IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/22): 2nd Annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot

IMPACT Wrestling Results (11/22)

IMPACT Wrestling
November 22, 2018
Sam’s Town Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

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Eli Drake & Fallah Bahh Backstage Segment: 

– This weeks GWN Flashback Moment Of The Week is the 1st Annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot.

– GWN Match from 2007. The first TNA Turkey Bowl featuring AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin.

– Scarlett Bordeaux comes out with the cast of the Sexxy Show.

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Team Fallah Bahh will consist of KM, Kikutaro, Dezmond Xavier, Alisha Edwards.

Team Eli Drake will consist of Jake Crist from oVe, Katarina, Rohit Raju, and Disco Inferno.

The History Of Option C: 

First Match: Team Eli Drake (Eli Drake, Katarina, Jake Crist, Rohit Raju and Disco Inferno) w/oVe and The Desi Hit Squad vs. Team Fallah Bahh (Fallah Bahh, KM, Alisha Edwards, Kikutaro and Dezmond Xavier) in The Second Annual Eli Drake Gravy Train Turkey Trot 

Scarlett Bordeaux is watching the match from the stage.

Katarina and Edwards will start things off. Katarina with a waist lock takedown. Edwards ducks a clothesline from Katarina. Edwards with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Edwards with a Running Elbow Strike. Katarina reverses out of the irish whip from Edwards. Edwards side steps Katarina into the turnbuckles. Edwards rolls Katarina over for a one count. Katarina with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Katarina goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Edwards counters with a small package for a two count. Edwards kicks Katarina in the gut. Edwards with a Running Boot. Edwards drops Katarina with a Running Forearm Smash.

Jake Crist and Kikutaro are tagged in. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kikutaro applies a side headlock. Kikutaro delivers multiple shoulder tackles. Crist flexes his muscles. Kikutaro kicks Crist in the face. Kikutaro with an arm-dragt takeover. Kikutaro applies an arm-bar. Kikutaro tags in Xavier. Xavier applies a wrist lock. Crist drives his knee into the midsection of Xavier. Crist tags in Drake. Xavier with an arm-drag takedown. Xavier applies an arm-bar. Drake punches Xavier in the gut. Drake catches Xavier in mid-air. Drake goes for The Gravy Train, but Xavier rolls him over for a two count.

Xavier ducks a clothesline from Drake. Drake with a PopUp Reverse PowerSlam for a two count. Drake tags in Raju. Raju with clubbing bodyshots. Xavier with a Roll Through Palm Strike. Xavier tags in Bahh. Raju stomps on the right foot of Bahh. Raju with a straight right hand. Bahh sends Raju crashing to the canvas. Bahh with a Running Leg Drop. Bahh plays to the crowd. Gama Singh is running interference. Raju dropkicks the left knee of Bahh. Raju with clubbing blows to Bahh’s back. Raju tags in Inferno. Inferno is throwing haymakers at Bahh. Inferno tags in Drake.

Drake bounces Bahh’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Drake and Inferno are double teaming Bahh. Bahh kicks Drake in the jaw. Bahh with a Double Crossbody Block. Raju and KM are tagged in. KM ducks a clothesline from Raju. KM knocks Crist off the ring apron. KM drops Raju with a back elbow strike. KM follows that with a Big Boot.  KM unloads Two Biel Throws. Super HeadScissors Neck Lock Exchange. Bahh responds with a Super Boston Crab. Inferno starts stalking Bordeaux. The referee is hypnotized. Kikutaro reverses out of the irish whip from Drake. Drake kicks Kikutaro in the jaw. Drake with a back elbow smash. Drake with a Jumping NeckBreaker. Drake tags in Crist.

Crist repeatedly stomps on Kikutaro’s chest. oVe attacks Kikutaro behind the referee’s back. Team Eli Drake are cutting the ring in half. Raju talks smack to Kikutaro. Raju with a Running Tomahawk Chop for a two count. Raju applies a side headlock. Raju transitions into a front face lock. Kikutrao with three elbow smashes. Raju responds with a Jumping Knee Strike. Raju goes for a Flying Forearm Smash, but Kikutaro ducks out of the way. Kikutaro tags in Xavier. Xavier delivers his lightning quick offense. Xavier ducks a clothesline from Crist. Xavier knocks Inferno and Drake off the ring apron.

Xavier hits The Ring Post 619. Xavier with Double SuperKicks for oVe. Gama Singh inadvertently knockouts his own flesh and blood. Xavier tags in Bahh. Xavier lands a HandSpring SomerSault Plancha. Drake teases a dive. Bahh sends Drake crashing to the outside. Bahh with a Super Crossbody Block off the ring apron. Edwards with a Flying Crossbody Block for a one count. Edwards is throwing forearms at Katarina. Edwards fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Edwards with a FlatLiner. KM drops Inferno with a DDT. Team Fallah Bahh steamrolls through Inferno. Bahh goes for a Running Splash, but Inferno ducks out of the way. Inferno with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Inferno goes for a Disco Elbow Drop, but Bahh ducks out of the way. Bahh levels Inferno with a Body Avalanche. Bahh connects with The Banzai Drop to pickup the victory.

Winner: Team Fallah Bahh via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez