WWE NXT UK Results (6/16/22): Wolfgang & Damon Kemp vs. Noam Dar & Sha Samuels

WWE NXT UK Results 6/16/22
The BT Sports Studios
London, England

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Commentators: (Andy Shepherd & Nigel McGuinness)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Tiger Turan vs. Josh Morrell 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Turan applies a wrist lock. Turan transitions into a hammerlock. Turan with a wrist lock takedown. Morrell goes for a monkey flip, but Turan maintains wrist control. Turan applies an arm-bar. Wrist Lock Exchange. Turan with another wrist lock takedown. Turan taunts Morrell. Strong lockup. Morrell applies a side headlock. Side Headlock Takeover/Headscissors Escape Exchange. Turan dropkicks Morrell.

Turan applies a side headlock. Morrell whips Turan across the ring. Turan drops Morrell with a shoulder tackle. Turan cartwheels over Morrell. Turan with a Vertical Suplex. Turan with The Stinger Splash. Morrell reverses out of the irish whip from Turan. Turan ducks a clothesline from Morrell. Turan with an Apron Enzuigiri. Turan with The Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. The referee calls off the match as Morrell needs medical attention.

Winner: Tiger Turan via Referee Stoppage 

– Blair Davenport Vignette.

– Sarray will make her NXT UK Debut soon. Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen will also be getting a NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match with Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter.

Second Match: Lash Legend vs. Myla Grace 

Legend pie faces Grace after the bell rings. Grace throwing haymakers at Legend. Legend tosses Grace to the corner. Grace kicks Legend in the face. Grace crawls under Legend. Grace ducks a clothesline from Legend. Grace with a forearm smash. Grace with a Spinning Back Kick. Grace goes for The Sunset Flip, but Legend sits on top of her for a one count. Legend denies the backslide cover. Legend has Grace draped across the top strand. Legend tugs on Grace’s hair. Legend with a Running Uppercut that sends Grace tumbling to the floor. Grace slams Legend’s head on the top rope. Legend catches Grace in mid-air. Legend starts dribbling Grace’s head against the ropes. Legend with The Fallaway Slam for a two count.

Legend talks smack to Grace. Legend kicks Grace in the gut. Grace with heavy bodyshots. Legend drives her knee into the midsection of Grace. Legend goes for The Press Slam, but Grace lands back on her feet. Legend rocks Grace with a forearm smash. Legend bends the back of Grace over her right knee. Legend slaps Grace in the chest. Grace with two knee strikes. Grace with forearm shivers. Grace ducks a clothesline from Legend. Grace with a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takeover. Grace dropkicks Legend. Grace with a Tiger Feint Kick. Grace hits The Tornado DDT for a two count. Grace with clubbing blows to Legend’s back. Grace with a forearm smash. Legend reverses out of the irish whip from Grace. Legend connects with The Pump Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Lash Legend via Pinfall 

Third Match: Wolfgang & Damon Kemp vs. Noam Dar & Sha Samuels 

Damon Kemp and Sha Samuels will start things off. Kemp with a waist lock takedown. Kemp grapples around Samuels. Samuels denies The Delayed GutWrench Suplex. Samuels with three sharp elbow strikes. Samuels tags in Dar. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kemp backs Dar into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Dar shoves Kemp. Dar ducks a clothesline from Kemp. Dar taunts Kemp. Kemp brings Dar down to the mat. Chain grappling exchange. Kemp starts manhandling Dar. Kemp with a GutWrench Suplex. Wolfgang and Samuels are tagged in. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wolfgang applies a wrist lock. Wolfgang with clubbing shoulder blocks. Wolfgang with a Wrist Lock Suplex. Kemp tags himself in. Kemp with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Kemp applies a front face lock. Kemp rolls Samuels over to his corner. Kemp applies an arm-bar. Kemp tags in Wolfgang. Wolfgang applies a wrist lock. Wolfgang lifts Samuels up in the air. Wolfgang punches Samuels in the back. Wolfgang tags in Kemp.

Kemp grabs a side wrist lock. Samuels is throwing haymakers at Kemp. Samuels with a knee lift. Dar tags himself in. Dar punches Kemp in the ribs. Dar applies a side headlock. Kemp whips Dar across the ring. Kemp drops Dar with a shoulder tackle. Dar with a Mid-Kick. Dar kicks the left hamstring of Kemp. Kemp blocks a boot from Dar. Kemp with an Exploder Suplex. Kemp gets distracted by Samuels. Dar kicks out the legs of Samuels. Dar with The Discus Back Elbow Smash for a one count. Dar transitions into a ground and pound attack. Dar taunts Wolfgang. Dar applies a front face lock. Samuels tags himself in. Samuels kicks Kemp in the gut. Following a snap mare takeover, Samuels with clubbing elbow smashes. Samuels stomps on the left hand of Kemp. Samuels uppercuts the left hamstring of Kemp. Samuels tags in Dar. Double Vertical Suplex for a two count.

Dar delivers The Garvin Stomp. Dar with two uppercuts. Dar backs Kemp into the turnbuckles. Dar tags in Samuels. Samuels with two haymakers. Samuels bodyslams Kemp. Samuels stands on Kemp’s back. Samuels kicks Kemp in the back for a two count. Samuels tags in Dar. Dar with a side headlock takeover. Dar applies a rear chin lock. Dar transitions into a front face lock. Dar with clubbing blows to Kemp’s back. Dar pump kicks Wolfgang off the ring apron. Kemp with an Overhead Suplex. Dar tags in Samuels. Samuels levels Kemp with The Body Avalanche. Samuels hammers down on Kemp’s back. Samuels tags in Dar. Dar goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Kemp blocks it. Dar tags in Samuels. Kemp with a Double Vertical Suplex. Kemp ducks a clothesline from Samuels. Kemp with a running shoulder tackle to Dar. Kemp tags in Wolfgang.

Wolfgang clotheslines Samuels. Wolfgang with a straight right hand. Wolfgang sends Samuels to the corner. Wolfgang with heavy bodyshots. Wolfgang with a Running Crossbody Block into the turnbuckles. Wolfgang knocks Dar off the apron. Wolfgang with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike. Wolfgang bodyslams Samuels. Wolfgang with a Diving Back Senton Splash. Wolfgang with a Vertical Suplex. Wolfgang poses for the crowd. Kemp clotheslines Dar. Kemp strikes the Gallus pose. Wolfgang Spears Samuels for a two count. The referee tells Dar to get out of the ring. Samuels with an inside cradle for a two count. Samuels drives Wolfgang face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Samuels tags in Dar. Dar blasts Kemp off the apron. Dar nails Wolfgang with The Pump Kick. Samuels hits The Michinoku Driver. Dar hooks the outside leg for a two count. Dar tags in Samuels. Wolfgang avoids The Butcher’s Grip. Wolfgang tags in Kemp. Kemp with a German Suplex. Samuels uses Dar for leverage. Samuels decks Kemp with a back elbow smash. Samuels rakes the eyes of Kemp while the referee was distracted by Dar. Wolfgang trips Samuels from the outside. Kemp connects with The Running Powerslam to pickup the victory. After the match, Wolfgang plants Samuels with another Spear.

Winner: Wolfgang & Damon Kemp via Pinfall 

Moustache Mountain Segment 

Trent Seven: I love you too, but bear with me, please. Please bear with me. I’ve asked for this time so I can address you all and I can address all of you, the NXT UK Universe and every single person watching this at home. I genuinely believe that I was quite honest with myself for the last few months and honest with all of you when I said that I didn’t know what I was going to do if we or I ever lost those NXT UK Tag Team Championships. So, I just don’t feel the same as I used to, and obviously losing them has kind of compounded that. So, I think it’s only wise that I be honest with myself and be true to you. I feel like I have made a decision. However, as you can quite obviously see, there is someone missing from this little conversation.

So please, Tyler, if you’re back there, please, can you come out the back and join us all out here. Tyler. Yes, obviously, I had to have you here for this. Okay. There’s just no way that I could’ve possibly done this without you. The whole experience, I feel so blessed and so privileged to have been able to do what I’ve been given the chance to do, and especially at this stage of my life, especially at this stage of my career. And I do think of the opportunities that we had, me, you and the other one. But they were just special times, and I think about all of the moments that we’ve had traveling the whole length and breadth of the world, from the crazy nights in Canada, to Australia, to a circus tent in Kuala Lumpur. Do you remember that one?

That was wild. Obviously, America, but there’s just no place like home, is there? And with that, it reminds me exactly of the times we’ve had here, where we beat Pretty Deadly right here in this ring, right here in this arena, right here at BT Sports Arena, to be the NXT UK Tag Team Champions. And of course, that moment that I will never let anyone forget, when we sold out The Royal Albert Hall and won the NXT Tag Team Titles. And all of those moments are so special and they’re going to be such fond memories for me for the rest of my life. So, from the very top of moustache mountain, to the bottom of my heart, I just want to say thank you to you and to everyone for being part of this ride. Thank you so much.

Seven hugs Bate. Seven delivers a low blow. Seven says that he never needed Bate. He proceeds to slap him in the face. Seven plants Bate with The Burning Hammer. Seven lays the moustache mountain towel on top of Bate as the show goes off the air.

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Author: Josh Lopez