Lucha Underground Results (10/24): Seven To Survive

Lucha Underground Results (10/24)

Lucha Underground
October 24, 2018
The Temple
Boyle Heights, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez  

First Match: King Cuerno vs. Big Bad Steve w/Famous B vs. Jake Strong vs. Dante Fox vs. PJ Black vs. Aerostar vs. Hernandez in a 7-Way Elimination Match For The Vacated Gift Of The Gods Championship 

Fox starts things off with Two Pump Kicks. Fox ducks a clothesline from Steve. Steve kicks Fox in the chest. Fox responds with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Fox tosses Hernandez out of the ring. Black kicks Fox in the gut. Fox thrust kicks the midsection of Cuerno. Black goes for a Cutter, but Fox blocks it. Fox with a Flying Double Cutter. Fox delivers a SpringBoard Reverse SomerSault Senton. Fox rolls Hernandez back into the ring. Hernandez catches Fox in mid-air. Hernandez goes for a PowerBomb, but Fox lands back on his feet. Fox dropkicks Hernandez. Hernandez responds with a Body Avalanche. Fox negates The Razor’s Edge. Fox with a Backslide Cover to score the first pinfall of the match. Hernandez is officially eliminated. Coming out of the commercial break, Fox is getting destroyed. Cuerno chucks Aerostar out of the ring.

Strong bounces Fox’s head on the announce table. Strong punches Fox in the face. All hell is breaking loose in the temple. Cuerno with a Ushigoroshi. Black and Steve are trading back and forth shots. Aerostar with a Flying Hurricanrana off the steel guard rail. Strong catches Fox in mid-air. Strong BuckleBombs Fox into a wall. Black rolls Steve back into the ring. Famous B stops Black in his tracks. Black low blows Famous B. Steve delivers multiple monkey wrench shots. Black kicks Steve in the family jewels. Black side steps Strong into the turnbuckles. Black with a SpringBoard Forearm Smash. Black with a SpringBoard MoonSault for a two count. Black rams his shoulders into the midsection of Strong. Black with a sunset flip for a two count. Strong with The Ankle Lock which forces Black to tap out. PJ Black is officially eliminated.

Haymaker exchange in the center of the ring. Steve drops Strong with a Running Boot. Fox dives over Steve. Steve with a Saito Suplex. Aerostar is surveying the playing field. Steve applies a Full Nelson Lock. Cuerno slaps Aerostar in the chest. Steve with a Pop Up Cutter. Cuerno dropkicks Aerostar. Steve talks smack to Cuerno. Cuerno blasts Steve with a palm strike. Cuerno tells Steve to bring it. Cuerno with a High Leg Lariat. Cuerno with a Bicycle Knee Strike. Cuerno is lighting up Steve chest. Steve launches Cuerno to the ring apron. Cuerno with a Leaping Enzuigiri. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Drago brings a forklift to the ringside area. Aerostar with a Super Crossbody Block off the forklift. Big Bad Steve is officially eliminated. Famous B is livid. Strong targets the back of Aerostar. Strong bodyslams Aerostar. Strong with a Vertical Suplex to Cuerno. Strong stomps on Cuerno’s chest. Strong punches Cuerno in the jaw. Cuerno kicks Strong in the chest. Strong PowerSlams Cuerno for a two count. Strong plays to the crowd.

Strong gets Cuerno trapped in The Ankle Lock. Aerostar with a SpringBoard Meteora. Aerostar ducks a clothesline from Strong. Aerostar with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Aerostar follows that with two hamstring shots. Aerostar with a SpringBoard Trust Fall for a two count. Strong responds with The Ankle Lock which forces Aerostar to tap out. Aerostar is officially eliminated. Strong is trying to break Aerostar’s ankle. Cuerno with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Cuerno with a single leg dropkick. Cuerno helps Aerostar to the backstage area. We’re down to the final three. Cuerno ducks a clothesline from Strong. Cuerno with Two Jumping Knee Strikes. Cuerno tosses Strong out of the ring. Cuerno knocks Fox off the ring apron. Cuerno lands a Suicide Dive. Fox with a SomerSault Plancha off the exit sign. Fox rolls Cuerno back into the ring. Fox with a 450 Splash for a two count. Strong pulls Fox out of the ring. Fox with a Pump Kick. Cuerno levels Strong with Two Bicycle Knee Strikes.

Cuerno connects with The Thrill Of The Hunt for a two count. Cuerno with a Nasty SurfBoard Stretch. Cuerno slaps Fox in the chest. Fox side steps Cuerno into the turnbuckles. Strong delivers The Savage Bomb for a two count. Fox with a Roll Through Senton. Fox follows that with a SpringBoard Cutter for a two count. Fox goes for a Swanton Bomb, but Strong gets his knees up in the air. Fox is favoring his back. Single Leg Dropkick Exchange. Slugfest inside the temple. Cuerno and Fox with a Step Up Enzuigiri/Bicycle Knee Strike Combination. Fox kicks Cuerno in the jaw. Cuerno with a Big Boot. Fox responds with an Avalanche Spanish Fly. Fox plants Cuerno with The Fox Catcher. King Cuerno is officially eliminated. Fox knocks Strong off the ring apron. Fox and Strong are brawling on the floor. Fox with an Modified 619. Fox with a Missile Dropkick off the apron. Fox SuperKicks Strong. Fox with the cover for a two count. Fox with rapid fire forearm smashes. Fox has Strong perched on the top turnbuckle. Strong negates The Standing Enzuigiri. Fox goes for a double leg takedown, but Strong counters with The Ankle Lock to pickup the victory. After the match, Strong snaps the ankle of Fox.

Winner: New Gift Of The Gods Champion, Jake Strong via Submission 

Updated Ultima Lucha Cuatro Match Card: 

– The Reptile Tribe (c) vs. The Rabbit Tribe vs. XO Lishus, Ivelisse and Sammy Guevara in 3-Way Trios Elimination Match For The Lucha Underground Trios Championship

– The Mack vs. Mil Muertes in a Death Match

– El Dragon Azteca Jr vs. Fenix in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match

– Johnny Mundo vs. Matanza

– Killshot vs. Son Of Havoc in a Mask vs. Mask Match

– Taya Valkyrie vs. Ricky Mundo

– Marty The Moth Martinez (c) vs. Pentagon Dark in a Cero Miedo Match For The Lucha Underground Championship

Johnny Mundo, Aerostar and Drago Segment: 

The show ends with Johnny Mundo talking to Aerostar. Matanza slaughtered his friends and attacked his wife. Mundo will be preparing Matanza’s funeral. If Mundo fights Matanza alone he’ll be another sacrifice to the gods. Drago joins the conversation. Drago is Aerostar’s oldest friend. Drago gives Mundo The Destructive Glove. Mundo enters a mythical trance. Mundo is finally ready to fight Matanza.

Author: Josh Lopez