NWA Powerrr Results (1/1/20): Something Left To Prove

NWA Powerrr Results 1/1/20
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Tim Storm & Nick Aldis Segment 

David Marquez: Alright guys, welcome back right here to the podium. Happy New Year to everybody watching and you sir might start the year off really well won’t you. At the end of last week, we found out who your opponent’s gonna be. How do you feel?

Tim Storm: You know sometimes you get a chance to start your new year off in a perfect way. You pull out my name. You pull out Nick Aldis name after what they did to me in the ring, that’s a Christmas/New Years gift all wrapped up into one. I’m excited and I’m ready to go.

David Marquez: Once again let’s say you win.

Tim Storm: You mean when I win?

David Marquez: Alright, let’s do that again. When you win, are you looking to get back into the world title picture?

Tim Storm: You know bottom line is I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it because I’ve always been a man of my word. I knew going into the world title match with Nick that I was putting that up and let’s be honest, I lost the match. At this point, you know Nick made the comment that this is business. This is life. What he did to me, mom forgive me, I got one goal I’m going to kick his ass.

– Nick Aldis arrives with Kamille.

David Marquez: Happy New Year, champ.

Nick Aldis: Oh yeah, Happy New Year to you. Talk about a study in contrast folks. I mean here’s me, all smiles, relaxed just like I always am. Calm and dangerous. Hey you keep your mouth shut and show some respect when you’re speaking to the World’s Champion. What do we have here? Old Tim Storm, old muscle neck himself all fired up. All piss and vinegar. Look at you, you better watch out buddy, that blood pressure is gonna catch up and you’re gonna hurt yourself. You’re so fired up and so ready for this TV Title Tournament, you’re already dressed, I can’t believe. And then here’s me, just looking like I always look.

Hey this ain’t cheap buddy and you know it. Don’t throw insults at me that you know are not true. Looking at how much this means to you, it’s funny to me. I added myself into this TV Title Tournament for fun. I entered into this for a laugh boys and girls. I entered this because there’s nobody left to mow through, so I decided I may as well make a statement and have two belts. But now you’re over there, breathing heavy and you got that thousand yard stare and you’re looking at me, but I’m warning you right now.

You better wipe that look off your face because I’m starting to get a little bit pissed off. What you gonna do about it, Tim? Are you gonna embrace the hate? Come on, Tim. Break the rules, come on. Well you don’t have to wait, you can do it right now. So let me make this clear to you, Ricky Morton, and to any other Randy The Rams back there that want to keep trying to hold on too long. You don’t change our ways, it’s only gonna get worse from here. And this is the only belt that makes you the big deal in professional wrestling.

First Match: Aron Stevens vs. Sal Rinauro in a Submission Exhibition Match 

Stevens with a single leg takedown. Stevens is showing off his karate prowess. Stevens signals for the test of strength. Stevens delivers a Judo Throw. Stevens sweeps the legs of Rinauro. Stevens applies The Kimura Lock. Rinauro grabs the top rope to force the break. Stevens drops Rinauro with The Arm-Ringer.

Rinauro decks Stevens with a back elbow smash. Rinauro dives over Stevens. Rinauro ducks a clothesline from Stevens. Stevens goes for a dropkick, but Rinauro holds onto the ropes. Rinauro struts around the ring like Ric Flair. Stevens negates The Figure Four Leg Lock. Stevens drops Rinauro with The Karate Clothesline. Stevens makes Rinauro tap out to The Mongrovian Clutch.

Winner: Aron Stevens via Submission 

Aron Stevens & Trevor Murdoch Segment

Aron Stevens: That was very unsportsmanlike. I’m your Third Degree National Champion. I’m out here showing these half wits how to compete. Showing them that I am the toughest man in the history of the NWA and you’re out here interrupting my exhibition.

Trevor Murdoch: All you’re showing these people is what kind of an ass you are taking advantage of a young guy trying to come in here and make a name for himself. What did you in the ring tonight wasn’t right. What you did to me at the PPV wasn’t right and I’ve had enough of it. I’ve kept my horse blinders on in the back. I’m not bothering nobody, but you had to stick your nose in my match at the PPV. And now you’re over here abusing young guys and I’ve got a real big problem with that.

Aron Stevens: First of all, wash that shirt. Second of all, you’re forgetting that I’m still smart. You’re forgetting who I was. You’re forgetting I once saved people intellectually and I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to get a shot at my Third Degree NWA National Title, aren’t you? See, you can’t get one over on me bud.

Trevor Murdoch: That’s where you’re wrong. I have no desire to get your national title tonight, but I do want to kick your ass. And just like I told Jocephus when I was out here, if you got a hair in it sunshine, I suggest you step into that ring and you and me will handle this like men.

Aron Stevens: First of all, I am waxed form head to toe, thank you. Second of all, you need to watching yourself cause this ain’t some bar. This is the NWA. I am a third degree black belt and a third degree NWA Champion. So I’ll tell you what, I’m not gonna back down. No retreat. No surrender. Go in that ring, but it’s gonna cost you bud. How about you put your spot in the TV Title Tournament on the line? Think about what you’re saying. Either way, I’m going to win and I will beat you and I will win the television title tournament and become the first ever third degree NWA Television Champion.

Trevor Murdoch: He wants to shoot? All right, we’re gonna come out here and we’re gonna shoot and find out who the real man is.

Second Match: Aron Stevens vs. Trevor Murdoch 

Murdoch drops Stevens with a shoulder tackle. Stevens regroups on the outside. Murdoch blocks a boot from Stevens. Murdoch clotheslines Stevens. Murdoch with Three Bodyslams for a two count. Murdoch follows that with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Murdoch ties Stevens up in a pretzel. Stevens takes a rest bit on the ring apron. Stevens slams Murdoch’s head on the top rope. Stevens is raining down haymakers.

Stevens HeadButts the back of Murdoch’s head. Stevens with clubbing crossfaces. Stevens with a knee drop. Murdoch negates The Mongrovian Clutch. Stevens with clubbing blows to Murdoch’s back. Stevens applies a sleeper hold. Murdoch sends Stevens face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Murdoch connects with The Full Nelson Slam. Murdoch makes Stevens tap out to The Indian Death Lock.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch via Submission 

Joe Galli’s Interview With Eli Drake 

Joe Galli: Eli Drake, I want to know what are your thoughts, what are your plans going into the new year?

Eli Drake: Let me talk to ya. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! You know, I’m standing here and I’m just thinking to myself, yeah. I understand that last week was a Christmas episode. Maybe i got lost in the sauce, yeah. But if you do a little wrestling math here, you’re gonna find out that it’s been two weeks in a row that I’m booked without a match, right? Do you think that it’s a coincidence that at the same time I’m not booked for a match, people are starting to talk? By people I mean one person’s trying to start the conversation about himself that he might be the greatest world’s champion ever.

Do you think that’s a coincidence? Exactly, me neither. Because I stand here right now and I start to think, is Nick Aldis trying to keep me out of the spotlight? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Right? You damn right, he’s scared of me. I’m gonna put it to you right now, Ricky Morton came out here and he read you your rights and I got to tell you, Ricky Morton I agree with every single word you said. If Nick Aldis wants to fight you, honestly Ricky Morton, I’ll fight you. And I ain’t afraid of that, I’ll tell you why because a couple weeks ago I had my own tag team partner, it was Tim Storm.

Now Tim Storm, if you want to do it again, maybe we can do it here. But I tell you what, he’s having a little bit of a rough patch, so maybe he can’t do it again. So maybe I gotta find my own partner. Maybe I even look down to a guy who I have whooped over and over again, so maybe he’s in line, Ken Anderson right? Wrong. Not a two time loser like that. I’ll put it to you like this, I could go down the ranks, up the ranks, pick anybody I want. Hell, I might even pick James Storm.

Joe Galli: Maybe you have a challenger right here. Colt Cabana, welcome

Colt Cabana: Not that I have to stick up for him, but I’m a little tired of you running Ken Anderson. I really am. Ken’s a good friend of mine and i know you’re complaining that he hit you in the back, but you hit him right in the back. It’s an arm for an arm, an eye for an eye thing. It’s about time you end that, all right. End the beef with Ken. Ken’s a good dude.

Eli Drake: I tell you what. Arm for an arm, eye for an eye, all that stuff I don’t really care about any of that. Are you out here to volunteer to be my tag team partner to go for that gold?

Joe Galli: It’s quite an offer Colt.

Colt Cabana: No. See, I’ve been with Ken since we started back here in the studio. I’ve got Ken’s back, he’s a good guy, he is my partner. No he is. Sometimes I think Eli maybe you’re not a good guy.

Eli Drake: Don’t be worried about whether I’m a good guy or not because the guy that you got in your back pocket if he’s gonna be your tag team partner, I got to tell you man I’m sorry to be your reality check, but you will never ever be tag team champion, sorry dummy.

Colt Cabana: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! I respect that you’re going for the tag team championship. I respect that you want tag team gold cause you want gold, but there’s one piece of gold that you’ve never had and I’ve had it twice Eli because I have been and you have never been the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion. So sleep on that Eli, yeah.

Eli Drake: I ain’t gotta sleep I’ll tell you why because I’m living these dreams every damn day, so I tell you like this. Whether they moan and groan about anything you say out here, the bottom line is this, I’ll whip you just as soon as I whipped your partner Ken, YEAH! It will happen.

Cabana is trying to restrain Ken Anderson as the segment ends.

Third Match: Marti Belle w/Melina vs. Tasha Steelz 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Belle applies a top wrist lock. Steelz reverses the hold. Belle grabs the side headlock. Steelz with a side headlock takeover. Belle answers with the headscissors neck lock. Steels uses her feet to get back to a vertical base. Steelz taunts Belle. Belle drives her knee into the midsection of Steelz. Belle whips Steelz to the corner. Belle with a running forearm smash. Steelz dives over Belle.

Steelz goes for an O’Connor Roll, but Belle holds onto the ropes. Belle drops Steelz with The Big Boot for a two count. Belle punches Steelz in the back. Belle with a Vertical Suplex. Belle slams Steelz head on the top turnbuckle pad. Belle repeatedly stomps on Steelz chest. Belle with a high knee strike. Steelz fires back with forearm shivers. Belle reverses out of the irish whip from Steelz. Belle clotheslines Steelz. Belle with a running forearm smash.

Belle sweeps the legs of Steelz. Belle goes for a Running Hip Attack, but Steelz ducks out of the way. Steelz scores the elbow knockdown. Steelz with a Flying Forearm Smash. Steelz follows that with a Running European Uppercut. Steelz thrust kicks the midsection of Belle. Steelz connects with The Running Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Belle kicks Steelz in the face. Steelz plants Belle with The Cutter to pickup the victory.

Winner: Tasha Steelz via Pinfall

Fourth Match: Tim Storm vs. Royce Isaacs w/Strictly Business in a NWA TV Title Qualifying Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Storm clotheslines Isaacs. Storm bodyslams Isaacs. Storm punches Isaacs in the chest. Storm with forearm shivers. Storm slaps Isaacs in the chest. Storm with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Storm with a Fallaway Slam. Storm talks smack to Aldis. Storm punches Isaacs in the back. Following a snap mare takeover, Storm with a Running Boot. Storm is distracted by Thomas Latimer.

Isaacs kicks Storm in the gut. Isaacs with an Exploder Suplex for a one count. Isaacs is throwing haymakers at Storm. Isaacs is lighting up Storm’s chest in the corner. Storm slams Isaacs head on two turnbuckle pad. Isaacs continues to kick the midsection of Storm. Isaacs dumps Storm back first on the canvas. Isaacs goes for a Flying Senton, but Storm ducks out of the way. Storm starts building momentum.

Storm drops Isaacs with The Big Boot. Storm whips Isaacs to the corner. Storm levels Isaacs with a Body Avalanche. Storm with clubbing blows to Isaacs back. Isaacs responds with a Desperation Cutter for a two count. Storm negates The Hush Money. Storm connects with The Perfect Storm to pickup the victory. After the match, Team Aldis runs into The Rock N Roll Express to close the show.

Winner: Tim Storm via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez