AEW Dark Results (2/8/22): Wheeler Yuta vs. Aaron Solow

AEW Dark Results 2/8/22
Universal Studios
Orlando, Florida

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Commentary Team (Excalibur & TAZ)

Ring Announcer: Dasha Gonzalez 

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (10-11) Julia Hart w/The Varsity Blonds vs. (0-2) Kelsey Heather 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wrist Lock Exchange. Heather drop steps into a side headlock. Hart whips Heather across the ring. Hart drops down on the canvas. Heather with a Hip Toss. Hart answers with an up kick. Hart with a drop toe hold into the middle rope. Hart wraps her legs around Heather’s neck.

Hart pulls Heather down to the mat. Heather slaps Hart in the face. Hart drives Heather back first into the turnbuckles. Hart is throwing haymakers at Heather. Hart hits The Flapjack. Hart with The Standing MoonSault. Hart sends Heather to the corner. Hart with a Handspring Lariat. Hart with a Running Uppercut. Hart connects with The Splitting Bulldog. Hart makes Heather tap out to The Figure Four Headlock.

Winner: (11-11) Julia Hart via Submission 

Second Match: (38-17) Powerhouse Hobbs vs. (0-2) Gus De La Vega 

Hobbs drops Vega with a Body Block before the bell rings. Hobbs sends Vega to the corner. Hobbs levels Vega with The Body Avalanche. Hobbs with two uppercuts. Hobbs with a Big Biel Throw. Hobbs puts Vega on the top turnbuckle. Hobbs with clubbing sledge across Vega’s chest. Hobbs sends Vega crashing to the outside. Hobbs with a Running Body Block. Hobbs rolls Vega back into the ring.

Hobbs whips Vega across the ring. Hobbs connects with The SpineBuster. Hobbs makes Vega tap out to The Torture Rack. After the match, Tony Schiavone tried to conduct an interview with Hobbs. Hobbs puts Vega in another Torture Rack. Dante Martin drops Hobbs with The SpringBoard Missile Dropkick. Dante lands The Top Rope Plancha. Dante starts raining down haymakers. Hobbs and Dante had to be separated by the referees.

Winner: (39-17) Powerhouse Hobbs via Submission 

Third Match: (13-10) The Gunn Club vs. (0-10) Liam Gray & (0-11) Adrian Alanis 

The Gunn Club attacks Gray and Alanis before the bell rings. Colten sends Alanis face first into the steel ring post. Austin slams Gray’s head on two turnbuckle pads. Austin is throwing haymakers at Gray. Austin tags in Colten. Colten stomps on Gray’s chest. Colten with a straight right hand. Colten slams Gray’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Colten tags in Austin. Austin punches Gray in the back.

Gunn Club are fixated with the turnbuckle pads. Austin tags in Colten. Colten whips Gray into the turnbuckles. Colten goes for The Stinger Splash, but Gray ducks out of the way. Austin and Alanis are tagged in. Alanis clotheslines Austin. Alanis with The Big Boot. Alanis ducks a clothesline from Colten. Alanis is throwing haymakers at Colten. Alanis with a knife edge chop. Alanis decks Austin with a back elbow smash. Alanis with forearm shivers. Colten delivers a big haymaker. Gunn Club connects with The Assisted Blockbuster to pickup the victory.

Winner: (14-10) The Gunn Club via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: (0-1) Mercedes Martinez vs. (0-8) Queen Aminata 

Martinez stomps on the left of Aminata. Martinez with a chop/haymaker combination. Martinez sends Aminata to the corner. Aminata dives over Martinez. Forearm Exchange. Martinez with The Half & Half Suplex. Martinez drops Aminata with a Running Boot. Martinez talks smack to Aminata. Martinez with clubbing blows to Aminata’s chest. Martinez is choking Aminata with her boot.

Martinez continues to run her mouth. Aminata with heavy bodyshots. Aminata decks Martinez with a JawBreaker. Aminata goes for The Sunset Flip, but Martinez lands back on her feet. Martinez hits The SpineBuster. Martinez transitions into a ground and pound attack. Second Forearm Exchange. Aminata dodges The Big Boot. Aminata HeadButts Martinez. Martinez ducks a clothesline from Aminata. Martinez connects with The Fisherman’s Buster to pickup the victory.

Winner: (1-1) Mercedes Martinez via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: (9-1) Anthony Ogogo w/The Factory vs. (0-4) Tony Vincita 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Ogogo with a forearm shot across the back of Vincita. Ogogo taunts Vincita. Strong lockup. Ogogo applies a wrist lock. Vincita mocks Ogogo. Vincita applies a hammerlock. Vincita shoves Ogogo. Vincita goes back to the hammerlock. Ogogo decks Vincita with a back elbow smash. Ogogo with a BackBreaker. Ogogo fish hooks Vincita. Ogogo sends Vincita face first into the canvas. Ogogo kicks Vincita in the ribs. Ogogo hammers down on the back of Vincita’s neck.

Ogogo sends Vincita to the corner. Ogogo with a Back Body Drop. Ogogo uppercuts Vincita. Ogogo with another back elbow smash. Ogogo grabs the left shoulder of Vincita. Ogogo whips Vincita into the turnbuckles. Ogogo with The Running Powerslam. Ogogo poses for the crowd. Ogogo with an uppercut/toe kick combination. Vincita side steps Ogogo into the turnbuckles. Vincita with two haymakers. Ogogo launches Vincita over the top rope. Ogogo avoids The Missile Dropkick. Ogogo with a Spinning Fireman’s Carry Slam. Ogogo knocks Vincita out with a massive right hand. Ogogo draped the UK Flag over Vincita’s back.

Winner: (10-1) Anthony Ogogo via Knockout 

Sixth Match: (6-9) Lee Moriarty vs. (0-1) Anthony Henry

Test Of Strength. Moriarty scores the ankle pick. Henry applies a wrist lock. Moriarty breaks the grip. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Moriarty applies a side headlock. Henry whips Moriarty across the ring. Moriarty runs into Henry. Henry drops Moriarty with a shoulder tackle. Moriarty drops down on the canvas. Moriarty leapfrogs over Henry. Henry sends Moriarty into the ropes. Moriarty with an arm-drag takeover. Moriarty sweeps out the legs of Henry. Moriarty kicks the left shoulder of Henry. Moriarty punches Henry in the back. Moriarty applies The Cobra Twist. Henry backs Moriarty into the ropes. Moriarty applies a wrist lock. Henry unloads two knife edge chops. Henry pie faces Moriarty. Moriarty slaps Henry in the chest. Moriarty with three uppercuts.

Henry reverses out of the irish whip from Moriarty. Moriarty sends Henry face first into the canvas. Henry avoids The Running Shoulder Kick. Moriarty starts bending Henry’s fingers. Henry kicks out the legs of Moriarty. Henry puts Moriarty under the bottom rope. Henry cranks on Moriarty’s neck. Moriarty and Henry are trading back and forth shots. Henry blocks a boot from Moriarty. Henry with a Double Screw Leg Whip. Henry drops his weight on the left leg of Moriarty. Henry figure fours the legs of Moriarty. Moriarty grabs the bottom rope which forces the break. Henry kicks the left hamstring of Moriarty.

Moriarty uppercuts the left shoulder of Henry. Moriarty with a forearm smash. Henry kicks the left knee of Moriarty. Short-Arm Reversal by Moriarty. Moriarty with The Back Drop Driver. Moriarty clotheslines Henry. Moriarty with The Big Boot. Moriarty with a flying forearm smash. Moriarty with a leaping foot stomp for a two count. Henry denies The Vertical Suplex. Moriarty with The Swinging Arm-Ringer. Rollup Exchange. Moriarty headbutts the midsection of Henry. Moriarty goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Henry blocks it. Henry drills Moriarty with The BrainBuster for a two count. Henry applies The Stretch Muffler. Moriarty rolls Henry over for a two count. Henry applies a waist lock. Moriarty hits The Pepsi Twist. Moriarty connects with The Flatliner to pickup the victory.

Winner: (7-9) Lee Moriarty via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: (24-11) Anna Jay w/Brodie Lee Jr. vs. (0-1) Kaci Lennox 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Jay applies a wrist lock. Lennox transitions into a hammerlock. Jay with a side headlock takeover. Lennox answers with the headscissors escape. Jay grabs a side headlock. Lennox whips Jay across the ring. Jay drops Lennox with a shoulder tackle. Lennox drops down on the canvas. Jay with a deep arm-drag. Jay applies a wrist lock.

Jay kicks the left hamstring of Lennox. Jay with The Hook Kick. Lennox side steps Jay into the turnbuckles. Lennox with forearm shivers. Jay reverses out of the irish whip from Lennox. Lennox kicks Jay in the face. Jay knocks Lennox off the top turnbuckle. Jay with a running elbow smash. Jay rocks Lennox with a forearm smash. Jay with The Spinning Leg Lariat. Jay connects with The Dangerous Jay Kick. Jay makes Lennox tap out to The Queen’s Slayer.

Winner: (25-11) Anna Jay via Submission 

Eight Match: (7-50) Fuego Del Sol vs. (12-61) Serpentico w/Luther 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Del Sol applies a side headlock. Serpentico whips Del Sol across the ring. Del Sol drops Serpentico with a shoulder tackle. Serpentico drops down on the canvas. Del Sol with a double leapfrog. Del Sol drops down on the canvas. Del Sol with a Running Hurricanrana. Del Sol pops back on his feet. Serpentico scores the ankle pick. Del Sol avoids The PK. Del Sol ducks a clothesline from Serpentico. Del Sol with The Quebrada. Del Sol SuperKicks Serpentico. Serpentico regroups on the outside. Luther carries Serpentico out of harms way. Del Sol knocks Luther off the ring apron. Del Sol ducks a clothesline from Serpentico. Del Sol unloads two knife edge chops. Del Sol with a straight right hand. Serpentico goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Del Sol lands back on his feet. Luther trips Del Sol behind the referee’s back. Serpentico with The Roll Through SuperKick. Serpentico hits The Implant DDT for a two count. Serpentico with a falling sledge. Serpentico with a Falling HeadButt for a two count. Serpentico rakes the eyes of Del Sol.

Serpentico can’t deliver a Belly to Back Suplex. Del Sol with a Leaping NeckBreaker. Del Sol with a Running Uppercut. Del Sol follows that with The Corner Spear. Del Sol thrust kicks the midsection of Serpentico. Del Sol kicks Serpentico in the chest. Del Sol thrust kicks the left knee of Serpentico. Del Sol nails Serpentoco with The Hook. Luther continues to run interference. Serpentico with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Serpentico knocks Del Sol off the top turnbuckle. Serpentico with The PileDriver on the apron. Serpentico lands The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Luther grabs Del Sol from behind. Serpentico goes for The Suicide Dive, but Del Sol ducks out of the way. Del Sol lands The Suicide Dive. Del Sol SuperKicks Serpentico. Del Sol with a Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Del Sol connects with The Tornado DDT on the floor. Del Sol plants Serpentico with The Leaping Double Foot Stomp to pickup the victory.

Winner: (8-50) Fuego Del Sol via Pinfall 

Ninth Match: (17-15) Wheeler Yuta vs. (13-41) Aaron Solow w/QT Marshall

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Yuta applies a hammerlock. Yuta brings Solow down to the mat for one count. Yuta applies a rear chin lock. Solow transitions into a hammerlock. Solow grabs a side headlock. Yuta with an arm-drag takeover. Yuta leapfrogs over Solow. Yuta crawls under Solow. Yuta dropkicks Solow for a two count. Yuta gets distracted by Marshall. Solow sends Yuta throat first into the middle rope. Solow with three elbow drops. Solow slams Yuta’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Solow kicks Yuta in the gut. Solow with the irish whip. Solow with a corner clothesline. Solow sweeps out the legs of Yuta. Solow with a Belly to Back Suplex for a one count. Solow is throwing haymakers at Yuta. Solow with a Snap Vertical Suplex.

Yuta with forearm shivers. Solow scores the elbow knockdown for a two count. Solow goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Yuta lands back on his feet. Yuta ducks a clothesline from Solow. Yuta applies The Octopus Stretch. Solow sends Yuta crotch first into the turnbuckles. Marshall attacks Yuta behind the referee’s back. Solow goes into the cover for a two count. Solow applies a rear chin lock. Yuta with a snap mare escape. Solow with a forearm smash. Yuta clotheslines Solow. Yuta with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Yuta with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Yuta follows that with flying forearm smashes. Solow heads to the outside.

Yuta lands The Suicide Dive. Yuta rolls Solow back into the ring. Solow ducks a clothesline from Yuta. Solow with The Exploder Suplex for a two count. Forearm Exchange. Solow drops Yuta with The Windmill Kick. Yuta ducks a clothesline from Solow. Yuta with a Release German Suplex. Solow launches Yuta over the top rope. Marshall continues to run interference. Solow goes for The Hip Toss, but Yuta counters with The Seat Belt to pickup the victory. After the match, Nick Comoroto appears on the ring apron. Comoroto clotheslines Yuta. Comoroto gets Yuta in position for The PowerBomb. Orange Cassidy storms into the ring to make the save. Cassidy avoided a cheap shot from Marshall. Cassidy celebrates with Yuta to close the show.

Winner: (18-15) Wheeler Yuta via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez