AEW Dark Elevation Results (12/6/21): The Nightmare Family vs. The Wingmen

AEW Dark Elevation Results 12/6/21
Gas South Arena
Duluth, Georgia

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Commentary Team (Tony Schiavone, Mark Henry and Eddie Kingston)

Ring Announcer: Dasha Gonzalez 

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (25-10) Riho vs. (0-3) Angelica Risk 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Wrist Lock Exchange. Risk drop steps into a side headlock. Riho whips Risk across the ring. Risk drops Riho with a shoulder tackle for a one count. Riho dropkicks Risk. Risk side steps Riho into the turnbuckles. Risk pulls Riho down to the mat. Risk proceeds to twerk. Risk with a Running Hip Attack. Risk delivers The Stinkface. Risk puts her knee on the back of Riho’s neck. Risk drops Riho with The Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Risk talks smack to Riho.

Risk whips Riho across the ring. Riho cartwheels around Risk. Riho with a drop toe hold into the middle rope. Riho hits The Tiger Feint Kick. Riho with a Flying Crossbody Block for a two count. Risk denies The Northern Lights Suplex. Risk with The DDT for a two count. Risk applies a front face lock. Risk goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Riho lands back on her feet. Riho ducks a clothesline from Risk. Riho applies a waist lock. Risk with two sharp elbow strikes. Riho answers with The Bridging Northern Lights Suplex. Riho connects with The Running Meteora to pickup the victory.

Winner: (26-10) Riho via Pinfall 

Second Match: (31-13) Dustin Rhodes, (21-39) Lee Johnson, (8-4) Brock Anderson vs. (0-0) The Wingmen (Peter Avalon, JD Drake and Cezar Bononi) w/Ryan Nemeth In A 6-Man Tag Team Match 

Lee Johnson and Peter Avalon will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Avalon applies a side headlock. Johnson sends Avalon to the corner. Following a snap mare takeover, Johnson with a running shoulder tackle. Drop Down/Leapfrog Exchange. Standing Switch Exchange. Johnson goes for The O’Connor Roll, but Avalon holds onto the ropes. Johnson dropkicks Avalon. Johnson with a deep arm-drag. Johnson applies an arm-bar. Johnson tags in Anderson. Double Irish Whip. Johnson scores the elbow knockdown. Anderson with a knee drop for a one count. Anderson goes for a Bodyslam, but Avalon lands back on his feet. Avalon tags in Drake. Anderson ducks a clothesline from Drake. Anderson with a straight right hand. Anderson applies a wrist lock. Anderson hammers down on the left shoulder of Drake. Drake punches Anderson. Anderson with three sharp elbow strikes. Drake launches Anderson over the top rope.

Anderson rocks Drake with a forearm smash. Drake slams Anderson’s head on the top rope. The Wingmen gangs up on Anderson behind the referee’s back. Drake slams Anderson’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Drake tags in Bononi. Bononi with a knife edge chop. Bononi drives his knee into the midsection of Anderson. Bononi punches Anderson in the back. Bononi applies a sleeper hold. Bononi pulls Anderson down to the mat. Simultaneous tag to Avalon. Bononi with a PumpHandle Fallaway Slam. Drake clears the ring. Drake with The Running Cannonball Strike. Avalon with The Flying Splash for a two count. Avalon argues with the referee. Avalon applies a front face lock. Avalon tags in Drake.

Drake punches Anderson in the back. Drake with a knife edge chop. Anderson ducks a clothesline from Drake. Anderson drops Drake with The DDT. Rhodes and Avalon are tagged in. Rhodes ducks a clothesline from Avalon. Rhodes with two clotheslines. Avalon reverses out of the irish whip from Rhodes. Rhodes with a drop down uppercut. Rhodes knocks Drake off the ring apron. Rhodes clotheslines Bononi over the top rope. Rhodes ducks a clothesline from Avalon. Rhodes Powerslams Avalon. Rhodes sends Bononi crashing to the outside. Rhodes reverses out of the irish whip from Drake. Rhodes Powerslams Drake. Johnson lands The Suicide Dive. Anderson with a flying clothesline off the apron. Johnson rolls Avalon back into the ring. Anderson hits The SpineBuster. Rhodes connects with The Final Reckoning to pickup the victory.

Winner: (32-13) Dustin Rhodes, (22-39) Lee Johnson, (9-4) Brock Anderson via Pinfall 

Third Match: (32-23) Brian Pillman Jr w/Julia Hart vs. (12-54) Serpentico w/Luther 

Pillman immediately gets distracted by Luther. Serpentico attacks Pillman from behind. Serpentico repeatedly stomps on Pillman’s chest. Serpentico is throwing haymakers at Pillman. Pillman kicks Serpentico in the face. Serpentico ducks a clothesline from Pillman. Serpentico with a Roll Through SuperKick. Serpentico drops Pillman with The Flatliner for a one count. Serpentico with a forearm smash. Following a snap mare takeover, Serpentico kicks Pillman in the back. Serpentico applies a rear chin lock. Pillman dumps Serpentico back first on the canvas. Pillman unloads three chops. Serpentico reverses out of the irish whip from Pillman.

Pillman scores the forearm knockdown. Pillman with an Inside Out Lariat. Pillman delivers his combination offense. Pillman hits The Jack Hammer for a two count. Pillman rocks Serpentico with a forearm smash. Pillman puts Serpentico on the top turnbuckle. Serpentico nails Pillman with The Bell Clap. Serpentico sends Pillman crashing into the canvas. Serpentico lands The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Luther kicks Pillman behind the referee’s back. Luther tries to bodyslam Serpentico on top of Pillman, but that plan backfires. Pillman SuperKicks Luther off the ring apron. Pillman with a straight right hand. Pillman connects with The SpringBoard Clothesline to pickup the victory.

Winner: (33-23) Brian Pillman Jr via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: (0-0) The Factory vs. (0-43) Baron Black, (0-0) Shawn Hoodrich, (0-1) Tony Vincita, (0-0) JD Munoz In A 8-Man Tag Team Match 

Nick Comoroto and Tony Vincita will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Comoroto sends Vincita into the canvas. Comoroto with clubbing shoulder blocks. Comoroto with a Big Biel Throw. Comoroto tags in Solow. Solow with a running forearm smash. Comoroto with a Pendulum BackBreaker. Solow follows that with a Flying Double Foot Stomp. The Factory clears the ring. The referee is trying to calm down Black.

Solow tags in Ogogo. Ogogo tells Black to bring it. Ogogo launches Vincita to the corner. Black tags himself in. Ogogo pie faces Black. Black ducks a clothesline from Ogoo. Black unloads two knife edge chops. Ogoo ducks a clothesline from Black. Ogogo hits The Olympic Slam. Marshall drops Munoz with The Diamond Cutter. Hoodrich tags himself in. Hoodrich with an Apron Enzuigiri. Hoodrich dives over Ogogo. Ogogo knocks Hoodrich out with The Pop Up Haymaker.

Winner: (1-0) The Factory via Knockout 

Fifth Match: (25-17) The Bunny & (16-12) Emi Sakura w/Mei Suruga vs. (24-3) Abadon & (17-6) Ryo Mizunami 

The Bunny and Abadon will start things off. Bunny shoves Abadon. Bunny kicks Abadon in the gut. Bunny with a running knee lift. Abadon screams at Bunny. Bunny with forearm shivers. Short-Arm Reversal by Abadon. Abadon slaps the left wrist of Bunny. Abadon HeadButts Bunny. Abadon drops Bunny with The X-Factor for a two count. Abadon whips Bunny across the ring. Bunny kicks Abadon in the chest. Abadon refuses to go down. Bunny tags in Sakura. Sakura with a knife edge chop. Sakura goes for The Queen’s Gambit, but Abadon lands back on her feet. Mizunami tags herself in. Mizunami with a shoulder tackle. Mizunami with a running forearm smash. Machine Gun Chops. Mizunami sends Sakura to the corner.

Mizunami with a corner clothesline. Suruga runs interference. Sakura rakes the back of Mizunami. Sakura with a Hair Biel Throw. We Will Rock You Chops. Sakura with a Running Crossbody Block into the turnbuckles. Abadon hijacks Sakura’s selfie. Sakura hits The Butterfly Suplex for a two count. Sakura applies The Dragon Sleeper. Mizunami drives her elbow into the midsection of Sakura. Sakura with combination palm strikes. Sakura with a blistering chop. Mizunami answers with The Uranage Slam. Abadon and Bunny are tagged in. Abadon with two clotheslines. Abadon scores the elbow knockdown. Abadon with The SitOut Rear-Mat Slam for a two count. Mizunami Spears Sakura. Bunny with a double leg takedown. Bunny SuperKicks Abadon. Abadon answers with The Back Fist. Abadon connects with a Modified DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: (25-3) Abadon & (18-6) Ryo Mizunami via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: (38-14) The Jurassic Express vs. (0-1) The Tate Twins 

Jungle Boy and Brent Tate will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Jungle Boy with a waist lock takedown. Jungle Boy applies a side headlock. Brent whips Jungle Boy across the ring. Jungle Boy drops Brent with a shoulder tackle. Jungle Boy cartwheels over Brent. Jungle Boy scores the elbow knockdown. Jungle Boy with a Hip Toss. Jungle Boy dropkicks Brent. Jungle Boy pops back on his feet. Brent tags in Brandon. Brandon ducks a clothesline from Jungle Boy. Brandon goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takeover, but Jungle Boy counters with The Tilt-A-Whirl BackBreaker for a one count. Brandon decks Jungle Boy with a JawBreaker. Brandon tags in Brent. Double Irish Whip. Jungle Boy launches Brent over the top rope.

Jungle Boy with a back elbow smash. Brandon ducks a clothesline from Jungle Boy. Brandon side steps Jungle Boy into the turnbuckles. Brent with an Apron Enzuigiri. Brent with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a one count. Brent tags in Brandon. Tate Twins goes for a Double Belly to Back Suplex, but Jungle Boy lands back on his feet. Jungle Boy rolls under the double clothesline. Jungle Boy tags in Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus with a double shoulder tackle. Luchasaurus clotheslines Brandon. Luchasaurus drops Brent with The Big Boot. Luchasaurus with Two Biel Throws. Luchasaurus with Two Running Hip Attacks. Luchasaurus follows that with a Double Inside Out Lariat. Luchasaurus plays to the crowd. Luchasaurus connects with The Double Chokeslam. Luchasaurus tags in Jungle Boy. Jurassic Express plants Brandon with The Assisted PowerBomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: (39-14) The Jurassic Express via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: (31-11) The Acclaimed vs. (3-40) Shawn Dean & (0-17) Carlie Bravo 

Max Caster and Shawn Dean will start things off. Caster grabs the left hand of Dean. Caster kicks Dean in the gut. Caster whips Dean across the ring. Caster scores the elbow knockdown. Caster applies a wrist lock. Caster tags in Bowens. Double Vertical Suplex. The Acclaimed poses for the crowd. Stereo Uppercuts. Stereo Side Thrust Kicks. Dean and Bravo stomps on The Acclaim’s fingers. Stereo Dropkicks. Dean and Bravo are fired up. Dean with the irish whip. Dean with a Diving Corner Clothesline.

Bravo tags himself in. Bravo whips Bowens across the ring. Bravo with The SpineBuster. Dean lands The Frog Splash. Bravo hooks the outside leg for a two count. Bravo with a running forearm smash. Bravo transitions into a corner mount. Caster rakes the eyes of Bravo. Bowens knocks Dean off the ring apron. Bowens decks Bravo with a back elbow smash. Bowens with a chop/jab combination. Bowens SuperKicks Bravo. Bowens tags in Caster. Bowens with a Twisting Side Slam. Caster connects with The Mic Drop to pickup the victory.

Winner: (32-11) The Acclaimed via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez