WWE Raw Results (1/17/22): Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

January 17, 2022
BOK Center
Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Bianca BelAir & Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch & Piper Niven 

Bianca BelAir and Piper Niven will start things off. BelAir dropkicks Niven. Niven reverses out of the irish whip from BelAir. BelAir taunts Niven. BelAir dives over Niven. BelAir ducks a clothesline from Niven. Niven goes for a Vertical Suplex, but BelAir lands back on her feet. BelAir side steps Niven into the turnbuckles. BelAir with a forearm smash. Niven drops BelAir with a shoulder tackle. Becky tags herself in. BelAir dropkicks Becky. BelAir tags in Morgan. Morgan ducks a clothesline from Becky. Morgan knocks Niven off the ring apron. Morgan dropkicks Becky. Morgan with a Running Hip Attack. Morgan with a Rising Knee Strike.

Becky reverses out of the irish whip from Morgan. Morgan decks Becky with a back elbow smash. Morgan delivers The Missile Dropkick. Morgan hits The Satellite CodeBreaker for a two count. BelAir rocks Niven with a forearm smash. Niven denies The KOD. Niven levels BelAir with The Body Avalanche. Morgan sends Niven tumbling to the floor. Becky rolls Morgan over for a two count. Morgan kicks Becky in the gut. Morgan with a Pump Knee Strike. Becky side steps Morgan into the turnbuckles. Morgan with a back elbow smash. Becky connects with The Uranage Slam for a two count. Niven breaks up the cover. Niven tags herself in. Niven plants Morgan with The Running Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, Niven delivers The Banzai Drop.

Winner: Becky Lynch & Piper Niven via Pinfall 

The Kevin Owens Show With Special Guest: Seth Rollins 

Kevin Owens: Ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to The Kevin Owens Show. Now, I wish I could say that it’s good to be here in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. But that would be a vile lie, because this place is brutal. Hey, don’t get mad at me, I’m just telling the truth. I’m an honest man. And that’s the truth. And you know what else is the truth? The truth is tonight, I have a very special guest. He’s a man I am extremely proud to call my best friend. And after he beats Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble like he’s done in the past in a plethora of matches, he’s someone I will call Universal Champion. Ladies and gentlemen, Seth Freakin Rollins. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s for you.

Seth Rollins: Do we want to sit on the show? I don’t know.

Kevin Owens: It’s your call. You’re my guest, you decide. Do we sit, do we stand?

Seth Rollins: Let’s stand up.

Kevin Owens: Seth, thank you very much for accepting my invitation to come out here. There’s something I want to tell you from the heart. I admire you so much. There is so much I admire about you, from the suits, I can’t get over the minutiae that goes into every detail of crafting these looks. You always look great, you always look like a million bucks, but tonight you look marvelous, my friend. That’s French for Marvelous. You know what I admire even more, your courage. Do you people realize how much guts it took for Seth Rollins to show up on SmackDown on Friday Night to walk right into the Lion’s Den, get face to face with Roman Reigns, and berate him into realizing that this head of the table he keeps calling himself, you are the guy that set the table. Right? That was special.

Seth Rollins: Yes, yes, yes. Kev, you hit the nail on the head right there. Friday Night at SmackDown, it got a little testy with me and The Tribal Chief, but the truth is, Roman’s rattled. Roman’s nervous, dare I say, Roman Reigns is a little scared of Seth Rollins.

Kevin Owens: You heard it right here on The Kevin Owens Show.

Seth Rollins: He’s taking the low road, taking shots at my family, he sends his cousins after me. The problem is The Usos, as you saw, couldn’t quite get the job done. Roman’s out here, he’s playing checkers. Seth Rollins is playing chess. If Roman keeps it up, beating him at the Royal Rumble is going to be like taking candy from a baby. A little baby, Roman Reigns. When I take that title I’m going to take that belt from Blue to Red and bring the Universal Championship back where it belongs, to my show, our show, Monday Night Raw.

Kevin Owens: Whoa, that’s huge news. So you’re saying, when you win the Universal Title, you’re staying on Raw with me?

Seth Rollins: Yes, 100%. This is my show, baby.

Kevin Owens: That would mean we have the best champion, so we wouldn’t need Brock Lesnar or Bobby Lashley, because we would have you?

Seth Rollins: Absolutely. Again, you are very astute. You hit the nail on the head, Kev. If we could just get rid of Brock Lesnar. Hey, I got a match with Bobby Lashley later tonight, maybe I’ll get rid of Bobby Lashley tonight. I mean, who knows?

Kevin Owens: I think that sounds great. That’s a major announcement. I actually have an announcement of my own to make. I do. It’s an earth shattering announcement, an announcement that will change the face of this industry, something nobody can see coming. Ladies and gentlemen, right now, I would like to announce I am officially declaring myself as a participant in this year’s Royal Rumble Match.

Seth Rollins: Whoa! That is earth shattering. I can feel it, I love it.

Kevin Owens: Once I win the Royal Rumble and you beat Roman Reigns for the Universal Title, we get to give the WWE Universe the match they deserve. Well, they don’t really deserve it, but we get to give them the biggest WrestleMania main event of all-time. Seth Freakin Rollins against Kevin Freakin Rollins.

Seth Rollins: All right, all right. Okay, I like where your head’s at. Kev, I can dig that.

Kevin Owens: I think that’s pretty great. Now.

Seth Rollins: Hey, hey. What are you doing out here? Right now, do you not understand, this is my time, this is Kevin’s Show. You take a step down here, you get any closer, Kevin’s going to kick your ass, promise you that.

Damian Priest: Shut your mouth. You two are delusional idiots. Seth, there’s not one person on this planet that believes you can beat Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble. And Kevin, you’re just a liar. No one believes that you’re going to win the Royal Rumble Match. And to be clear, if you don’t want to see the Damian in me tonight, I suggest you don’t wake him up. And by the way, I might as well inform you that I just spoke to Adam Pearce & Sonya Deville and our match tonight starts right now.

Second Match: Kevin Owens vs. Damian Priest 

Owens applies a waist lock. Owens transitions into a side headlock. Priest whips Owens across the ring. Owens runs into Priest. Owens sends Priest into the ropes. Priest drops Owens with a shoulder tackle. Owens launches Priest over the top rope. Priest with The Roundhouse Kick. Owens dropkicks Priest. Owens repeatedly stomps on Priest’s chest. Owens with The Senton Splash. Owens applies a rear chin lock. Owens punches Priest in the back. Owens with a knife edge chop. Priest reverses out of the irish whip from Owens. Owens kicks Priest in the chest. Owens unloads two knife edge chops. Priest is pissed. Priest with a forearm smash. Priest uppercuts Owens. Priest with a Spinning Heel Kick. Owens regroups on the outside. Owens SuperKicks Priest in mid-air. Owens with The Frog Splash off the ring apron. Owens is fired up. Priest starts regaining momentum during the commercial break. Priest with two haymakers. Priest delivers his combination offense. Priest with The Rolling Elbow. Priest sends Owens face first into the canvas.

Priest with a leaping back elbow smash. Owens denies The Broken Arrow. Owens with a forearm smash. Owens whips Priest across the ring. Priest with an Inside Out Lariat. Priest hits The Broken Arrow for a two count. Priest with a forearm smash. Priest puts Owens on the top turnbuckle. Priest with another forearm. HeadButt Exchange. Owens sends Priest crashing into the canvas. Owens lands The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Owens kicks Priest in the gut. Owens avoids The Spinning Heel Kick. Owens with a toe kick. Priest denies The Stunner. Owens denies The Reckoning. Owens connects with The Pop Up PowerBomb for a two count. Priest blocks a boot from Owens. Priest with a Leaping Roundhouse Kick. Priest with The South Of Heaven Chokeslam for a two count. Priest rocks Owens with a forearm smash. Owens starts favoring his left hamstring. Owens is receiving medical attention. It was a ruse after all. Owens kicks Priest in the gut. Owens plants Priest with The Stunner to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Pinfall 

RK-BRO & The Alpha Academy Segment 

Third Match: Finn Balor vs. Austin Theory 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Theory backs Balor into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Balor blocks a boot from Theory. Balor kicks the left hamstring of Theory. Balor applies a side headlock. Theory whips Balor across the ring. Balor ducks a clothesline from Theory. Theory scores the elbow knockdown. Theory slams Balor’s head on the ring apron. Theory sends Balor chest first into the ringside barricade. Balor with a reverse hammer throw into the barricade. Balor hits The SlingBlade on the floor. Balor has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Balor with a double leg takedown.

Balor with a Double Foot Stomp. Balor follows that with a running chop. Short-Arm Reversal by Theory. Balor ducks a clothesline from Theory. Balor with The Spin Out Elbow Drop for a two count. Theory slams Balor’s head on the top rope. Theory goes for The Roll Through Dropkick, but Balor counters with The SlingBlade. Theory with a Running Lariat. Theory dumps Balor face first on the top rope. Balor denies The ATL. Balor rolls Theory over for a two count. Balor with a shoulder block. Balor with an Apron Enzuigiri. Theory avoids The Coupe De Grace. Theory with The Roll Through Dropkick. Theory connects with The ATL to pickup the victory. After the match, Theory takes a selfie. Theory transitions into a ground and pound attack. Theory plants Balor with The ATL.

Winner: Austin Theory via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Nikki Cross 

Ripley gets distracted by a long soliloquy from Carmella and Queen Zelina. Cross attacks Ripley before the bell rings. Cross with clubbing blows to Ripley’s back. Cross and Ripley are trading back and forth shots. Cross pulls Ripley down to the mat. Cross dumps Ripley out of the ring. Cross with a dropkick through the ropes. Cross throws Ripley into the steel ring stairs. The match never got started.

Match Result: No-Contest 

Fifth Match: Omos vs. Reginald Thomas w/Dana Brooke 

Omos is playing mind games with Thomas. Dana Brooke runs away from the 24/7 Crew. Omos catches Thomas in mid-air. Omos connects with The Choke Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Omos via Pinfall 

Maryse, Beth Phoenix, Edge, and The Miz Segment 

Maryse: Hello, Tulsa. My husband Michael couldn’t be here tonight. As we all know, he’s got a very big mouth and likes to agree to things without asking me first. So I guess tonight I have to clean up his mess. Beth, please, let’s do this right. Let’s talk. Can you please come out here alone so we can talk, please, woman to woman, face to face, mother to mother. We have to talk. Can you stand there until we have a conversation? Thank you. Thank you for your time. There’s no other way to put this, Beth, but the match at the Royal Rumble, it has to be canceled.

Beth Phoenix: All right. Well, this ought to be good, so I’m all ears, Maryse.

Maryse: Listen, I don’t want it. You don’t want it. And they don’t want it. I’m trying to have a heartfelt moment here. Can you please help me here? Really? Really? Really? Understand that I have a microphone and I can be louder than every one of you. It doesn’t matter what you think. Beth, hear me out. Look, we come from the same generation. We’ve been through battles and wars backstage together. Remember those two minute matches? I am done. Beth, we fought together.

We made the women’s division what it is today. We’re so great at what we do. Look at us, look at you, look at me. Women nowadays main event WrestleMania because of our work, because of us. So if anything, I think, I really think that we should be on the same team. We shouldn’t be fighting. We should be a unit. We should be friends. We should be best friends. And think about our little girls at home, I think they should be friends, we should hang out, we should go on playdates, we should have dinners, we should get coffee after this and talk this out.

Beth Phoenix: Maryse, Maryse, I think I speak for everyone in this arena when I say, would you just shut up? Playdates? BFF’s? I mean, I’m not buying it. Are any of you guys buying this? Which tells me that you obviously take acting lessons from your husband. But listen to this, Maryse, I’m going to boil this down for you really simply. Our mixed tag team match at the Royal Rumble is not off. I am not missing the opportunity to tag team with my husband, The Rated R Superstar, for the first time in WWE History. And I am definitely not missing the chance to Glam Slam your ass through that canvas. As a matter of fact, why don’t we give them a little preview right now?

Edge is throwing haymakers at The Miz. Maryse clocks Phoenix with a loaded pocket book to close the segment

Sixth Match: The Street Profits & The Mysterio Family vs. The Dirty Dawgs, Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez In A 8-Man Tag Team Match 

Dominik Mysterio and Dolph Ziggler will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Dominik applies a waist lock. Ziggler with a back elbow smash. Dominik with a Hurricanrana. Ziggler drops Dominik with a Running Lariat. Ziggler tags in Roode. Roode stomps on Dominik’s chest. Roode goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Dominik lands back on his feet. Dominik kicks Roode in the gut. Dominik tags in Rey. Assisted Hurricanrana. Rey with a forearm smash. Roode whips Rey across the ring. Rey ducks a clothesline from Roode. Rey with The Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takeover. Roode launches Rey over top rope. Rey with a leaping forearm smash. Rey goes for The Flying Hurricanrana, but Roode blocks. Roode goes for The PowerBomb, but Rey counters with The Hurricanrana to the floor. Ziggler tosses Dominik out of the ring. Street Profits with Stereo Dropkicks. That leads us to a huge standoff on the outside.

Dirty Dawgs has complete control off the match during the commercial break. Roode tags in Ziggler. Double Irish Whip. Double Elbow Knockdown. Dirty Dawgs clears the ring. Ziggler tags in Crews. Crews with The Standing MoonSault for a two count. Rey drops Crews with The Tornado DDT. Rey tags in Dawkins. Dawkins clotheslines Crews. Dawkins clears the ring. Crews kicks Dominik in the gut. Dawkins leapfrogs over Crews. Dawkins with a corkscrew elbow. Dawkins with Two Exploder Suplex’s. Dawkins follows that with The 360 Stinger Splash. Dawkins hits The Silencer for a one count. Ford with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Dirty Dawgs launches Ford over the top rope. The Mysterio’s dropkicks Dirty Dawgs into the ropes. Stereo 619’s. Azeez catches Dominik in mid-air. Rey with The Flying Seated Senton. Crews rolls Dawkins over for a two count. Dawkins hits The SpineBuster. Dawkins tags in Ford. Ford connects with The Frog Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, Rey tosses Dominik and The Street Profits over the top rope.

Winner: The Street Profits & The Mysterio Family via Pinfall 

Updated WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Match Card 

– Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Bobby Lashley w/MVP For The WWE Championship 

– The 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble Match (Kevin Owens, Big E, AJ Styles, Damian Priest, Sheamus, Sami Zayn, Kofi Kingston, Austin Theory, Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Johnny Knoxville, Baron Corbin, Riddick Moss)

– The 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Match (Bianca BelAir, Charlotte Flair, Liv Morgan, Mickie James, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Lita, Michelle McCool, Rhea Ripley, Shayna Baszler, Kelly Kelly, Summer Rae, Shotzi Blackheart, Nikki Cross, Natalya, Naomi, Carmella, Queen Zelina, Aliyah, Dana Brooke, Tamina) 

– Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. The Miz & Maryse In A Mixed Tag Team Match

– Roman Reigns (c) vs. Seth Rollins For The WWE Universal Championship 

– Becky Lynch (c) vs. Piper Niven For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship 

Seventh Match: Bobby Lashley w/MVP vs. Seth Rollins 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rollins applies a side headlock. Lashley whips Rollins across the ring. Rollins ducks a clothesline from Lashley. Lashley leapfrogs over Rollins. Lashley drops Rollins with a shoulder tackle. Lashley mocks Rollins. Rollins applies a waist lock. Rollins goes for The O’Connor Roll, but Lashley holds onto the ropes. Rollins leapfrogs over Lashley. Rollins drops down on the canvas. Rollins with The SlingBlade. Rollins kicks Lashley in the gut. Rollins goes for The Pedigree, but Lashley counters with The Back Body Drop. Rollins denies The Hurt Lock. Rollins kicks Lashley in the face. Rollins sends Lashley tumbling to the floor. Rollins lands The SomerSault Plancha. Lashley catches Rollins in mid-air. Lashley with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex on the floor.

Rollins regains control of the match during the commercial break. Rollins repeatedly wraps the left leg of Lashley around the steel ring post. Rollins wraps the left leg of Lashley around the middle rope. Rollins dropkicks the left knee of Lashley. Rollins repeatedly drops his weight on the left leg of Lashley. Rollins figure fours the legs of Lashley. Lashley is throwing haymakers at Rollins. Rollins with The Dragon Screw Leg Whip. Rollins applies the single crab. Rollins stomps on the back of Lashley’s left knee. Rollins goes back to the single leg crab. Rollins talks smack to Lashley. Lashley kicks Rollins out of the ring. Lashley avoids The Curb Stomp. Lashley drops Rollins with The Flatliner. Lashley with Two Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex’s. Lashley with a running shoulder block. Lashley follows that with The Swinging NeckBreaker.

Lashley goes for The Delayed Vertical Suplex, but Rollins lands back on his feet. Lashley kicks Rollins in the gut. Lashley hits The Dominator for a two count. Lashley prepares for The Spear. Rollins with a knee lift. Rollins with The Rolling Elbow. Rollins denies The Powerslam. Rollins sends Lashley face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Rollins connects with The Pedigree for a two count. Rollins ascends to the top turnbuckle. Rollins with clubbing elbow smashes. Lashley with an Avalanche Belly to Belly Suplex. The Hurt Business attacks Lashley which causes the disqualification. After the match, The Hurt Business gangs up on Lashley. Lashley with a Double Vertical Suplex on the floor. Lashley nails Benjamin with The Flatliner. Lashley drives Alexander face first into the steel ring post. Lashley Spears Benjamin through the ringside barricade. The Usos SuperKicks Rollins to close the show.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via Disqualification 

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Author: Josh Lopez