WWE NXT Results (4/8/20): Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa

April 8, 2020
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae vs. Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai w/Raquel Gonzalez vs. Mia Yim vs. Chelsea Green w/Robert Stone in a Ladder Match To Determine The Number One Contender To The WWE NXT Women’s Championship 

Pier six brawl after the bell rings. Nox repeatedly stomps on Kai’s chest. Shirai is putting the boots to LeRae on the other side of the ring. Yim is choking Green with her boot. Shirai with a Wrecking Ball Meteora. Kai dumps Shirai out of the ring. Kai punches Yim in the back. Kai signals for Gonzalez to bring a ladder into the ring. LeRae and Yim with a Double Baseball Slide Dropkick to Gonzalez. Kai gets a long overdue ass whipping. LeRae with a chop/forearm combination. Nox with a Running European Uppercut. Yim follows that with The Helluva Kick. LeRae with a running back elbow smash. LeRae knocks Green off the ring apron. Nox with a Leaping Back Senton Splash. Yim hits The Running Cannonball Strike. Nox and Yim hip tosses LeRae into Kai.

Shirai delivers a Double Missile Dropkick. Shirai with The FlapJack. Robert Stone pulls out a table from under the ring. LeRae starts scaling a ladder. Shirai kicks LeRae in the gut. Shirai goes for The Tiger Driver, but LeRae blocks it. LeRae with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Shirai responds with an open palm strike. Green with a Running Double Bulldog into the ladder. Green has complete control of the match during the commercial break. Yim pulls Green out of the ring. Forearm Exchange. Nox is slugging it out with Kai. Kai with a Scorpion Kick. Nox HeadButts Kai. Kai with a Running Forearm Smash. Nox answers with a Running European Uppercut. Kai connects with The Face Wash. Kai side steps Nox into the turnbuckles. Nox denies The Pump Kick. Nox uppercuts Kai. Nox ChokeSlams Kai. Nox sends Green back first into the steel barricade.

Nox climbs the ladder. Kai slams Nox’s head on the top rung of the ladder. LeRae pulls Kai off the ladder. Green attacks Nox from behind. Kai sends LeRae face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Interception fest. Yim ducks a clothesline from LeRae. Yim drops LeRae with Protect Ya Neck. Green delivers a massive chair shot to Yim’s back. Yim avoids The Pump Kick. Yim attacks the left knee of Green with the chair. Shirai with a basement dropkick. Shirai catapults Yim face first into the ladder. Green is riving in pain on the outside. Gonzalez enters the ring. Shirai wipes out the calvary with The SpringBoard Crossbody Block. Gonzalez is trying to create an easy pathway to victory. Gonzalez puts Kai on her shoulders. Gonzalez walks up the ladder.

Yim with clubbing blows to Gonzalez’s back. Gonzalez shoves Yim. Gonzalez kicks Yim in the gut. Shirai yanks Kai off the ladder. Yim with forearm shivers. Nox and Yim puts Gonzalez through a table with The ChokeSlam/SitOut PowerBomb Combination. Kai pump kicks Nox through a ladder on the outside. LeRae uses the briefcase as a weapon. Shirai knocks Kai off the ladder. Shirai with a German Suplex. LeRae avoids The RoundHouse Kick. LeRae with a Release German Suplex. Green can barely stand. Stone helps Green ascend up the ladder. LeRae and Shirai knocks Green and Stone off the ladder. Forearm/Palm Strike Exchange. Shirai rakes the eyes of LeRae. Shirai sends LeRae back first into the ladder bridge. Shirai unhooks the briefcase to pickup the victory.

Winner: Io Shirai 

Finn Balor Promo 

WALTER, you and I share a lot of traits. We both do things on our own time. And we both have creative control over our own worlds. But here we are in a time both unable to make our next respective moves, but this time will pass. And you’ll learn that the title you hold, it’s on borrowed time.

Second Match: Indus Sher w/Malcolm Bivens vs. Ever Rise 

Rinku and Matt Martel will start things off. Martel ducks a clothesline from Rinku. Martel applies a side headlock. Martel transitions into a wrist lock. Rinku launches Martel to the corner. Martel tags in Parker. Martel tells Parker to bring it. Parker with running forearm shivers. Parker blasts Rinku with a knife edge chop. Rinku sends Parker to the ropes. Parker kicks Rinku in the face. Parker tags in Martel. Ever Rise are double teaming Rinku. Parker with a SlingShot Elbow Drop for a one count. Rinku clotheslines Parker. Rinku tags in Saurav. Double Irish Whip. Double Shoulder Tackle. Saurav bodyslams Parker. Saurav drags Parker to the corner.

Saurav tags in Rinku. Double Hip Toss. Rinku toys around with Parker. Rinku repeatedly stomps on Parker’s chest. Rinku with a Side Walk Slam. Rinku tags in Saurav. Rinku knocks Martel off the ring apron. Saurav with a corner clothesline. Saurav tags in Rinku. Rinku kicks Parker in the gut. Rinku with clubbing blows to Parker’s back. Parker is displaying his fighting spirit. Rinku with a running forearm smash to Martel. Rinku tags in Saurav. Rinku with a corner clothesline. Saurav follows that with The Big Boot. Indus Sher plants Parker with their Flying Elbow Drop/Pendulum BackBreaker Combination to pickup the victory

Winner: Indus Sher via Pinfall 

Adam Cole Promo 

Bravo, Velveteen, way to go. You beat Bobby Fish. You got lucky and you beat Bobby Fish, one of the baddest men on the NXT Roster, you got lucky. Unfortunately for you, lightning, it never strikes twice, especially when that lightning is the greatest NXT Champion there has ever been. Let me explain something to you, okay? You do not deserve a shot at my championship. A guy like you, you are a pretender, I am the real deal.

I have proven that time and time again. I don’t know how many times I have to tell you, to get it through your thick skull. And my friend, if you keep pushing, I don’t know maybe one day I’ll wake up and i’ll feel like ending an experience. Or better yet, how about shattering a spotlight? And unfortunately for you, there will be nothing that you could do about it. And that Velveteen Dream, that’s undisputed.

Third Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa: ONE FINAL BEAT 

– Candice LeRae hands Johnny Gargano a bag before he enters the studio building.

Triple H: All right guys, right on time. This is where it ends, right? It starts in this ring, it ends in this ring. I don’t care what you guys do to each other, but when it’s done here, it’s done. Drake’s here to officiate it, what he says goes. He’s just here to decide the winner, nothing more. So you guys have at it. When I walk through that door, it’s on.

A steel chair is placed in the center of the ring. Ciampa kicks the chair away from Gargano. Haymaker Exchange. Gargano kicks Ciampa in the gut. Gargano with forearm shivers. Ciampa reverses out of the irish whip from Gargano. Ciampa kicks Gargano in the chest. Ciampa sends Gargano to the ring apron. Gargano avoids The Running Knee Strike. Gargano with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Gargano goes for The SlingShot Spear, but Ciampa counters with a Knee Lift. Gargano delivers a gut punch. Ciampa calls Gargano a piece of shit. Ciampa is raining down haymakers. Ciampa talks smack to Gargano. Ciampa catapults Gargano throat first across the bottom turnbuckle pad. Gargano negates The Willow’s Bell. Gargano repeatedly wraps the right leg of Ciampa around the steel ring post. Gargano with a Running Boot. Gargano pokes fun at Ciampa’s knee surgeries. Gargano goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Ciampa blocks it. Ciampa drives Gargano abdomen into the ring post.

Ciampa repositions a table. Gargano repeatedly stomps on Ciampa’s chest. Gargano lands The Suicide Dive. Gargano mocks Ciampa. Gargano throws Ciampa into a couple of recycle boxes. Gargano tees off on Ciampa. Gargano was expecting more from Ciampa. Gargano attacks Ciampa with a garbage can. Gargano rolls Ciampa back into the ring. Gargano has complete control of the match. Gargano drives the steel chair into the right shoulder/left knee of Ciampa. Gargano rams the chair into the back of Ciampa’s neck. The referee admonishes Gargano. Gargano delivers a big chair shot. Ciampa sends Gargano face first into the wedge chair in the corner. Gargano dumps Ciampa out of the ring. Gargano prepares for a SlingShot Pescado. Ciampa throws a trash can lid into Gargano’s face. Ciampa with a Trash Can Lid Assisted Running Knee Strike. Ciampa stands on the left hand of Gargano. Ciampa wraps a chair around Gargano’s neck. Ciampa sends Gargano neck first into the ring post.

Ciampa repeatedly stomps on Gargano’s face. Ciampa tells Gargano to quit. Ciampa stomps on Gargano’s back. Ciampa starts choking Gargano with a crutch. Gargano is trying to back away from Ciampa. Ciampa kicks Gargano in the chest. Gargano blinds Ciampa with the fire extinguisher. Ciampa with heavy bodyshots. Ciampa PowerBombs Gargano through a table on the floor. Ciampa starts exposing the ring canvas. Ciampa kicks Gargano in the ribs. Ciampa is picking Gargano apart. Gargano exits the studio building. Gargano rolls a production crate into the midsection of Ciampa. Gargano repeatedly slams Ciampa’s head on the side of the WWE NXT Truck. Ciampa scurries away from further damage. Ciampa and Gargano are trading back and forth shots on top of the truck. Gargano SuperKicks Ciampa. Ciampa unloads Three Open Hand Chops. Ciampa goes for The Rolling Elbow, but Gargano counters with another SuperKick. Ciampa with The Big Boot. Ciampa is imposing his will on Gargano. Gargano with desperation haymakers. Gargano locks in The Gargano Escape. Knee Lift/SuperKick Exchange. This brawl finally goes back inside the studio building.

Gargano with a Flying Crossbody Block through a table. Gargano transitions into a ground and pound attack. Gargano rolls Ciampa back into the ring. Gargano with southpaw haymakers. Gargano repeatedly stomps on Ciampa’s back. Gargano is choking Ciampa with his boot. Gargano puts Ciampa on the top turnbuckle. Ciampa hammers down on the back of Gargano’s neck. Ciampa connects with an Avalanche Air Raid Crash to the floor. Gargano hits the surgerically repaired knee of Ciampa with the trash can lid. Gargano applies The Crutch Assisted Gargano Escape. Ciampa refuses to quit. Gargano whips Ciampa with the trash can lid. Gargano unloads Two SuperKicks. Gargano calls Ciampa a failure as a man, husband and father. Ciampa laughs at Gargano. Ciampa kicks the crutch out of Gargano’s hands. Ciampa repeatedly hits Gargano in the back with the crutch.

Ciampa is pissed. Ciampa applies The Crutch Assisted Camel Clutch. Gargano rakes the eyes of the referee. Ciampa inadvertently knocks the referee off the ring apron. Ciampa drills Gargano with Willow’s Bell. Gargano SuperKicks Ciampa. Ciampa responds with The Big Boot. Both men are knocked down after a double crutch shot. Candice LeRae is trying to play peacemaker. LeRae kicks Gargano in the nuts. LeRae exits the ring. Ciampa is visibly distraught. Ciampa helps Gargano get back on his feet. LeRae kicks Ciampa in the back of the nether regions. It was a rouse, Gargano was wearing a cup, pal. Gargano plants Ciampa with The Double UnderHook PileDriver to pickup the victory. We see Killer Kross and Scarlett Bourdeaux sitting in a car outside the studio building. Gargano and LeRae drives away as the show goes off air.

Winner: Johnny Gargano via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez