WWE NXT UK Results (5/6/21): Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan II

WWE NXT UK Results 5/6/21
The BT Sports Studios
London, England

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Commentators: (Andy Shepherd & Nigel McGuinness)

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Ilja Dragunov vs. Dave Mastiff

Dragunov starts things off with a Running Boot. Dragunov with forearm shivers. Mastiff applies a side headlock. Mastiff uppercuts Dragunov. Standing Switch Exchange. Mastiff slings Dragunov into the canvas. Forearm Exchange. Dragunov with a leaping boot. Dragunov goes for a Delayed German Suplex, but Mastiff blocks it. Dragunov applies a side headlock. Mastiff whips Dragunov across the ring. Dragunov holds onto the ropes.

Double Forearm Smash. Dragunov applies another waist lock. Mastiff backs Dragunov into the turnbuckles. Dragunov jumps on Mastiff’s back. Dragunov hammers down on the back of Mastiff’s neck. Mastiff drives Dragunov back first into the canvas. The referee starts calling for the bell. Mastiff is busted open. The referee deemed that Mastiff was no longer medically capable to finish this match.

Match Result: No-Contest 

– We get a video package hyping up the big number one contender’s gauntlet match for the WWE NXT UK Women’s Championship.

– Kenny Williams tells Sid Scala that Amir Jordan will be leaving NXT UK for good after tonight.

– Stevie Turner Vignette.

– Rampage Brown challenges Wolfgang to a match.

– Subculture Vignette.

Tyler Bate & The A-Kid Segment 

Second Match: Trent Seven vs. Saxon Huxley 

Seven dodges The Big Boot. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Huxley backs Seven into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Seven ducks a clothesline from Huxley. Strong lockup. Huxley with clubbing bodyshots. Huxley whips Seven across the ring. Huxley with three running knee lifts. Huxley talks smack to Seven. Huxley stomps on Seven’s chest.. Seven drops down on the canvas. Seven with a Crossbody Block. Seven bodyslams Huxley. Seven with The Running Leg Drop for a two count. Huley decks Seven with a back elbow smash. Huxley whips Seven across the ring. Seven ducks a clothesline from Huxley. Huxley with a Jumping Knee Strike. Huxley with The Lou Thez Press. Huxley follows that with an elbow drop for a two count. Huxley levels Seven with The Body Avalanche.

Huxley with a Face Wash. Huxley with a running hip smash. Huxley heads to the outside. Huxley drops Seven with The Running Boot. Huxley bodyslams Seven on the floor. Huxley delivers The Cactus Elbow. Huxley rolls Seven back into the ring. Huxley hooks the outside leg for a two count. Seven unloads two knife edge chops. Huxley answers with a throat thrust. Huxley sends Seven to the corner. Seven side steps Huxley into the turnbuckles. Seven hits The Fake Out DDT. We see Sam Gradwell talking smack to Seven on the titantron. Seven dodges The Big Boot. Seven with a back fist. Huxley denies The Seven Star Lariat. Huxley connects with The SitOut SpineBuster for a two count. Huxley is displaying his frustration. Seven back chops Huxley. Seven with The Snap Dragon Suplex. Seven plants Huxley with The Seven Star Lariat to pickup the victory.

Winner: Trent Seven via Pinfall 

– Amale viciously attacked Xia Brookside in the backstage area.

Third Match: Kenny Williams vs. Amir Jordan In A No Disqualification Loser Leaves NXT UK Match

Williams is playing mind games with Jordan. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Williams backs Jordan into the turnbuckles. Williams paint brushes Jordan. Strong lockup. Williams with heavy bodyshots. Jordan shoves Williams. Jordan with forearm shivers. Jordan rolls Williams over for a two count. Williams with forearm shivers across the back of Jordan. Short-Arm Reversal by Jordan. Jordan repeatedly whips Williams into the turnbuckles. Jordan goes into the cover for a two count. Williams with an Overhead Wrist Kick. Williams hammers down on the left shoulder of Jordan. Williams repeatedly stomps on the left shoulder of Jordan. Williams dropkicks Jordan for a two count. Williams with Two Seated Senton’s. Williams with clubbing crossfaces. Williams dumps Jordan out of the ring. Williams with a Swinging Arm-Ringer on the mat. Williams delivers multiple chair shots. Williams brings a tool box into the ring.

Williams and Jordan are trading back forth shots. Williams with clubbing blows to Jordan’s back. Williams sends Jordan chest first into the turnbuckles. Williams puts Jordan on the top turnbuckle. Williams punches Jordan in the back. Williams gets Jordan tied up in the tree woe. Williams talks smack to Jordan. Jordan slings Williams out of the ring. Jordan lands The Suicide Dive. Williams sends Jordan shoulder first into the steel ring post. Williams starts removing the ringside padding. Williams kicks Jordan in the face. Jordan denies The Bulldog. Williams rakes the eyes of Jordan. Williams whips Jordan into the ringside barricade. Jordan launches Williams over the barricade. Second Forearm Exchange. All hell is breaking loose in The BT Sports Studios. Jordan rolls a production case into Williams face. Jordan tees off on Williams. Williams blinds Jordan with the fire extinguisher. Williams with a Belly to Back Suplex through the table.

Williams blasts Jordan with The PK for a two count. Williams removes the top turnbuckle pad. Jordan delivers a gut punch. Jordan with the sunset flip for a two count. Williams sends Jordan face first into the exposed steel. Williams connects with The SitOut FaceBuster for a two count. Jordan with two haymakers. Forearm Exchange on the ring apron. Williams goes for a German Suplex, but Jordan blocks it. Williams clips the left knee of Jordan. Williams goes for a PowerBomb, but Jordan lands back on his feet. Jordan kicks Williams in the gut. Jordan with The Vertical Suplex on the exposed floor. Jordan rolls Williams back into the ring. Jordan lands The Swanton Bomb for a two count. Jordan repeatedly slams Williams head on the steel chair. Jordan gets crotched on the exposed steel. Williams plants Jordan with The Headlock Driver on the chair to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kenny Williams via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez