NWA Powerrr Results (6/24/22): Tyrus & Cyon vs. The Ill Begotten

NWA Powerrr Results 6/24/22
Knoxville Convention Center
Knoxville, Tennessee

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and Tim Storm)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

Kamille & Kilynn King Segment 

Kyle Davis: You can hear the fans well behind you, deservedly so. The NWA World Women’s Champion, I got to tell you, the whole family’s being successful, Tom, everything’s been going on and I just have to ask you, what’s in the future? You’ve been unstoppable. What on the horizon is the new goal you’re looking towards?

Kamille: Hold on, I’m already married, sorry pal. First of all, how are y’all feeling tonight? Now, I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but I have been champion for over a year now. I beat the likes of Leyla Hirsch, Melina, Chelsea Green and Kylie Rae, that’s just here at the NWA. I’ve taken this place all over the country and defended this title. But I’ll tell you one thing, first of all, this might not be politically correct but I need you to zoom in on this chest. All right, now I’m covered up a little bit more. I’m still damaged from the war with Kilynn King. I’m wearing the damage from that match. And I have the utmost respect for her because you know what, that’s the hardest defense I’ve had to this day. And for that, Kilynn, I want to call you out here, right now. Get out here. Now, I know I called you here girl, but why are you in your gear?

Kilynn King: Because I’m always ready, baby.

Kamille: Well, unfortunately for you fans, we’re not going to be doing anything tonight. And now I don’t want this to be a love fest. It’s not going to be a hug fest. But what I want to say is, obviously, we were both trained under Bully Ray, right. He trained us up well, obviously. We have the same mentality and that’s the first time that I think I’ve been in there with someone with that same head space, that same mind. And for that, I give you the utmost respect, Kilynn. You took me to my limits, so give it up for her.

Kilynn King: I appreciate that because, ditto, I have the same amount of respect for you. That was a hard-fought match. I think you came into this match underestimating me and I proved my point. I told everybody, win or lose, I was going to make you understand how serious I was with my time here at the NWA. You and I had a similar start. We went off on completely different journeys, but those journeys live right here, right now in the NWA, you and me for that title. And we proved a point at Always Ready, but I think we can all agree that if I hadn’t taken my eye off the ball, we would have a new champion right now.

I was this close, this close and you can make all the looks you want, but you know, I was close to beating you. And because of that fact, I’m telling you, I ain’t done with you. I don’t care what it takes. I get it, you got to earn your spot in the NWA. I earned my number one contendership, I can do it again. But I am coming for you, I’m coming for the burke and your reign is going to be ended by the king.

Kamille: Hey baby, so you’re saying you ain’t going to stop, right? Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First Match: Nick Aldis vs. Brett Buffshay 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Aldis applies a side headlock. Buffshay whips Aldis across the ring. Aldis with two shoulder tackles for a one count. Aldis with a side headlock takeover. Buffshay answers with a headscissors neck lock. Buffshay grabs a side headlock. Aldis sends Buffshay into the ropes. Aldis with another shoulder tackle. Wrist Lock Exchange. Aldis with a wrist lock takeover. Buffshay regroups in the corner. Back to the collar and elbow tie up. Aldis backs Buffshay into the turnbuckles. Aldis with a gut punch. Aldis uppercuts Buffshay. Aldis whips Buffshay into the turnbuckles. Aldis whips Buffshay across the ring. Buffshay ducks a clothesline from Aldis. Aldis catches Buffshay in mid-air. Aldis with The Vertical Suplex for a two count.

Aldis is playing around with Buffshay. Aldis goes for a Bodyslam, but Buffshay lands back on his feet. Buffshay rolls Aldis over for a two count. Aldis delivers a massive haymaker. Aldis PowerBombs Buffshay. Aldis makes Buffshay tap out to The King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. After the match, Kyle Davis conducted a post-match interview with Aldis. Aldis says that sometimes in this business you become a victim of your own success. He’s tired of dealing with all of Billy Corgan’s new stooges and nobody is going to take his spot. And with regards to the 10 Pounds of Gold, Aldis has no issues with Trevor Murdoch, but if Murdoch ever wants to upgrade from paper champion to real worlds champion, he knows where to find him.

Winner: Nick Aldis via Submission 

– May Valentine had a backstage interview with Homicide. Homicide says that while he’s boys with Luke Hawx, Luke needs to stop acting like a baby.

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– Jax Dane runs down the NWA Roster. Erick Jackson comes down to the ring and challenges Dane to a National Championship Match for NWA USA. Jackson ducks a clothesline from Dane. Jackson with clubbing hamstring kicks. Jackson with forearm shivers. Dane answers with a Body Block. Dane levels Jackson with a Lariat.

– PJ Hawx tells May Valentine that he has no ill will towards Homicide. Whatever happened at Alwayz Ready was a big misunderstanding.

Second Match: Tyrus & Cyon vs. The Ill Begotten 

Cyon and Alex Taylor will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Cyon with a wrist lock takedown. Cyon applies a top wrist lock. Wrist Lock. Cyon pulls Taylor down to the mat. Cyon maintains wrist lock. Cyon transitions into a hammerlock. Second Wrist Lock Exchange. Cyon is keep Taylor grounded. Taylor grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Strong lockup. Cyon applies a side headlock. Taylor whips Cyon across the ring. Cyon drops Taylor with a shoulder tackle. Taylor drops down on the canvas. Cyon applies The Sleeper Hold. Arm-Drag Exchange. Taylor dropkicks Cyon. Taylor tags in Plunkett. Plunkett with a Hip Toss. Plunkett with an arm-drag takeover. Plunkett applies an arm-bar. Plunkett works on the left shoulder of Cyon. Cyon sends Plunkett into the ropes. Plunkett trips Cyon. Plunkett catapults Cyon into a Hot Shot from Taylor. Plunkett with The Sunset Flip for a two count.

Plunkett scores the elbow knockdown. Plunkett applies a front face lock. Taylor tags himself in. Plunkett with a running forearm smash. Taylor with a Corner Dropkick for a two count. Taylor applies a rear chin lock. Cyon reverses out of the irish whip from Taylor. Tyrus kicks Taylor in the back. Cyon with an Inside Out Slam. Cyon tags in Tyrus. Tyrus with a clubbing sledge. Tyrus bodyslams Taylor. Tyrus stands on Taylor’s face. Tyrus hammers down on Taylor’s chest. Tyrus tags in Cyon. Cyon kicks the left hamstring of Taylor. Cyon hyperextends the right leg of Taylor. Cyon with clubbing hamstring kicks. Cyon applies the single leg crab. Cyon slams the right knee of Taylor on the canvas. Cyon tags in Tyrus. Tyrus viciously attacks the right knee of Taylor.

Taylor with heavy bodyshots. Tyrus punches Taylor in the back. Tyrus with a BackBreaker for a two count. Tyrus tags in Cyon. Cyon with a gut punch. Following a snap mare takeover, Cyon delivers The Garvin Stomp. Cyon hammers down on the back of Taylor’s neck. Taylor drops Cyon with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Tyrus and Plunkett are tagged in. Plunkett with forearm shivers. Plunkett punches Cyon. Plunkett ducks a clothesline from Tyrus. Plunkett with a straight right hand. Cyon made the blind tag. Plunkett kicks Tyrus in the gut. Plunkett hits The DDT. Cyon with a Running Boot. Cyon connects with The Rolling Death Valley Driver to pickup the victory. After the match, Austin Idol comes down to the ring to celebrate with Cyon as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Tyrus & Cyon via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez