MLW Fusion Results (4/18/20): Team Filthy vs. Puma King & Xtreme Tiger

MLW Fusion
April 18, 2020
Auditorio Fautso Gutierrez
Tijuana, Mexico

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Mance Warner Promo 

Hammerstone, come on in here, let me talk to you, let ole mancer preach now. Out here in Mexico, ole mancer representing MLW, you see what we did out there, we damn near tore this building to the ground. Fire, ole mancer went through it. I got some burn marks right now. We broke every damn chair they got in the building. Door, tables, boards, it didn’t manner, man. But you, you already made it personal.

Tonight, you made yourself a dead man. You may be walking right now, ole mancer is used to digging up holes to put bodies in. Hammerstone, you got my gold, ole mancer people’s gold and I’m coming to get that gold. Tonight, you just added a little more fire, like I said I’ve been through some already. You added a little bit more to the flame. Now, ole mancer’s gonna have to let you out, take our gold home. You big dumb son of a bitch, now i’m gonna drink some beers, let’s go drink some beers out here in Mexico. Ain’t no laws out here baby.

Alicia Atout Interviews Douglas James 

Alicia Atout: Douglas, tonight in Tijuana, you are set to face, Averno.

Douglas James: Averno, I am aware of who you are. Lucha Libre legend and a superstar around Mexico, but i’ve been a competitor my entire life. I’ve been a fighter, i’ve trained in mix martial arts, jujitsu, kickboxing, and i’ve tested myself with the very best, all around the world. Averno, it’s nothing but respect, but if you think that i’m just another kickboxer or mixed martial artist, you need to open your eyes and i’m looking to show you in Tijuana why I am the ultimate hybrid wrestler. But I do, I do love to fight and the fight gives me goosebumps and that fight makes me feel so alive. Tijuana, Averno, I will show you that I never say die.

First Match: (MLW) Douglas James vs. (AAA) Averno 

Feeling out process after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Avernro with a waist lock takedown. Standing Switch Exchange. James with a single leg pick. James applies a sleeper hold. Averno rolls himself to the bottom rope. James leapfrogs over Averno. Averno shoves James towards the ropes. Averno goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl BackBreaker, but James lands back on his feet. James ducks a clothesline from Averno. James goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Averno holds onto the ropes. James ducks a clothesline from Averno. James dropkicks Averno to the floor. James SuperKicks Averno. Averno sweeps James off the ring apron. Averno sends James shoulder first into the steel barricade. Averno dumps James face first on the apron.

Averno whips James into a piece of broken table. Averno punches James in the back. Averno rolls James back into the ring. Averno BuckleBombs James for a two count. Chop Exchange. James runs around Averno. James with Two Flying Forearm Smashes. James runs circles around Averno. James drops Averno with a Flying Clothesline. Averno launches James over the top rope. James with an Apron Enzuigiri. James follows that with a Flying Hurricanrana. James lands The Suicide Dive. James is fired up. James rolls Averno back into the ring. James SuperKicks Averno. James hits The Running Meteora for a two count. James with clubbing chest kicks. Averno denies The RoundHouse Kick. Averno knocks James out with a forearm smash.

Winner: (AAA) Averno via Knockout. 

Alicia Atout Interviews Davey Boy Smith Jr 

Alicia Atout: Davey, the question on everybody’s mind is how are you feeling after the vicious beatdown that took place in Philadelphia between yourself and Team Filthy?

Davey Boy Smith Jr: You know, first off, Alicia, I want to wish you a happy birthday. Secondly, Team Filthy, I haven’t forgotten about when you guys had me laying at the 2300 ECW Arena. I’m still not a hundred percent. I’m feeling a little foggy still, a little hazy, slightly concussed, but I have been cleared and Davey Boy Smith Jr will be at the AAA vs MLW SuperSeries event.

Alicia Atout: That is absolutely incredible news, Davey. Now, when it comes to Philadelphia, you are not the only one who had a bad bit of a tough time there, as Brian Pillman Jr had conflict with Injustice. I’ve been chasing leads all over the place and every single lead has come to a dead end. The last we heard, Brian Pillman Jr’s jaw was wired shut, so do you happen to have any update on this?

Davey Boy Smith Jr: You know, Brian’s not at a hundred percent condition. His jaw is wired shut, he’s got to sip food through a straw right now, he can barely talk. But this is Tijuana, Mexico, after all. And, let’s just say, Brian Pillman Jr knows some of the right doctors. So he is cleared a-okay for Tijuana.

Alicia Atout: I am absolutely shocked that you’ve both been cleared, i’m so happy for you.

Davey Boy Smith Jr: One thing, Alicia, one thing you got to learn about The Hart Foundation, is we may break a lot of things, but one of them is not promises. And mark my words, The Hart Foundation, we will reunite in Tijuana, Mexico. Texano Jr, Reyes Scorpion Jr, we’ll see you in the ring.

– The Hart Foundation will battle El Texano Jr & Rey Escorpion Jr next week on MLW Fusion.

– Also, in the coming weeks, we’ll see Jinetes Del Aire put their AAA Trios Titles on the line against Injustice as part of The MLW vs AAA SuperSeries.

Alicia Atout Interviews Injustice 

Alicia Atout: Injustice, you have the opportunity of getting your hands on the AAA World Trios Tag Team Titles. What’s running through your mind heading into it?

Myron Reed: Think about it, Orlando, this Middleweight Championship was one the line, they didn’t think we was gonna walk out champion, they was betting against us. Look at us now, you know exactly what we coming for. Alicia, you know what we’re gonna do? Tell her, Koto.

Koto Brazil: Look, toot toot, those Mexicans don’t respect us. I don’t think you respect us, but that shit don’t even fucking matter, because we getting them titles and we might get a mask too.

Alicia Atout: I wouldn’t celebrate yet, yeah, I mean, we’re talking a lot of AAA/MLW, but at the same time, in recent news, Brian Pillman Jr, he’s been cleared to wrestle.

Koto Brazil: What the fuck? He gotta be paying these doctors.

Jordan Oliver: Let me tell you something, right now. Let me tell you something about Brian Pillman Jr. See, he’s got a lot of money because that last word, right there, junior. He’s got a lot money because his dad was a superstar. For someone like him, he can just walk into the doctor’s office, pull out a few dollars and say, hey, my name’s Brian Pillman Jr, can you clear me for the show, just like he did when we beat his ass back in December. And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen, we gonna pull up, we gonna beat some ass, we gonna snatch those titles, we gonna leave to the bar, maybe we’re gonna get a little drunk. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because what we’re gonna get is our justice.

– Vikingo Vignette.

– The Dynasty Vignette.

– We hear a clip of Dan Lambert’s recent appearance on SXM Busted Open Radio.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 10 Contenders For The MLW World Heavyweight Championship 

10.) Dominic Garrini

9.) Low Ki

8.) Richard Holliday

7.) Mance Warner

6.) King Mo

5.) Filthy Tom Lawlor

4.) Brian Pillman Jr

3.) Myron Reed

2.) Davey Boy Smith Jr

1.) Alexander Hammerstone

Pagano Promo 

MLW! This … is Pagano and while I may be a mystery, I promise you will know my carnage soon. Fatu, I won’t take away your accomplishments, you are truly a badass that’s why you run, jump, fly. You do everything that’s fucking wild, but you have not met the craziest in Mexico. MLW just wait because i’m going after that World Championship. I’m going to start the party wherever I want. Because here and everywhere without the clown there is no party.

Alicia Atout Interviews Alexander Hammerstone 

Alicia Atout: Alex, I have to say I am extremely disappointed in what you did to Mance Warner last week in Tijuana. He’s not only a friend, but he’s loved in the locker room, it was just such a huge showing of unsportsmanship, why did you do that?

Alexander Hammerstone: Loved in the locker room? Speak for yourself, out of all the things that happen in Tijuana, i’m pretty sure that one can slide by. What’s with your fascination with the past? Let’s look to the future, you got big days coming up, right? It’s your birthday coming up, isn’t it?

Alicia Atout: It is. Yes, it’s my birthday.

Alexander Hammerstone: And I noticed, Alicia, for some reason and I don’t know how they do it in Canada, but I don’t know what this is all about. The tan is subpar, so I got you a gift. See, the tanning beds out here, you know, they could fit too and what about a couple of tanning sessions?

Alicia Atout: Stop, you’re disgusting. Seriously, you’re implying that? Are you kidding?

Alexander Hammerstone: You are gonna call me disgusting? At the same time, you’re gonna call, Mance Warner, beloved? The Swamp Creature?

This segment concludes with a backstage brawl with Mance Warner and Alexander Hammerstone.

Filthy Tom Lawlor Promo

We have one thing on our mind and that is getting even with my old buddies, my old brothers, my family, The Von Erichs. You see, while they’re hanging out in Hawaii, taking their time hanging out in their commune doing god knows what, not paying attention to the rest of the world because they can’t cut it. They can’t cut real life, they can’t hack it every single day like we do. What they do, is they hide and they come on vacation and they try to pick away at the people who work, who toil every day in the gym, who bust their ass like Team Filthy Dojo does. So, we don’t want what we deserve, we want what we’ve earned through hard work, determination and various other things. We want a shot at the gold and Marshall, i’m not talking about your teeth, i’m talking about those tag team titles, boys.

– Next week on MLW Fusion, Richard Holliday will battle Chessman.

Second Match: (MLW) Team Filthy vs. (AAA) Puma King & Xtreme Tiger 

Lawlor and Tiger will start things off. Tiger sticks and moves. Lawlor with a flurry of jabs. Lawlor kicks the left hamstring of Tiger. Lawlor with two closed fist shots. Tiger sends Lawlor face first into the canvas. Tiger transitions into a ground and pound attack. Lawlor tells Tiger to bring it. Tiger blocks a boot from Lawlor. Tiger with a back heel trip. Tiger calls Lawlor a cabron. Lawlor drops down on the canvas. Lawlor leapfrogs over Tiger. Tiger slips over Lawlor’s back. Tiger is trying to obtain the striking advantage. Tiger drops Lawlor with a Rewind Kick. Lawlor regroups in the corner. Garrini and Puma are tagged in.

Puma mocks Garrini. Test Of Strength. Puma applies a wrist lock. Garrini grabs a side headlock. Puma maintains wrist control. Puma grabs the left shoulder of Garrini. Garrini with a Mid-Kick. Garrini applies a side headock. Garrini drops Puma with a shoulder tackle. Garrini poses for the crowd. Puma drops down on the canvas. Puma leapfrogs over Garrini. Puma dropkicks Garrini. Puma with the irish whip. Garrini kicks Puma in the face. Puma PowerSlams Garrini. Puma follows that with a Senton Splash. Puma applies a front face lock. Lawlor himself in. Garrini drives his knee into the midsection of Puma. Team Filthy with a GutWrench Suplex/Big Boot Combination. The referee is nullifying Team Filthy’s illegal blind tag. We get a traditional tag.

Lawlor applies the cravate. Lawlor with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Lawlor whips Puma into the turnbuckles. Lawlor is choking Garrini with his boot. Lawlor tags in Garrini. Garrini with two knee strikes. Garrini blasts Puma with a knife edge chop. Puma responds with a DDT. Puma kicks the back of Garrini’s head. Lawlor and Tiger are tagged in. Lawlor side steps Tiger into the turnbuckles. Tiger avoids The Stinger Splash. Tiger kicks the middle turnbuckle into Lawlor’s face. Tiger lands The Flying Leg Drop. Lawlor heads to the outside. Garrini goes for a Release German Suplex, but Tiger lands back on his feet. Puma made the blind tag, referee discretion in Tijuana, I guess. Garrini with a forearm smash. Puma answers with a Flying CodeBreaker off Tiger’s back. Puma applies The Rings Of Saturn. Lawlor breaks the submission hold. Lawlor applies The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Tiger responds with a Kimura Lock.

Lawlor puts Tiger on the top turnbuckle. Tiger kicks Lawlor in the face. Lawlor with a Step Up Enzuigiri that sends Tiger crashing to the outside. Puma kicks Lawlor in the ribs. Team Filthy are double teaming Puma. Garrini applies The Rear Naked Choke. Tiger kicks Garrini in the back. Lawlor with a running axe handle to Tiger. Team Filthy gangs up on Tiger. The referee tells Lawlor to get out of the ring. Garrini goes for a monkey flip, but Tiger counters with a Hurricanrana to Lawlor. Tiger slides under Garrini. Tiger sends Garrini into the ropes. Tiger dropkicks Garrini. Tiger ducks a clothesline from Lawlor. Tiger goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Lawlor holds onto the ropes. Tiger kicks out the legs of Lawlor. Tigers applies a Modified Submission Hold. Garrini runs interference. Garrini delivers his combination offense.

Tiger goes for a Cazadora Bulldog, but Lawlor counters with The SuperMan Punch. Garrini connects with The Rear Naked Choke. Puma kicks Garrini in the face. Lawlor kicks Puma in the gut. Puma reverses out of the irish whip from Lawlor. Puma sends Lawlor chest first into the canvas. Puma SuperKicks Lawlor. Puma plays to the crowd. Puma hits The Brain Buster. Garrini attacks Puma from behind. Puma dives over Garrini. Puma thrust kicks the midsection of Garrini. Puma kicks Garrini in the chest. Puma SuperKicks Garrini to the floor. Puma with a Flying Crossbody Block. Puma rolls Garrini back into the ring. Puma with The La Magistral for a two count. Team Filthy with Stereo Forearm Smashes. Team Filthy with a Pump Knee Strike/Brain Buster Combination. Tiger takes down Garrini. Tiger decks Lawlor with a back elbow smash. Contra graphic flashes on the screen. Tiger thrust kicks the midsection of Lawlor. Tiger runs into Lawlor. Lawlor makes Tiger to The Rear Naked Choke.

Winner: (MLW) Team Filthy via Submission 

– The current MLW/AAW SuperSeries is tied at 2-2.

– The show concludes with Mance Warner driving Alexander Hammerstone face first into Alicia Atout’s birthday cake.

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Author: Josh Lopez