods with a Spinning Wheel Kick. Nakamura tags in Cesaro. Cesaro uppercuts Woods. Cesaro goes for a Back Body Drop, but Woods lands back on his feet. Woods decks Cesaro with a back elbow smash. Woods knocks Nakamura off the ring apron. Cesaro sends Woods over the top rope. Nakamura dumps Woods on the ringside barricade. Coming out of the commercial break, Woods is displaying his fighting spirit. Nakamura blocks a boot from Woods. Nakamura kicks Woods in the back. Nakamura tags in Rusev. Nakamura with a Sliding German Suplex. Rusev hooks the leg for a two count. Rusev argues with the referee. Rusev uses the middle rope as a weapon. Lana slaps Woods in the face. Rusev tags in Nakamura.

Nakamura bounces Woods on the top turnbuckle pad. Nakamura goes for a Corner Knee Smash, but Woods ducks out of the way. Nakamura with a High Head Kick. Nakamura goes for a SuperPlex, but Woods blocks it. Woods drops Nakamura with The Mongolian Chop. Woods delivers a Missile Dropkick. Cesaro and Kofi are tagged in. Kofi with a SpringBoard Clothesline. Kofi clears the ring. Kofi with two double sledges. Kofi dropkicks Cesaro. Kofi ducks a clothesline from Cesaro. Kofi with a Jumping Clothesline. Kofi hits The New Day Boom Drop. Kofi knocks Rusev off the ring apron. Kofi with a Rolling Kick to Cesaro.

Cesaro catches Kofi in mid-air. Kofi with The SOS for a two count. Cesaro with a double leg takedown. The Cesaro Swing. Cesaro locks in The SharpShooter. Owens SuperKicks Cesaro. Nakamura responds with The Kinshasa. Woods with a SlingShot Tornado DDT. Rusev dumps Woods out of the ring. Cesaro tags in Rusev. Rusev goes for a Back Body Drop, but Kofi lands back on his feet. Kofi dodges The Machka Kick. Kofi tags in Owens. Owens is throwing forearms at Rusev. Owens tosses Rusev outside of the ring. Owens sends Kofi crashing into Cesaro and Nakamura. Rusev goes for The Machka Kick, but Woods blocks it. Kofi connects with The Trouble In Paradise. Owens plants Rusev with The Stunner to pickup the victory.

Winner: The New Day & Kevin Owens via Pinfall 

Mr. McMahon, Roman Reigns, and Elias In-Ring Segment: 

Author: Josh Lopez