WWE NXT UK Results (1/23/19): Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks

WWE NXT UK Results (1/23/19)

January 23, 2019
Empress Ballroom
Blackpool, England

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Episode 27 

Pete Dunne, Gallus and WALTER In-Ring Segment: 

At NXT UK TakeOver Blackpool, the NXT UK Universe made history. It all started here two years ago. Since then this whole brand has changed. But since May of 2017 at TakeOver Chicago, one thing has remain the same. Pete Dunne is still the WWE United Kingdom Champion. Gallus appears on the stage. Joe Coffey says that takeover didn’t change anything. Loud you tap out chants from the blackpool faithful. This is Joe Coffey’s Kingdom.

In losing a battle to Dunne, Coffey started learning new strategies on how to make that United Kingdom Title, Gallus. Coffey wants Dunne to look at the title he’s hold for the last 600 days. Coffey says that the title will be around his waist by the end of this war. If anyone else has a problem with that they can get to the back of the line. WALTER walks down to the ring. Gallus heads to the outside. WALTER drops Mark Coffey with a Big Boot. Dunne snaps Wolfgang’s fingers. WALTER has his eyes set on the United Kingdom Championship.

First Match: Nina Samuels vs. Lana Austin 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Samuels applies a wrist lock. Austin reverses the hold. Samuels with a Judo Throw. Samuels talks smack to Austin. Austin uppercuts Samuels. Following a snap mare takeover, Austin delivers a basement dropkick for a two count. Samuels is getting a rest bit in the corner. Austin with a Running European Uppercut. Samuels kicks the left shoulder of Austin. Samuels gets Austin trapped in the between the ropes. Samuels dropkicks the back of Austin for a two count.

Samuels applies an arm-bar. Samuels with the cover for a two count. Samuels goes back to the arm-bar. Samuels with a Running Neck Snap for a two count. Samuels is displaying her frustration. Austin creates distance with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Austin with a pair of clotheslines. Austin follows that with a Running European Uppercut. Austin with a High Knee Lift. Austin drops Samuels with a Discus Forearm Smash. Samuels shoves Austin into the turnbuckles. Samuels plants Austin with The Prima Donna to pickup the victory.

Winner: Nina Samuels via Pinfall 

Second Match: Eddie Dennis vs. Jamie Ahmed 

Dennis starts things off with a chop/forearm combination. Ahmed fires back with clubbing bodyshots. Ahmed with a Hip Toss. Dennis shoves Ahmed. Ahmed ducks a clothesline from Dennis. Ahmed applies a waist lock. Dennis reverses the hold. Ahmed decks Dennis with a back elbow smash. Dennis blocks a punch from Ahmed. Dennis drops Ahmed with a Stiff Lariat. Dennis kicks Ahmed in the gut. Dennis whips Ahmed back first across the turnbuckles. Dennis with a standing cravate.

Dennis dumps Ahmed out of the ring. Dennis with a Forearm Smash. Dennis bodyslams Ahmed on the floor. Dennis rolls Ahmed back into the ring. Dennis goes for The Seven Bridge, but Ahmed lands back on his feet. Ahmed with a flurry of strikes. Ahmed with a High Head Kick. Dennis responds with a Big Boot. Dennis has Ahmed perched on the top turnbuckle. Dennis with a SuperPlex. Dennis talks smack to the Blackpool Crowd. Dennis plants Ahmed with The Neck Stomp Driver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eddie Dennis via Pinfall 

Third Match: Jordan Devlin vs. Travis Banks 

Devlin and Banks engages in rockers punches. Banks with a Mid-Kick. Banks clotheslines Devlin over the top rope. Banks delivers Two Suicide Dives. Devlin is trying to run away from Banks. Banks uppercuts Devlin. Banks blasts Devlin with a knife edge chop. Banks takes a lap around the Empress Ballroom. Banks with a Flying Thez Press off the barricade. Banks transitions into a ground and pound attack on the floor. Devlin chop blocks Banks. Devlin grabs the injured left knee of Banks. Devlin goes for a foot stomp, but Banks ducks out of the way. Banks with a High Head Kick. Banks with a Flying Double Foot Stomp off the ring apron.

Banks rolls Devlin back into the ring. Devlin begs for mercy. Banks with a series of mid-kicks. Banks SuperKicks Devlin. Devlin with a Draping BackStabber. Devlin is putting the boots to Banks. Devlin with a Forearm Smash. Devlin fish hooks Banks. Devlin with a Belly to Back Suplex across the shoulders. Banks with shots to the midsection of Devlin. Devlin drops Banks with a Uranage Slam. Devlin follows that with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Devlin whips Banks into the turnbuckles. Following a snap mare takeover, Devlin applies a bow and arrow stretch. Devlin launches Banks to the ring apron. Banks with a Forearm Smash. Devlin and Banks are trading back and forth shots.

Banks goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Devlin lands back on his feet. Devlin shoves Banks into the steel ring post. Devlin with a Spanish Fly off the ring apron. Banks negates the referee’s count of ten. Banks rolls Devlin over for a two count. Devlin with a Standing Spanish Fly. Banks responds with an Inside Out Lariat. Banks is throwing forearms at Devlin. Banks with a Jumping Knee Strike. Devlin HeadButts Banks. Devlin with a High Angle Back Drop Driver for a two count. Devlin goes for a MoonSault, but Banks gets his knees up in the air. Banks with a ShotGun Dropkick. Banks connects with The Kiwi Crusher for a two count. Banks goes for The Slice Of Heaven, but Devlin ducks out of the way. Banks and Devlin tumbles to the floor. Unfortunately the match ends in a double count-out. The show closes with Banks and Devlin brawling around the Empress Ballroom.

Match Results: Double Count-Out 

Author: Josh Lopez