MLW Fusion Results (6/16/22): Taya Valkyrie vs. Holidead

MLW Fusion Results 6/16/22
2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Commentators: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Gangrel w/Dr. Dax, Arez and Mini Ambiso Negro vs. Budd Heavy 

Heavy is throwing haymakers at Gangrel. Gangrel nails Heavy with a double throat thrust. Gangrel tees off on Heavy. Short-Arm Reversal by Gangrel. Gangrel dumps Heavy face first on the top rope. Gangrel with a Running Elbow Drop. Gangrel kicks Heavy in the back. Gangrel unloads two knife edge chops.

Heavy reverses out of the irish whip from Gangrel. Heavy levels Gangrel with The Body Avalanche. Gangrel slaps Heavy in the chest. Gangrel punches Heavy. Gangrel drops Heavy with The SpringBoard Bulldog. Gangrel connects with The Impaler DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Gangrel via Pinfall 

– We get a video package on the Jacob Fatu/Cesar Duran Rivalry. Fatu will be battling Mads Krugger next week in a Weapons Of Mass Destruction Match.

– Killer Kross Vignette.

– Next week on MLW Fusion, Myron Reed will put his MLW World Middleweight Title on the line against KC Navarro and Arez In A Triple Threat Match.

Second Match: Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka (c) vs. The Von Erichs vs. 5150 In A Triple Threat Match For The MLW World Tag Team Championship 

Los Maximos provides their own ringside commentary team for this match. Von Erichs gets into a brawl with 5150 before Hustle & Power make their entrance. All hell is breaking loose in Philadelphia. Hustle & Power gangs up on Hernandez. Von Erichs tees off on Limelight. Haymaker Exchange. Forearm Exchange. Hernandez with a JawBreaker. Hernandez clotheslines Tankman over the top rope. Hernandez dumps Tankman out of the ring. Hernandez with a single leg takedown. Hernandez headbutts the midsection of Nduka. Hernandez catapults Nduka into a SpringBoard Side Kick from Limelight. Limelight with a Running Senton Splash. 5150 has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Hernandez goes for a lawn dart, but Nduka lands back on his feet. Nduka punches Hernandez in the back. Nduka kicks Hernandez in the gut. Nduka slams Limelight’s head on the table. Ross with a Mid-Kick. Tankman answers with a forearm smash. Limelight kicks Tankman in the gut. Second Forearm Exchange. Hernandez whips Tankman into Los Maximos.

Ross with The Pump Kick. Marshall with a Discus Lariat. Ross is choking Limelight with his boot. Marshall starts shoving Tankman. Ross with a Belly to Back Suplex on the ring apron. Third Forearm Exchange. Tankman delivers his combination offense. Tankman drops Marshall with The Spinning Back Fist. Tankman with a corner clothesline. NeckBreaker/Belly to Back Suplex Combination for a two count. Ross kicks Nduka out of the ring. Double Toe Kick. Double Irish Whip. Following a snap mare takeover, Ross with The PK. Marshall with The Standing MoonSault for a two count. Limelight dumps Marshall out of the ring. Limelight with a forearm smash. Hernandez drops Tankman with a slingshot shoulder tackle. Limelight follows that with a Twisting Plancha to the outside. Hernandez lands Air-Mex. Limelight rolls Ross back into the ring.

Limelight with a Cutter to Marshall. Flying Double Foot Stomp/Death Valley Driver Combination for a two count. Limelight thrust kicks the midsection of Tankman. Limelight with forearm shivers. Limelight starts dancing. Tankman with The Pop Up Spinning Back Fist. Tankman puts Limelight on the top turnbuckle. Limelight with forearm shivers. Tankman HeadButts Limelight. Hernandez with clubbing blows to Tankman’s back. Hernandez goes for The Razor’s Edge, but Tankman lands back on his feet. Nduka Spears Hernandez. Nduka is fired up. Marshall apples The Iron Claw. The Von Erichs puts Hernandez through a table with The Iron Eagle. Tankman denies The Tornado DDT. Hustle & Power connects with The Spike Tankman Driver to pickup the victory. After the match, Hustle & Power gets into a brawl with Los Maximos.

Winner: Still MLW World Tag Team Champions, Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka via Pinfall 

Third Match: Taya Valkyrie vs. Holidead For The MLW Women’s World Featherweight Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wrist Lock Exchange. Valkyrie backs Holidead into the ropes. Valkyrie slaps Holidead in the chest. Holidead reverses out of the irish whip from Valkyrie. Hoidead goes for a Hip Toss, but Valkyrie counters with a deep arm-drag. Valkyrie with two running elbow smashes. Holidead denies the snap mare takeover. Valkyrie ducks a clothesline from Holidead. Valkyrie applies a waist lock. Valkyrie sends Holidead to the corner. Holidead decks Valkyrie with a back elbow smash. Valkyrie kicks Holidead in the back. Valkyrie with The Sliding German Suplex. Valkyrie poses for the crowd. Holidead regains control of the match during the commercial break. Holidead makes Valkyrie do the split on the ring apron. Holidead pulls Valkyrie off the rig apron. Holidead dumps Valkyrie face first on the apron. Holidead rolls Valkyrie back into the ring.

Holidead with clubbing blows to Valkyrie’s chest. Holidead with The Guillotine Leg Drop. Holidead starts choking Valkyrie. Holidead bites Valkyrie’s nose. Holidead with Two Leg Drops. Holidead goes for a Running Leg Drop, but Valkyrie ducks out of the way. Valkyrie ducks a clothesline from Holidead. Valkyrie with two overhand chops. Valkyrie kicks Holidead in the gut. Short-Arm Reversal by Valkyrie. Valkyrie Spears Holidead for a two count. Valkyrie with a forearm smash. Valkyrie whips Holidead out of the ring. Holidead kicks Valkyrie in the gut. Holidead hits The Darkness Falls on the floor. Holidead rolls Valkyrie back into the ring. Holidead hooks the inside leg for a two count. Holidead with clubbing blows to Valkyrie’s back. Holidead applies The Camel Clutch. Valkyrie grabs the bottom rope which forces the break.

Valkyrie kicks Holidead in the face. Valkyrie with a Running Crossbody Block. Valkyrie with a single leg dropkick. Valkyrie follows that with a Running Hip Attack. Valkyrie hits The Shotgun Meteora for a two count. Holidead denies The Road To Valhalla. Standing Switch Exchange. Holidead drops Valkyrie with The SpineBuster for a two count. Holidead stomps on Valkyrie’s back. Holidead toys around with Valkyrie. Chop Exchange. Holidead with The Unprettier for a one count. The referee gets distracted by Arez. Valkyrie denies The Darkness Falls. Valkyrie shoves Holidead into Arez. Holidead with The Big Boot. Valkyrie scores the ankle pick. Valkyrie grapevines the legs of Holidead. Valkyrie with clubbing blows to Holidead’s back. Valkyrie connects with The SurfBoard Stomp. Valkyrie makes Holidead tap out to The STF.

Winner: New MLW Women’s World Featherweight Champion, Taya Valkyrie via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez