WWE Raw Results (12/10): TLC Go-Home Show

WWE Raw Results (12/10)

December 10, 2018
Valley View Casino Center
San Diego, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Seth Rollins & Constable Baron Corbin In-Ring Segment: 

Burn it down will be Seth Rollins rallying cry when he puts his title on the line against Dean Ambrose. More importantly, that is going to be the theme for tonight in San Diego. Rollins is not here to call out Ambrose cause that would be a waste of time. Rollins is here to spit out some truth. Baron Corbin has been talking about being on the right side of history. Rollins wants Corbin to come out and get a dose of reality. If Rollins wants to have a conversation, they can do it in private. The door to his office is always open to a superstar of his caliber.

No one wants to hear what Corbin is saying. Rollins has been wrapped up with Dean Ambrose and he’s lost sight on the job Corbin is doing as Raw General Manager. The title of Corbin’s job description does not matter, but the bottom line is that under his ‘leadership’, Raw has sucked. Corbin is ruining people’s careers. Rollins goes through the bevy of issues you can hear on every single wrestling podcast. Corbin is allowing Rollins to vent, but he needs to watch his tone.  What will Corbin do? Fire him? The locker room has so much talent and Corbin has no idea what to do with it.

We have The Revival who should be wrestling for the tag titles, but they are in Lucha House Rules Matches. If Corbin was going to fire the entire roster, would the show be a three hour ass kissing session with him, Lashley and McIntyre?  That will really help ratings. How about more urination? Every decision you have made masks your insecurities. Has Braun Strowman hurt his feelings so much that he had to hand the title back to Brock Lesnar? A man who shows up only when he wants to show up.  Brock never wants to show up.  Where is your Universal Champion? Do you know the last time Brock has wrestled on Raw? It was 2002.

This Baron Corbin experiment has been an abject failure. The morale backstage, the fan support, and the ratings are at an all time low, and it is all because of him. Corbin appreciates Rollins feedback. He tells Rollins to write it down next time so he can file it under the i don’t care section. Raw is his show and if Rollins doesn’t like it, that is too bad. Corbin will be in charge for a long time. If you think it is bad now, it will get a lot worse for you. Rollins doesn’t think it can get any worse. Corbin says that Ambrose will beat Rollins on Sunday. The following night, he’ll become the permanent general manager of Raw.

Corbin always wanted to have a TLC match, but Strowman only has one arm. From that next day until the day he quits, Corbin will put Rollins through hell. Why wait until next week, let’s start putting him through hell tonight. Rollins challenges Corbin to a match. A one on one match is not good enough for the people. Since you wanted to have one, and the tools of the trade are here. Why not have a TLC match tonight? Corbin is dangerous man when using a chair, Strowman can attest to that. Rollins says that Corbin will be a tune up for Sunday. If Rollins wants to be a hero for the locker room, it will cost him in the long run. Corbin will show what happens when you disrespect the current and future GM of Raw. Rollins forces Corbin to accept the match. This match will now be for the Intercontinental Championship.

First Match: The Authors Of Pain & Drake Maverick (c) vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable in a Three on Two Handicap Match For The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship 

Akam and Gable will start things off. Gable goes for a dropkick, but Akam ducks out of the way. Akam stomps on Gable’s chest. Akam tags in Rezar. Akam drops Gable with a Running Knee Lift. Rezar with clubbing crossfaces to Gable. Rezar knocks Roode off the ring apron. Gable is throwing haymakers at Rezar. Rezar blocks a boot from Gable. Rezar clotheslines Gable. Rezar tags in Maverick. Maverick with the quick cover for a one count. Maverick tags in Rezar. Rezar kicks Gable in the ribs. Rezar tags in Akam. Gable kicks Rezar in the jaw. Gable sends Akam tumbling to the floor. Roode and Gable clotheslines Rezar over the rope. Roode and Gable finishes this sequence with Super Hip Toss.

Rezar applies The Cravate. Rezar tags in Maverick. Maverick punches Gable in the gut. Maverick talks smack to Gable. Maverick slaps Gable in the face. Gable is pissed. Maverick tags in Rezar. Rezar attacks Gable from behind. Rezar tags in Akam. Akam delivers clubbing bodyshots. Akam with an elbow smash to Gable. Gable side steps Akam into the turnbuckles. Gable tags in Roode. Roode with a Corner Spear. Roode knocks Rezar off the ring apron. Roode ducks a clothesline from Akam. Roode with a chop/haymaker combination.

Roode kicks Rezar in the chest. Akam launches Roode to the apron. Roode with a forearm smash. Roode goes for a Flying Clothesline, but Akam counters with an Exploder Suplex. Akam tags in Rezar. Rezar drops Roode with a High Knee Strike for a two count. Rezar whips Gable chest first across the turnbuckles. AOP hits The Super Collider. Akam goes for a PowerBomb, but Gable counters with a Hurricanrana. Rezar responds with a Big Boot. AOP connects with their NeckBreaker/SitOut PowerBomb Combination. Rezar tags in Maverick. Maverick mocks Roode. Roode rolls Maverick over to pickup the victory.

Winner: New WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable via Pinfall 

Natalya & Ruby Riott In-Ring Segment: 

Natalya usually comes out with a smile on her face, but there is something she needs to get off her chest about Ruby Riott.  Natalya loves this business and WWE, but Ruby doesn’t respect anyone in the business. Ruby made this personal when she  destroyed her dad’s sunglasses and tried to destroy her legacy. Ruby says that Natalya has earned everything because of her name. Natalya reminds Ruby of the Montreal Screwjob where her uncle punched the owner of the company in the face.

Natalya had to overcome all of that to make it into the WWE. She is proud to be a Hart and to represent her family in the WWE. At TLC, she will teach Ruby about respect. She is going to dedicate her match who if it wasn’t for him, she wouldn’t be in the WWE today, someone she loves more than anyone else. Natalya dedicating this match to her late father, Jim Neidhart. Natalya will take every tear and emotion and drive Ruby’s ass through a table. There will not be a thing that Ruby can do about it.

The Riott Squad appears on the stage. Hey everyone, Natalya is crying again. Like we haven’t seen this before. All Natalya does is walk around the locker room feeling sorry for herself. Natalya wants to talk about respect. She don’t need respect, she needs a good counselor. No one has the guts to say this, but Natalya don’t represent the Harts. She is a disgrace to her family. Ruby has christmas gifts for Natalya. christmas this year. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Ruby removes the cover and the table has a photo of her father on it. Everyone knows how close Natalya was to her father, but on Sunday, when Ruby puts Nattie through this table, she will be closer to her daddy than ever.

Second Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler 

Ziggler HeadButts McIntyre. Ziggler with rapid fire haymakers. McIntyre fires back with three knife edge chops. McIntyre punches Ziggler in the chest. McIntyre talks smack to Ziggler. Ziggler is showing his fighting spirit. McIntyre with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex for a two count. McIntyre is lighting up Ziggler’s chest. McIntyre slaps Ziggler in the face. McIntyre and Ziggler are trading back and forth shots on the second rope. McIntyre with an Avalanche Air Raid Crash for a two count.

McIntyre throws Ziggler out of the ring. McIntyre goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Ziggler lands back on his feet. Ziggler sends McIntyre face first into the steel ring post. McIntyre gets back in the ring at the count of nine. Ziggler collapses in the ring. McIntyre wants Ziggler to keep fighting. Ziggler kicks the left knee of McIntyre. Ziggler hits The Zig Zag for a two count. Ziggler goes for The SuperKick, but McIntyre counters with The ClayMore Kick to pickup the victory.

After the match, McIntyre drives Ziggler shoulder first into the steel ring post. McIntyre transitions into a ground and pound attack on the floor. Producers and Referees are trying to calm down McIntyre. McIntyre delivers The ClayMore Kick.

Winner: Drew McIntyre via Pinfall 

– Apollo Crews will be replacing Finn Balor in the Mixed Match Challenge.

Third Match: Bayley w/Sasha Banks vs. Alicia Fox w/Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Bayley backs Fox into the turnbuckles. Fox is bringing the fight to Bayley. Bayley decks Fox with a back elbow smash. Bayley with a Flying Back Strike for a one count. Bayley goes for The Middle Rope Stunner, but Fox blocks it. Fox bounces Bayley’s head on the top rope. Fox with a SomerSault NeckBreaker for a two count. Fox applies a rear chin lock. Bayley gets back to a vertical base. Bayley whips Fox to the corner.

Fox goes for a Sunset Flip, but Bayley counters with a Sliding Clothesline. Bayley is throwing forearms at Fox. Bayley ducks a clothesline from Fox. Bayley with a Saito Suplex. Bayley with clubbing shoulders blocks. Bayley rocks Fox with a Jumping Knee Strike. Bayley follows that with a Middle Rope Stunner. Bayley is distracted by The Singh Brothers. Fox drops Bayley with a Big Boot. Apollo Crews and Sasha Banks lays out Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers. Fox goes for The Helluva Kick, but Bayley ducks out of the way. Bayley plants Fox with The Bayley To Belly to pickup the victory.

Winner: Bayley via Pinfall 

Dean Ambrose Backstage Interview: 

Elias Performance: 

Fourth Match: Lio Rush w/Bobby Lashley vs. Elias 

Heath Slater will be officiating this match. Feeling out process after the bell rings. Rush crawls under Elias. Rush is trying to run away from Elias. Elias blocks a boot from Rush. Elias dumps Rush chest first on the canvas. Elias with a high wrist lock takedown. Rush goes for a sunset flip, but Elias blocks it. Elias talks smack to Rush. Elias with a Biel Throw. Elias blasts Rush with a knife edge chop. Elias whips Rush back first across the turnbuckles. Elias rolls Rush back into the ring.

Elias kicks Lashley in the chest. Elias follows that with a forearm smash. Rush with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick to Elias. Rush knocks Elias off the apron with a Rolling Kick. Rush ducks a clothesline from Elias. Rush with a Spinning Heel Kick. Elias responds with a Spinning SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Lashley attacks Elias from behind. Slater is not allowed to disqualify Lashley. Lashley drops Elias with a Uranage Slam. Lashley breaks Elias guitar. Rush goes on to pickup the victory.

Winner: Lio Rush via Pinfall 

Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Tamina, Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon In-Ring Segment: 

Fifth Match: Tamina w/Nia Jax vs. Ember Moon w/Ronda Rousey 

Tamina controls the early stages of the match. Tamina HeadButts Moon. Tamina goes for a Hip Toss, but Moon counters with an arm-drag takeover. Moon dropkicks Tamina. Nia pulls Tamina out of harms way. Nia starts taunting Rousey. Moon rolls Tamina over for a two count. Tamina shoves Moon. Moon ducks a clothesline from Tamina. Moon goes for a SpringBoard Forearm Smash, but Tamina counters with a SuperKick for a two count. Tamina bounces Moon head on the top turnbuckle pad.

Tamina levels Moon with a Body Avalanche. Tamina with a Snap Mare TakeOver for a two count. Tamina applies a rear chin lock. Moon gets back to a vertical base. Tamina uppercuts Moon. Moon side steps Tamina into the turnbuckles. Moon with a Hurricanrana. Moon unloads a flurry of kicks. Moon with a Sliding FlatLiner for a two count. Tamina PowerSlams Moon for a two count. Moon drops Tamina with a Flying CodeBreaker. Ronda pulls Nia off the apron. Ronda launches Nia over the ringside area. Moon plants Tamina with The Eclipse to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ember Moon via Pinfall 

Constable Baron Corbin Backstage Interview: 

WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2018 PPV Match Card: 

1.) The Bar (c) vs. The Usos vs. The New Day in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match For The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship

2.) Finn Balor vs. Drew McIntyre

3.) Bobby Lashley w/Lio Rush vs. Elias

4.) Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nia Jax w/Tamina For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

5.) Daniel Bryan (c) vs. AJ Styles For The WWE Championship

6.) The Finals Of The 2018 WWE Mixed Match Challenge

7.) Becky Lynch (c) vs. Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match For The WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

8.) Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dean Ambrose For The WWE Intercontinental Championship

9.) Braun Strowman vs. Constable Baron Corbin in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. If Braun Strowman Wins, He’ll Get A WWE Universal Championship Match At The Royal Rumble PPV. If Constable Baron Corbin Wins, He’ll Become The Permanent General Manager of Raw

10.) Natalya vs. Ruby Riott in a Tables Match

11.) Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Cedric Alexander For The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Sixth Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Constable Baron Corbin in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match For The WWE Intercontinental Championship 

Heath Slater will also officiate this match. Rollins starts teeing off on Corbin. Rollins repeatedly stomps on Corbin’s chest. Corbin drives his elbow into Rollins back. Rollins kicks Corbin in the chest. Corbin responds with a Knee Lift. Corbin goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Rollins counters with a knee strike. Rollins kicks Corbin out of the ring. Rollins slams Corbin head on the apron. Rollins rams his shoulders into the midsection of Corbin. Rollins goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Corbin counters with a Forearm Smash. Corbin is distracted by Slater. Rollins with a SpringBoard Clothesline. Corbin heads to the outside. Corbin repeatedly hits Rollins with a chair. Corbin tosses Rollins around the ringside area.

Corbin with a Vertical Suplex on the ladder. Corbin with a Wrap Around Lariat. Corbin poses for the crowd. Corbin goes for a Running PowerSlam, but Rollins lands back on his feet. Rollins ducks a clothesline from Corbin. Corbin sends Rollins crashing to the outside. Corbin scales the ladder. Corbin and Rollins are trading back and forth shots. Rollins thrust kicks the midsection of Corbin. Rollins goes for The BlackOut, but Corbin ducks out of the way. Corbin rocks Rollins with a back elbow smash. Corbin whips Rollins face first across the ladder.

Corbin kicks Rollins out of the ring. Corbin hits The Deep Six. Corbin is throwing forearms at Rollins. Rollins starts picking up momentum. Rollins with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Rollins drives Corbin face first into the chair that’s wedged in the corner. Rollins delivers multiple chair shots. Rollins lands Two Suicide Dives. Corbin catches Rollins in mid-air. Corbin ChokeSlams Rollins through a table on the floor. Rollins inadvertently knocks down Slater. Corbin goes for The End Of Days, but Rollins lands back on his feet.

Rollins side steps Corbin into the ring steps. Rollins delivers a Super FrogSplash through the table on the floor. Slater stops Rollins in his tracks. Slater shoves Rollins off the ladder. Slater is helping Corbin get back on his feet. Rollins BuckleBombs Corbin through a table. Slater begs for mercy. Rollins SuperKicks Slater. Rollins connects with The BlackOut. Rollins grabs the title to pickup the victory. After the match, Dean Ambrose appears on the stage. Ambrose is staring down Rollins as the show goes off air.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Seth Rollins via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez