NWA Powerrr Results (5/6/22): Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bennett

NWA Powerrr Results 5/6/22
Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Billy Corgan)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bennett 

Aldis side steps Bennett into the turnbuckles before the bell rings. Aldis hits The Michinoku Driver for a two count. Bennett regroups on the outside. Aldis rolls Bennett back into the ring. Aldis whips Bennett across the ring. Bennett kicks Aldis in the chest. Aldis with a running clothesline for a one count. Aldis with a Pendulum BackBreaker for a two count. Aldis punches Bennett. Aldis sends Bennett into the ropes. Bennett ducks a clothesline from Aldis. Aldis catches Bennett in mid-air. Aldis with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Aldis puts Bennett on the top turnbuckle. Bennett denies The SuperPlex.

Bennett HeadButts Aldis. Bennett applies The Kimura Lock. Bennett slams the left shoulder of Aldis on the top rope. Bennett wraps the left shoulder of Aldis around the top rope. Bennett with a knife edge chop. Bennett drops Aldis with The Divorce Court for a two count. Aldis exits the ring. Bennett with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Bennett rolls Aldis back into the ring. Bennett goes for The Spear, but Aldis counters with a knee lift. Bennett drills Aldis with The BrainBuster for a two count. Bennett punches Aldis in the back. Aldis with a forearm smash. Bennett kicks the left shoulder of Aldis. Aldis clotheslines Bennett.

Aldis scores the elbow knockdown. Aldis ducks a clothesline from Bennett. Aldis with a flying back elbow smash. Bennett with a drop toe hold. Bennett applies a top wrist lock. Bennett transitions into The Sleeper Hold. Aldis backs Bennett into the turnbuckles. Bennett kicks Aldis in the face. Bennett dives over Aldis. Bennett Spears Aldis for a two count. Bennett with The Rolling Elbow. Aldis denies The PileDriver. Aldis scores the ankle pick. Bennett denies The King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. Bennett with The La Magistral for a two count. Aldis whips Bennett across the ring. Bennett goes for the sunset flip, but Aldis lands back on his feet. Aldis makes Bennett tap out to The King’s Lynn Cloverleaf.

Winner: Nick Aldis via Submission 

– Aron Stevens tells May Valentine that he’s done and he’s saying goodbye to the NWA.

– Matt Cardona wants Nick Aldis to get in the back of the line.

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– The Pope tells Kyle Davis that he’s not losing any focus and still has his eyes set on the 10 Pounds of Gold.

– Next week on NWA Powerrr, Matt Taven will battle Judais. Plus, Jennacide will collide with Chelsea Green and Kilynn King In A Triple Threat No. 1 Contenders Match.

Second Match: The Fixers vs. The Rude Dudes In A No Disqualification Match

Wrecking Ball Legursky and El Rudo will start things off. Rudo kicks Legursky in the gut. Rudo with a straight right hand. Rudo with a knee lift. Legursky clotheslines Rudo. Stanley jumps on Legursky’s back. Legursky tags in Bradley. Bradley with a GutWrench Suplex. Bradley slams Stanley’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. All hell is breaking loose in Nashville. Bradley sends Stanley face first into the right armpit of Legursky. Stanley is throwing haymakers at Bradley. Legursky is choking Rudo. Stanley dropkicks Bradley. Legursky with a gut punch. Legursky HeadButts Rudo. Stanley shoves Bradley into Legursky. Rude Dudes starts regaining momentum.

Rudo with a knife edge chop. Stereo Side Headlocks. The Fixers whips The Rude Dudes across the ring. Shoulder Block Exchange. Stereo Toe Kicks. Assisted Crossbody Block. Rudo with a chop/haymaker combination. Stanley is choking Bradley with his boot. Legursky drives his knee into the midsection of Rudo. Legursky with The Mongolian Chop. Meeting Of The Minds. Rudo unloads two knife edge chops. Legursky reverses out of the irish whip from Rudo. Legursky with a Military Press Slam. Bradley nails Stanley with The Helluva Kick. Legursky hits The Running Cannonball Strike. Legursky is choking Stanley with his boot. Legursky punches Stanley in the back. Stanley with heavy bodyshots. Legursky HeadButts Stanley. Legursky tags in Bradley.

The Fixers connects with The Fixers Sandwich for a two count. Stanley attacks the midsection of Bradley. Stanley decks Bradley with a JawBreaker. Assisted HeadButt. Bradley tags in Legursky. Running Lariat/Vertical Suplex Combination. Legursky with The Big Splash for a two count. Rudo sends Legursky tumbling to the floor. Rudo kicks Legursky in the back. Bradley with The O’Connor Roll for a two count. Bradley inadvertently wipes out Legursky with The Suicide Dive. The Fixers catches Rudo in mid-air. The Fixers lawn darts Rudo into the steel ring post. Stanley with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Stanley with forearm shivers. Bradley delivers The Pounce. Bradley rolls Stanley back into the ring. Double PowerBomb. The Fixers plants Stanley with their Running Splash/Knee Drop Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Fixers via Pinfall 

Third Match: Tyrus w/Idol Mania Sports Management vs. Matthews Mims In A Bodyslam Challenge

Tyrus blocks the first two bodyslam attempts. Idol talks smack to Mims. Mims bodyslams Tyrus to pickup the victory. After the match, Mims dumps BLK Jeez. Mims with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Marshe Rockett attacks Mims from behind. Rockett with clubbing blows to Mims back. Mims avoids The Rockett Kick. Mims Powerslams Rockett. Tyrus grabs a steel chair. Idol Mania Sports Management are losing their minds on the outside. Tyrus says that Mims will never be the NWA Worlds Television Champion.

Winner: Matthews Mims 

Fourth Match: Mickie James vs. Kenzie Paige 

Angelina Love joins the commentary team for this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wrist Lock Exchange. Mickie applies a hammerlock. Mickie rolls Paige over for a two ount. Mickie with a side headlock takeover. Paige rolls Mickie over for a one count. Paige whips Mickie across the ring. Mickie drops Paige with a shoulder tackle. Mickie cartwheels over Paige. Paige swats away a dropkick from Mickie. Paige with The Oklahoma Roll for a two count. Paige with a sharp knee strike. Paige rocks Mickie with a forearm smash. Paige reverses out of the irish whip from Mickie. Mickie leapfrogs over Paige. Rollup Exchange. Mickie denies The Rings Of Saturn. Paige applies a wrist lock. Mickie with an arm-drag takeover for a one count. Forearm Exchange. Following a snap mare takeover, Mickie with a Running Boot for a two count. Inside Cradle Exchange.

Paige ducks a clothesline from Mickie. Mickie decks Paige with a back elbow smash. Mickie blocks The SuperKick. Mickie sends Paige face first into the canvas. Mickie applies the single leg crab. Mickie transitions into The Boston Crab. Paige with a back elbow smash. Paige SuperKicks Mickie for a two count. Paige with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Paige applies the straight jacket hold. Mickie sends Paige across the ring. Paige side steps Mickie into the turnbuckles. Back Elbow Exchange. Mickie with a Headscissors Takeover. Mickie with two clotheslines. Mickie scores the elbow knockdown. Mickie drops Paige with a NeckBreaker for a two count. Paige denies The Mickie DDT. Paige delivers The Roundhouse Kick for a two count. Mickie rolls Paige over for a two count. Mickie hits The Flapjack. Mickie pops back on her feet. Mickie with a Flying Seated Senton. Paige avoids The Spinning Roundhouse Kick. Paige with a Running Lariat for a two count. Paige applies The Full Nelson Lock. Mickie kicks Paige in the gut. Mickie connects with The Mickie DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Mickie James via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez