WWE Raw Results (5/18/20): Drew McIntyre vs. King Corbin

May 18, 2020
WWE Performance Center
Orlando, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Edge & Randy Orton Segment 

Charly Caruso: When we went off the air last week, Randy Orton had just issued a challenge to Edge for a match at WWE’s upcoming PPV, Backlash. This match, if it actually happens could very well be considered by some as the greatest wrestling match, ever. So without further ado, please allow me to introduce to you, the man who issued the challenge, The Viper, Randy Orton. Randy, your challenge to Edge left the WWE Universe with a lot of questions. Would you care to explain this challenge for everybody?

Randy Orton: Is the phrase, “straight up wrestling match”, really that hard for people to comprehend? Charly, this is the WWE. WWE stands for, World WRESTLING Entertainment. Wrestling is the basis of what we do, of everything we do. We enter this ring so that one day we could perform at WrestleMania. And at WrestleMania, Edge and I, we tore each other apart, we tore this building apart in a Last Man Standing Match. And although it pains me to say this, on that night, Edge was the better man, but I know deep inside my gut, without a shadow of doubt, that Edge is not the superior wrestler, I am. And I attend to prove it.

But I don’t need tables, I don’t need ladders, I don’t need chairs, I don’t need to be the last man standing, all I need is this ring, and a referee. Athletes come and go, athletes are a dime a dozen, but an athlete can’t come here to WWE and do what we do, like we do. Just like any athlete in the WWE can’t do what I do, like I do in this ring, including Edge. Now, Edge, I’m talking to you. I know why you didn’t accept my challenge last Monday Night on RAW. I saw it written all over your face. I saw it in your eyes. You wanna know what I saw? Doubt. I saw doubt, your grit and passion has faded away, it’s gone. And what once was grit and passion, is now just doubt and fear.

Edge: You know, Randy, last week, you spoke a lot of truths. You gave me a lot to contemplate, to chew on, to internalize. I know what you’re doing, you’re playing a game of chess, right, so I couldn’t rush into my next move. But that’s all this is to you. It’s a game, right? Yeah, you stand over there with that stupid smug smirk, this is just a pay check to you. Yeah, I get it, I said it before, i’ll say it again, you are quite possibly the most talented person i’ve ever seen in a wrestling ring. But this isn’t the life you wanted, this was the life you were handed, this was your backup plan. So yeah, you’re different than all of those superstars in the locker room, you are, because you don’t care.

You didn’t go to bed every night as a kid, dreaming of becoming WWE Champion like I did. You didn’t save your allowance all month so you could go to the show at the end of the month like I did. You didn’t cry the night you won the Intercontinental Championship like I did, because to me, that meant I was on a path to becoming one of the best workhorses in the history of this business. And now, I can be considered one of them. As a matter of fact, I beat you for that title in 2004, didn’t I? Yeah, one of my favorite matches, as a matter of fact. And I know both of our skills have come a long way since then.

Randy Orton: Are you kidding me? Cut it out. Are you done?

Edge: Shut your mouth. Because most importantly, you never had a career ending injury, you never had to fight back for nine years to get back here, just to compete. You don’t love the sport like I do, like the rest of that locker room does. Yeah, you can say that the best wrestler didn’t win at WrestleMania.

Randy Orton: No, are you going to accept my challenge or what? Stop it, shut your mouth and just accept my challenge.

Edge: Yes, Yes, I accept your damn challenge.

Seth Rollins & Humberto Carrillo Segment

Seth Rollins: Sometimes in life, you have to lose who you are to truly find yourself. Now, when I lost to Drew McIntyre at Money In The Bank, part of me believed that I had lost everything. I fell into a dark place, a place so dark, I wasn’t sure if I would ever escape. But without darkness, there could be no light. And I have seen the light, and I have seen it brighter than I’ve ever seen it before. And that is all thanks to one man, that is thanks to Rey Mysterio. Now, what happened to Rey Mysterio has been described by some as heinous, and disgusting, and unforgivable. And it has been described by others as an act of penance, paid to me by Rey Mysterio’s disbelief in the Monday Night Messiah, but I don’t see it that way at all.

The way I see it, what happened to Rey Mysterio was unfortunate, but necessary, a sacrifice for the greater good. It was the cathartic moment I needed, for the clarity that I needed to be the leader that I was meant to be. Now, I want to take this moment to speak to Rey Mysterio, directly. Rey, I know you’re at home with your family right now, and you’re healing. And I know that you can’t see it right now, but soon enough, you’ll come to understand that what happened to you, was a blessing in disguise. So I want to say this to you, now. From the bottom of my heart, so that when we meet face to face again it doesn’t have to be said, Rey Mysterio, you’re welcome.

Humberto Carrillo: Seth, do you think anyone believes you? That you’re trying to care about Rey? Rey is a hero to millions. And he’s my idol. All that you are in this world is a coward.

Seth Rollins: Humberto, I appreciate what you’re doing, I respect you coming out here and standing up for the honor of our idol, Rey Mysterio, a legend, a great human being. But, if you’re out here to fight me, I’m clearly not dressed for the occasion. However, my disciple, Murphy, has a match later tonight with Aleister Black. He is dressed for the occasion. So ,if it’s a fight that you want right now, i’m sure my disciple right here would be happy to oblige.

First Match: Buddy Murphy w/Seth Rollins vs. Humberto Carrillo 

The match started during the commercial break. Murphy drops Carrillo with a shoulder tackle. Carrillo drops down on the canvas. Carrillo leapfrogs over Murphy. Murphy lunges over Carrillo. Carrillo with The Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Carrillo with a Running Hurricanrana. Murphy launches Carrillo over the top rope. Carrillo with an Apron Enzuigiri. Carrillo follows that with a shoulder block. Carrillo slips over Murphy’s back. Carrillo ducks a clothesline from Murphy. Carrillo is showcasing his agility. Carrillo delivers another apron enzuigiri. Murphy goes for The SuperPlex, but Carrillo blocks it. Carrillo kicks Murphy in the face.

Murphy pulls Carrillo off the top turnbuckle. Murphy stomps on Carrillo’s back. Murphy repeatedly kicks Carrillo in the back for a two count. Murphy with a forearm shot across the back of Carrillo. Murphy applies a rear chin lock. Carrillo decks Murphy with a JawBreaker. Murphy with a Spinning Back Kick. Murphy kicks Carrillo in the chest. Murphy stomps on the left foot of Carrillo. Carrillo avoids The V-Trigger. Carrillo drops Murphy with a Windmill Kick. Carrillo follows that with a SpringBoard Enzuigiri. Carrillo hits The Fosbury Flop. Carrillo rolls Murphy back into the ring. Carrillo is distracted by Rollins. Murphy drills Carrillo with The V-Trigger in mid-air. Murphy connects with Murphy’s Law to pickup the victory.

Winner: Buddy Murphy via Pinfall 

Liv Morgan Promo 

What you may not know about me is, my mom is my hero. She didn’t have a job or much of a savings account or resume, but one thing she had that really stuck with me, was determination. My mom never quit. I am my mother’s daughter. A couple weeks ago, I had match with 12 Time Champion, Charlotte. I know, Charlotte Flair, the pride and joy of WWE. And did I win, no. But did I learned, yes. And what did I learned? I learned that I’m just as like my daughter, that i’m determined that one day I will become Raw Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair Promo 

As I stand before you, I know everyone at home is in awe, so I don’t want to bore you with how I am the hardest worker on all three brands, that I’m the face of Raw, that i’m a mentor at NXT, and just recently a special guest star on Friday Night SmackDown. Actually, in fact, Bayley and her lackey, i’m sorry, Bayley and her sidekick, Sasha Banks, challenged me to a champion vs. champion match. And I accepted the challenge, I mean, I’m actually extremely excited, because I get to teach Bayley that there are even levels to being a champion. So now, Ruby Riott, I know there is something that you’re dying to say to me, because I know everyone has an opinion about The Queen, Charlotte Flair, so please come out here and tell me what you have to say.

Second Match: Charlotte Flair vs. Ruby Riott 

The match started during the commercial break. Charlotte unloads two knife edge chops. Charlotte dumps Ruby out of the ring. Charlotte continues to light up Ruby’s chest. Charlotte inadvertently chops the steel ring post. Ruby works on her joint manipulation game. Ruby with forearm shivers. Charlotte drives Ruby face first into the steel ring post. Charlotte rolls Ruby back into the ring. Charlotte puts her knee on the back of Ruby’s neck. Charlotte kicks Ruby in the gut. Charlotte with a blistering chop. Ruby decks Charlotte with a back elbow smash. Ruby drives Charlotte face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Ruby kicks Charlotte in the face.

Ruby hits The Coffin Drop for a two count. Ruby stomps on the right wrist of Charlotte. Charlotte drops Ruby with a forearm smash. Ruby ducks a clothesline from Charlotte. Ruby with an Inside Out FlatLiner. Ruby starts bending Charlotte’s fingers. Charlotte negates The Rings Of Saturn. Ruby applies The Octopus Stretch. Ruby goes for a sunset flip, but Charlotte stands still. Charlotte repeatedly stomps on Ruby’s chest. Ruby tells Charlotte to bring. Charlotte avoids The Big Boot. Ruby rolls Charlotte over for a two count. Ruby goes for The Riott Kick, but Charlotte counters with a single leg takedown. Charlotte kicks Ruby in the face. Charlotte makes Ruby tap out to The Figure Eight.

Winner: Charlotte Flair via Submission 

Asuka Championship Celebration 

Third Match: Bobby Lashley vs. R-Truth

Truth is playing mind games with Lashley. Debo Lashley? Pretty Ricky Cameo? Truth tells Lashley to bring it. Lashley runs after Truth. Truth with forearm shivers. Lashley dodges The Leg Lariat. Lashley shoves Truth into the ringside barricade. Lashley drives Truth ribs first into the steel ring post. Lashley rolls Truth back into the ring. Lashley with a single leg takedown. Lashley toys around with Truth. Truth is throwing haymakers at Lashley. Lashley drops Truth with a running clothesline. Lashley with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Lashley applies The Full Nelson Lock. Lashley connects with The Full Nelson Slam. Lashley makes Truth tap out to The Full Nelson Lock.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via Submission 

Fourth Match: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (c) vs. The Iconics For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship 

Bliss and Kay will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kay immediately backs Bliss into the turnbuckles. Kay tags in Royce. Iconics are double teaming Bliss. Bliss with a forearm smash to Royce. Bliss kicks Kay in the gut. Bliss dumps Kay out of the ring. Bliss ducks a clothesline from Royce. Bliss drops Royce with The STO. Bliss with a double knee drop. Bliss tags in Cross. Cross with a running dropkick for a two count. Cross applies an arm-bar. Cross reverses out of the irish whip from Royce. Royce tags in Kay. Cross avoids The Spinning Leg Lariat. Cross knocks Kay off the ring apron. Cross with a Running Crossbody Block.

Cross transitions into a ground and pound attack. Kay attacks Cross from behind. Kay drives her knee into the midsection of Cross. Kay PowerSlams Cross for a two count. Kay argues with the referee. Cross side steps The Big Boot. Cross tags in Bliss. Bliss with two running clotheslines. Bliss slaps Kay in the face. Bliss with a basement dropkick. Bliss follows that with The Insult To Injury for a two count. Cross with a running forearm smash to Royce. Cross dumps Royce out of the ring. Kay drops Cross with The Big Boot. Bliss connects with The Goddess Touch. Bliss lands The Twisted Bliss for a two count. Royce repeatedly drives Bliss shoulder first into the steel ring post which forces the disqualification.

Winner: Still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross via Disqualification 

Nia Jax & The Kabuki Warriors Backstage Segment 

Fifth Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya in a Submission Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Baszler applies a side headlock. Baszler with a side headlock takeover. Baszler drops Natalya with a shoulder tackle. Baszler talks smack to Natalya. Baszler avoids the frontward trip. Natalya crawls under Baszler. Natalya with a double leg takedown. Natalya goes for The Sharpshooter, but Baszler counters with The Ankle Lock. Natalya kicks Baszler in the face. Natalya tells Baszler to bring it.

Baszler kicks Natalya in the gut. Baszler works on her joint manipulation game. Baszler pulls Natalya down to the mat. Baszler repeatedly stomps on the midsection. Baszler mocks Natalya. Natalya applies The Sharpshooter. Baszler reaches the bottom rope, but there’s no submission breaks. Natalya with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Natalya kicks Baszler in the back. Natalya rolls Baszler back into the ring. Natalya transitions into a ground and pound attack. Natalya applies The Knee Bar. Baszler escapes the hold. Baszler makes Natalya tap out to The Kirifuda Clutch.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via Submission 

The Kevin Owens Show With Special Guests: Zelina Vega, Andrade Cien Almas, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory

Kevin Owens: Well, first of all, thank you Nattie for getting all the junk out of the way, I appreciate it, it’s very nice. You know, I haven’t been around a little while. People have asked me why and the reason for that is, you know, at WrestleMania, I had what I was looking for, it was a WrestleMania Moment i’ll never forget, but that moment came at a price because in achieving that moment and beating Seth Rollins, I got pretty banged up. But the good news, I’m good to go, I am back, The Kevin Owens Show has returned. And tonight, it may be with a reduced set, but still it’s a major edition of The Kevin Owens Show because I have very special guests. Let me bring them out, Zelina Vega, Andrade Cien Almas, Angel Garza, and Austin Theory. You’re welcome, sorry for the mess guys. Listen, Zelina, fellas, I wanted you guys to be on the show today.

Zelina Vega: No, I know why you wanted us to be on the show tonight. You were hoping for a Jerry Springer Episode, weren’t you? I am so sick of people like you, and Drew, and the whole WWE Universe. You guys see one little argument, and all of a sudden, you think there’s disfunction in my group, and how think that my empire is crumbling. Well, you’re wrong. Now, if you want to talk about real champions, let’s talk about Andrade. This man is a god amongst insects like all of you.

And Angel Garza, The Lethal Lothario, who breaks faces and breaks hearts. Which me brings me to Austin Theory, The Prodigy, that only at 22 years old, is this damn good. And me, I am the best that this business has seen in a long time. You want to talk about a come up, Kevin? We came from the streets and we’ve survived. But the streets weren’t made for everybody. And that’s why they make sidewalks, for people like you. What are you even doing? You’re standing on the apron, you’re not even giving us the respect to be in the ring with your guests.

Kevin Owens: Well, may I? Thank you. First of all, one can argue that i’m giving you even more respect by letting you guys have the ring. But also, you know, if the last few months have taught me anything, it’s that when i’m in the ring with more than one person, things kinda go off the rails a little bit. But here’s the thing, the main reason why here and not there, is because I don’t want the ring to be too crowded because you are not my only guests. There’s another guest, you guys are familiar with him, I think. And here he comes, his name is Apollo Crews.

Crews tackles Almas. Crews transitions into a ground and pound attack. Paging WWE Hall of Famer, Teddy Long. Playa’s, we’re having ourself a tag team match, next.

Sixth Match: Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews vs. Andrade Cien Almas & Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega & Austin Theory 

Crews and Almas will start things off. Almas immediately retreats to the corner. The referee is trying to calm down Crews. Almas tags in Garza. Garza uses the referee to his advantage. Garza rips off his pants. Garza throws his pants at Owens. Crews with clubbing blows to Garza’s back. Crews applies a front face lock. Crews with a Delayed Bodyslam. Crews taunts Almas. Crews tags in Owens. Owens repeatedly stomps on Garza’s chest. Owens with a Senton Splash. Owens talks smack to Almas. Owens stomps on the midsection of Garza. Owens blasts Garza with a knife edge chop. Owens goes for a Bodyslam, but Garza lands back on his feet.

Garza tags in Almas. Almas with a forearm smash. Almas slams Owens head on the top rope. Almas with a Sliding Boot. Almas repeatedly stomps on Owens chest. Almas is mauling Owens in the corner. Almas with the irish whip. Owens clotheslines Almas. Owens with a chop/haymaker combination. Almas reverses out of the irish whip from Owens. Owens kicks Almas in the chest. Crews and Garza are tagged in. Crews with two clotheslines. Crews kicks Almas off the ring apron. Crews hits The SpineBuster. The referee is distracted by Zelina Vega. Austin Theory inadvertently clocks Garza with a forearm smash. Crews connects with The Toss PowerBomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kevin Owens & Apollo Crews via Pinfall 

The Viking Raiders & The Street Profits Axe Throwing Segment

Seventh Match: Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy w/Seth Rollins

Complete slugfest after the bell rings. The referee is trying to calm down Black. Murphy is throwing haymakers at Black. Rockers Punches. Murphy drives his knee into the midsection of Black. Black delivers his combination offense. Murphy denies the irish whip. Murphy kicks Black in the chest. Black answers with a Mid-Kick. Black repeatedly kicks Murphy in the chest. Seth Rollins starts recruiting the dejected Austin Theory who’s laying down in the time keepers area. Black inadvertently kicks the steel ring post.

Murphy slams the right leg of Black on the ringside barricade. Black is trying to create separation. Murphy kicks Black in the face. Black responds with The Big Boot in mid-air. Theory has officially joined forces with Seth Rollins. Black drops Murphy with a Pump Knee Strike. Black prepares for The Black Mess. Theory attacks Black from behind which causes the disqualification. After the match, Theory transitions into a ground and pound attack. Black tackles Theory. Black has the numbers disadvantage. Murphy connects with The Kamigoye. Theory plants Black with The ATL.

Winner: Aleister Black via Disqualification 

Eight Match: Drew McIntyre vs. King Corbin 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. McIntyre backs Corbin into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Quick shoving contest. Strong lockup. Corbin drives his knee into the midsection of McIntyre. McIntyre ducks a clothesline from Corbin. McIntyre unloads two knife edge chops. Corbin kicks McIntyre in the gut. Corbin uppercuts McIntyre. Corbin with heavy bodyshots in the corner. Corbin with a straight right hand. Corbin drops McIntyre with a shoulder tackle. McIntyre dives over Corbin. McIntyre with a shoulder tackle. McIntyre clotheslines Corbin over the top rope. McIntyre clotheslines Corbin over the ringside barricade. McIntyre with a blistering chop. Corbin avoids The ClayMore Kick. Corbin kicks McIntyre in the chest. Corbin sends McIntyre crashing into the barricade.

Corbin drives McIntyre face first into the steel ring post. McIntyre is fighting from underneath. Corbin punches McIntyre in the back. Corbin with a forearm shot across the back of McIntyre. Corbin argues with the referee. Corbin reverses out of the irish whip from McIntyre. Corbin hits The Wrap Around Lariat for a one count. McIntyre kicks Corbin in the gut. McIntyre with two knife edge chops. McIntyre with a Rebound Boot. Corbin launches McIntyre over the top rope. Corbin slams McIntyre’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Corbin has McIntyre perched on the top turnbuckle. Corbin and McIntyre are trading back and forth shots. Corbin with The SuperPlex for a one count. Corbin talks smack to McIntyre. McIntyre with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex.

McIntyre ducks a clothesline from Corbin. McIntyre drops Corbin with The Big Boot. McIntyre follows that with a Flying Clothesline. McIntyre pops back on his feet. Corbin fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Corbin with a back elbow smash. McIntyre responds with The SpineBuster for a two count. Corbin negates The Future Shock DDT. Corbin sends McIntyre shoulder first into the steel ring post. Corbin with The Side Walk Slam for a one count. Corbin is displaying his frustration. McIntyre with a knife edge chop. Corbin kicks McIntyre in the face. Corbin goes for a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike, but McIntyre counters with The Future Shock DDT. McIntyre goes for The ClayMore Kick, but Corbin counters with Deep Six for a two count. McIntyre negates The End Of Days. McIntyre HeadButts Corbin. McIntyre dodges The Wrap Around Lariat. McIntyre connects with The ClayMore Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez