NWA USA Results (1/15/22): Anthony Mayweather vs. Marshe Rockett

NWA USA Results 1/15/22
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Atlanta, Georgia

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Commentary Team: (Joe Galli, Austin Idol, and Velvet Sky)

Transcription by Josh Lopez

Homicide Backstage Interview

May Valentine: Good evening wrestling fans and welcome back to NWA USA. My guest at this time is a man that nobody should want to mess with. Homicide, it’s a pleasure to speak to you after you’ve come out victorious from the 13 man gauntlet at Hard Times 2. I’d like to know, how does it feel to have come out victorious and what is the significance of holding that title?

Homicide: Well, back in the days, I didn’t care about titles. Now, I do, and I want that Junior Heavyweight Title. I’m in the National Wrestling Alliance for one thing, it’s to get gold. Look at the history of this great promotion when it comes to the junior heavyweight title. Black Tiger, Tiger Mask, Dynamite Kid, all the guys from Mexico, the lucha libre, Japan, the UK and now a man from Brooklyn and his name is Homicide. So, yes, I’m gonna go out there and give my 187% because I want the gold and you’ll be looking at the new champion of the National Wrestling Alliance. The new Junior Heavyweight Champion of the world.

May Valentine: Thank you, Homicide.

Tim Storm, Raven and BLK Jeez Segment

Kyle Davis: Thank you very much, Joe. Joining me at this time, the Managing Director of NWA USA, the man, himself, Tim Storm. Tim, thank you for joining us. 

Tim Storm: Thank you so much. Hey, I don’t have to remind anybody here that the NWA is my heart and soul. I went to the NWA Management, and I asked for more responsibilities. I asked for more opportunities. And let me be clear, I am not saying I’m done with in-ring competition, that’s not what I’m saying at all, okay. But I’m excited about this new opportunity for our new show, so let me at least give you my vision on what that should be. It’s going to be faster paced, more athletic. It’s going to be an opportunity to show different talents.

BLK Jeez: Let me express my vision. What I like to do right now is I want to announce to all of you and to you, The Perfect Storm, the first signing to Church’s Money Enterprises in conjunction with Idol Mania Sports Management. He is athletic. He’s all about competition. He’s a savage. Mr. All Day, Marshe Rockett. And, Tim, I think it’s very wise of you to put Marshe in the main event tonight. Sir, I appreciate you.

Tim Storm: Let me tell you what would be wise, okay? What would be wise, if you want more opportunities for potential signings is not to come out here and disrespect me, not to come out and interrupt me, okay. Yeah, really, because that’s how it’s going to work. You can sign all the guys that you want, but you’re gonna be respectful because this is a new show and we’re gonna do it a different way.

Kyle Davis: Sorry to interrupt, but we’re joined by Raven, apparently.

Raven: How did you get this job here? No one is more qualified for it than me. Who knows more about wrestling than Raven? What about me? What about Raven? You’re a buffoon. You don’t know what you’re doing. You have no business being behind the wheels of this car, this classic automobile that the NWA is.

Tim Storm: Listen, first off, let me just say, I have nothing but respect for you and what you did. Here’s the thing, if you want to talk about this job, we can do that, but now’s not the time or the place to do that.

BLK Jeez: I like how you think. Maybe you and I need to discuss some things about the future. What do you think?

Raven: Yeah, we can talk.

First Match: Ariya Daivari vs. J Spade In A Qualifying Match For The NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Tournament 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Spade applies a side headlock. Daivari whips Spade across the ring. Spade drops Daivari with a shoulder tackle. Strong lockup. Daivari tugs on Spade’s hair. Daivari backs Spade into the turnbuckles. Daivari applies a side headlock. Spade sends Daivari into the ropes. Daivari runs into Spade. Shoulder Block Exchange. Daivari ducks a clothesline from Spade. Second Shoulder Block Exchange. Spade talks smack to Daivari. Daivari regroups in the corner. Daivari signals for the test of strength. Daivari with a flurry of toe kicks. Daivari has the leverage advantage. Daivari drives his knee into the midsection of Spade. Daivari slams Spade’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Daivari with the irish whip. Spade dives over Daivari. Spade dropkicks Daivari. Spade whips Daivari across the ring. Spade with a Hip Toss. Spade with The Sliding Lariat for a two count. Short-Arm Reversal by Daivari. Daivari pulls Spade down to the mat. Daivari drops Spade with a NeckBreaker for a two count.

Daivari slams Spade’s head on two turnbuckle pads. Daivari with a knife edge chop. Spade reverses out of the irish whip from Daivari. Daivari decks Spade with a back elbow smash. Spade with The Exploder Suplex. Daivari side steps Spade into the turnbuckles. Daivari applies the reverse cravate. Spade ducks a clothesline from Daivari. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Spade scores two elbow knockdowns. Spade ducks a clothesline from Daivari. Spade sends Daivari into the ropes. Spade with a Spinning Heel Kick. Daivari launches Spade over the top rope. Spade with a forearm smash. Spade delivers The Missile Dropkick for a two count. Daivari denies The Belly to Back Suplex. Spade denies The Hammerlock DDT. Daivari kicks Spade in the face. Spade ducks a clothesline from Daivari. Spade hits The Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Daivari knocks Spade off the top turnbuckle. Daivari connects with The Hammerlock DDT. Daivari plants Spade with The Magic Carpet Ride to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ariya Daivari via Pinfall 

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Natalia Markova Backstage Interview 

May Valentine: Please welcome Natalia Markova, who’s a new face in the NWA. Now, Natalia, this is your first day at your new job. And normally one would ensure that they treat all of their new colleagues on their first day with respect, but I heard that you’ve been treating one of our staff members with a lot of disrespect. What are you even doing in the NWA?

Natalia Markova: Listen, I don’t know what you deal with, but let me give you some advice. Stay out of my business or otherwise, there will be bad consequences for you.

May Valentine: Who the hell does she think she is? Can someone please call Kara, right now, I
need someone to fix my hair.

Ricky Morton Interview 

May Valentine: Please welcome our former tag team champion and former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, one half of The Rock N Roll Express, Ricky Morton. Ricky, do you believe your son Kerry has a chance of becoming a future Junior Heavyweight Champion?

Ricky Morton: Well, May, me being second generation in professional wrestling, my father always told me you have to be at the right and at the right time.

Kerry Morton: Well, dad, you know the right place is the National Wrestling Alliance and my time is now. You know, being a third-generation wrestler, you’re only going to get what you put into it. You know that, I know that, the boys in the locker room know that and all the fans. So I know what I’m in for tonight, all right. And I’m excited. I’m ready for this. But I didn’t mean to interrupt you.

George South: Move, son. Listen, it’s funny to me Ricky Morton that you come out and you talk about the right place, right time. Where the heck was you at when I got beat half to death by those two big giants? Listen to me, Ricky Morton, I’ve known you my whole stinking life. This ain’t about your son. The one man that I could depend on was you and where were you?

Ricky Morton: When did this happen?

George South: Everybody knows when this happened. Look at me.

Ricky Morton: I wasn’t even here. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

George South: Yeah, walk away from me like you always have, Ricky. Morton. It is about me and you, not that stupid punk kid of yours. What the heck, CW?

PJ Hawk Interview 

May Valentine: I’m joined now by PJ Hawx. PJ, you were forced into a really awkward situation. You had to face your own father, Luke, in the ring and you lost. You must be really disappointed?

PJ Hawx: Well, May, anytime I lose it’s difficult and this is no exception. But the difference is, I lost to my dad and there’s no shame in that because he’s the man that raised me. And honestly, he should know everything about me. He knows how to beat me, my weaknesses. And it wasn’t even like that. We just went out there and we did what we did. And the better man won. And I didn’t expect anything less. We want to go out there, we want to wrestle hard and we’re putting our all into it because the goal is bigger than this. It’s not just about me and him and losses, it’s about the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship. And I’m proud of my dad. I know he’s going to go on and he’s going to win the damn thing.

May Valentine: Well, I think it’s great that you have so much respect for your dad. Honestly, it’s a beautiful thing to watch. And keep your head up, PJ, you’re going to do amazing things in the NWA.

PJ Hawk: Thank you.

Second Match: Anthony Mayweather w/Matthew Mims vs. Marshe Rockett w/BLK Jeez

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Mayweather applies a side headlock. Strictly Business at eating popcorn at the ringside area. Rockett whips Mayweather across the ring. Rockett runs into Mayweahter. Mayweather tells Rockett to bring it. Rockett slaps Mayweather in the face. Rockett drops Mayweather with a shoulder tackle. Rockett is throwing haymakers at Mayweather. Rockett punches Mayeather in the back. Mayweather with clubbing shoulder blocks. Mayweather with a chop/forearm combination. The referee admonishes Mayweather. Rockett decks Mayweather with a back elbow smash. Rockett clotheslines Mayweather over the top rope. Mayweather pulls Rockett out of the ring. Mayweather HeadButts Rockett. Mayweather punches Rockett in the back. Mayweather attacks the midsection of Rockett. Mayweather with a blistering chop. Mayweather slams Rockett’s head on the ring apron. Rockett drives his knee into the midsection of Mayweather. Mayweather kicks the right shoulder of Rockett. Mayweather with a forearm smash.

Mayweather whips Rockett across the ring. Rockett ducks under a chop from Mayweather. Rockett goes for The O’Connor Roll, but Mayweather holds onto the ropes. Mayweather scores the elbow knockdown for a two count. Jeez trips Mayweather from the outside. Strictly Business continues to throw popcorn into the ring. Mayweather with the irish whip. Rockett dives over Mayweather. Rockett dropkicks Mayweather for a two count. Rockett transitions into a ground and pound attack. The referee has finally ejected Strictly Business from the ringside area. Rockett bodyslams Mayweather. Rockett with a Knee Drop for a two count. Rockett rams his elbow across Mayweather’s face. Rockett applies a rear chin lock. Mayweather with elbows into the midsection of Rockett. Rockett answers with a knee lift. Rockett sends Mayweather to the corner. Mayweather kicks Rockett in the face. Mayweather ducks a clothesline from Rockett. Mayweather with a NeckBreaker for a two count. Mayweather applies the cravate. Rockett with heavy bodyshots.

Mayweather applies The Full Nelson Lock. Mayweather goes back to the cravate. Mayweather with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Mayweather with The Hangman’s NeckBreaker for a two count. Mayweather applies the cravate. Mayweather transitions into a front face lock. Mayweather goes for The Vertical Suplex, but Rockett counters with The NeckBreaker for a two count. Rockett whips Mayweather across the ring. Mayweather ducks a clothesline from Rockett. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Forearm Exchange. Rockett kicks Mayweather in the gut. Mayweather with The Rolling Elbow. Mayweather with two polish hammers. Mayweather follows that with a corner clothesline. Mayweather with a Flying Boot for a two count. Rockett Powerslams Mayweather for a two count. Mayweather hits The SpineBuster. Mayweather gets distracted by Jeez. Mayweather lands The Flying Elbow Drop. Mims pulls Jeez off the apron. Jeez shoves Mims into the steel ring post. Mayweather runs after Jeez. Rockett connects with The Rockett Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Marshe Rockett via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez