Hello my name is, Joshua Adam Lopez. I’m a 23 year old professional broadcaster based out of the city of Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been part of the wrestling media for the better part of 5 years. For this particular site it’s my goal to provide the most authentic and accurate transcriptions of weekly WWE Programming, PPV’s, Network Specials and Other Weekly Professional Wrestling Programs. Been fortunate enough to become one of the top wrestling play by play writers in this business as my previous pieces with WrestleZone ranked highly with bevy of outlets like CBS Sports, Forbes, WWE on ESPN and etc. My articles have reached over 5 million wrestling fans in the last two years.

There will be no rumor pieces on this site. I think it’s time to pay the proper respect to the bevy of men and women who dedicate their lives to this business. Today’s trending rumor and speculation culture is becoming a slap in the face to the majority of the people in the wrestling business. I’m not in the wrestling business, but whether it’s doing articles or recording a podcast, it’s my mission to pay the proper respect to the business we love.

The result pieces contain supreme in-depth transcriptions of every single match, in-ring talking segments and etc. 101 Transcript for your favorite wrestling shows. There will be no star ratings, match grades, booking complaints in any of these articles. Just strict move by move, just the way it should be.

This site is not here to serve any agendas. This site is for the wrestling fan that wants to know what’s going on with the shows he or she weren’t able to catch live.

Besides the play by play transcriptions, there will be every edition of the Josh Lopez Wrestling Podcast.

Hope you give this site a chance. Thank you very much.

– Josh Lopez

Student Of The Game

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