WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/28): Charlotte Flair vs. Carmella

WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/28)

WWE SmackDown Live
August 28, 2018
Scotiabank Arena
Toronto, Cananda

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

The New Day & King Booker In-Ring Segment: 

First Match: The Bar vs. The Colons vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in a Triple Threat Match

Sheamus and Anderson will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Sheamus with a side headlock takeover. Anderson responds with a headscissors escape. Anderson applies a side headlock. Sheamus drops Anderson with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus poses for the crowd. Anderson dropkicks the left knee of Sheamus. Anderson follows that with a Sliding Boot for a two count. Sheamus brings Anderson to the corner. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. Cesaro kicks Anderson in the gut. Cesaro uppercuts Anderson. Anderson reverses out of the irish whip from Cesaro. Cesaro kicks Anderson in the jaw. Anderson with a single leg dropkick for a one count. Anderson applies a wrist lock. Anderson tags in Gallows. Gallows kicks Cesaro in the ribs. Gallows delivers multiple bodyshots. Gallows with a Vertical Suplex for a one count. Gallows with a clubbing blow to Cesaro’s back. The Good Brothers are double teaming Cesaro.

Cesaro creates distance with an european uppercut. Primo tags himself in. Anderson lands a deep arm-drag. Anderson applies an arm-bar. Primo drives his knee into the midsection of Anderson. Primo blasts Anderson with a knife edge chop. Anderson goes for a sunset flip, but Primo tags in Epico. The Colons with Stereo Leg Kicks for a two count. Epico is throwing haymakers at Anderson. Epico goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Anderson counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Anderson with a Back Elbow Strike. Primo whips Anderson to the corner. Anderson side steps Epico into the turnbuckles. Anderson hits The Hi-Yah Kick. Primo is running interference. Epico sends Anderson crashing to the outside.

Epico tags in Primo. Primo clotheslines Anderson on the floor. Primo rolls Anderson back into the ring. Primo with a SlingShot Senton. Primo follows that with a Basement Dropkick. Primo locks in The Cobra Clutch. The Colons are cutting the ring in half. Epico with multiple jabs across the chin of Anderson. Epico with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. The Bar with Stereo Thrust Kicks for a two count. Cesaro applies a rear chin lock. Anderson gets back to a vertical base. Anderson with a Belly to Back Suplex. Primo tags himself in. Cesaro argues with Primo. Anderson and Primo are trading back and forth shots. Primo with a Swinging FlatLiner for a two count. Primo goes for a Wrecking Ball Dropkick, but Anderson ducks out of the way.

Coming out of the commercial break, The Bar starts brawling with The Colons. Sheamus with a Corner Spear to Anderson. The Bar connects with their BackBreaker/Diving Elbow Drop Combination for a two count. Sheamus gets Anderson trapped in a Canadian BackBreaker Rack. Anderson drops Sheamus with a NeckBreaker. Cesaro and Gallows are tagged in. Gallows fires up with multiple clotheslines. Gallows levels Cesaro with a Body Avalanche. Gallows rocks Cesaro with a Leg Lariat. Gallows follows that with a Big Boot to Epico. Gallows with a PumpHandle Slam. Gallows lands The Nerd Splash for a two count.

Cesaro kicks Gallows in the jaw. Primo tags himself in. Primo attacks Cesaro from behind. Primo goes for a Flying Clothesline, but Cesaro counters with a SuperKick for a two count. Anderson with a SpineBuster to Sheamus. The Good Brothers with a Belly to Back Suplex/NeckBreaker Combination. The Good Brothers goes for The Magic Killer, but Epico counters with a BackStabber. Gallows knocks Sheamus off the ring apron. The Colons with Stereo BackStabbers to Gallows. Cesaro made a blind tag. Cesaro with a Running European Uppercut to Epico. Sheamus takes out Primo with a Brogue Kick. Cesaro goes on to steal the victory.

Winner: The Bar via Pinfall 

Paige & Rusev Day Backstage Segment: 

– Next week on SmackDown Live, it will be Rusev Day vs. Sanity vs. The Usos in a Triple Threat Match.

Jeff Hardy & Randy Orton In-Ring Segment: 

Carmella Backstage Interview: 

Second Match: Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce vs. Naomi 

Naomi dropkicks Billie. Naomi follows that with a Leg Drop for a two count. Naomi is rag dolling Billie. Billie kicks Naomi in the face. Billie slams Naomi’s head on the canvas. Billie transitions into a ground and pound attack for a two count. Billie argues with the referee. Billie paint brushes Naomi. Naomi decks Billie with a JawBreaker. Naomi with a Leg Lariat. Naomi drops Billie with a Spinning Uppercut.

Naomi with a Running Bulldog on the middle turnbuckle pad. Naomi levels Billie with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Peyton Royce hops on the ring apron. Naomi with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Naomi thrust kicks the midsection of Billie. Royce attacks Naomi behind the referee’s back. Billie rolls Naomi over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Billie Kay via Pinfall 

Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella, Andrade Cien Almas, Zelina Vega, and Paige In-Ring Segment: 

Third Match: Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega vs. Daniel Bryan w/Brie Bella 

Test of strength. Bryan applies a wrist lock. Almas with a double leg takedown to Bryan. Almas locks in The Stretch Muffler. Almas floats over into a front facelock. This leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Almas applies a side headlock. Almas drops Bryan with a shoulder tackle. Bryan leapfrogs over Almas. Almas does his signature tranquilo pose. Bryan responds with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Bryan rolls Almas back into the ring. Almas drives his knee into the midsection of Bryan. Almas with a Draping NeckBreaker/Lariat for a two count.

Almas with a Knee Lift to Bryan. Almas gets Bryan trapped in a Gory Special. Bryan rolls Almas over for a one count. Almas with a nasty palm strike. Clubbing chop exchange in the corner. Bryan fires with YES! Kicks. Bryan with a Corner Dropkick. Almas responds with a Running Knee Strike. Bryan sends Almas crashing to the outside. Bryan with a Flying Knee Strike off the ring apron. Bryan dives over Almas. Almas rocks Bryan with a Discus Elbow Smash for a two count. Almas with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Almas transitions into a ground and pound attack.

Almas applies an arm-bar. Bryan ducks a clothesline from Almas. Bryan with a Leaping Lariat. Bryan unloads another set of YES! Kicks. Almas dodges a leg lariat from Bryan. Bryan launches Almas to the ring apron. Coming out of the commercial break, Almas locks in a Roped Assisted Arm-Bar. Almas with the cover for a two count. Bryan has Almas perched on the top turnbuckle. Bryan connects with an Avalanche Butterfly Suplex. The Miz and Maryse makes their way to the ringside area. Almas attacks Bryan from behind. Bryan lands a Suicide Dive.

Bryan with a ground and pound attack to Miz. Almas wipes out Bryan with a Twisting Crossbody Block. Almas with a Tornado Reverse DDT for a two count. Almas goes for a MoonSault, but Bryan gets his knees up in the air. Bryan applies The YES! Lock. Vega hops on the ring apron to distract the referee. Brie clocks Vega with a big haymaker. Maryse runs Brie into the steel ring post. Miz blindsides Bryan to cause the disqualification. After the match, Almas plants Bryan with The HammerLock DDT. Vega with a ShotGun Meteora to Brie. Miz gets Bryan trapped in The IT! Lock. Maryse drops Brie with a DDT. Miz wraps this sequence with a Skull Crushing Finale.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via Disqualification 

AJ Styles & Samoa Joe In-Ring Segment: 

Shinsuke Nakamura Selfie Promo: 

Fourth Match: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Carmella For The WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Quick standing switch exchange. Charlotte with a waist lock takedown. Charlotte maintains waist control. Carmella decks Charlotte with a Back Elbow Smash. Carmella rolls Charlotte over for a two count. Charlotte ducks a clothesline from Carmella. Charlotte with a bridging cover for a two count. Carmella tugs on Charlotte’s hair. Carmella applies a side headlock. Carmella with a early cover for a one count. Carmella bounces Charlotte’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Carmella goes back to the side headlock. Charlotte with an Exploder Suplex. Charlotte ascends to the top turnbuckle. Carmella sends Charlotte crashing into the ringside barricade.

Carmella lands a Suicide Dive. Carmella rolls Charlotte back into the ring. Carmella with the lateral press for a two count. Carmella drives her elbow into Charlotte’s chest. Carmella applies a rear chin lock. Carmella mocks Charlotte. Charlotte gets back to a vertical base. Charlotte with a Belly to Back Suplex. Carmella is throwing forearms at Charlotte. Charlotte responds with Flair family chops. Carmella with a snap mare takeover. Carmella dropkicks Charlotte. Carmella with a straight right had to Charlotte. Carmella kicks Charlotte in the chest. Charlotte turns a Diving Crossbody Block into an pinning combination for a two count.

Charlotte goes for a Spear, but Carmella counters with a Big Boot. Carmella connects with a FlatLiner for a two count. Carmella is displaying her frustration. Charlotte goes for an Avalanche PowerBomb, but Carmella counters with an FrankenSteiner for a two count. Carmella with clubbing blows to back of Charlotte. Carmella slaps Charlotte in the face. Carmella is breaking down in the center of the ring. Carmella fights out of The Figure Eight.

Carmella delivers Two SuperKicks for a two count. Charlotte continues to kick out of a series of pinning combinations. Carmella goes for a SuperKick, but Charlotte counters with a Spear. Charlotte connects with The Natural Selection. Charlotte locks in The Figure Eight which forces Carmella to tap out. After the match, Becky Lynch attacks Charlotte behind. Becky transitions into a long ground and pound attack. Becky wants a microphone. Becky says time is ticking bitch. Becky declares that she’ll become SmackDown Women’s Champion at Hell in a Cell.

Winner: Still WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair via Submission 

Author: Josh Lopez