WWE Raw Results (6/29/20): Drew McIntyre & Asuka vs. Dolph Ziggler & Sasha Banks

June 29, 2020
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

WWE Extreme Rules Double Contract Signing Segment 

Samoa Joe: Hello and welcome to Monday Night Raw. I’m your host Samoa Joe and i’m here to guide you through this very unique experience. As you could see, what the plan is, out here we have two contracts, both for a championship match that will take place at the horror show that is Extreme Rules. Get them apart. You have three weeks to do this. As you could see, we have a bit of a combustible situation here. And unfortunately we don’t have all the participants here, so without further ado.

– Dolph Ziggler walks down to the ring.

Dolph Ziggler: No, hang on a second, brother, I got this. Please welcome at this time, the man with the audacity to not give me what I was owed. The most ungrateful man in the world. He’s your WWE Champion, for three more weeks until Extreme Rules. The colossus himself, the ferocious monstrous, the abdominal, Drew McIntyre.

Samoa Joe: Well, now that we have all our volatile components here, Mr. Ziggler, you may begin.

Dolph Ziggler: Drew, we all know your WWE Champion because of me. But let’s dive a little deeper. Where would you be without me? Scratching and crawling your way out of obscurity somewhere. Telling anyone who would listen, I had the world in the palm of my hand, and I blew it. It’s a real sad sob story, Drew. But while you were shuffling around, trying to find yourself, I was here for 15 years, carrying monsters like you on my back. I know what you’re willing to go through. I know what you’re willing to sacrifice for that title.

I know in the back of your head, way back, in the back of your brain, you just not sure. Because at Extreme Rules Horror Show, you’re gonna hit me, and i’m gonna get back up. And you’re gonna kick me, and I’m gonna get back up. And you’re gonna hit me with everything you got, and I’m gonna get back up, and do what I do best, survive. And that 19 year redemption story all disappears, just like that. Drew, I created you. And at Extreme Rules Horror Show, I will destroy you.

Drew McIntyre: Okay, it’s official. That was some passion words there, Dolph. There was a time we were like family, like brothers. Families always honest with each other. You know, it was true, I was fired. I had to go through hell, personally, professionally to become the man and champion I am today. You know what i’ve learned on this journey of mine? The biggest lesson of all, this is more of a mental game than it is a physical game. And I think i’ve got it figured out. I think I know why you need this title so bad.

Not just the ego boost, but being on the posters, and the merchandise, because I know you just love that. That’s the thing, you never been that center of attention you’ve always dreamed of being, have you? Every time you get so close to the finish line, you always drop the ball. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, right, Dolph? I’ve got bad news, brother. At Extreme Rules Horror Show, i’m gonna hurt you, i’m gonna slaughter you. You’re gonna lose and it’s gonna be because of me. But, you’re the only person in the world who seems to think you have a chance against me. So, i’m gonna do you a favor, being that we’re family. I’m gonna allow you to pick the stipulation of our match.

Dolph Ziggler: Really? You’re gonna end that title run by leaving that on my hands? Listen, this isn’t a storybook ending, there’s no third chance for The Scottish Psychopath.

– Asuka yells at Sasha and signs the contract.

Sasha Banks: Oh, Asuka, look at you. I’m not the same person you once faced before. I’m the legit boss. I’m the standard. I’m the blue print. I am the leader. And I am the conversation. At Extreme Rules, I will be “Two Belts Banks” when I beat you for the Raw Women’s Championship. And with Bayley and I, both being double champions, not only does that mean we are taking over both locker rooms, we are taking over the whole damn company.

Bayley: And that’s gonna be a horror show. How do you like that, huh?

Asuka starts brawling Bayley and Sasha. McIntyre negates The SuperKick. Ziggler avoids The ClayMore Kick.

The Big Show, Ric Flair, and Camp Muenca Segment 

The Big Show: Randy Orton, come on down. Legend Killer, I’m a legend, come try me. I owe you a promise, I said last week I was gonna break every bone in your body.

– Big Show gets interrupted by Camp Muenca.

The Big Show: Okay, Zelina, I’m sorry I interrupted your interview. Again, I’m on important business. If you guys try me right now, you’re making a mistake. I’m not in the mood to play. Do you understand?

Andrade Cien Almas: Randy Orton says, you, you are a legend?

The Big Show: Hey, don’t laugh, i’ll come down there and put my fist in your mouth and i’ll show how much of a legend I am. Watch the laughing, kid, I got boots older than you.

Angel Garza: But, there’s still only one of you.

The Big Show: Buddy, you can stand on his shoulders so you can look me in the eye and talk trash. I’m not in the mood toight.

Angel Garza: A legend? Giant? It doesn’t really matter what you are. You will learn what The Street Profits will soon realize.

The Big Show: Blah, blah, blah. You want to fight, let’s fight, let’s go.

Zelina Vega: Hold up. We are gonna do “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton, a little favor, and show you what happens when you disrespect Andrade and Angel Garza. Your days on Raw are numbered. But, hey, you can say hi to Edge and Christian for us, in the retirement home.

Ric Flair: Zelina, you know how much respect I have for you, Andrade and Garza, but I have to have a word with my old friend, just like Randy Orton’s old friend, the great, I mean, legend, The Big Show. Because you see, no one is gonna run your career, handle your career, focus on the future of your career, except my friend, the guy that has three great letters, RKO, The Legend Killer, the greatest wrestler alive today, and the man that will take you whenever he feels like it.

Here’s the deal, he will come when he feels like it. He’s backstage right now. I’m doing his light work. You were making cartoons on Netflix, you understand that? And, hey, I think that’s great, everybody wants that spot in Hollywood. You had your day. You had your run. You will be in the hall of fame. But if you play around with Randy Orton, one thing we know will happen, he will be an even bigger legend killer, and you will be on the outside looking in, all over again. Until then, Zelina, take these two brave gentlemen, and have some fun at Big Show’s expense, WOOOO!

First Match: Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs. The Viking Raiders 

Almas and Garza starts brawling with The Viking Raiders before the bell rings. Zelina Vega joins the commentary team for this match. Garza and Erik will start things off. Garza applies a front face lock. Garza transitions into a side headlock. Erik drops Garza with a shoulder tackle. Garza drops down on the canvas. Garza leapfrogs over Erik. Garza sends Erik to the corner. Erik dives over Garza. Erik with a double leg takedown. Erik follows that with a waist lock takedown. Erik tags in Ivar. Two Knee Lifts for a two count. Following a snap mare takeover, Ivar rams his massive beard across Garza’s face. Ivar tags in Erik. Ivar buries his shoulder into the midsection of Garza. Erik drives Garza back first into the turnbuckles. Viking Raiders with clubbing shoulder blocks for a one count. Ivar sends Garza face first into the canvas. Ivar with a fist drop for a one count. Ivar applies an arm-bar. Ivar drives his knee into the midsection of Garza. Ivar tags in Erik.

Ivar bodyslams Garza. Erik bodyslams Ivar on top of Garza for a two count. Erik goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Garza lands back on his feet. Garza tags in Almas. Garza ducks a clothesline from Erik. Erik knocks Almas off the ring apron. Erik starts ripping off Garza’s pants. Almas attacks Erik from behind. Garza SuperKicks Erik. Almas with the cover for a two count. Almas with a Sliding Boot. Almas stomps on the midsection of Erik. Almas tags in Garza. Garza stomps on Erik’s ribs. Garza kicks Erik in the back. Garza hooks the outside leg for a one count. Garza refuses to tag out to Almas. Garza with clubbing blows to Erik’s back. Erik rocks Garza with a forearm smash. Almas tags himself in. Almas with a Running Dropkick. Almas tags in Garza. Almas yells at Garza. Almas starts heading to the backstage area. Zelina Vega is trying to calm down Almas. Almas and Garza regains control of the match during the commercial break. Garza with a running knee lift. Garza puts his knee on the back of Erik’s neck. Garza tags in Almas. Almas with a chop/stomp combination. Erik is displaying his fighting spirit. Erik creates distance with Death Rowe.

Ivar and Garza are tagged in. Ivar with a shoulder tackle. Ivar with a Side Walk Slam. Ivar follows that with a Running Splash. Ivar cartwheels around Almas. Ivar clotheslines Almas. Garza side steps Ivar into the turnbuckles. Ivar with a Leaping Seated Senton. Ivar goes for a Bodyslam, but Garza lands back on his feet. Ivar runs through a clothesline from Garza. Ivar goes for a HandSpring Back Elbow Smash, but Garza counters with a dropkick. Erik and Almas are tagged in. Ivar ducks a clothesline from Garza. Erik with a PowerBomb/PowerSlam Combination. Almas negates The Viking Experience. Garza drop toe holds Ivar into the middle turnbuckle pad. Erik with The Running Knee Strike. Almas responds with The ShotGun Meteora. Almas uses the middle rope for leverage. Almas kicks Erik in the gut. Almas dumps Erik out of the ring. Garza drives Erik face first into the steel ring post. Garza rolls Erik back into the ring. Almas connects with The Discus Back Elbow Smash. Almas tags in Garza. Garza plants Erik with The Wing Clipper to pickup the victory.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza via Pinfall 

Second Match: Akira Tozawa (c) w/The Ninja Club vs. R-Truth For The WWE 24/7 Championship 

Tozawa rolls Truth over for a two count. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Truth applies a side headlock. Tozawa whips Truth across the ring. Truth starts dancing. Tozawa strikes a ninja pose. Truth dumps Tozawa out of the ring. Truth taunts Tozawa. Truth drops down on the canvas. Truth leapfrogs over Tozawa. Tozawa holds onto the ropes. Truth starts favoring his left knee. Truth rolls Tozawa over to pickup the victory.

Winner: New WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth via Pinfall 

Seth Rollins, Rey Mysterio, Aleister Black, and Humberto Carrillo Segment 

Seth Rollins: Last week, Rey Mysterio, along with his son, Dominik, made a very heartwarming return to Monday Night Raw. Rey stood, right here, where i’m standing now, and he said nothing is going to stop him from returning to the ring. He believed that, with all his heart, and so do I, because Rey Mysterio has a duty to uphold. The problem is, how do I put this delicately, well, Rey hasn’t been seeing things too clearly as of late. You see, Rey thinks his duty ,is to his family, to avenge them, to protect him. But in fact, Rey Mysterio’s duty is to be a sacrifice for the future of Monday Night Raw. And I have given Rey Mysterio every chance to take the easy way out, to do this on his own terms, to walk away into the sunset, and he has defied me at every turn.

So what I must do now, is so important. And Rey, I need to ask you to forgive me. Rey, I beg your forgiveness. Please, Rey Mysterio, forgive me. Not for what I’ve done in the past, no, but for what you are forcing me to do in the future. You see, Rey, we are bound by fate. And as fate would have it, I am The Monday Night Messiah. As fate would have it, Rey Mysterio, you are meant to be a sacrifice, for the greater good of Monday Night Raw. And so, yes, you are correct when you say, you will step foot in this again. And every single time that you do, I will be forced to take a piece of you. And little by little, I will tear you apart. I will tear you down, piece by piece, Rey, until there is nothing left, but a memory.

Rey Mysterio: Hey, Seth, over here. Seth Rollins, you want to ask me for forgiveness, for what you are going to do? I want to ask you for forgiveness, too, but not from you. Dom, I hope you forgive me for what I have to do to Seth, for what he did to my eye and for what he tried to do to you. I was angry at the time when you tried to fight my battles, but I understand, I love you for it. But I must do something to Seth that’s just as remorseless as what he did to me. Seth, remember, an eye for an eye. And believe me, what I’m going to do to you, it’s not by fate. Be assured, it will be by design.

Dominic: I forgive you, jefe, but I will never forgive you Seth Rollins. And you will never forget what my father does to you. And that will be ordained by fate.

Seth Rollins: Oh, bravo. Strong words, Dominic, strong words. Clearly, your father has taught you well. Many life lessons, except one, be careful what you wish for. If you continue to stand in the way of the greater good, make no mistake about it, I will be forced to end your career before it ever begins. Yes, Aleister and Humberto, just the two I was hoping to run into tonight. Look, before myself and Murphy come in there and put you out of your misery, I just want to ask you one thing. Why? Help me understand, who do you keep standing up for Rey Mysterio? Who do you keep fighting his battles for him, when clearly he would not fight for you? Humberto, tell me why is Rey Mysterio your hero? Why is he your idol? You look up to him like a god. He’s a fraud. He’s a coward.

Humberto Carrillo: Seth, he’s not a coward, you are the coward. And this is for my spanish people, you are less of a man than Rey Mysterio is.

Aleister Black: Seth, I happen to know a thing or two about evil. And I recognize evil when I am looking at it. There will be no forgiveness for you, just atonement for everything that you have done.

Seth Rollins: You think you know evil? You ain’t see nothing yet. This ends, now.

Third Match: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo 

Murphy and Black will start things off. Black dodges The V-Trigger. Quick slugfest. Black unloads two mid-kicks. Black sends Murphy across the ring. Black drops Murphy with a running knee lift. Black hits The PK. Black with a Mid-Kick to Rollins. Murphy drives Black back first into the turnbuckles. Murphy with clubbing shoulder blocks. Black kicks Murphy in the face. Rollins attacks Black behind the referee’s back. Murphy SuperKicks Black. Black tumbles to the floor. Murphy tags in Rollins. Rollins with a running boot. Rollins repeatedly stomps on Black’s chest. Rollins is choking Black with his boot. Rollins rolls Black back into the ring. Rollins is throwing haymakers at Black. Rollins whips Black into the turnbuckles. Rollins is choking Black with his knee. Rollins tags in Murphy.

Rollins and Murphy are double teaming Black. Murphy drives his knee into Black’s back. Murphy applies a rear chin lock. Black with a Spinning Back Elbow Strike. Black tags in Carrillo. Carrillo clotheslines Murphy. Carrillo scores the elbow knockdown. Carrillo slams Murphy’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Carrillo repeatedly stomps on Murphy’s chest. Carrillo is distracted by Rollins. Murphy with a running lariat. Carrillo answers with a Step Through Enzuigiri. Murphy reverses out of the irish whip from Carrillo. Carrillo with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Carrillo launches Rollins over the top rope. Murphy sends Carrillo the ring apron. Carrillo with an Apron Enzuigiri. Carrillo delivers The Missile Dropkick. Carrillo goes for The 619, but Rollins gets in the way. Carrillo nails Rollins with The Pump Kick. Carrillo with a Flying Double Crossbody Block to the outside.

Rollins and Murphy are cutting the ring in half during the commercial break. Murphy with a single leg takedown. Carrillo kicks Murphy away with his feet. Murphy tags in Rollins. Rollins stops Carrillo in his tracks. Rollins goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Carrillo lands back on his feet. Rollins blocks a boot from Carrillo. Carrillo with a Spinning Enzuigiri. Black and Murphy are tagged in. Black ducks a clothesline from Murphy. Black knocks Rollins off the ring apron. Black side steps Murphy into the turnbuckles. Black delivers his combination offense. Black with a Sliding Dropkick. Black is fired up. Rollins runs interference. Black hits The Double Quebrada. Black plays to the crowd. Black goes for The Black Mass, but Murphy rolls him over for a two count. Carrillo tags himself in.

Black with a Pump Knee Strike. Carrillo connects with The 619 for a two count. Rollins dumps Black out of the ring. Rollins lands The Suicide Dive. Carrillo dropkicks Rollins off the ring apron. Murphy with The Running Knee Strike for a two count. Murphy kicks Black into the ringside barricade. Murphy and Carrillo are trading back and forth shots. Carrillo negates The Sunset Bomb. Murphy drills Carrillo with The Cheeky Nando’s Kick. Rollins tags himself in. Rollins and Murphy connects with their Flying Knee Strike/PowerBomb Combination for a two count. Black pulls Murphy off the ring apron. Carrillo rolls Rollins over for a two count. Rollins plants Carrillo with The Curb Stomp to pickup the victory. After the match, Rollins and Murphy demolishes Black and Carrillo. Rollins puts a mask on Carrillo’s face. Rollins is trying to use the steel ring steps to sacrifice Carrillo, but Black makes the save.

Winner: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay vs. Ruby Riott 

Royce talks smack to Ruby after the bell rings. Ruby is distracted by Kay. Royce with a Spinning Leg Lariat. Royce with clubbing blows to Ruby’s back. Royce kicks Ruby in the ribs. Royce hyperextends the left shoulder of Ruby. Royce repeatedly drives her knee into the left shoulder of Ruby. Royce with a full mount cover for a one count. Royce kicks the left elbow of Ruby. Royce is choking Ruby with her boot. Ruby delivers a gut punch. Royce kicks Ruby in the back. Royce puts her knee on the back of Ruby’s neck.

Following a snap mare takeover, Royce applies a deep hammer lock. Ruby with three sharp elbow strikes. Royce with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Royce is displaying her frustration. Ruby side steps Royce into the turnbuckles. Ruby ducks a clothesline from Royce. Ruby thrust kicks the midsection of Royce. Ruby kicks Royce in the chest. Ruby with forearm shivers. Ruby connects with The STO for a one count. Ruby applies a wrist lock. Kay runs interference. Royce with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Ruby answers with The Rolling Crucifix for a two count. Royce with a Step Up Kamagiri Kick. Royce plants Ruby with The Spinning Brain Buster to pickup the victory.

Winner: Peyton Royce via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs. The Big Show In A Two On One Handicap Match 

Almas and Garza are playing mind games with Show. Show rips off Garza’s t-shirt. Show slaps Garza in the chest. Show HeadButts Garza. Show is distracted by Almas. Show with an overhand chop. Garza regroups on the outside. Garza tags in Almas. Almas with a waist lock go-behind. Show uses his hips to break the hold. Show slaps Almas in the chest. Show pulls Almas up to the ring apron. Show throws Almas back into the ring. Show bodyslams Almas. Show walks over Almas. Almas with heavy bodyshots.

Almas with forearm shivers. Show with Two HeadButts. Almas tags in Garza. Show tells Garza to bring it. Show is lighting up Garza’s chest. Show with the irish whip. Garza dropkicks Show into the turnbuckles. Garza repeatedly stomps on the left knee of Show. Garza SuperKicks Show. Garza with rapid fire stomps. Almas tags himself in. Garza is pissed. Almas shoves Garza. Garza heads to the backstage area. Show connects with The ChokeSlam to pickup the victory. After the match, Show plants Almas with The WMD.

Winner: The Big Show via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: Apollo Crews vs. MVP w/Bobby Lashley 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. MVP applies a side headlock. MVP drops Crews with a shoulder tackle. Crews drops down on the canvas. Crews goes for a dropkick, but MVP holds onto the ropes. Crews avoids The PK. Crews with a Hurricanrana. Crews dropkicks MVP. MVP uses the top rope for leverage. Crews with a Military Toss. Lashley pulls MVP out of the ring. Crews lands The SomerSault Plancha. MVP throws Crews into the steel ring steps. MVP has complete control of the match during the commercial break. MVP is working on the left shoulder of Crews. MVP applies a key lock. Crews with heavy bodyshots. MVP drops Crews with The Big Boot for a two count.

MVP applies a modified abdominal stretch. MVP with clubbing crossfaces. MVP follows that with a knee drop for a two count. MVP with a forearm smash. MVP with clubbing blows to Crews back. MVP sends Crews to the corner. Crews avoids The Helluva Kick. Crew tees off on MVP. Crews with a Body Avalanche. Crews lands The Stinger Splash. Crews hits The SpineBuster for a two count. Crews is distracted by Lashley. MVP knocks Crews off the top turnbuckle. MVP connects with The Helluva Kick. MVP plants Crews with The Bridging Fisherman’s Suplex to pickup the victory. After the match, Lashley gets Crews trapped in The Full Nelson. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: MVP via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: Bobby Lashley w/MVP vs. Ricochet w/Cedric Alexander 

The match started during the commercial break. Ricochet with a flurry of strikes. Ricochet with forearm shivers. Lashley sends Ricochet to the corner. Ricochet dives over Lashley. Ricochet delivers his combination offense. Lashley shoves Ricochet. Ricochet with clubbing elbow smashes. Lashley kicks out the legs of Ricochet. Lashley goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Ricochet lands back on his feet. Ricochet side steps Lashley into the turnbuckles. Ricochet with an Apron Enzuigiri. Lashley decks Ricochet with a back elbow smash.

Lashley with a Massive Biel Throw. Lashley with a Corner Spear. Lashley with a Delayed Vertical Toss for a two count. Lashley dumps Ricochet out of the ring. MVP dumps Ricochet face first on the announce table. Lashley throws Ricochet into the ringside barricade. Lashley rolls Ricochet back into the ring. Ricochet with heavy bodyshots. Lashley connects with The Dominator for a two count. Lashley follows that with another Biel Throw. Alexander attends to Ricochet on the outside. Lashley with a Biel Throw on the floor.

Lashley drives Ricochet ribs first into the steel ring post. Ricochet avoids The Spear. Ricochet negates The Full Nelson. Ricochet sends Lashley tumbling to the floor. Lashley catches Ricochet in mid-air. Ricochet sends Lashley face first into the ring post. Lashley avoids the referee’s ten count. Ricochet with The SpringBoard MoonSault for a two count. Ricochet is distracted by MVP. Alexander pulls MVP off the ring apron. Ricochet with a Tiger Wall Flip Kick. Ricochet follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Ricochet SuperKicks Lashley. Lashley denies The RoundHouse Kick. Lashley with The One-Arm PowerBomb. Lashley makes Ricochet tap out to The Full Nelson. After the match, Lashley gets Alexander trapped in The Full Nelson.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via Pinfall 

Updated WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Match Card 

1.) Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

2.) Asuka (c) vs. Sasha Banks w/Bayley For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

3.) Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross For The WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

4.) Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt In The Swamp Fight

Eight Match: Drew McIntyre & Asuka vs. Dolph Ziggler & Sasha Banks w/Bayley 

Bayley joins the commentary team for this match. McIntyre and Ziggler will start things off. Ziggler goes for a single leg takedown, but McIntyre stands still. McIntyre with a waist lock toss. Ziggler grabs the left leg of McIntyre. McIntyre has the obvious strength advantage. Ziggler talks smack to McIntyre. McIntyre drops Ziggler with a knife edge chop. McIntyre slams Ziggler’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. McIntyre with a blistering chop. Ziggler decks McIntyre with a back elbow smash. Ziggler kicks McIntyre in the gut. Ziggler hits The Famouser for a one count. McIntyre launches Ziggler to the corner. Sasha tags herself in. Ziggler tells McIntyre to back way. Quick shoving contest. Sasha dodges The Spinning Back Fist. Sasha shoves Asuka towards the ropes. Asuka lunges over Sasha. Asuka drops Sasha with a shoulder tackle. Sasha avoids The Running Hip Attack. Sasha blocks a lariat from Asuka. Asuka gets Sasha in position for The Asuka Lock. Ziggler runs interference. McIntyre goes for a PowerSlam, but Ziggler lands back on his feet. McIntyre with a double hand chop.

Asuka thrust kicks the midsection of Sasha. Asuka with a Spinning Back Elbow Smash. Sasha calls a timeout. Ziggler and Sasha are cutting the ring in half during the commercial break. Ziggler applies The Sleeper Hold. McIntyre pulls Ziggler down to the mat. Ziggler applies another sleeper hold. McIntyre with a running elbow smash. McIntyre with a knife edge chop. McIntyre goes for The Reverse Alabama Slam, but Ziggler rolls him over for a two count. McIntyre blocks a boot from Ziggler. Ziggler creates distance with The Spike DDT. Asuka and Sasha are tagged in. Asuka with a running dropkick. Asuka with a pop up knee strike. Asuka follows that with a Running Hip Attack. Asuka thrust kicks the midsection of Sasha. Asuka with a Release German Suplex. Asuka hits The Shining Wizard for a two count. Asuka knocks Sasha off the ring apron. Asuka is distracted by Bayley. Sasha attacks Asuka from behind. Sasha with The Flying Meteora off the apron. Sasha rolls Asuka back into the ring. Sasha hooks the outside leg for a two count.

Sasha transitions into a ground and pound attack. Sasha with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Sasha applies a rear chin lock. Asuka with elbows to the midsection of Sasha. Sasha reverses out of the irish whip from Asuka. Sasha with a Draping Double Knee Drop for a two count. Sasha applies the bow and arrow stretch. Sasha blocks a boot from Asuka. Sasha with a knee lift. Asuka responds with The CodeBreaker. McIntyre and Ziggler are tagged in. McIntyre clotheslines Ziggler. McIntyre with Two OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex’s. McIntyre drops Ziggler with a Flying Clothesline. McIntyre pops back on his feet. Ziggler negates The Future Shock DDT. McIntyre launches Ziggler to the corner. Sasha tags herself in. McIntyre knocks Ziggler off the ring apron. Sasha yells at McIntyre. Asuka connects with The RoundHouse Kick for a two count. Ziggler drives McIntyre face first into the steel ring post. Sasha with a pair of rollups. Sasha applies The Bank Statement. Asuka with The Flying Arm-Bar. Asuka goes for The Asuka Lock, but Sasha rolls her over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler & Sasha Banks via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez