NWA Super Powerrr Preview Results (4/21/20): Kamille Finally Speaks

NWA Super Powerrr Preview Results 4/21/20
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

– The show starts with a video replay of Nick Aldis/Marty Scurll Match From The 2019 Crockett Cup. Plus, footage of all the major Strictly Business moments that’s lead us to Kamille’s NWA Powerrr In-Ring Debut.

Kamille vs. Madi Maxx 

Kamille drives Maxx back first into the turnbuckles. Kamille repeatedly stomps on Maxx’s chest. The referee admonishes Kamille. Kamille with a Big Biel Throw. Kamille levels Maxx with a Body Avalanche. Kamille follows that with a Delayed Bodyslam. Kamille tugs on Maxx’s hair. Maxx with forearm shivers. Maxx kicks Kamille in the gut. Maxx goes for a sunset flip, but Kamille stands still. Maxx ducks a clothesline from Kamille. Kamille drops Maxx with a Leg Lariat. Kamille is putting the boots to the midsection of Maxx. Kamille toys around with Maxx. Kamille puts Maxx on the top turnbuckle. Maxx kicks Kamille in the chest. Kamille catches Maxx in mid-air. Kamille connects with The Rolling Senton. Kamille Spears Maxx to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kamille via Pinfall 

Post Match Interview

Joe Galli: Hold on, Tom Latimer made it very clear we’re gonna hear from you today. Kamille, tell me your thoughts?

Kamille measures up Joe Galli. Kamille heads to the backstage area.

Kamille Promo 

Bitch. Cocky. Not approachable. These are things that people may have heard about me and they’re all true. But life made me this way. When I was kid, I just wanted to have fun. I wasn’t striving to be great, I just was. But then I learned something the hard way. People don’t like you when you’re gifted. In fact, they turn against you. When I played softball when I was little, the coaches, well, they loved me, but the parents of the girls, not so much. They actually got together and went to the coach and complained that I needed to be taken out of the league because I put their little girls in danger. But I decided I didn’t want to play there anymore. I left that league to go play with the boys. Because from then on, I realized I don’t get along with girls, I’m just different.

In high school, my stats was so good, that parents were in the stands keeping their own stat books to make sure that mine weren’t padded, to make sure that my numbers were right because they couldn’t believe that I was putting up the stats I was. So ever since I was little, I’ve been hated. Hated for my power, for my strength, for what I was born with. Hated by not only peers, but adults. So respect for authority? Respect for anyone? Yeah, I don’t have that. I’m an elite athlete. Every single sport I’ve ever played, ever tried, I’ve dominated. Division One Softball. Football. And professional wrestling, well, that came easy. October 2018, Nick Aldis called. He needed himself an insurance policy. Now, do you think that he hired me for simply my looks? He hired me because he knew I was a force and that I could take care of business. He didn’t want some frail, little liability, bothering.

He wanted someone that could take a hit and give one back. Since October, championship match after championship match, Nick Aldis has retained. And what’s the common denominator? His talent, yes and me. Y’all keep questioning why I don’t speak. I don’t need to speak, I let my actions speak for me. See, my dad, he taught me that I better never start a fight, but I sure as hell better end one. It better take people dragging me off of someone while i’m on top of them to end that fight. So, y’all think that me coming out there and taking action in the middle of the ring, you think that was random? You think that was out of nowhere? Thunder Rosa, Melina, Allysin Kay, I know how you guys treat me. I see the little looks, the whispers backstage, people talk, but I’m here to end all of that. For those of you that are worried about what i’m doing in the future, worry about what Kamille is doing now. I’m here to end, all of you.

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Author: Josh Lopez