Lucha Underground Results (9/5): Pentagon Dark vs. Hernandez

Lucha Underground Results (9/5)

Lucha Underground
September 5, 2018
The Temple
Boyle Heights, California

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Catrina, Melissa Santos, Mil Muertes, Aerostar and Fenix Segment: 

Catrina has had enough of Mil Muertes. Catrina engages in a big brawl with Melissa Santos. Santos puts Catrina’s head through a window. Catrina throws a steel chain at Santos. Catrina starts running away. Santos is pissed. Santos applies a sleeper hold. Both ladies are knocked down after a double leg kick. Santos throws water at Catrina. Catrina gets Santos trapped in The Cross ArmBreaker. Catrina says that Fenix didn’t love Santos.

Fenix helped Catrina get her life back in order. Leather jackets are being removed. The brawl spills to the roof of the temple. Catrina starts choking Santos with a special chain. Santos repeatedly punches Catrina in the face. Muertes gives Catrina something to remember him by. Catrina falls to her death. Santos gives Fenix chain to Aerostar. Aerostar helps resuscitate Fenix. Santos runs into Fenix’s arms.

First Match: Matanza w/Papa Cueto vs. Joey Wrestling 

Joey Wrestling is throwing haymakers at Matanza. Matanza drops Joey Wrestling with a Big Boot. Matanza with clubbing Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Joey Wrestling kicks Matanza in the jaw. Joey Wrestling with multiple forearm shivers. Matanza clotheslines Joey Wrestling. Matanza whips Joey Wrestling to the corner. Matanza delivers a Body Avalanche. Matanza gets Joey Wrestling trapped in a Bear Hug. Joey Wrestling is trying to create separation.

Joey Wrestling side steps Matanza into the turnbuckles. Joey Wrestling with a Death Valley Driver. Joey Wrestling tosses Matanza out of the ring. Joey Wrestling slams Matanza head on the announce table. Joey Wrestling low blows Matanza. Joey Wrestling SuperKicks Matanza. Joey Wrestling kicks Matanza in the gut. Joey Wrestling connects with The Pedigree. Matanza immediately gets back on his feet. Matanza with another Body Avalanche. Matanza plants Joey Wrestling with The Wrath Of The Gods to pickup the victory.

Winner: Matanza via Pinfall 

Second Match: Killshot vs. Big Bad Steve w/Beautiful Brenda 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Steve backs Killshot into the turnbuckles. Killshot kicks the left knee of Steve. Killshot with an ankle trip. Killshot viciously attacks the injured left leg of Steve. Son Of Havoc comes down to the ring with a bucket full of popcorn. Killshot is pissed. Killshot transitions into a ground and pound attack. Havoc is sitting with the believers. Killshot with rapid fire palm strikes. Killshot with a Running Dropkick. Killshot applies an Modified Indian Death Lock. Killshot cranks on the injured knee of Steve. Killshot is lighting up Steve’s chest. Steve tells Killshot to bring it. Killshot obliges with a Spinning Back Fist.

Steve responds with a Snap Saito Suplex. Steve goes for a Pop Up Samoan Drop, but Killshot counters with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp. Killshot unloads Two Pump Kicks. Steve slaps Killshot in the face. Killshot responds with another Pump Kick. Killshot picks up Steve by his nose. Steve ducks a clothesline from Killshot. Steve connects with a Pop Up Cutter. Steve follows that with a SitOut X-Factor for a two count. Steve is throwing haymakers at Killshot. Steve with a brutal chop to Killshot. Steve goes for a SuperPlex, but Killshot lands back on his feet. Killshot gets Steve tied in the tree of woe. Killshot with a Running Double Foot Stomp. Killshot plants Steve with The Kill Stomp to pickup the victory.

Winner: Killshot via Pinfall 

– After the match, Killshot starts exchanging blows with Son Of Havoc. Havoc rips off Killshot’s mask. Killshot runs to the backstage area.

Third Match: Pentagon Dark (c) vs. Hernandez For The Lucha Underground Championship

Pentagon ducks a clothesline from Hernandez. Pentagon unloads multiple leg kicks. Pentagon with a HeadScissors TakeOver that sends Hernandez to the floor. Hernandez avoids a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Pentagon kicks the left hamstring of Hernandez. Pentagon slaps Hernandez in the chest. Pentagon sends Hernandez crashing into a collection of chairs. Pentagon delivers an Open Hand Chop. Pentagon now kicks the right hamstring of Hernandez. Pentagon goes for a Flying Double Foot Stomp, but Hernandez ducks out of the way. Pentagon is throwing forearms at Hernandez. Hernandez with a SlingShot Shoulder Tackle. Hernandez follows that with a Top Rope Plancha. Hernandez plays mind games with the believers. Hernandez with the cover for a two count. Hernandez locks in The Camel Clutch.

Pentagon fires back with more hamstring shots. Hernandez with a Body Avalanche to Pentagon. Hernandez with a Shoulder Breaker. Hernandez blasts Pentagon with a knife edge chop. Pentagon side steps Hernandez into the turnbuckles. Pentagon SuperKicks Hernandez. Pentagon hits The SlingBlade for a two count. Hernandez is trying to catch his breath. Pentagon with Vicious Open Hand Chop in the corner. Pentagon drops Hernandez with a Corner Clothesline. Hernandez kicks Pentagon in the jaw. Pentagon responds with a Running Chop. Hernandez decks Pentagon with The Ear Clap.

Hernandez with a Flying Splash for a two count. Pentagon launches Hernandez to the ring apron. Pentagon with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Hernandez rams his shoulders into the midsection of Pentagon. Hernandez goes for another SlingShot Shoulder Tackle, but Pentagon counters with a SuperKick. Pentagon plants Hernandez with The Pentagon Driver to pickup the victory. After the match, Pentagon has Hernandez in position for The Sacrifice. King Cuerno attacks Pentagon from behind. Cuerno connects with The Thrill Of The Hunt on the Lucha Underground Title.

Winner: Still Lucha Underground Champion, Pentagon Dark via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez