WWE 205 Live Results – July 25, 2017

WWE 205 Live
July 25, 2017
Richmond Coliseum
Richmond, Virginia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Ariya Daivari vs. Neville 

Akira Tozawa joins the commentary team for this match. Lot’s of stalling after the bell rings. Daivari drops Neville with a Big boot. Daivari drives Neville back first to the barricade. Daivari talks smack to the Richmond Crowd. Daivari sends Neville shoulder first to the steel ring post. Daivari rolls Neville back into the ring. Daivari with a Frog Splash for a two count. Daivari goes for a Hammer Lock Lariat, but Neville counters with a SuperKick.

Neville follows that with a Basement Dropkick. Neville ascends to the top turnbuckle. Neville connects with a Missile Dropkick that sends Daivari out of the ring. Neville drags Daivari right afront of Tozawa. Neville bounces Daivari’s head on the announce table. Neville talks smack to Tozawa. Daivari shoves Neville into Tozawa. Daivari rolls himself back into the ring before the count of ten, so Neville is officially counted out. After the match, Neville and Tozawa needs to be separated by the referee’s.

Winner: Ariya Daivari via CountOut 

– We get a video package on the Mustafa Ali/Drew Gulak 2 out of 3 Falls Match. 

THE Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher In-Ring Segment: 

Second Match: Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs. TJ Perkins & Tony Nese 

Swann and Nese will start things off. Collar and elbow tie up. Nese poses in the middle of the ring. Swann applies a side headlock. Swann goes for a shoulder tackle, but Nese stands still. Nese drops Swann with a running shoulder block. Nese leapfrogs over Swann. Swann SomerSaults over Nese. Swann dropkicks Nese for a two count. Swann applies an arm-bar. Swann tags in Alexander. Nese with a wrist lock takedown. Alexander responds with a leg sweep for a one count. Nese backs himself in the corner. Alexander uppercuts Nese. Alexander tags in Swann. Alexander and Swann connects with a Double Hip Toss. Swann goes for the cover, but Nese kicks out at the count of two. Swann kicks Nese in the back. TJP is tagged in. Alexander applies an arm-bar. TJP responds with a leg scissors hold. TJP dabs in the middle of the ring. TJP goes for a belly to belly suplex, but Alexander gets back on his feet. Alexander connects with a leg scissors takeover. Alexander follows that with a dropkick. Alexander tosses Nese out of the ring. Alexander and Swann connects with Stereo Dives to the outside. Alexander applies a half nelson chin lock. TJP shows off his athleticism.

TJP attacks Alexander from behind. TJP tags in Nese. Nese repeatedly stomps on the chest of Alexander. Nese rolls Alexander back into the ring. Nese connects with a Leg Drop for a one count. Nese drives his knee to the gut of Alexander. Nese has Alexander tied in the tree woe. Nese is doing ab crushers in the corner. Nese continues to ground Alexander. Nese with inside cradle for a two count. Nese goes into a ground and pound attack. Nese tags in TJP. TJP rams his boot across the face of Alexander. TJP applies a rear chin lock. Alexander gets back to a vertical base. TJP connects with a SpringBoard Forearm Strike for a two count. TJP applies an arm-bar. TJP goes for the Detonation Kick, but Alexander counters with a back elbow strike. Swann and Nese are tagged in. Swann lands a series of clothesline. Swann connects with a Sunset Flip Leg Drop.

Swann follows that with a Standing FrogSplash for a two count. Swann and Nese are trading back and fort shots. Swann drops Nese with a leg lariat. Alexander and TJP are tagged in. Alexander lands another roaring elbow strike. Alexander plants TJP with a Standing Spanish Fly for a two count. Swann lands a series of knife edge chops. Nese drags Swann out of the ring. Nese dumps Swann’s face on the announce table. Alexander knocks Nese off the ring apron. TJP plants Alexander with a GutBuster for a one count. TJP goes for the Detonation Kick, but Alexander counters with the HandSpring Enziguri for a two count. Alexander goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Nese trips him in mid-air. TJP rolls Alexander over to pickup the victory.

Winner: TJ Perkins & Tony Nese via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez