NWA USA Results (4/2/22): Matthew Mims vs. AJ Cazana

NWA USA Results 4/2/22
Skyway Studios
Nashville, Tennessee

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli & Velvet Sky)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

Kerry Morton Interview 

May Valentine: Hey everyone, please welcome Kerry Morton. Kerry, first of all, I’d like to congratulate you on your big win last week. And also I’m interested in knowing if you have an interest in pursuing the Junior Heavyweight Championship. especially considering your father is a former Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Kerry Morton: You’re dang right, May, I am. You know that championship holds a lot of lineage to it including some of the greats in this business that went on to make very high milestones and including hopefully one day myself. You know, the NWA stands for a lot but one thing that stands for me is honor and dignity and being ready to run the roads, knowing I got my start here at the NWA. So if you ask me, am I ready for this championship? You’re right, I am.

May Valentine: Thank you so much, Kerry.

First Match: Caprice Coleman vs. Alex Taylor w/Danny Deals 

Coleman scores the ankle pick. Coleman applies a front face lock. Coleman with a waist lock go-behind. Taylor grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Taylor applies a wrist lock. Taylor grabs a side headlock. Coleman whips Taylor across the ring. Coleman drops down on the canvas. Coleman leapfrogs over Taylor. Coleman dropkicks Taylor over for a one count. Coleman sends Taylor into the ropes. Coleman scores the elbow knockdown. Coleman bodyslams Taylor. Coleman with The Leg Drop for a two count. Coleman with a knife edge chop. Taylor reverses out of the irish whip from Coleman. Taylor sweeps out the legs of Coleman. Taylor with The Slingshot Senton for a one count. Taylor is raining down haymakers.

Taylor whips Coleman across the ring. Taylor scores the elbow knockdown for a one count. Taylor with a Snap Vertical Suplex. Taylor dumps Coleman out of the ring. Deals attacks Coleman right in front of the referee. The referee ejected Deals from the ringside area. Taylor drives his knee into the midsection of Coleman. Coleman with a Wrap Around Dropkick. Coleman rolls Taylor back into the ring. Taylor calls a timeout. Coleman delivers his combination offense. Taylor reverses out of the irish whip from Coleman. Coleman with a SpringBoard Spinning Heel Kick. Coleman thrust kicks the midsection of Taylor. Coleman drops Taylor with a Modified Famouser for a two count. Taylor hammers down on the back of Coleman’s neck. Taylor hits The Falcon Arrow. Coleman with a Leaping FrankenSteiner. Coleman connects with The Holy Trinity to pickup the victory.

Winner: Caprice Coleman via Pinfall 

Second Match: Natalia Markova vs. Riley

Markova starts things off with three overhand chops. Markova sends Riley to the corner. Markova with a running elbow smash. Markova drives her knee into the midsection of Riley. Markova with a Spinning NeckBreaker. Markova kicks Riley in the chest. Markova slams Riley’s head on the top rope. Markova slaps Riley in the back. Markova uses the top rope as a weapon. Markova rams Riley’s face across the top strand. Markova delivers The Bronco Buster in the ropes.

Markova whips Riley into the turnbuckles. Markova is choking Riley with her boot. Markova with a Hair Biel Throws. Riley avoids The Beautiful Disaster. Riley rolls Markova over for a two count. Riley with an inside cradle for a one count. Riley ducks a clothesline from Markova. Riley with the backslide cover for a two count. Riley with forearm shivers. Markova reverses out of the irish whip from Riley. Markova delivers The Beautiful Disaster. Markova connects with The Double Underhook DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Natalia Markova via Pinfall 

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– Kenzie Paige Vignette.

– BLK Jeez tried to talk business with The Fixers.

– Next week on NWA USA, Colby Corino and Ariya Daivari will return to in-ring action.

Third Match: Matthew Mims vs. AJ Cazana 

Feeling out process after the bell rings. Standing Switch Exchange. Mims with a waist lock takedown. Mims toys around with Cazana. Mims applies a front face lock. Cazana transitions into a hammerlock. Cazana repeatedly drives his knee into the left elbow of Mims. Mims applies a hammerlock. Mims grabs a side headlock. Cazana whips Mims across the ring. Mims drops Cazana with a shoulder tackle. Mims ducks a clothesline from Cazana. Mims bodyslams Cazana. Mims plays to the crowd. Cazana decks Mims with a back elbow smash. Cazana sends Mims chest first into the turnbuckles. Cazana with a corner clothesline. Canzana with a shoulder block. Mims dives over Cazana. Mims kicks Cazana in the gut. Mims HeadButts Cazana. Mims with clubbing shoulder blocks. Mims with a double leg takedown for a two count. Cazana rakes the eyes of Mims. Cazana whips Mims into the turnbuckles. Cazana transitions into a ground and pound attack. Cazana goes into the lateral press for a one count. Cazana bodyslams Mims. Cazana with The Elbow Drop for a two count.

Cazana applies a rear chin lock. Cazana with clubbing blows to Mims chest. Cazana goes back to the rear chin lock. Mims with heavy bodyshots. Cazana reverses out of the irish whip from Mims. Mims with The Sunset Flip for a two count. Cazana kicks Mims in the gut. Cazana slams Mims head on the top turnbuckle pad. Cazana with a double handed chop. Mims is throwing haymakers at Cazana. Cazana drives his knee into the midsection of Mims. Cazana with a corner clothesline. Cazana with a Running Lariat. Cazana is trying to wear down Mims. Mims with a roll through escape. Mims ducks a clothesline from Cazana. Mims scores the elbow knockdown. Mims with a running clothesline. Cazana targets the lower back of Mims. Cazana with clubbing crossfaces. Cazana applies The Camel Clutch. Cazana with a Running Splash for a two count. Cazana and Mims are trading back and forth shots. Cazana goes back to The Camel Clutch as time expires. After the match, Cazana argues with the referee. Mims plants Cazana with The Big Strong Slam to close the show.

Match Result: Time-Limit Draw 

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Author: Josh Lopez