MLW Fusion Results (4/25/20): The Hart Foundation vs. El Texano Jr & Rey Escorpion

MLW Fusion
April 25, 2020
Auditorio Fautso Gutierrez
Tijuana, Mexico

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: (MLW) Richard Holliday vs. (AAA) Chessman in a No Disqualification Match 

Holliday pie faces Chessman. Chessman with forearm shivers. Chessman reverses out of the irish whip from Holliday. Chessman uppercuts Holliday. Chessman dropkicks Holliday to the floor. Holliday nails Chessman with a steel chair. Holliday punches Chessman in the back. Holliday delivers multiple chair shots. Holliday rolls Chessman back into the ring. Holliday goes for the lateral press, but the referee takes his sweet time to get into position for the cover. Holliday with a clubbing blow to Chessman’s back. Holliday stomps on the right knee of Chessman.

Holliday with a straight right hand. Holliday with a corner clothesline. Holliday uppercuts Chessman. Holliday repeatedly stomps on Chessman’s chest. Holliday is choking Chessman with his boot. Holliday continues to punch Chessman in the back. Holliday with a running elbow smash. Holliday is putting the boots to Chessman. Chessman exits the ring. Chessman kicks Holliday in the chest. Chessman lands The Suicide Dive. Chessman gives Holliday a taste of his own medicine. Chessman with the cover for a two count. Holliday and Chessman are trading back and forth shots. Holliday kicks Chessman in the gut. Chessman reverses out of the irish whip from Holliday.

Neither men can land a move for 20 seconds. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Chessman goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Holliday blocks it. Chessman dodges the forearm smash. Chessman goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Holliday lands back on his feet. Holliday SuperKicks Chessman. Holliday connects with 2008 for a two count. Holliday argues with the referee. Chessman hammers down on Holliday’s back. Chessman kicks the left hamstring of Holliday. Chessman with a palm strike. Chessman drops Holliday with The Single Leg Dropkick. Chessman lands The MoonSault for a two count. Chessman plays to the crowd. Chessman goes for a Corkscrew Splash, but Holliday ducks out of the way. Holliday plants Chessman with The Market Crash to pickup the victory.

Winner: (MLW) Richard Holliday via Pinfall 

Alicia Atout Interviews Mance Warner 

Alicia Atout: Everybody, at this point in time, it’s my absolute pleasure to welcome, Mance Warner.

Mance Warner: I got to talk to you for a second, man. I know I ruined your birthday party, I know, I could tell by your eyeballs you want to jump on me and punch me in the face, I understand that. It was a real nice birthday cake. It was real tasty. It was real good. I had some all over my hands, it was on my hat too, I had to wash my hat about three times. There’s a lot of blood on there too, but I’m here to talk to you right now, not about any upcoming fight or anything. I got to apologize to you cuz I ruined your birthday. But to make it up, I got you a light beer right here and I got one back here too and we can just go drink a whole lot of light beers and bullshit on the side, all right?

Alicia Atout: This really means so much to me, this is a lovely gift, but I have to say the biggest gift of all you could have given me for my birthday is getting that asshole MJF out of here, thank you.

Mance Warner: Thank you. I took Jimmy Havoc, sent him packing. MJF, you stupid son of a bitch, you gone too, baby. Do you know who’s next? You know what Ol Mancer needs? I already said I got a light beer here, you got one, I got this clean hat now. I need some gold. Would you agree with that?

Alicia Atout: 100% agree.

Mance Warner: Now, who’s got gold that Ol Mancer should get some gold from?

Alicia Atout: I think we should just keep taking The Dynasty out. How about Alex Hammerstone?

Mance Warner: Hammerstone: Oh, Alex Hammerstone, a big dumb son of a bitch, he forget who he was, man. He sold out, he got some gold, he hung out with his boys, Ol Mancer sent one of them packing. Now, you and me, I got my light beer, I need some gold. I’m gonna whoop that ass every week until I get that gold and hit that pay window. Does that sound like a plan?

Alicia Atout: You’re giving me gifts way past my birthday, Mance.

Mance Warner: Now, let’s go get some more light beers, I got light beers over here. Let’s give it up for ruining the birthday cake.

Douglas James Medical Update 

– Transient disorder of brain function without long term sequele.

– Evaluated for a subdural hematoma.

– Barred from contact for 180 days unless cleared by a neurologist.

Pillow Talk With LA Park 


Ms Park: I’m going to sleep, my destroyer. Goodnight. I said, goodnight. How can you already be asleep? Really? How can you be asleep? Old man, I said goodnight.

LA Park: Fine, fine. Goodnight, goodnight.

Ms Park: God willing.

LA Park: Of course, it’s god’s will. We are up to our asses in debt from this crazy virus. Of course, he’s going to want me to sleep and then wake up and make money once this is over.

Ms Park: Okay, Mr. Rude Person. I love you. You son of a bitch. Instead of a kiss you fart?

– The Von Erichs Vignette.

Alexander Hammerstone Promo 

I bet you’re real proud of yourself, Mance. But to think what you did was real funny? And I sure hope you’re getting your laughs because I don’t think you realize what’s coming your way. See, Mance, I would say if I had one real enemy in pro wrestling, it’d be you. And not you specifically, but everything you represent, because society as a whole has kind of been turned upside down. Instead of admiring greatness and aspiring to achieve it, we take pride mediocrity.

People are proud to be fat. People are proud to be stupid. People are proud to be ignorant. There’s people like you, proud to be an alcoholic, proud to be out of shape, proud to get in the middle of the ring and bleed each and every night. That’s easy to relate to. The people in the crowd, they think you’re one of them, they’re just like you and they don’t relate to your boy, hammer. That’s what makes it so hard for a guy like me. See, it should obviously be a straight shot to the top for a guy like me, but instead it’s speed bump after speed bump of guys like you.

And now you got the gall, you got the gall to tell people that my National OpenWeight Championship, you want to call it your championship, the people’s championship? You know, that was the last thing that crossed my mind, Mance because that’s like defending my birth certificate ever since it was printed. It’s had my name on it, just like ever since that championship was created, it’s had my name on it. So you want to wrestle me for my championship, Mance? And that’s a mistake because if we fought backstage, I was gonna beat you up, if we wrestled in the middle of the ring, I was gonna lay you out. But if we wrestle for my National OpenWeight Championship, i’m gonna wreck you, Mance.

Col. Parker Update 

– Allegations of promoting unsanctioned wrestling contests on barges.

– Events shut down by The US Coast Guard.

– Parker denies involvement with outlaw barge shows.

– Low Ki says that he’s not finished with Team Filthy and American Top Team.

Second Match: (MLW) The Hart Foundation vs. (AAA) El Texano Jr & Rey Escorpion 

Escorpion attacks Pillman before the bell rings. Slugfest in Tijuana. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Pillman applies a wrist lock. Texano reverses the hold. Pillman kicks Texano in the face. Texano slaps Pillman in the face. Texano kicks Pillman in the gut. Pillman reverses out of the irish whip from Texano. Pillman levels Texano with a Body Avalanche. Pillman follows that with a Fake Out Slap. Pillman unloads two knife edge chops. Pillman applies a wrist lock. Texano uses the referee to his advantage. Texano and Escorpion are double teaming Pillman. Double Irish Whip. Double SpineBuster. Wish Bone Attack. Double PK. The referee is trying to calm down Davey Boy Smith. Texano kicks Pillman in the face. Pillman fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Pillman sends Texano face first into the right boot of Smith. Pillman with a corner clothesline. Pillman with a blistering chop. Pillman tags in Smith.

Smiith with a Delayed Vertical Suplex for a two count. Smith applies a wrist control. Smith tags in Pillman. Smith is distracted by Injustice. Escorpion gets Pillman perched on the top turnbuckle. Texano with clubbing blows to Smith’s back. Double Irish Whip. Escorpion drops down on the canvas. Texano drop toe holds Smith into a Running Leg Drop from Escorpion. Double Knee Lift. Stereo SuperKicks. Texano with a knife edge chop. Texano hits The Ushigoroshi for a one count. Texano tags in Escorpion. Escorpion with a knife edge chop. The AAA referee won’t get Texano out of the ring. Pillman is getting demolished in the corner. Double Sliding Dropkick for a two count. Escorpion continues to chop Pillman in the chest. Escorpion with a straight right hand. Escorpion bodyslams Pillman. Escorpion with a judo style takedown. Escorpion applies a rear chin lock. Pillman is displaying his fighting spirit. Forearm Exchange. Pillman with a RoundHouse Kick. Escorpion pulls Pillman down to the mat. Smith is livid.

Escorpion with the lateral press for a two count. Escorpion tags in Texano. Texano bodyslams Pillman. Texano follows that with a SlingShot Senton for a two count. Texano taunts Smith. Texano whips Pillman with the bull rope. Texano tags in Escorpion. Escorpion PowerBombs Pillman. Smith breaks up the pinning opportunity. Texano with clubbing blows to Pillman’s back. Pillman decks Texano with a Jaw Breaker. Pillman dropkicks Texano. The referee didn’t see Pillman tag out to Smith. Smith is about to lose his mind. Texano and Escorpion are double teaming Pillman again. Pillman creates distance with a Flying Crossbody Block. Pillman finally tags in Smith. Smith with a double clothesline. Meeting Of The Minds in Tijuana. Smith transitions into a corner mount. Escorpion attacks Smith from behind. Smith with a corner clothesline. Smith with a Back Body Drop that sends Escorpion crashing into Texano. Smith flexes his muscles. Smith clotheslines Texano and Escorpion over the top rope. Pillman lands The SomerSault Plancha. Pillman rolls Texano back into the ring. Pillman connects with Air Pillman. Smith plants Texano with The Bridging Jackknife Cover to pickup the victory.

Winner: (MLW) The Hart Foundation via Pinfall 

– MLW has the 4-2 lead in the MLW/AAA SuperSeries.

– The show closes with The Contra Warning.

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Author: Josh Lopez