Impact Wrestling Results (10/25): Johnny Impact vs. Fenix

Impact Wrestling Results (10/25)

Impact Wrestling
October 25, 2018
Melrose Ballroom
Queens, New York

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– The Smoke Show, Scarlett Bordeaux’s talent show continues.

First Match: Sami Callihan w/oVe vs. Trevor Lee 

Scarlett will be watching the match from the stage. Callihan attacks Lee before the bell rings. Callihan is choking Lee with his boot. Callihan with a Corner Clothesline. Lee dropkicks Callihan. Lee kicks Callihan in the chest. Lee blasts Callihan with a knife edge chop. Lee with a Forearm Smash. Jake Crist is running interference. Callihan clotheslines Lee. Callihan HeadButts Lee. Callihan with a brutal chop in the corner. Callihan is mauling Lee on the second rope. Jake with a Spinning Wheel Kick behind the referee’s back. Callihan stomps on Lee’s back. Callihan goes for a Uranage Slam, but Lee blocks it. Lee and Callihan are trading back and forth shots.

Lee ducks a clothesline from Callihan. Callihan with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Callihan applies a rear chin lock. Lee gets back to a vertical base. Callihan side steps Lee into the turnbuckles. Callihan with a Draping FlatLiner. It’s time to send a message to Brian Cage. oVe is distracted by Scarlett. Lee rolls Callihan over for a two count. Lee with a Spinning Crossbody Block for a two count. Lee is fired up. Lee knocks Jake off the ring apron. Lee decks Callihan with a Back Elbow Smash.

Lee takes out Jake Crist with an Asai MoonSault. Lee SuperKicks Callihan. Lee follows that with a Standing Double Foot Stomp. Lee drops Dave Crist with The PK. Jake launches Lee off the top turnbuckle. Callihan plants Lee with The Cactus Special to pickup the victory. After the match, Brian Cage PowerBombs Jake into his brother. Callihan grabs a baseball bat. Cage shoves Callihan to the canvas. Callihan begs for mercy. Cage wants Callihan to hit him with the bat. Cage connects with The F5. Cage goes for The Drill Claw, but oVe drags Callihan out of the ring.

Winner: Sami Callihan via Pinfall 

– Eddie Kingston is annoyed with the bosses. Kingston starts forging a plan to attack LAX.

– Eli Drake confronts Don Callis. Drake brings up his pending lawsuit with Impact Management.

Second Match: LAX w/Konnan vs. The Heavenly Bodies

Santana and Justin will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Justin applies a wrist lock. Santana reverses the hold. Standing Switch Exchange. Santana with a Crossbody Block. Santana is lighting up Justin’s chest. Santana ducks a clothesline from Justin. Santana lands a deep arm-drag. Santana applies an arm-bar. Justin is trying to create separation. LAX with a SuperKick/STO Combination. Santana delivers a MoonSault off Ortiz back. LAX are double teaming Dustin. Santana with a High Leg Kick. Ortiz follows that with a DDT. Dustin kicks Santana in the jaw. Justin clotheslines Ortiz on the ring apron.

Dustin clotheslines Santana over for the top rope. Justin with a Body Avalanche. Dustin with a single leg dropkick. Dustin transitions into a ground and pound attack. Dustin stomps on Ortiz chest. Dustin tags in Justin. Heavenly Bodies are cutting the ring in half. Ortiz dives over Dustin. Ortiz launches Justin out of the ring. Ortiz tags in Santana. Santana with a Pump Kick. Santana with a Running Knee. Santana nails Justin with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick.

Dustin reverses out of the irish whip from Santana. LAX with a Reverse DDT/SitOut PowerBomb Combination. LAX with a SpringBoard MoonSault/Leg Drop for a two count. Justin pulls Ortiz out of the ring. Dustin kicks Santana in the gut. Santana with a low bridge that sends Dustin to the ramp. Justin attacks Santana from behind. Dustin with a Diving Splash for a two count. Dustin places Santana on the top turnbuckle. Dustin tags in Justin. Ortiz PowerBombs Dustin. Justin goes for a SuperPlex, but LAX counters with The Street Sweeper to pickup the victory.

Winner: LAX via Pinfall 

Tessa Blanchard & Taya Valkyrie Backstage Segment: 

– LAX runs into Matt Sydal & Ethan Page. Sydal is not afraid of Konnan or LAX. Sydal has his third eye set on the Impact World Tag Team Titles. Konnan says that Sydal and Page may be consuming to many mushrooms. Konnan appreciates the bravado. Santana calls Sydal and Page scrubs.

– Willie Mack challenges Rich Swann to a match.

– Very cool Fenix video package.

McKenzie Mitchell Backstage Interview with Moose and Killer Kross

Third Match: Gama Singh vs. Rohit Raju 

Singh repeatedly shoves Raju after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Singh applies a side headlock. Singh grapples around Raju. Raju is livid. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Singh tugs on Raju’s hair. Singh kicks Raju in the gut. Singh rakes the eyes of Raju. Raju avoids a big haymaker. Raju refuses to fight his mentor. Singh tells Raju to bring it. Singh slaps Raju in the face. Brand new Desi Hit Squad member attacks Raju from behind which causes the disqualification. After the match, Raju is on the receiving end of a Fireman’s Carry GutBuster. Singh gives Raju a big hug. The crowd inside the Melrose Ballroom are left confused.

Winner: Rohit Raju via Disqualification 

McKenzie Mitchell Backstage Interview with Johnny Impact 

– Send your video auditions to

Fourth Match: Moose & Killer Kross vs. KM & Fallah Bahh 

Moose and KM will start things off. Moose slaps KM in the face. KM responds with rapid fire haymakers. KM drops Moose with a shoulder tackle. KM dropkicks Moose. KM transitions into a ground and pound attack. KM is fired up. Moose rakes the eyes of KM. Moose tags in Kross. KM with a double leg takedown to Kross. KM applies a rear chin lock. Intense striking exchange in the center of the ring. KM drives Kross back first into the turnbuckles. KM tags in Bahh. Bahh levels Kross with a Body Avalanche. Bahh follows that with a Flying Clothesline Splash. Bahh plays to the crowd. KM and Bahh steamrolls through Kross. Double Shoulder Tackle to Moose. Bahh is running the ropes. Bahh chokes Moose with his foot. KM lands a SomerSault Plancha.

Kross back is busted open. Bahh with a Diving Clothesline off the ring apron. Bahh unloads Two Body Avalanches. Moose attacks Bahh from behind. Bahh punches Moose. Kross clotheslines Bahh. Kross tags in Moose. Moose starts teeing off on Bahh. Moose with a collection of knife edge chops. Moose calls Bahh a fat piece of shit. Bahh responds with rapid fire bodyshots. Moose with a Pump Kick to Bahh. Bahh drops Moose with a Running Crossbody Block. Moose bites the forehead of Bahh. Moose tags in Kross. Moose and Kross are cutting the ring in half.

Kross with clubbing knee strikes. Kross is playing mind games with KM. Kross locks in The Cross ArmBreaker. Bahh crawls to the bottom rope to create separation. Kross tags in Moose. Following a snap mare takeover, Moose kicks Bahh in the back. Moose has no love for the New York Crowd. Bahh is displaying his fighting spirit. Bahh walks into forearms from Moose. Bahh with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Moose tags in Kross. Kross knocks KM off the ring apron. Kross goes for a Running Lariat, but Bahh counters with a Samoan Drop. Eddie Edwards chokes Moose with a Kendo Stick. Edwards brings Moose to the backstage area. Bahh tags in KM. Kross sends Bahh shoulder first to the steel ring post. Kross applies a Cross Jacket Hold which forces KM to pass out.

Winner: Moose & Killer Kross via Submission 

– This weeks GWN Flashback Moment of the Week is Main Event Mafia Members Kevin Nash & Sting vs. AJ Styles & Samoa Joe.

– Independent Wrestling Star Jordynne Grace will be joining the Knockouts Division.

Fifth Match: Kiera Hogan w/Allie vs. Su Yung 

Hogan attacks Yung on the stage. Hogan with rapid fire forearms. Hogan throws Yung back into the ring. Hogan with a Running Forearm Smash in the corner. Hogan follows that with a Running Hip Attack. Hogan with a Sliding Boot. Hogan kicks Yung in the jaw. Hogan with a Flying Hurricanrana. Hogan drops Yung with a High Leg Kick for a two count. Yung ducks a clothesline from Hogan. Yung whips Hogan off the top rope. Yung repeatedly stomps on Hogan’s chest. Yung gets Hogan tied in the tree of woe. Yung with rapid fire soccer kicks to the back.

Yung connects with a Draping NeckBreaker for a two count. Yung brings out the Mandible Claw. Hogan with three forearm shivers. Hogan fires up with two flying back elbow strikes. Yung kicks Hogan in the chest. Hogan PowerBombs Yung for a two count. Yung launches Hogan to the stage. Yung with an open palm strike. Yung goes for The Panic Switch, but Allie gets in the way. Allie runs for her life. Hogan is displaying her fighting spirit. Yung hits a Draping Pedigree. Yung plants Hogan with The Panic Switch to pickup the victory.

Winner: Su Yung via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: Johnny Impact (c) vs. Fenix For The IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship 

Feeling out process. Test of strength. Fenix applies a waist lock. Fenix transitions into a full nelson lock. Fenix goes for a German Suplex, but Impact blocks it. Impact applies a wrist lock. Impact with a waist lock go-behind. Double Leapfrog. Impact SuperKicks Fenix. Impact avoids The HandSpring Cutter. Impact slips over Fenix back. Dueling chants from the New York faithful. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Chain grappling exchange. Fenix with a HeadScissors Neck Lock. This leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Fenix and Impact are trading back and forth shots. Fenix launches Impact to the stage. Aerial chess game. Fenix with Running SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a two count. Impact fires back with a BackStabber/Side Russian Leg Sweep Combination. Impact nails Fenix with the Impact Kick.

Coming out of the commercial break, Fenix rolls Impact over for a two count. Impact locks in a Crippler CrossFace. Impact transitions into a rear chin lock. Fenix gets back to a vertical base. Impact with a SpringBoard Kick. Impact kicks Fenix in the jaw. Impact monkey flips Fenix to the top turnbuckle. Fenix with a SpringBoard Hurricanrana for a two count. Fenix plays to the crowd. Impact with a Standing Spanish Fly for a two count. Fenix with a school boy rollup for a two count. Impact drives Fenix back first into the turnbuckles. Impact unloads a flurry of strikes.

Fenix with a spinning back fist. Fenix with a Snap German Suplex for a two count. Impact with a single leg dropkick. Impact delivers the Shining Wizard. Impact with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Impact goes for The Countdown to Impact, but Fenix ducks out of the way. Impact hits The Moonlight Drive for a two count. Fenix fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Fenix with a SpringBoard HeadButt. Fenix follows that with a SpringBoard Spinning Heel Kick.

Fenix with another SpringBoard HeadButt for a two count. Fenix with a Roll Through Forearm Smash. Fenix places Impact on the top turnbuckle. Impact kicks Fenix in the face. Impact goes for a Tornado DDT, but Fenix lands back on his feet. Fenix with a SpringBoard Back Kick. Impact negates The Fire Thunder Driver. Impact with a Shining Wizard. Impact connects with The Starship Pain to pickup the victory. After the match, The OGz blindsides Fenix. Pentagon Jr storms into the ring with a steel chair to save his brother. The show ends with Killer Kross putting down Johnny Impact.

Winner: Still IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Impact via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez