WWE Raw Results (6/17/19): Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins

June 17, 2019
Staples Center
Los Angeles, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Seth Rollins & Elias In-Ring Segment: 

Elias was talking to his friend Anthony Davis. Why would Anthony Davis move to LA? He was garbage and so was Los Angeles. Anthony wanted to be around the most toxic people. Elias was invited here by Baron Corbin. Elias takes off his frock and shows a referee’s shirt. Elias was named the guest referee for the upcoming Universal Championship at WWE Stomping Grounds. Seth Rollins brutally attacks Elias with a steel chair.

After everything Rollins has been through with Brock Lesnar, he’s done playing games. Baron Corbin needs to find a referee before Sunday. This is your first and last warning. It doesn’t matter what Baron Corbin promises you, this is what you get on the other side. The Miz drops Elias with The Skull Crushing Finale. Bobby Lashley Spears Elias. Cesaro delivers The Cesaro Swing. Ricochet hits The CodeBreaker. Braun Strowman wraps this segment with a Running PowerSlam.

First Match: The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Cesaro vs. Ricochet vs. Braun Strowman in a Fatal Five Way Elimination Match. The Winner Will Battle Samoa Joe For The WWE United States Championship At WWE Stomping Grounds 

Samoa Joe is watching the match from the ringside area. Strowman starts things off with a Double ShotGun Dropkick. Miz and Ricochet are double teaming Strowman. Strowman sends Cesaro and Lashley crashing to the outside. Miz applies a sleeper hold. Strowman drops Ricochet with a shoulder tackle. Strowman with a Big Biel Throw. Strowman knocks Lashley off the ring apron. Cesaro uppercuts Strowman. Cesaro hits The Alpamare Water Slide. Strowman negates The Neutralizer. Strowman goes for a Back Body Drop, but Cesaro lands back on his feet. Cesaro ducks a clothesline from Strowman. Cesaro goes for a SpringBoard Crossbody Block, but Strowman counters with a Running PowerSlam. Strowman PowerSlams Lashley on top of Cesaro. Cesaro has been eliminated. Samoa Joe is impressed.

Strowman catches Ricochet in mid-air. Strowman drives Ricochet back first into the turnbuckles. Strowman with a Biel Throw. Strowman drops Miz with a Big Boot. Lashley responds with a FlatLiner. Lashley follows that with a Vertical Suplex. Lashley knocks Miz off the ring apron. Ricochet goes for an Enzuigiri, but Lashley counters with a back elbow smash. Strowman connects with The Running PowerSlam. Lashley has been eliminated. Strowman plays to the crowd. Strowman delivers three running shoulder tackles on the outside. Strowman is fired up. Strowman rolls Miz back into the ring. Strowman with Two Body Avalanches. Strowman gets Miz on his shoulders. Lashley Spears Strowman. Cesaro hits The Neutralizer. Ricochet lands The 630 Senton Splash. Braun Strowman has been eliminated thanks to help from Cesaro and Lashley. Strowman is pissed.

Strowman sends Ricochet crashing into Lashley. Strowman whips Cesaro across the LED Board. Ricochet with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Miz launches Ricochet to the ring apron. Miz dumps Ricochet face first on the apron. Ricochet avoids The Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Ricochet lands a SomerSault Plancha. Ricochet rolls Miz back into the ring. Ricochet goes for The 630 Senton Splash, but Miz ducks out of the way. Ricochet kicks Miz in the jaw. Ricochet bounces Miz’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Ricochet goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Miz blocks it. Miz goes for The Skull Crushing Finale, but Ricochet rolls him over for a two count. Miz kicks Ricochet in the gut. Miz with an Implant DDT for a two count. Miz delivers flurry of IT! Kicks.

Ricochet dropkicks Miz in the chest. Miz dodges a Step Up Enzuigiri. Miz kicks the left knee of Ricochet. Ricochet negates The Figure Four Leg Lock. Ricochet rolls Miz over for a two count. Ricochet with a High Head Kick. Ricochet goes for a Roll Through X-Factor, but Miz counters with The Figure Four Leg Lock. Ricochet reverses the hold. Ricochet grabs the bottom rope to force the break. Miz with a forearm smash. Miz goes for a SpringBoard Double Axe Handle Strike, but Ricochet counters with a CodeBreaker. Ricochet lands The 630 Senton Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, Samoa Joe attacks Ricochet from behind. Joe transitions into a ground and pound attack. Joe talks smack to Ricochet. Ricochet sends Joe crashing to the outside. Ricochet lands The Fosbury Flop.

Winner: Ricochet via Pinfall 

Becky Lynch & Lacey Evans In-Ring Segment: 

Becky wants Lacey Evans to come out right now. She keeps hearing Evans droning on and on about what she deserves. For once Becky actually agrees with Evans, so the next time that she gets within striking distance, she will get what she deserves.  You talk about doing what it takes to get ahead and curry favor. Why doesn’t she kick your ass all over Los Angeles? Lacey Evans appears on the stage. Lord would you look at that, nobody cares honey. Once again Becky got it all wrong. Becky knows that Evans would like to talk as slow as humanly possible than step in the ring and get whooped again.

What you see tall drink of water. A pretty little outfit and a classy hat. Yes Evans is indeed classy. Underneath this flawless image is a tough as nails woman who’s been through things even The Man! could never comprehend. Is this the part where Evans tries to pluck on the WWE Universe’s heart strings? We are in Hollywood after all, let’s see a performance. Speaking of Hollywood, this little town should make a movie about Lacey Evans. Her entire life is quite a story.

Unlike Becky, Evans is a real United States Marine. She can do boot camp in the morning and run a cotillion at night sweetheart. She brings grace and dignity and that’s what this women’s division deserves. With all of Evans accolades why does she act the way she does? Evans is nothing but a piling heap of trash. This is what the WWE needs. They need a classy lady to set the standard as champion, not a nasty like Becky Lynch. Becky’s beatable. Evans talks about costing Becky the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Becky plants Evans with The BexPloder.

Daniel Bryan Promo: 

Bryan completely understands why The McMahon Family needed to bring him in as a wild card because this place sucks. Both Monday Night Raw and the city of Los Angeles. We all know that L.A. is the smog capital of America, but it is also filled with ignorant and impotent people.They are here to lift you out of the smog and educate you. They are here to excite you.Tonight, Bryan will excite you by destroying the Universal Champion Seth Rollins. He will prove that one half of the Planet’s Tag Team Champions is better than all of Raw and prove to all of the Raw tag teams that they are the best. Impotent masses of Los Angeles, prepare to be excited.

Second Match: The Viking Raiders vs. The Taylor Brothers 

Erik and Randy will start things off. Erik delivers a ShotGun Dropkick. Erik pulls Russ into the ring. Erik with an Exploder Suplex. Erik tags in Ivar. Erik kicks Russ in the gut. Viking Raiders hits their SpringBoard Clothesline/High Angle German Suplex Combination. Viking Raiders plants Russ with The Viking Experience to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Viking Raiders via Pinfall 

R-Truth WWE 24/7 Championship Segment: 

Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, The Revival and Heath Slater Backstage Segment: 

The Kevin and Sami Show With Special Guests: Baron Corbin, Seth Rollins, EC3 and The New Day 

It’s a very special night because it’s the return of The Kevin and Sami Show. Owens apologizes for not having the new graphics. It’s all Bob’s fault. Incompetence. It’s now time to introduce their special guest. He was a former acting general manager of Monday Night Raw. A multi-time golden gloves boxing champion. A United States Champion. A Money In The Bank Winner. The man who defeated Kurt Angle in his farewell match at WrestleMania. The man who also claims to be LA’s favorite son, Baron Corbin. Zayn tells Corbin that this is a safe work environment, which is more than he can say about WWE in general. We saw what happened to Elias tonight. Zayn was attacked with a steel chair with zero repercussions.

For that reason, Zayn is withdrawing as referee at Stomping Grounds. Owens is also withdrawing his name from consideration in solidarity with Zayn. Who will be the referee at Stomping Grounds? Corbin has people lining up all over tinsel town. Please welcome, EC3. On cue, Seth Rollins attacks EC3 with the steel chair. There goes Rollins taking away another opportunity for an up and coming superstar. It’s time to go back to the drawing board. The New Day joins the conversation. Owens and Zayn are pissed. The New Day are not invited guests on The Kevin and Sami Show tonight. Second of all, Zayn looked at the lineup today and they’re not even wildcards, so they shouldn’t be here. Please leave the building.

Kofi Kingston is the WWE Champion so that means he goes where he wants when he wants. You best believe he will bring his boys with him because that’s what they want. Kofi shouldn’t be worried about these idiots. He should be worried about losing that WWE Title because if it’s not Dolph Ziggler on Sunday, it will be Kevin Owens very soon. In case you forgot, Kofi defeated Kevin Owens at Money In The Bank. Kofi has Dolph where he wants him, in the middle of a ring inside a steel cage. There will be no sneak attacks and at the end of the match, he will still be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Since Owens and Zayn don’t want to be the special guest referees, why don’t they give The New Day a beating all the way back to Smackdown where they belong. That sounds like a challenge. If only we had a WWE official to sanction this match. Woods and Big E picks up EC3. Will EC3 be the official for this match?

Third Match: The New Day vs. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Baron Corbin in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match 

Xavier Woods and Sami Zayn will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Zayn with a standing fujiwara arm-bar. Woods transitions into a wrist lock. Zayn reverses the hold. Zayn brings Woods to the corner. The referee calls for a clean break. Zayn with a forearm smash. Woods dives over Zayn. Woods ducks two clotheslines from Zayn. Woods slides under Zayn. Woods drops Zayn with a discus forearm smash for a one count. Zayn tags in Owens. Owens with rapid fire bodyshots. Owens repeatedly stomps on Woods chest. Zayn kicks Woods behind the referee’s back. Owens tags in Corbin.

Corbin continues to stomp on Woods chest. Corbin argues with the referee. Corbin drives his knee into the midsection of Woods. Corbin mocks New Day. Corbin with a running haymaker. Corbin applies a half nelson chin lock. Corbin goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Woods lands back on his feet. Woods creates distance with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Corbin tags in Owens. Owens goes for a Running Senton, but Woods gets his knees up in the air. Owens tags in Zayn. Zayn stops Woods in his tracks. Woods is throwing haymakers at Zayn. Zayn tugs on the left wrist of Woods. Woods rolls Zayn over to score the first pinfall in this match.

Coming out of the commercial break, Big E takes a ride on The Unicorn Stampede. Owens mocks Kofi. Owens with a Running Senton for a two count. Owens applies a rear chin lock. Owens tags in Zayn. Zayn kicks Big E in the ribs. Zayn is raining down haymakers. Big E is displaying his fighting spirit. Zayn delivers a hook kick. Big E dumps Zayn out of the ring. Owens SuperKicks Big E for a two count. Owens tags in Corbin. Corbin whips Big E back first across the turnbuckles. Corbin is grinning from ear to ear. Corbin with a sharp right hand. Corbin tags in Zayn. Zayn kicks Big E in the gut. Zayn tags in Owens. Owens bounces Big E’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Owens with two haymakers. Owens knocks Woods off the ring apron.

Big E sends Owens shoulder first into the steel ring post. Big E with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Kofi and Corbin are tagged in. Kofi with a SpringBoard Axe Handle Strike. Kofi follows that with two double sledges. Kofi dropkicks Corbin. Corbin launches Kofi to the corner. Kofi decks Corbin with a Pendulum Kick. Kofi hits The High Fly Flow for a two count. Kofi drops Corbin with The PK. Kofi connects with The New Day Boom Drop. Kofi is fired up. Kofi is loading up The Trouble In Paradise. Zayn runs interference. Corbin hits Deep Six for a two count. Zayn and Owens clears the ring. Corbin inadvertently clotheslines Zayn. Owens shoves Corbin. Owens SuperKicks Corbin. Owens and Zayn heads to the backstage area. Kofi connects with The Trouble In Paradise to pickup the victory.

Winner: The New Day 2-0 via Pinfall 

Paul Heyman Promo: 

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman. He’s the advocate for Mr. Money In The Bank 2019, Brock Lesnar. Heyman doesn’t feel comfortable being out here on a night when Seth Rollins is hitting people with a steel chair all night long. He’s not a physical threat to Seth Rollins. He will not be the special guest referee this Sunday at Stomping Grounds. He would respectfully decline the offer if Corbin made it. You must be a dumbass to accept that offer because you are going to be on the other side of a steel chair. What do the Lakers and Seth Rollins have in common? They both traded away their balls.

The Lakers traded away their Ball so LeBron James can have a play mate when he disappoints the entire city of Los Angeles. Rollins traded away his balls for a steel chair because that’s the only way he’s man enough to fight his client Brock Lesnar. His client knows how to swing a steel chair pretty well himself. If Rollins is here tonight, and he has a match, and he has a formidable opponent then Rollins is vulnerable. Maybe Brock Lesnar is here tonight too. Maybe not. Maybe Sunday? Maybe next Monday. Nobody knows. Most importantly, who doesn’t know? The soon to be former Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. Heyman drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Fourth Match: The Usos vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows 

Jey Uso and Luke Gallows will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Gallows shoves Jey down to the mat. Gallows knocks Jimmy off the ring apron. Jey is throwing haymakers at Gallows. Jey ducks a clothesline from Gallows. Anderson tags himself in. Gallows uppercuts Jey. The Club delivers The Boot Of Doom for a two count. Anderson transitions into a ground and pound attack. Anderson clotheslines Jimmy on the floor. Anderson applies a rear chin lock. Jey gets back to a vertical base.

Jey with shots to the midsection of Anderson. Anderson avoids The Step Up Enzuigiri. Anderson clotheslines Jey. Anderson poses for the crowd. It’s too sweet. Anderson tags in Gallows. The Club goes for The Magic Killer, but Jimmy SuperKicks Anderson. Gallows launches Jimmy to the ring apron. Jey ducks a clothesline from Gallows. Jey SuperKicks Gallows. Jey tags in Jimmy. The Usos connects with Stereo SuperKicks to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Usos via Pinfall 

Roman Reigns, Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and The Revival In-Ring Segment: 

What’s going on LA? Super Showdown was not a good week for him, but he’s not here to make excuses. Excuses don’t entertain you. What entertains you is him whooping somebody’s ass tonight. Roman is giving Shane the opportunity to come to the ring and prove that he’s a man and face him one on one tonight. Shane McMahon appears on the titantron. Mike Rome delivers the best in the world introduction. Now we can get started because that’s a proper introduction. Roman shouldn’t be ashamed of losing to the best in the world.

Roman can’t take the heat. They call Shane McMahon, Mr. Fahrenheit. Shane declines Roman’s offer. Roman should worry about Drew McIntyre. The only reason McIntyre is not out there ripping Roman limb from limb is Shane McMahon. In six days, McIntyre will kick Roman’s ass and take his name. McIntyre will assault Roman until it becomes very very uncomfortable. He may pin Roman, but his night ends when he’s disfigured. McIntyre wants Roman’s children to scream at the sight of their beloved father. McIntyre says that the next character Roman Reigns plays in a movie will be a lifeless body.

Roman heads towards Shane McMahon’s VIP Lounge. Roman lays out The Revival in the backstage area. Roman brings the big fight to Shane and McIntyre. Roman puts McIntyre through the table. Shane starts running for his life. Roman with a Flying Splash over the ringside barricade. Roman is raining down haymakers. Roman throws Shane into the ringside barricade. Roman drops Shane with The SuperMan Punch. Roman Spears Shane. Roman tells Shane to crawl to the back and tell McIntyre that he’s going to whoop his ass at Stomping Grounds.

Bayley, Naomi, and Natalya Backstage Segment: 

Fifth Match: The Iconics (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship 

Bayley is watching the match from the ringside area. Bliss and Kay will start things off. Kay starts running her mouth. Kay shoves Bliss. Bliss slaps Kay in the face. Bliss tells Kay to bring it. Kay pulls Bliss down to the mat. Bliss drop toe holds Kay into the middle turnbuckle pad. Bliss repeatedly stomps on Kay’s chest. Bliss argues with the referee. Bliss takes a swing at Royce. Kay drives her knee into the midsection of Bliss. Kay tags in Royce. The Iconics are double teaming Bliss. Bliss rolls Royce over for a one count. Royce goes for a Spinning Heel Kick, but Bliss ducks out of the way. Bliss tags in Cross. Cross with an arm-drag takedown. Cross follows that with a La Magistral for a two count. Cross decks Royce with a JawBreaker. Cross dropkicks Royce.

Cross goes for a Flying Crossbody Block, but Royce ducks out of the way. Royce tags in Kay. Kay with the cover for a two count. Kay is displaying her frustration. Kay stomps on Cross back. The Iconics are cutting the ring in half. Royce repeatedly thrust kicks the midsection of Cross. Royce applies the abdominal stretch. Royce pulls Cross down to the mat for a two count. Royce tags in Kay. Stereo Knee Lifts. Kay is choking Cross with her boot. Cross is displaying her fighting spirit. Cross is throwing forearms at Kay. Kay responds with a knee lift. Kay drops Cross with a forearm smash. Kay knocks Bliss off the ring apron. Bayley talks smack to Bliss. Bliss shoves Bayley. Cross nails Kay with a throat chop. Cross gets distracted by Royce. That allows Kay to roll her over to pickup the victory. After the match, Bayley pulls Bliss off the ring apron. Bayley shoves Bliss.

Winner: Still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Iconics via Pinfall 

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Backstage Segment: 

The Firefly Fun House 

WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Match Card 

– Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross For The WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Championship

– Tony Nese (c) vs. TBD For The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

– Samoa Joe (c) vs. Ricochet For The WWE United States Championship

– The New Day vs. Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

– Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage Match For The WWE Championship

– Becky Lynch (c) vs. Lacey Evans For The WWE Raw Women’s Championship

– Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

– Seth Rollins (c) vs. Baron Corbin For The WWE Universal Championship

Sixth Match: Seth Rollins vs. Daniel Bryan w/Erick Rowan 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Side HeadLock TakeOver Exchange. Rollins applies a side headlock. Rollins drops Bryan with a shoulder tackle. Bryan drops down on the canvas. Bryan dumps Rollins out of the ring. Bryan goes for a Suicide Dive, but Rollins counters with a forearm smash. Rollins with a SpringBoard Clothesline. Bryan takes a breather on the outside. Rollins delivers a Suicide Dive. Rowan catches Rollins in mid-air. Rowan hits The Iron Claw Slam on the apron which causes the disqualification. Rowan repeatedly stomps on Rollins chest. Bryan and Rowan are double teaming Rollins. Massive brawl ensues with The New Day, Erick Rowan, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, The Revival and The Usos. All hell is breaking loose.

We are informed that this match will indeed continue. Rollins is throwing haymakers at Bryan. Rollins with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Bryan launches Rollins out of the ring. Bryan sends Rollins crashing into the steel ring steps. Bryan rolls Rollins back into the ring. Bryan with Two Corner Dropkicks. Rollins drops Bryan with an Inside Out Lariat. Rollins with a chop/haymaker combination. Rollins hits The SlingBlade for a two count. Rollins starts burning it down. Rollins thrust kicks the midsection of Bryan. Bryan negates The Curb Stomp. Rollup Exchange. Bryan and Rollins are trading back and forth shots. Rollins avoids a RoundHouse Kick. Rollins goes for a Step Up Enzuigiri, but Bryan counters with The Ankle Lock. Bryan with a German Suplex. Rollins tumbles to the floor. Bryan with a Flying Knee Strike off the ring apron.

Bryan poses for the crowd. Rollins has Bryan perched on the top turnbuckle. Bryan HeadButts Rollins. Rollins responds with The SuperPlex. Rollins goes for The Falcon Arrow, but Bryan counters with The Lebel Lock. Rollins puts his foot on the bottom rope to force the break. Bryan with a flurry of fickle kicks. Bryan drops Rollins with a RoundHouse Kick. Bryan tells Rollins to get up. Bryan goes for The Running Knee, but Rollins counters with a Buckle Bomb. Rollins SuperKicks Bryan for a two count. Rollins goes for a Frog Splash, but Bryan gets his knees up in the air. Bryan applies another Lebel Lock. Rollins rolls Bryan over for a two count. Rollins with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Rollins connects with The Curb Stomp to pickup the victory. After the match, Baron Corbin attacks Rollins with a steel chair. Corbin plants Rollins with The End Of Days. Corbin poses with the Universal Title to close the show.

Winner: Seth Rollins via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez