MLW Anthology: The Extreme Horsemen

MLW Anthology: The Extreme Horsemen
June 20, 2020

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Description: This week MLW Anthology looks back at the first faction to ride into Major League Wrestling and dominate: Steve Corino and the Extreme Horsemen. Beginning with their creation at the hands of a bloody Terry Funk and Dusty Rhodes to going to war inside the 2-ring double cage clash with the Funkin’ Army, see the rise and dominance of 5 men that rocked MLW to its core. Watch as the foundation of MLW was built on blood, violence and the rise of the Extreme Horsemen.

Narrator: For nearly 20 years, Major League Wrestling has showcased some of the greatest athletes, legends, and classic title fights in our sport. This week, we take a look at the first defining force in MLW history, The Extreme Horsemen. For Steve Corino, MLW was to be his kingdom. The domain that he reigned over, forever. Standing in his way, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. One of the dream’s biggest rivals, Terry Funk. What happened when three of the sport’s best brawlers clashed in the historic War Memorial in Fort Lauderdale? It was the spark that ignited the Extreme Horsemen.

First Match: Steve Corino vs. Dusty Rhodes vs. Terry Funk in a Florida Death Match – December 2002 – War Memorial Auditorium – Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Feeling out process after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Funk backs Rhodes into the turnbuckles. Corino is laying bodyshots. Corino and Funk are double teaming Rhodes. Rhodes unloads a series of bionic elbows. Corino talks strategy with Funk. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Corino is throwing haymakers at Rhodes. Corino repeatedly stomps on Rhodes chest. Corino hits Rhodes with a trash can. Funk talks smack to Rhodes. Funk with clubbing trash can shots. Funk with southpaw haymakers. Funk dumps Corino out of the ring. Funk throws the trash can at Corino. Pier six brawl on the outside. Rhodes slams Funk’s head on the steel ring post. Rhodes gives Funk a receipt. Rhodes pulls down Funk’s pants. Corino attacks Rhodes from behind. Corino is choking Rhodes with the trash can. Corino with forearm shivers. Rhodes is busted open.

Funk starts hitting himself with a steel chair. Funk whacks Corino with the chair. Rhodes with a bionic elbow that propels Funk over the ringside barricade. Rhodes has regained control of the match. Corino is busted open. Rhodes brings out a shovel. Corino hits Funk in the back with the chair. Corino with a straight right hand. Rhodes nails Funk with the shovel. Funk is now busted open. Rhodes tees off on Corino. Funk delivers a low blow. Corino dumps the trash can of Rhodes forehead. Funk drives the shovel into Corino’s throat. Funk with a flurry of jabs. Funk drops Corino with a southpaw haymaker. Funk slips on the barricade. Corino stomps on Funk’s face. Corino is choking Funk. Rhodes tosses Corino back into the ring.

Rhodes with a bionic elbow. Rhodes follows that with a double leg takedown. Rhodes gets Corino in position for the Figure Four Leg Lock. Rhodes gets distracted by Funk. Rhodes delivers his combination offense. Double Bionic Elbow. Rhodes with a throat thrust. Rhodes with a bionic elbow. Simon Diamond and CW Anderson starts ganging up on Rhodes. Corino attacks the right ankle of Rhodes with the chair. Funk joins the fray. Funk checks on Rhodes. Referees help bring Rhodes to the backstage area. Funk with rapid fire trash can shots. Number games is too much for Funk. Corino punches the referee. Corino follows that with The DDT. All hell is breaking loose. Corino plants Funk with a triple cover to pickup the victory.

Winner: Steve Corino via Pinfall 

Second Match: The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino, Barry Windham, CW Anderson, Simon Diamond, and PJ Walker) vs. The Funkin’ Army (Terry Funk, The Sandman, Sabu, Steve Williams, and Bill Alfonso) in The WarGames Match  – MLW Underground TV – September 2003 – War Memorial Auditorium – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Extreme Horsemen will have the numbers advantage in this match. CW Anderson and The Sandman will start things off. Anderson repeatedly stomps on Sandman’s back before the bell rings. Anderson is raining down haymakers. Sandman is already busted open from his entrance. Anderson kicks the kendo stick away from Sandman. Anderson punches Sandman in the back. Anderson punches Sandman in the back. Anderson with forearm shivers. Sandman is pissed. Anderson starts running for his life. Anderson drops Sandman with a forearm smash. Anderson sends Sandman face first into the steel. Anderson transitions into a ground and pound attack. Sandman with elbows to the midsection of Anderson. Sandman is throwing haymakers at Anderson. Sandman plays to the crowd. Anderson SuperKicks Sandman. Anderson whips Sandman with the kendo stick. Sandman responds with an Assisted Side Russian Leg Sweep. Haymaker Exchange. Sandman whips Anderson into the steel. Anderson rolls himself to the other ring. Sandman with a Vertical Suplex. Anderson is busted open. Sandman applies The CrossFace. Steve Corino will be the next entrant.

Sandman with southpaw haymakers. Corino has barbed wire wrapped around his hand. Corino jams the barbed wire into Sandman’s forehead. Sandman is busted open. Corino delivers multiple kendo stick shots. Extreme Horsemen are choking Sandman with the kendo stick. Terry Funk is the next entrant. Funk launches a steel chair into the ring. Funk is throwing haymakers at Corino. Funk throws the chair at Anderson. Funk tees off on Corino. Funk repeatedly slams Corino’s head on the steel. Funk drops Corino with a Hangman’s NeckBreaker. Sandman wraps a shirt around Anderson’s neck. Funk attacks Anderson with the barbed wire. Sandman gives Corino a kendo stick receipt. Funk connects with The Spike PileDriver. Anderson hammers down on the back of Sandman’s neck. Anderson with a Running Bulldog on the chair. Funk unloads a flurry of right jabs. Simon Diamond is the next entrant. Funk is picking Corino apart. Corino is busted open.

Extreme Horsemen are double teaming Sandman. Anderson whips Sandman across the ring. Anderson drop toe holds Sandman into the chair. Diamond with clubbing blows to Funk’s back. Diamond blasts Funk with the chair. Anderson is choking Sandman with his boot. Diamond repeatedly stomps on Funk’s chest. Anderson rams Sandman’s face against the steel. Anderson kicks Sandman in the chest. Corino starts choking Funk with the kendo stick. It’s getting ugly for The Funkin’ Army. Corino is raining down haymakers. Anderson with a diving headbutt into the nether regions of Sandman. Extreme Horsemen rams Funk’s face against the steel. Dr Death Steve Williams will be the next entrant. Williams with rapid fire haymakers. Diamond is putting the boots to Sandman. Williams with a flurry of jabs. Sandman sends Anderson face first into the steel. Diamond receives the same treatment in the other ring. Sandman with a Flying Senton.

Corino and Funk are trading back and forth shots. Funk gets crotched on the top rope. Anderson delivers a low blow. Dr Death Jab Party. Diamond drives his knee into the midsection of Williams. Diamond punches Williams in the back. Diamond slams Williams head on the top turnbuckle pad. PJ Walker is the next entrant. Funk drives Corino face first into the chair. Walker brings a ladder into the ring. Double Irish Whip into the ladder. Walker repeatedly stomps on Sandman’s chest. Walker has the ladder draped across the middle turnbuckle. Sandman reverses out of the irish whip from Walker. Funk gets caught up in the ropes. Corino is throwing haymakers at Funk. Funk is swinging the ladder at everything that moves. Williams with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Walker with rapid fire haymakers. Funk is displaying his fighting spirit. Williams is trying to fight off Anderson and Diamond.

Stereo SuperKicks. Funk drops Walker with a knife edge chop. Sabu is the next entrant. Sabu with a collection of haymakers. Sabu throws Corino into the steel. Sabu kicks Walker in the gut. Sabu launches Walker into the steel. All hell is breaking loose. Sabu is mauling Walker in the corner. Williams with a Press Slam. Walker wraps a shirt around Sabu’s neck. Barry Windham is the next entrant. Windham tees off on Sandman. Windman drills Funk with The PileDriver. Sabu has Walker perched on the top turnbuckle. Bill Alfonso will be the final entrant for The Funkin’ Army. WarGames has begun. Sabu puts Walker through a table with The Flying Leg Drop. Sandman applies a Kendo Stick Sleeper Hold. Williams with The SpineBuster. Corino applies the single leg crab. Diamond repeatedly stomps on Sandman’s back. Funk attacks Corino with a branding iron. Funk spit fire into Corino’s face. Funk makes Corino tap out to The Funk Spinning Toe Hold.

Winner: The Funkin’ Army via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez