WWE NXT Results (6/10/20): Adam Cole vs. Dexter Lumis

June 10, 2020
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Joshie Lopez

The Undisputed Era Promo 

Adam Cole: The era of Adam Cole as NXT Champion will continue. And it’s gonna continue just like everybody thought it was gonna continue. Because, honestly, nobody in the right their mind actually believed that The Velveteen Dream was gonna beat me for my NXT Championship. And that’s not a knock on The Velveteen Dream. As a matter of fact, on Sunday, he proved that he’s one of the very best that NXT has to offer. The problem is, he’s not Adam Cole, BAY-BAY. Nobody is Adam Cole. As a matter of fact, now that I beat The Velveteen Dream, he could no longer challenge me for my NXT Championship, as long as this title is around my waist.

So, that begs the question. Now that I’ve beaten him, what is next for Adam Cole and the NXT Championship? The answer is simple, it doesn’t freaking matter. I have run roughshod on this brand, as the most dominant champion in this brands history. Nobody has held the NXT Title the way Adam Cole has. Nobody in NXT, nobody in WWE will be able to beat me for this championship. So, now that The Velveteen Dream is in the rear view mirror, I want to shift our focus to one, Dexter Lumis. Just wait, okay. He’s crazy, he’s psychotic, he’s a freak who always gets in our business. And I don’t know what his deal is. I don’t know if he’s obsessed with me or he’s obsessed with my NXT Championship, but what he did to Roddy and Bobby at TakeOver: In Your House, was absolutely despicable.

Bobby Fish: Listen, that creep is obsessed with all of us. He put us in a trunk for over twelve hours.

Roderick Strong: Trunk, exactly. Everybody knows that I hate being stuffed in trucks, everybody.

Bobby Fish: Listen, he’s scared of us too, because we got ourselves out of there, that goof was nowhere to be find.

– Roderick Strong “sees” Lumis lurking behind the plexiglass.

Adam Cole: Guys, just stop. Everybody just pump the brakes, because the Adam Cole who’s speaking to you right now, is not Adam Cole, the greatest NXT Champion of all-time, no, the Adam Cole who is speaking to you, is the one who has his best friends back. Because Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish are two of the greatest man that i’ve ever known, and if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Because Dexter, later on tonight, me and you have a little match. Everybody and their mother knows that i’m not 100%. I went through a war on Sunday, but that’s a day in the life of the greatest NXT Champion of all-time. So later tonight, we are going to fight. Not only are we going to fight, I am going to beat you. Not only am I going to beat you, I am going to send you back to the drawing board where you belong. And that, that’s undisputed.

First Match: Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae vs. Keith Lee & Mia Yim in a Mixed Tag Team Match 

A lot of jaw jacking before the bell rings. Gargano attacks Lee from behind. Pier six brawl ensues. Gargano repeatedly stomps on Lee’s chest. Yim with forearm shivers. LeRae kicks Yim in the jaw. Yimitless catches The Gargano’s in mid-air. Double PowerBomb. Stereo Clotheslines. Yim is throwing haymakers at LeRae. Yim ducks a clothesline from LeRae. Yim with a chop/forearm combination. Yim with a Big Biel Throw. Yim backs LeRae into the ropes. Yim slaps LeRae in the face. Gargano pulls LeRae out of the ring. Lee prevents Yim from crashing and burning. Stereo Back Elbow Smashes. Stereo Lawn Darts into the ring apron. The Gargano’s regain control of this match during the commercial break.

LeRae applies a straight jacket hold. Yim with a snap mare takeover. LeRae stops Yim in her tracks. LeRae with a chop/forearm combination. LeRae is mauling Yim in the corner. LeRae taunts Lee. Yim side steps LeRae into the turnbuckles. LeRae applies a front face lock. Yim hits The Sole Food. Lee and Gargano are tagged in. Lee with two shoulder tackles. Lee levels Gargano with a Body Avalanche. Lee delivers Grizzly Magnum. Lee with a Big Biel Throw. LeRae tags herself in. Lee prepares for a Double PowerSlam. LeRae rakes the eyes of Lee. The Gargano’s with a Spinning DDT/Step Up Enzuigiri Combination. Yim responds with a ShotGun Dropkick.

Yim clotheslines LeRae. Yim SuperKicks LeRae. Yim dropkicks LeRae. Yim is lighting up LeRae’s chest. Yim ducks a clothesline from LeRae. Yim connects with The Bridging Dragon Suplex for a two count. Yim tees off on Gargano. Yim goes for a Vertical Suplex, but LeRae gets in the way. Yim with a straight right hand. Yim follows that with a RoundHouse Kick to Gargano. Yim with Two German Suplex’s. LeRae drops Yim with Sole Food. LeRae connects with The Quebrada for a two count. LeRae is displaying her frustration. LeRae tags in Gargagno. Gargano with southpaw haymakers. Yim sends Gargano tumbling to the floor. Yim with forearm shivers. Yim with clubbing mid-kicks. Lee inadvertently knocks Yim off the ring apron with The Pounce. Gargano SuperKicks Lee. Gargano with One Final Beat on top of LeRae. The referee and Lee attends to LeRae. Gargano rolls Lee over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae via Pinfall 

– Video recap of Io Shirai becoming the brand new NXT Women’s Champion at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

Damian Priest & Cameron Grimes Backstage Segment 

Rhea Ripley & Robert Stone Backstage Segment 

Second Match: Indus Sher w/Malcolm Bivens vs. Mike Reed & Mikey Delbrey 

Saurav and Delbrey will start things off. Saurav drops Delbrey with a Big Boot. Saurav throws Delbrey into the turnbuckles. Saurav kicks Reed off the ring apron. Saurav drags Delbrey to the corner. Saurav tags in Rinku. Rinku with Two Body Avalanches. Rinku tags in Saurav. Indus Sher connects with their Flying Senton/Side Walk Slam Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: Indus Sher via Pinfall 

Breezango Promo 

Third Match: Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes 

Quick feeling out process after the bell rings. Grimes is playing mind games with Balor. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Balor applies a hammerlock. Grimes transitions into a side headlock. Balor backs Grimes into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Grimes delivers a gut punch. Grimes punches Balor in the back. Grimes talks smack to Balor. Grimes uppercuts Balor. Balor scores the elbow knockdown. Balor kicks Grimes in the chest. Grimes with clubbing shoulder blocks. Balor drives his knee into the midsection of Grimes. Balor punches Grimes in the back. Following a snap mare takeover, Balor kicks Grimes in the back for a two count. Balor applies a rear chin lock. Grimes backs Balor into the turnbuckles. Knife Edge Chop Exchange.

Balor with the irish whip. Balor with three running chops. Grimes blocks a boot from Balor. Grimes with a waist lock takedown. Grimes drives his knee into Balor’s ribs. Grimes drops Balor with a knife edge chop. Grimes stands on the left hand of Balor. Balor reverses out of the irish whip from Grimes. Grimes goes for a sunset flip, but Balor counters with a basement dropkick. Grimes regroups on the outside. Balor is lighting up Grimes chest. Balor throws Grimes into the steel barricade. Grimes clotheslines Balor for a one count. Grimes applies a rear chin lock. Balor with forearm shivers. Grimes whips Balor into the turnbuckles. Grimes applies an arm-bar. Balor with another round of forearm shivers.

Grimes whips Balor across the ring. Grimes drops Balor with a running knee lift. Balor kicks Grimes in the face. Balor clotheslines Grimes. Balor with a double leg takedown. Balor follows that with a Double Foot Stomp. Balor hits The SlingBlade. Balor delivers The ShotGun Dropkick. Grimes avoids The Coupe De Grace. Grimes connects with The Oklahoma Roll for a two count. Grimes with a SuperMan Forearm Smash. Grimes SuperKicks Balor. Grimes applies a waist lock. Balor goes for The 1916, but Grimes counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Balor ducks a clothesline from Grimes. Balor with a Spin Out Elbow Drop. Grimes responds with a Uranage Slam for a two count. Balor avoids The Cavemen. Balor connects with The Reverse 1916 for a two count. Balor lands The Coupe De Grace. Balor plants Grimes with The 1916 to pickup the victory.

Winner: Finn Balor via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez vs. Kacy Catanzaro 

Kai pie faces Catanzaro. Catanzaro shoves Kai. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Kai backs Catanzaro into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Pie Face Exchange. Catanzaro sweeps out the legs of Kai. Catanzaro with a SlingShot Senton. Kai trips Catanzaro from the outside. Catanzaro avoids The Pump Kick. Catanzaro with a Hurricanrana on the floor. Catanzaro rolls Kai back into the ring. Catanzaro with a SomerSault Leg Drop for a two count. Kai drives Catanzaro face first into the middle turnbuckle pad.Kai repeatedly stomps on Catanzaro’s chest. Kai connects with The Face Wash for a two count.

Kai with the irish whip. Kai talks smack to Catanzaro. Catanzaro rolls Kai over for a two count. Catanzaro side steps Kai into the turnbuckles. Catanzaro with forearm shivers. Catanzaro is mauling Kai in the corner. Catanzaro is fired up. Catanzaro with a Flying Corner Clothesline. Kai responds with The Scorpion Kick. Kai plants Catanzaro with The GTK to pickup the victory. After the match, Raquel Gonzalez attacks Catanzaro from behind. Kayden Carter trips Kai from the outside. Gonzalez runs after Carter. Carter dodges The Big Boot. Gonzalez denies The Tornado DDT. Gonzalez ChokeSlams Carter. 

Winner: Dakota Kai via Pinfall 

Santos Escobar & Drake Maverick Segment 

Fifth Match: Adam Cole w/The Undisputed Era vs. Dexter Lumis 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Lumis backs Cole into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Cole pie faces Lumis. Cole calls Lumis a freak. Cole side steps Lumis into the turnbuckles. Cole repeatedly stomps on Lumis chest. Lumis launches Cole to the corner. Lumis with rapid fire bodyshots. Lumis whips Cole across the ring. Lumis scores the elbow knockdown. Cole regroups on the outside. Cole repeatedly stomps on Lumis back. Cole applies a side headlock. Lumis with a Belly to Back Toss. Lumis with a slithering uppercut. Lumis is playing mind games with Cole. Lumis blocks a boot from Cole. Lumis with a straight right hand. Cole nails Lumis with The Pump Kick. Cole has complete control of the match during the commercial break.

Cole applies a rear chin lock. Lumis with heavy bodyshots. Cole ducks a clothesline from Lumis. Cole hits The BackStabber for a two count. Cole argues with the referee. Cole transitions into a ground and pound attack. Cole toys around with Lumis. Cole with forearm shivers. Cole drops Lumis with a Swinging NeckBreaker. Cole uses the middle rope as a weapon. Cole with The Hangman’s NeckBreaker. Lumis is throwing haymakers at Cole. Lumis with a corner clothesline. Lumis follows that with a Running Bulldog. Lumis with a SlingShot Vertical Suplex for a two count. Cole fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Lumis denies The SuperKick. Lumis with a Release German Suplex for a two count. Cole thrust kicks the left knee of Lumis.

Cole pulls down his knee pad. Lumis negates The Last Shot. Cole SuperKicks Lumis for a two count. Cole goes for The Last Shot, but Lumis ducks out of the way. Lumis hits The SpineBuster. Lumis is raining down haymakers. Cole dumps Lumis out of the ring. Lumis connects with another SpineBuster for a two count. Lumis drags Cole to the corner. Lumis goes for The Swanton Bomb, but Cole gets his knees up in the air. Cole goes for The Panama Sunrise, but Lumis counters with The Head/Triangle Choke. Roderick Strong attacks Lumis behind the referee’s back. Cole plants Lumis with The Last Shot to pickup the victory. After the match, Lumis gets Cole trapped in The Head/Triangle Choke. The Velveteen Dream wipes out The Undisputed Era. Strong runs away from Lumis.

Winner: Adam Cole via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez