MLW Fusion Results (5/5/22): Myron Reed vs. Shane Strickland

MLW Fusion Results 5/5/22
Gilley’s Live
Dallas, Texas

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Commentators: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Richard Holliday w/Alicia Atout vs. Davey Richards 

Test Of Strength. Wrist Lock Exchange. Richards kicks Holliday in the face. Holliday regroups in the corner. Holliday kicks Richards in the gut. Holliday with clubbing blows to Richard’s back. Holliday kicks Richards in the back. Standing Switch Exchange. Richards dumps Holliday out of the ring. Holliday hits The SpineBuster for a two count. Holliday is choking Richards with his boot. Holliday repeatedly stomps on Richard’s chest. Atout attacks Richards behind the referee’s back. Holliday repeatedly stomps on the left knee of Richards. Holliday with a knee smash. Holliday whips Richards across the ring. Holliday scores the elbow knockdown for a two count. Holliday talks smack to Richards. Holliday applies a wrist lock. Holliday with clubbing shoulder blocks. Holliday punches Richards in the back. Holliday goes for a PowerBomb, but Richards counters with The Back Body Drop.

Richards denies the sunset flip. Richards with a Double Foot Stomp. Richards has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Richards with clubbing mid-kicks. Holliday reverses out of the irish whip from Richards. Richards side steps Holliday into the turnbuckles. Richards with The Dragon Screw Leg Whip on the middle rope. Holliday avoids The Flying Double Foot Stomp. Richards applies The Trailer Hitch. Holliday grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Holliday denies The Back Drop Driver. Holliday hammers down on the back of Richard’s neck. Richards kicks the left knee of Holliday. Richards with a Spinning Back Kick. Holliday dodges The PK. Holliday with a Double Underhook BackBreaker for a two count. Holliday goes for The 2008, but Richards lands back on his feet. Richards applies The Ankle Lock. Richards hits The PK for a one count. Richards with Two SuperKicks. Holliday with an Inside Out Lariat. Holliday connects with The 2008 to pickup the victory.

Winner: Richard Holliday via Pinfall

– 5150 throws the World Class Heavyweight Championship Belt into a river.

– EJ Nduka had a backstage confrontation with Mr. Thomas.

– Octagon Jr. Vignette.

– MLW Battle Riot IV will take place on June 23rd.

Second Match: Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka vs. Budd Heavy & Red Pickins 

Calvin Tankman and Red Pickins will start things off. Pickins with a short-arm lariat. Pickins with a forearm smash. Tankman delivers The Pounce. Tankman with a knife edge chop. Tankman tags in Nduka. Nduka hits The SpineBuster. Nduka delivers The Oklahoma Stampede. Tankman tags himself in. Nduka Spears Heavy. Tankman connects with a Big Splash to pickup the victory.

Winner: Calvin Tankman & EJ Nduka via Pinfall 

Third Match: Myron Reed (c) vs. Shane Strickland For The MLW World Middleweight Championship 

Reed dodges a flurry of strikes from Strickland. Strickland with a double leg takedown. Reed avoids the double foot stomp. Reed push kicks Strickland across the ring. Reed matrix under a clothesline from Strickland. Strickland goes into the lateral press for a one count. Strickland sweeps out the legs of Reed. Strickland cartwheels around Reed. Reed denies The House Call. That leads us to a quick standoff in the center of the ring. Pie Face Exchange. Reed ducks a clothesline from Strickland. Strickland blocks a boot from Reed. Reed with a Spinning Enzuigiri. Strickland launches Reed over the top rope. Strickland with a forearm smash. Strickland slams the left shoulder of Reed on the top rope. Strickland nails Reed with The Pump Kick. Strickland stomps on the back of Reed’s head. Strickland brings Reed back into the ring.

Strickland kicks Reed in the face. Strickland wraps the left shoulder of Reed around the top rope. Strickland pump kicks the left shoulder of Reed. Reed drops Strickland with The Guillotine Leg Drop. Reed pulls Strickland out of the ring. Reed with a Diving Crossbody Block to the outside. Reed rolls Strickland back into the ring. Reed dives over Strickland. Reed catches Strickland in mid-air. Reed with a Rope Assisted DDT for a two count. Reed has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Strickland denies The SpringBoard Cutter. Strickland with a straight right hand. Forearm Exchange. Reed with a chop/forearm combination. Reed decks Strickland with a back elbow smash. Reed hammers down on the left shoulder of Strickland.

Strickland scores a right jab. Strickland dropkicks the left knee of Reed. Strickland goes for The BrainBuster, but Reed counters with The Stundog Millionaire. Strickland denies The PileDriver. Strickland sends Reed face first into the canvas. Strickland delivers The House Call. Strickland drops Reed with The Cutter. Strickland with The Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Strickland repeatedly kicks the left shoulder of Reed. Reed denies The JML Driver. Reed with three sharp elbow strikes. Strickland reverses out of the irish whip from Reed. Strickland launches Reed to the ramp way. Reed kicks Strickland in the face. Reed goes for a Diving Cutter, but Strickland counters with The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Reed avoids The Sacrifice. Rollup Exchange. Reed connects with The SpringBoard Cutter to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still MLW World Middleweight Champion, Myron Reed via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez