NJPW Strong Results (1/7/23): Jay White & El Phantasmo vs. Hikuleo & Alan Angels

NJPW Strong Results 1/7/23
The Vermont Hollywood
Hollywood, California

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Commentators: (Kevin Kelly & Alex Kozlov)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Jay White & El Phantasmo vs. Hikuleo & Alan Angels 

Jay White and Alan Angels will start things off. Angels slaps White in the face. Angels ducks a clothesline from White. Angels applies a side headlock. Angels drops down on the canvas. Angels with a single leg dropkick. Phantasmo kicks Angels in the gut. Phantasmo whips Angels across the ring. Angels holds onto the ropes. Angels sends Phantasmo tumbling to the floor. Angels SuperKicks Phantasmo. Angels with a Flying Crossbody Block for a one count. Angels stomps on White’s chest. Angels tags in Hikuleo. Hikuelo with a knife edge chop. Phantasmo backs away from Hikuleo. Hikuleo tugs on White’s hair. White drives his knee into the midsection of Hikuleo. White is throwing haymakers at Hikuelo. Hikuleo bodyslams White. Hikuleo tags in Angels. Angels bodyslams White. Angels flexes his muscles. Angels with a southpaw haymaker. Angels transitions into a corner mount. Angels with a running chop. Angels goes for The Northern Lights Suplex, but White counters with The Half Hatch Suplex into a turnbuckle pad.

Phantasmo blasts Hikuleo off the ring apron. White chops Angels. White bodyslams Angels for a one count. White tags in Phantasmo. White applies a front face lock. Phantasmo rakes the back of Angels for a two count. Phantasmo tags in White. Phantasmo fish hooks Angels. White with another bodyslam. Too Sweet Chops. White tags in Phantasmo. Phantasmo applies the purple nurple. Phantasmo goes for The UFO, but Angels lands back on his feet. Angels with The Standing Shiranui. Phantasmo tags in White. White stops Angels in his tracks. Angels uses his feet to create separation. Angels tags in Hikuleo. Hikuleo with a shoulder tackle. Phantaso ducks a clothesline from Hikuleo. Hikuleo drops Phantasmo with The Big Boot.

Hikuleo levels White with The Body Avalanche. Hikuleo goes for a Running Powerslam, but White lands back on his feet. Hikuleo delivers The Snake Eyes. Hikuleo with a Running Lariat for a two count. White rakes the eyes of Hikuleo. White tags in Phantasmo. Hikuleo chops Phantasmo. Hikuleo Powerslams White. Hikuleo goes for a Chokeslam, but White counters with a chop block. Phantasmo with a Roundhouse Kick. Phantasmo tags in Angels. Angels with a Slingshot Dropkick. Angels lands The Suicide Dive. Angels ducks a clothesline from Phantasmo. Angels hits The La Mistica. Angels applies The CrossFace. White breaks up the submission hold. White sends Hikuleo tumbling to the floor. Angels with a Spinning Heel Kick. Angels decks Phantasmo with a back elbow smash. Angels goes for The SpringBoard MoonSault, but Phantasmo counters with The Sudden Death. Phantasmo connects with The UFO to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jay White & El Phantasmo via Pinfall 

– Next week on NJPW Strong, Jeff Cobb will battle Bad Dude Tito

– There was a cleaning/disinfecting intermission during this broadcast.

Second Match: The Inaugural STRONG Survival Match. The Winner Will Become The Number One Contender For The NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship 

The Participants: (KENTA, JR Kratos, Christopher Daniels, Bateman, Rocky Romero, Mascara Dorada, Wheeler Yuta, The DKC, Blake Christian, Adrian Quest, Keita, Jakob Austin Young, Misterioso, Cody Chhun, Che Cabrera and Guillermo Rosas) 

The Order Of Eliminations

1.) Guillermo Rosas was eliminated by Keita

2.) Cody Chhun was eliminated by Misterioso

3.) Keita was eliminated by Mascara Dorada

4.) Rocky Romero was eliminated by Bateman

5.) Che Cabrera was eliminated by Blake Christian

6.) Misterioso was eliminated by JR Kratos

7.) Mascara Dorada was eliminated by Wheeler Yuta

8.) Jakob Austin Young was eliminated by Wheeler Yuta

9.) Adrian Quest was eliminated by JR Kratos

10.) Bateman was eliminated by JR Kratos

11.) JR Kratos was eliminated by Kenta, Wheeler Yuta and Blake Christian

12.) The DKC was eliminated by Christopher Daniels

13.) Blake Christian was eliminated by Christopher Daniels

14.) Christopher Daniels was eliminated by Wheeler Yuta

15.) Wheeler Yuta was eliminated by KENTA

The Fatal Four Way Elimination Portion (KENTA vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Wheeler Yuta vs. Blake Christian) 

Daniels hammers down on the back of Christian’s neck. Kenta and Yuta are trading back and forth shots. Forearm Exchange. Christian with a Handspring Roundhouse Kick to Daniels. Christian with a short-arm clothesline. Christian follows that with The Quebrada. Kenta attacks Christian from behind. Yuta applies a waist lock. Kenta decks Yuta with a back elbow smash. Yuta dives over Kenta. Yuta with a Bodyslam/Senton Splash Combination to Kenta and Daniels. Yuta goes for another Senton Splash, but Daniels gets his knees up in the air. Daniels drops Yuta with The STO. Daniels hammers on the back of Yuta’s neck. Kenta with a Discus Lariat. Christian with a shoulder block. Christian with an Apron Enzuigiri. Christian with a SpringBoard Double Dropkick. Christian unloads a series of clotheslines. Christian SuperKicks Kenta. Assisted Lariat to Kenta. Christian with The Half & Half Suplex. Christian with a Ripcord Spanish Fly to Kenta.

Christian ascends to the top turnbuckle. Christian dives over Daniels. Christian with a Corner Spear. Christian punches Daniels. Daniels side steps Christian into a turnbuckle pad. Daniels uses the middle rope for leverage to score the first elimination. Blake Christian has been eliminated. Yuta with forearm shivers. Kenta kicks Yuta in the face. Daniels is putting the boots to Yuta. Daniels HeadButts Yuta. Kenta and Daniels gangs up on Yuta. Yuta with a chop/forearm combination. Daniels with The Exploder Suplex. Kenta and Daniels starts arguing with each other. Daniels shoves Kenta. Kenta is not happy. Daniels attacks Kenta from behind. Daniels with clubbing blows to Kenta’s back. Daniels with a Belly to Back Suplex. Daniels fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Daniels with a forearm smash. Kenta answers with combo strikes. Kenta with a Spinning Back Fist.

Yuta with a double clothesline. Yuta follows that with an Inverted Atomic Drop/Enzuigiri Combination. Yuta with two leaping back elbow smashes. Yuta with a Double Shotgun Dropkick. Yuta pops back on his feet. Yuta with forearm shivers. Daniels kicks Yuta in the gut. Daniels with more hammer elbows. Yuta ducks a clothesline from Daniels. Yuta lands The Suicide Dive. Yuta with a shoulder block. Yuta goes for a Sunset Flip, but Daniels rolls him over for a two count. Yuta goes for The Pain Thriller, but Daniels counters with a deep arm-drag. Yuta ducks a clothesline from Daniels. Daniels with a back elbow smash. Yuta responds with The Rebound Bridging German Suplex. Christopher Daniels has been eliminated. Kenta drills Yuta with The Busaiku Knee. Yuta denies The GTS. Standing Switch Exchange. Yuta rolls Kenta over for a two count. Kenta drops Yuta with another Busaiku Knee for a two count. Kenta connects with The GTS to pickup the victory.

Winner: KENTA via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez