AEW Dark Elevation Results (1/17/22): Ruby Soho vs. Kenzie Paige

AEW Dark Elevation Results 1/17/22
PNC Arena
Raleigh, North Carolina

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Commentary Team (Excalibur & Mark Henry)

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts 

First Match: (31-27) Matt Sydal & (3-8) Lee Moriarty vs. (0-1) JR Miller & (0-7) Marcus Kross 

Matt Sydal and Marcus Kross will start things off. Sydal ducks under a flurry of strikes from Kross. Hamstring Kick Exchange. Sydal with a leaping side kick. Sydal applies a wrist lock. Sydal tags in Moriarty. Moriarty with a flying double foot stomp. Moriarty applies the abdominal stretch. Kross HeadButts Moriarty. Kross tags in Miller. Miller with a Running Hip Attack. Miller whips Moriarty across the ring. Moriarty ducks under two clotheslines from Miller. Moriarty holds onto the ropes. Moriarty with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp. Moriarty applies a front face lock. Moriarty tags in Sydal. Double Irish Whip. Sydal with a Roll Through Double Foot Stomp.

Kross attacks Sydal from behind. Miller tags in Kross. Kross with a Corkscrew Kick. Kross with a Senton/Elbow Drop Combination. Kross follows that with a cheap shot to Moriarty. Kross and Miller goes for a Double Vertical Suplex, but Moriarty gets in the way. Assisted Hurricanrana. Sydal with a Step Up Enzuigiri to Miller. Sydal tags in Moriarty. Moriarty kicks Kross in the face. Moriarty arm-drags Miller out of the ring. Miller applies a hammerlock. Moriarty hits The Pepsi Twist. Moriarty goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Kross lands back on his feet. Korss applies a waist lock. Sydal with a Jumping Knee Strike. Sydal connects with The Lightning Spiral. Moriarty makes Kross tap out to The Border City Stretch.

Winner: (32-27) Matt Sydal & (4-8) Lee Moriarty via Submission 

Second Match: (51-9) Taynara Conti vs. (0-0) Ameera

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Conti with a flurry of judo throws. Conti rocks Ameera with a forearm smash. Ameera with a running forearm smash. Ameera poses for the crowd. Conti gets up in Ameera’s grill. Conti shoves Ameera. Conti blocks a boot from Ameera. Ameera avoids The Roundhouse Kick. Ameera rolls Conti over for a one count. Ameera with The Roundhouse Kick. Conti denies The Crucifix Bomb. Conti with The Bossman Slam. Conti with forearm shivers. Conti sends Ameera to the corner. Conti nails Ameera with Three Pump Kicks. Conti connects with The Tay KO to pickup the victory.

Winner: (52-9) Taynara Conti via Pinfall 

Third Match: (9-0) The Gunn Club w/Billy Gunn vs. (0-2) T.I.M & (0-0) JB Cole 

Austin Gunn and Tim will start things. Austin kicks Tim in the gut. Austin punches Tim in the back. Tim with a double leg takedown. Tim with a jackknife hold for a one count. Austin sweeps out the legs of Tim. Tim with two deep arm-drags. Tim applies an arm-bar. Tim cartwheels out of the wrist lock from Austin. Tim taunts Austin. Tim splits under a clothesline from Austin. Tim drops down on the canvas. Tim with a leg lariat. Tim applies a wrist lock. Tim tags in Cole. Cole with a flying double axe handle strike. Wrist Lock Exchange. Cole reverses out of the irish whip from Austin. Colten made the blind tag.

Austin leapfrogs over Cole. Austin holds onto the ropes. Colten attacks Cole from behind. Colten slams Cole’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Colten repeatedly stomps on Cole’s chest. Colten dropkicks Cole. Colten tags in Austin. Austin struts around the ring. Cole with a JawBreaker. Cole side steps Austin into the turnbuckles. Cole tags in Tim. Tim ducks a clothesline from Austin. Tim knocks Colten off the ring apron. Tim with two clotheslines. Tim ducks a clothesline from Colten. Colten with a straight right hand. Austin with a drop step trip. Austin follows that with a running neck snap. Austin tags in Colten. Colten connects with The Colt 45 to pickup the victory.

Winner: (10-0) The Gunn Club via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: (60-28) Frankie Kazarian vs. (0-1) Labron Kozone 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kazarian with a waist lock takedown. Kazarian applies a front face lock. Wrist Lock Exchange. Kozone applies a hammerlock. Kozone grabs a side wrist lock. Kazarian with a drop toe hold. Kazarian applies a side headlock. Kozone goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Kazarian lands back on his feet. Kazarian with a Spinning Back Kick. Kazarian kicks Kozone in the chest. Kazarian with The Discus Lariat. Kazarian unloads two knife edge chops. Kozone denies the irish whip. Kazarian is throwing haymakers at Kozone. Kozone kicks Kazarian in the gut. Kozone with two haymakers. Kozone reverses out of the irish whip from Kazarian.

Kazarian sends Kozone into the ropes. Kozone scores the elbow knockdown. Kozone with a leaping headbutt for a one count. Kozone repeatedly stomps on Kazarian’s chest. Kozone is choking Kazarian with his boot. Kazarian is lighting up Kozone’s chest. Kazarian with a straight right hand. Kozone drops Kazarian with The Uranage Slam for a one count. Kozone whips Kazarian across the ring. Kazarian slips over Kozone’s back. Kazarian with a reverse hammer throw. Kazarian with a running elbow knockdown. Kazarian with a Leg Lariat. Kazarian bodyslams Kozone. Kazarian with The SpringBoard Leg Drop. Kazarian with a Shotgun Meteora. Kazarian makes Kozone tap out to The Crossface Chicken Wing.

Winner: (61-28) Frankie Kazarian via Submission 

Fifth Match: (11-3) Ruby Soho vs. (0-8) Kenzie Paige 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Soho backs Paige into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Paige applies a waist lock. Soho grabs the left elbow of Paige. Soho denies The Butterfly Suplex. Paige backs Soho into the turnbuckles. Paige tugs on Soho’s hair. Paige sends Soho across the ring. Paige with The Rolling Elbow. Paige with a knife edge chop. Paige follows that with forearm shivers. Paige repeatedly stomps on Soho’s chest. Paige talks smack to Soho. Soho stomps on the left foot of Paige. Soho with a Spinning Back Kick. Soho with a knee lift. Paige decks Soho with a back elbow smash.

Paige with a running clothesline for a one count. Paige toys around with Soho. Paige poses for the crowd. Paige with the irish whip. Soho with a back elbow smash. Soho drives Paige face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Soho clotheslines Paige. Soho scores the elbow knockdown. Soho ducks a clothesline from Paige. Soho slaps Paige in the back of the head. Soho blocks a boot from Paige. Soho with another knee lift. Soho with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Paige sends Soho face first into the middle rope. Paige SuperKicks Soho. Soho applies a wrist lock. Soho connects with No Future to pickup the victory.

Winner: (12-3) Ruby Soho via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: (35-34) Private Party vs. (0-0) Chase Emory & (0-1) Patrick Scott 

Isiah Kassidy and Patrick Scott will start things off. Kassidy shoves Emory. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kassidy applies a waist lock. Wrist Lock Exchange. Kassidy with a drop toe hold. Kassidy rolls over Scott’s back. Kassidy poses for the crowd. Kassidy grabs a side wrist lock. Kassidy tags in Quen. Quen applies a hammerlock. Scott with a waist lock go-behind. Quen grabs a side headlock. Scott transitions into a top wrist lock. Emory tags himself in. Emory applies a wrist lock. Quen clotheslines Emory. Quen with two elbow drops. Quen toys around with Emory. Quen bodyslams Emory. Quen tags in Kassidy.

Quen with The Slingshot Splash. Kassidy with The Slingshot Senton. Kassidy taunts Scott. Emory with heavy bodyshots. Kassidy drives Emory back first into the turnbuckles. Kassidy is mauling Emory in the corner. Quen attacks Emory behind the referee’s back. Kassidy kicks Emory in the gut. Kassidy tags in Quen. Kassidy with a knife edge chop. Quen with a running shoulder block. Kassidy with a leaping back elbow smash. Assisted Poetry In Motion. Emory decks Quen with a JawBreaker. Emory tags in Scott. Quen ducks a clothesline from Emory. Quen with The Pele Kick. Quen tags in Kassidy. Kassidy with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Private Party connects with The Gin N Juice to pickup the victory.

Winner: (36-34) Private Party via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: (3-1) Jay Lethal vs. (0-2) Alexander Moss 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Moss applies a side headlock. Lethal whips Moss across the ring. Lethal drops down on the canvas. Lethal leapfrogs over Moss. Lethal with a Hip Toss. Lethal with The Cartwheel Dropkick. Moss drives his knee into the midsection of Lethal. Lethal dumps Moss out of the ring. Moss kicks Lethal in the chest. Moss drops Lethal with a Lariat. Moss poses for the crowd. Moss unloads a flurry of strikes. Moss repeatedly stomps on Lethal’s chest. Moss applies a rear chin lock. Lethal gets back to a vertical base. Lethal with elbows into the midsection of Moss. Lethal with a knife edge chop.

Lethal tosses Moss out of the ring. Lethal blocks a boot from Moss. Lethal with two clotheslines. Lethal with a Leg Lariat. Lethal kicks Moss in the face. Lethal with a BackBreaker/Flatliner Combination. Lethal lands The Flying Elbow Drop for a two count. Lethal with a Back Body Drop. Lethal slides under Moss. Moss stops Lethal in his tracks. Moss with a Belly to Back Slam for a two count. Moss argues with the referee. Lethal fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Lethal with the sunset flip for a two count. Moss kicks Lethal in the face. Lethal with the backslide cover for a two count. Lethal with The O’Connor Roll for a two count. Lethal connects with The Lethal Injection to pickup the victory.

Winner: (4-1) Jay Lethal via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez