WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/4): The Usos vs. Rusev Day vs. Sanity

WWE SmackDown Live Results (9/4)

WWE SmackDown Live
September 4, 2018
Little Caesars Arena
Detroit, Michigan

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, Andrade Cien Almas and Zelina Vega In-Ring Segment: 

First Match: Daniel Bryan w/Brie Bella vs. Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega 

Feeling out process after the bell rings. Bryan with a side headlock takeover. Almas transitions into a headscissors neck lock. Bryan applies a wrist lock. Almas kicks Bryan in the gut. Almas applies a side headlock. Almas drops Bryan with a shoulder tackle. Bryan leapfrogs over Almas. Bryan goes for a Hip Toss, but Almas blocks it. Bryan repeatedly kicks the left shoulder of Almas. Bryan delivers an arm-wringer. Bryan goes for The YES! Lock, but Almas grabs the bottom rope to create separation. Almas is throwing forearms at Bryan. Bryan uppercuts Almas. Almas responds with a Discus Elbow Smash for a two count. Almas locks in an Roped Assisted Arm-Bar. Almas sends Bryan crashing to the outside.

Almas blasts Bryan with a knife edge chop. Almas rolls Bryan back into the ring. Almas with the cover for a two count. Almas goes for a Leaping Knee Strike, but Bryan ducks out of the way. Almas dropkicks Bryan in mid-air. Almas with the lateral press for a two count. Almas applies a wrist lock. Almas kicks Bryan in the chest. Bryan launches Almas over the top rope. Bryan lands a Suicide Dive. Bryan and Almas are trading back and forth shots.

Almas unloads an Open Hand Chop. Almas repeatedly stomps on Bryan’s chest. Quick knife edge chop exchange. Almas drives his knee into the midsection of Bryan. Almas with a Forearm Shiver in the corner. Bryan dives over Almas. Bryan ducks a clothesline from Almas. Bryan with a Running Lariat. Bryan plays to the crowd. Bryan with a Corner Dropkick to Almas. Bryan with a series of YES! Kicks. Bryan goes for a Top Rope Hurricanrana, but Almas rolls him over for a two count. Almas locks in The Fujiwara Arm-Bar.

Coming out of the commercial break, Almas bodyslams Bryan. Bryan has Almas perched on the top turnbuckle. Bryan gets Almas tied in the tree of woe. Almas is on the receiving end of more YES! Kicks. Bryan with a Low Dropkick. Bryan goes for an Avalanche Saito Suplex, but Almas blocks it. Almas with a Double Rotation MoonSault for a two count. Bryan is displaying his fighting spirit. Almas whips Bryan neck first across the turnbuckles. Almas connects with a ShotGun Meteora. Almas goes for The HammerLock DDT, but Bryan blocks it. Bryan kicks Almas in the back of the head. Bryan plants Almas with The Running Knee to pickup the victory. After the match, Brie Bella drops Veg with a Leg Lariat. Brie follows that with a Running Knee Strike.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via Pinfall 

The Miz & Maryse Promo: 

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Backstage Segment: 

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Exclusive Interview: 

Second Match: Naomi vs. Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay 

Naomi starts things off with a series of forearms. The referee is trying to calm down Naomi. Royce slaps Naomi in the face. Royce attacks Naomi from behind. Royce transitions into a ground and pound attack. Royce unloads multiple gut punches. Royce rams her knee across Naomi’s back. Billie Kay is running interference.

Royce talks smack to Naomi. Naomi dodges a leg lariat from Royce. Naomi with a Sliding Boot to Kay. Naomi rams her shoulders into the midsection of Royce. Naomi with a Sunset Flip Cover to pickup the victory. After the match, The Iconics starts double teaming Naomi. Asuka storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: Naomi via Pinfall 

Jeff Hardy Promo: 

Paige, The Miz and Maryse Backstage Segment: 

Samoa Joe & AJ Styles In-Ring Segment: 

R-Truth, Carmella and Tye Dillinger Backstage Segment: 

Randy Orton Promo: 

Third Match: Rusev Day w/Lana vs. The Usos vs. Sanity in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match 

Eric Young and Jimmy Uso will start things off. Young kicks Jimmy in the gut. Young with clubbing blows to Jimmy’s back. Young whips Jimmy to the corner. Jimmy dives over Young. Jimmy lands a deep arm-drag. Jimmy applies an arm-bar. Rusev tags himself in. Young is pissed. Rusev throws Young back into the ring. Jimmy with the cover for a two count. Jimmy applies a wrist lock. Young drops Jimmy with a big haymaker. English tags himself in. English attacks Young from behind. Rusev Day are double teaming Jimmy. Rusev with a Big Boot for a two count.

Coming out of the commercial break, Rusev Day are cutting the ring in half. Jimmy uppercuts English. Jimmy follows that with a knife edge chop. Jimmy with a Corner Spear to English. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey with a Leaping Forearm Smash for a two count. Jey bodyslams English for a two count. Jey unloads a brutal chop. Killian Dain clotheslines Jey on the floor. Dain rolls Jey back into the ring. Sanity with a BackBreaker/Diving Fist Drop Combination for a two count. Young is putting the boots to Jey. Dain with a Fisherman’s Suplex for a two count. Dain locks in The Cravate. Jey gets back to a vertical base. Dain is mauling Jey in the center of the ring.

Dain goes back to the cravate. Rusev is trying to pump up Jey. Jey is throwing haymakers at Dain. Dain blasts Jey with a ShotGun Dropkick. Dain tags in Young. Young with a Cactus Elbow Drop. Coming out of the commercial break, Jey finally tags in Jimmy. Jimmy fires up with multiple clotheslines. Young blocks a thrust kick from Jimmy. Jimmy decks Young with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Jimmy plays to the crowd. Jimmy hits The Running Stinkface. Jimmy goes for a Samoan Drop, but Young lands back on his feet. Young shoves Jimmy into the ropes.

Rusev made a blind tag. Rusev with Two Leg Lariats. Rusev follows that with a Spin Kick. Rusev knocks Alexander Wolfe off the ring apron. Rusev tags in Jey. Rusev with a NeckBreaker to Young. Jey lands The Uso Splash for a two count. Dain responds with The Divide. Dain clotheslines Jimmy. Jey SuperKicks Dain. Jey takes out Sanity with a Top Rope Plancha. Rusev goes for a Suicide Dive, but Jimmy counters with a straight right hand. English connects with a DDT on the apron. Young rolls Rusev over for a two count. Rusev clocks Young with The Machka Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Rusev Day via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: The Miz w/Maryse vs. R-Truth w/Carmella 

Truth chases Miz around the ringside area. Truth ducks a clothesline from Miz. Truth delivers a Hip Toss. Carmella moonwalks on the apron. Truth with a Leg Drop for a two count. Truth transitions into a Corner Mount. Truth with a SpineBuster to Miz. Truth with a ground and pound attack. Miz reverses out of the irish whip from Truth. Miz drops Truth with a High Knee Lift. Miz with a Running Boot for a two count. Miz applies a rear chin lock. Truth gets back to a vertical base. Truth is throwing haymakers at Miz. Miz with a Neck/Back Breaker Combination for a two count. Miz mocks Carmella.

Miz stomps on Truth’s back. Miz drives his knee into Truth’s back. Miz goes back to the rear chin lock. Truth with shots to the midsection of Miz. Miz whips Truth to the corner. Miz unloads clubbing IT! Kicks. Miz with a Corner Dropkick to Truth. Miz follows that with The Awesome Clothesline. Miz with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike. Miz delivers more IT! Kicks. Miz goes for a Leg Lariat, but Truth rolls him over for a two count. Truth kicks Miz in the jaw. Truth fires up with multiple clotheslines.

Truth drops Miz with a Spinning Elbow Strike. Truth lands a Stinger Splash. Truth goes for The Scissors Kick, but Miz ducks out of the way. Miz takes out the left knee of Truth. Miz hits The Implant DDT for a two count. Miz signals for The Running Knee. Truth with a Spinning Leg Lariat for a two count. Truth does a split. Miz chop blocks Truth. Miz goes for The Figure Four Leg Lock, but Truth counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Miz levels Truth with a Big Boot.

Miz poses for the crowd. Miz flaps his wings. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella makes their way down the ringside area. Miz goes for The Skull Crushing Finale, but Truth rolls him over to pickup the victory. After the match, Daniel Bryan immediately attacks Miz. Bryan is punching Miz in the face. Bryan locks in The YES! Lock. Brie rolls Maryse into the ring. Brie with a Big Boot. Brie goes for a Running Knee Strike, Zelina Vega drags her out of the ring. Vega unloads a big haymaker. Andrade Cien Almas runs Bryan into the steel ring steps. The shows ends with The Danielson’s applying Stereo YES! Locks.

Winner: R-Truth via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez