WWE RAW Results – June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017
The Ford Center
Evansville, Indiana

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe In-Ring Segment: 

The WWE Universe will either like this or not. Roman Reigns can’t be defeated one on one. It’s the truth. Ask Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins? Reigns put Braun Strowman out of commission. Don’t forget that he main evented his third consecutive WrestleMania in a row. That’s where he retired the Undertaker. Reigns respects Taker and Taker respects him since he beat him. At SummerSlam, Roman Reigns challenges the winner of the Samoa Joe/Brock Lesnar Universal Title Match 

Why’s that the case? Well, this is his yard and he makes the rules around here. Samoa Joe comes out to interrupt Reigns. Joe couldn’t have helped to noticed the the fact that Reigns forgot to mention his name. Joe was offended, but then Roman had to make a case for his announcement. Reigns mentioned this long list of people he’s defeated over the years, but Reigns never defeated Samoa Joe.

Let Joe please reintroduce himself. He’s the true number one contender and the next Universal Champion. Reigns never thought he would agree with Paul Heyman, but what he said was true. Joe will never be Samoa Joe to him, he’ll be just Joe. Joe HeadButts Reigns. Joe brawls with Reigns at the ringside area. The brawl spills back into the ring. Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Reigns escapes. Reigns connects with the SuperMan Punch that sends Joe out of the ring. 

First Match: The Hardy Boyz vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows 

Anderson and Matt Hardy starts things off. Anderson applies a side headlock. Matt counters with an arm-ringer. Matt tags in Jeff. Jeff with a double axe handle to the wrist of Anderson. Jeff kicks Anderson in the chest. Jeff drives Anderson to the corner and tags in Matt. The Hardy’s connects with a double suplex for a two count. Anderson lands a series of haymakers in the corner. Anderson tags in Gallows. Gallows drops Matt with a Short-Arm Clothesline. Gallows goes for a elbow drop, but Matt ducks out of the way. The Hardy’s with the Poetry in Motion to Gallows. Jeff connects with a running splash for a two count. Gallows sends Jeff to the corner and tags in Anderson. Anderson drops Jeff with a forearm smash. Jeff tries to fight off The Club in the corner. Jeff goes for the Whisper in the Wind, but Anderson swats him away. Gallows drops Jeff with a Big Boot coming out of the commercial break.

Gallows tags in Anderson. Anderson starts isolating the leg of Jeff Hardy. Anderson applies an arm-bar. Jeff gets back to a vertical base. Jeff sends Anderson crashing to the middle turnbuckle. Anderson goes for a back suplex, but Jeff gets back on his feet. Jeff with a basement dropkick to create separation. Gallows makes the blind tag. Gallows knocks Matt off the ring apron. Gallows connects with the Body Avalanche in the corner. Jeff lands two consecutive elbow strikes to Anderson and Gallows. Jeff drops The Club with the Whisper In The Wind. Jeff makes the hot tag to Matt. Matt lands a series of rapid forearm strikes. Matt repeatedly bounces Anderson head on all three turnbuckles in the corner. Matt connects with a double axe handle. Matt plants Anderson with the Side Effect for a two count. Jeff sends Gallows out of the ring. Gallows drops Jeff with a Thrust Kick. Anderson with a rollup from behind for a two count. Gallows distracts Matt behind the referee’s back. Anderson clotheslines Matt. Anderson tags in Gallows. The Club connects with the Boot of Doom for a two count. Jeff drops Anderson on the outside. Jeff makes a blind tag. Matt plants Gallows with the Twist of Fate. Jeff lands the Swanton Bomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz via Pinfall 

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Elias Samson Evansville Concert: 

Second Match: Finn Balor vs. Bo Dallas 

Dallas attacks Balor before the bell rings. Dallas with a running elbow strike to the jaw of Balor. Referee Shawn Bennett tries to create separation. Balor is struggling to get back on his feet. The bell rings and Dallas lands a series of haymakers in the corner. Dallas clotheslines Balor. Dallas rams his knee across the back of Balor neck. Dallas drives Balor back first into the barricade. Dallas follows that with a running knee strike. Dallas rolls Balor back into the ring. Dallas goes for the cover, but Balor kicks out at two.

Dallas applies a rear chin lock. Dallas with a knee to the midsection of Balor. Balor responds with a boot to the jaw of Dallas in the corner. Balor follows that with a Pele Kick. Balor with a spinning thrust kick to Dallas. Balor connects with a series of Slingshot Stomps to the chest of Dallas. Balor clotheslines Dallas over the top rope. Balor with a running Punt Kick from the ring apron. Balor tosses Dallas back first into the barricades in the ringside area. Balor plants Dallas with the SlingBlade. Balor with a Basement Dropkick that sends Dallas crashing to the turnbuckles. Balor connects with the Coupe De Grace to pickup the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor via Pinfall 

– Corey Graves heads to the backstage area to have a conversation with Kurt Angle. 

Corey  Graves goes over his back and forth text exchange with Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle. Enzo and Big Cass storms into Angles office and wants answers. Angle rips Enzo for tweeting at Connor McGregor. Cass tells Angle that he should be focusing on the task in hand instead of tweets. Enzo says that it was The Revival who attacked them. Big Cass feels that The Big Show is responsible for this.  Angle says that he’s going to reveal who attacked Enzo and Big Cass at the conclusion of tonight’s show. 

Seth Rollins & Bray Wyatt In-Ring Segment: 

Today was an awesome day. Rollins grew up playing video games and he loved the sports games. He has the honor to join the crew of cover athletes on video games because he’ll be on the cover of WWE 2K18. It almost didn’t happen. Rollins was given an offer and he accepted it. He bought in and it was everything he could’ve asked for. Rollins won championships and got enough money to fill his house with everything he needed. He couldn’t look in the mirror because he burnt every bridge. However, the WWE Universe gave him a second chance. They allowed him to have a second chance. This cover is not just his cover, it’s our cover. Be Like No One. We’ve all made mistakes, but that doesn’t have to define who we are today, tomorrow or in the future. We get to decide that. Rollins wants to make a promise.

Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron to interrupt Rollins. There goes Rollins contradicting himself again. He talks about how much he’s grown as an individual, but out of the other side of his mouth, all Rollins can talk about is material possessions. He talks about being his own man, but he shills this corporate banner. Bray can feel the struggle in Rollins soul. He’s still conforming. Rollins is doing what these people want him to do. Rollins can wear the clothes of a good honest man, but deep down he’s not that man. Rollins says that he’s not that man, he’s THE Man.

Rollins has been around some of the most egotistical men in the business, but Bray has taken this to a different level. Bray thinks he knows everything, but life doesn’t work that way. Rollins has had a few crazy years. Those people who know him know he was more excited to stand in this ring face to face and toe to toe with an alleged God. Maybe in Bray’s world, he’s a god, but in Rollins world, Bray’s a coward. Anyone who takes his name in vain will be punished. He’s warned Rollins and now it’s time to make a sacrifice. Bray’s here. Bray appears at the ringside area. Rollins drops Bray Wyatt with a Flying Crossbody. 

– Finn Balor was being interviewed by the lovely Charly Caruso. What’s next for Finn Balor? Balor has his sights on regaining the Universal Championship. Balor provides his analysis on the Roman Reigns/Samoa Joe Match. Elias Samson attacks Finn Balor from behind.

Third Match: Akira Tozawa w/Titus O’Neil vs. TJ Perkins 

Tozawa applies a side headlock. TJP gets back to a vertical base and counters with a rear chin lock. TJP somersaults over Tozawa. Tozawa with a quick rollup for a one count. Tozawa connects with an Arm-Drag Takedown. TJP responds with a leg scissors TakeOver. TJP dabs in the middle of the ring. TJP floats over into a cover for a two count. TJP backs Tozawa into the corner. TJP lands a big right hand. Tozawa connects with a hurricanrana. TJP rams his shoulders to the midsection of Tozawa. TJP goes for a sunset flip, but Tozawa blocks it. Tozawa goes for a senton, but TJP gets his knees up in the air. Neville appears on the stage and is here to scout his future opponent, Tozawa. TJP bodyslams Tozawa.

TJP connects with a SlingShot Senton for a two count. TJP applies a rear chin lock. TJP lands a clubbing blow to the back of Tozawa. TJP follows with a Springboard Crossbody for a two count. TJP rams his boot across the face of Tozawa. TJP continues to target the back of Tozawa. Tozawa gets back to a vertical base. Tozawa goes for a German Suplex, but TJP blocks it. Tozawa drops TJP with a Running Pump Kick. Tozawa ascends to the top rope, but TJP rolls out of the ring. Tozawa connects with the Suicide Dive on the outside. Tozawa rolls TJP back into the ring. TJP begs for mercy. TJP side steps Tozawa into the middle turnbuckle. TJP plants Tozawa with a Chicken Wing GutBuster for a two count.

TJP goes for the Detonation Kick, but Tozawa counters with a leg lariat. Tozawa connects with the Time Bomb to pickup the victory. After the match, Neville tells Tozawa to tread carefully. After the match, Titus announces that he and Apollo Crews will face the Tag Team Champions tonight. After Tozawa signs with the Titus Brand, he’ll be the next Cruiserweight Champion. Neville gets on the announce table and he calls Titus a Peasant. Neville already warned Tozawa to tread carefully because if you disrespect the King of the CruiserWeights, you’ll not get the chance to bend the knee, you will be annihilated. Titus doesn’t see a proud king. He sees a scared little boy. The Neville Level will be annihilated by the Power of Tozawa.

Winner: Akira Tozawa via Pinfall 

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The Miz, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas Backstage Segment: 

Fourth Match: Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe 

Reigns and Joe goes into a collar and elbow tie up. Joe backs Reigns into the corner. Joe shoves Reigns. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Reigns applies a side headlock. Reigns goes for a shoulder tackle, but Joe stands still. Reigns talks smack to Joe. Reigns with a right hand to the jaw of Joe. Joe drives his knee to the midsection of Reigns. Reigns drops Joe with a running shoulder tackle. Reigns goes for the SuperMan Punch, but Joe rolls out of the ring. Joe with a elbow strike to the jaw of Reigns. Joe lands a series of jabs in the corner. Reigns fires back with a couple of forearm smashes. Joe with a Standing Enziguri in the corner. Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Reigns rolls out of the ring. Joe urges Reigns to get back into the ring. Joe and Reigns engages in rockers punches. Joe HeadButts Reigns. Joe lands a knife edge chop. Reigns connects with a Samoan Drop. Reigns goes for the Drive By, but Joe sends Reigns back first into the steel ring post. Joe follows that with a running senton. Joe with a snap mare coming out of the commercial break.

Joe kicks Reigns back. Joe lands a elbow drop for a two count. Joe transitions into a ground and pound attack. Joe applies a rear chin lock. Reigns gets back to a vertical base. Joe once again HeadButts Reigns. Joe goes for another senton, but Reigns ducks out of the way. Reigns fires up with a series of clotheslines. Reigns drops Joe with a Big Boot for a two count. Reigns lights up Joe with a flurry of lariats in the corner. Reigns sets up for the SuperMan Punch, but again Joe heads to the floor. Reigns connects with the Drive By. Reigns rolls Joe back into the ring. Reigns goes for the SuperMan Punch, but Joe counters with an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by a running senton. Joe goes for the cover, but Reigns kicks out at two. Joe goes for a Uranage Slam, but Reigns blocks it.

Reigns lands a Deep Arm-Drag. Reigns drops Joe with the SuperMan Punch for a two count. Reigns goes for the Spear, but Joe kicks Reigns in the chest. Joe plants Reigns with the Uranage Slam for a two count. Joe goes for the Coquina Clutch, but Reigns drives Joe into the turnbuckles. Reigns connects with the Spear for a two count as Joe has his boot placed on the bottom rope. Reigns is showing alot of frustration as Joe is regaining stamina on the outside. Joe gets back into the ring at the count of nine. An Ambulance arrives at the Ford Center. It’s Braun Strowman who’s making his return from shoulder surgery. Joe from behind locks in the Coquina Clutch and Reigns passes out. After the match, Strowman comes down to the ring and plants Reigns with the Reverse ChokeSlam. Reigns must have forgot that Strowman isn’t finished with him. Strowman announces that he’ll take on Reigns in an Ambulance Match at the WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV.

Winner: Samoa Joe via Submission 

Miz TV with Special Guest Maryse: 

Miz has two bears with apology signs and a giant present in the center of the ring. Miz has a Miz Bear and a Maryse Bear. They’re the It Couple of the Bear Community. Miz brought her her favorite champagne. Miz says he was wrong. He apologies for breaking the grandfather clock and accidentally knocking Maryse off the ring apron. Miz knows sorry is not enough so that’s why he got her this gift. Maryse opens the present and it’s the repaired grandfather clock. Miz was enhancing it. He was looking at YouTube Videos on how to fix the grandfather clock. Dean Ambrose is trying to get between them.

They have the perfect relationship and the Intercontinental Title. The title is their baby. No one has a stronger bond than them. Miz loves Maryse so much and he’s sorry about what happened. Miz will never put Maryse in harm’s way. The clock is timeless, just like them. Miz asks her to forgive him. Miz and Maryse are about to kiss, but Dean Ambrose on cue interrupts them.

Maryse has champagne spilled on her. Miz apologizes, but Maryse storms to the backstage area. Ambrose goes for the Dirty Deeds, but Miz escapes. Ambrose clotheslines Miz over the top rope. The Miz/Maryse Bears attacks Ambrose from behind. It was revealed that Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas were under the Bear Suits. Miz plants Ambrose with the Skull Crushing Finale. 

Fifth Match: Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus & Cesaro 

Crews and Cesaro starts things off. Cesaro applies a side headlock. Cesaro drops Crews with a shoulder tackle. Crews leapfrogs over Cesaro. Crews connects with a dropkick. Cesaro with a forearm smash. Cesaro follows that up with a European Uppercut in the corner. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. Sheamus lands the rolling senton for a two count. The Hardy Boyz are watching the match from the locker room. Sheamus with a series of clubbing blows to the chest of Crews. Sheamus applies a rear chin lock. Crews gets back to a vertical base. Cesaro and Sheamus repeatedly stomps on Crews chest in the corner.

Cesaro is cutting the ring in half. Cesaro clotheslines Crews for a two count. Cesaro goes back to a rear chin lock. Crews with a Jaw Breaker to Sheamus. Crews drops Cesaro with a Enziguri. Crews makes the tag to Titus. Titus with a series of clotheslines to Cesaro. Titus launches Cesaro to the other side of the ring. Titus with a running body avalanche. Sheamus goes for a flying lariat, but Titus ducks out of the way. Titus lands a big boot. Titus tags in Crews. Crews with a Standing Moonsault for a two count. Sheamus side steps Crews into the middle rope. Cesaro with a Uppercut to Crews behind the referee’s back. Sheamus and Cesaro connects with a White Noise/Diving NeckBreaker Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sheamus & Cesaro via Pinfall 

Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe Video Package: 

Sixth Match: Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax 

Alexa Bliss joins the commentary team for this match. Nia is mauling Sasha in the corner coming out of the commercial break. Nia launches Sasha to the other side of the ring. Sasha connects with a Flying Double Knee Stomp off the Top Turnbuckle. Emma starts talking smack to Bliss. Bliss shoves Emma. Emma is chasing Bliss around the ringside area. Bliss hides behind Nia Jax. Emma accidentally kicks Nia in the gut to cause the disqualification. Sasha gets Nia in a Sleeper Hold. Bliss drives Sasha head to the canvas.

Bliss and Emma are double teaming Sasha. Dana Brooke and Mickie James comes to make the save. Brooke with a series of forearms to Emma in the corner. Nia bodyslams Sasha. Nia goes for a Leg Drop, but Sasha ducks out of the ring. Bayley comes down to the ring. Bayley clotheslines Bliss. Bayley with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex to Bliss. Bayley with a Running Boot to Emma. Nia drives Bayley back first into the turnbuckles. Bayley with a Flying Bulldog to Nia. Mickie and Dana Brooke Dropkicks Nia out of the ring.

Winner: Nia Jax via Disqualification 

Kurt Angle, Big Cass, Enzo, Big Show, Corey Graves and The Revival In-Ring Segment: 

For the past month, someone or multiple people have attacked Enzo and Cass from behind. Angle won’t let this situation devolve to make it dangerous for the entertainers. Angle brings out Big Cass & Enzo. Cass says that once they find the suspects there will be only one word to describe that, SAWFT!! Angle brings out The Revival & Big Show.  Angle wants to rule out a few of the suspects. When Big Cass got hit from behind, it felt like a powerful punch. Show is offended by the questioning by Angle especially with their long term history. If Show did it he would’ve done it to their face. If Show is going to be accused like that, he doesn’t belong on this show. When Big Cass was checked out, there was a lump on his head the size of a baseball. Big Cass tells Show to go away. Angle tells Cass to calm down and turns his focus to The Revival. The Revival are not here to win popularity contests, but they’re completely innocent. There’s nothing else for them to prove.

Angle says they’re right. After talking to referees and officials, the Revival have been cleared. Corey Graves chimes in. Corey mentions that Cass said something that wasn’t true. He had a lump the size of a baseball. Graves talked to the medical team and they never checked on him. Cass says the EMTs checked on him. Graves wants to know how Big Cass was never medically cleared and yet still wrestled last week. Cass would never leave Enzo’s side. Graves knows what happened to Cass last week. We have ourself some security footage. Cass is looking around to see if anyone is around so he can to supply is master plan. It’s a little curious that he’s in the exact same position he was in when he was found by officials and Enzo. Graves says that it was Cass who attacked Enzo Cass admits to the accusations.

Does anybody know what it’s like teaming up with Enzo? He runs his mouth about god knows what every single minute of the day. Enzo runs his mouth to Conor McGregor. Do Enzo know how many times he wanted to slap Enzo upsdie the head or knock him out? Cass felt bad for Enzo because nobody likes him. He put up with Enzo’s crap until he snapped. It felt damn good when he attacked Enzo from behind. Cass would’ve snapped Enzo’s neck like a twig but he wanted to watch him suffer. After all of the stuff in NXT, in Tampa and on the main roster. When fingers were pointed in his direction, he cooled things off to see how smart Enzo is or if Enzo is as dumb as he looks. Enzo is even dumber. Enzo is dead weight holding him down when he should be rising to the top. Cass blames Enzo for never being a champion. He’s the star, the future and where the money is. Enzo’s mouth writes checks Enzo’s ass can’t cash. They are through. Cass drops Enzo with a Big Boot to close out the show.

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Author: Josh Lopez