AEW Dynamite Results (4/8/20): Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

AEW Dynamite
April 8, 2020
One Fall Power Factory
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Commentary Team (Tony Schiavone and Chris Jericho)

Ring Announcer: Dasha Gonzalez

Cody Rhodes Promo 

Why do I want to be TNT Champion? Wrestling is so linear, you’re gonna hear the same answer to that question over and over again. You’ll even hear the announcers strike some of the same hyperboles as they describe the stakes. The wrestlers will give you that real wrestling school paint by numbers interview where they say things like, you see, the boys in the back. Or my favorite, they’ll perpetually say their own name or the person they’re wrestling against or the person who’s interviewing them over and over again. Like I said, wrestling is linear, they might even do that thing where you pantomime or you indicate that you want the belt. I’ve done it a thousand times, we’ve all done it. I’m guilty, wrestling is linear, but these are not linear times are they? I think we’d all give our last dollar for a little bit of normalcy, a little bit of linear. It’s my personal hope that we get through this just fine, we want to live by each other’s happiness, not each other’s misery, right? So why do I need to become TNT Champion?

It is not the fame, it’s certainly not the added money, it’s not the specialized lower third that they put on the screen, it’s not even my specific unique circumstance of trying to carry a last name that is worthy 58 years in gold, it’s much easier. It’s because I don’t want to lose. AEW has four major pay-per-views, Double Or Nothing, All Out, Full Gear and Revolution and i’m 50/50. I felt loss and I don’t ever want to lose. The motto, the expression, what the nightmare family means, it sitting on the side of my neck, it’s when we say, do the work. It’s not, do the work and lose. This tournament is flush, it’s rich in talent. Take, Colt Cabana, probably the second most experience guy in the tournament, does a better flip flop and fly than me, Dustin and a bully combined. Ask anybody in any locker room world over, they’ll tell you they love Colt Cabana. Well, frankly, I do not trust a wrestler that doesn’t have any enemies.

Kip Sabian, as far as the UK goes, they know how to make a wrestler. He’s a stud and that hell fire fiancee of his, she’s quite the wrestler herself. But what happens when to cohabitate, they’re either gonna motivate themselves upwards or they’re gonna drag themselves down to complacency city or right next to jobber avenue. Darby, i’m not gonna take credit for Darby, but I feel like I hand picked Darby . He’s clearly the fastest rising star in all of wrestling, in any company, hands down. He’s putting on weight by the day, he’s assassin quick, but Darby is a freshman on the varsity squad. I don’t think he has the mental aptitude to finish this tournament. My oldest friend, if you could put it that way, Shawn Spears, my former tag team partner, kind of my Dick Murdoch. Could be a world champion pretty much anywhere he wanted to be, but Shawn Spears is king boo-boo face and he will mentally defeat himself before we even lock up.

Sammy Guevara, don’t let all the flips fool you and believe me, Sammy is one of the very few wrestlers in the world who can even do all the flips, he has an utter nasty mean streak. Don’t believe me, ask Kenny and Hangman’s eardrums. My brother, I love my brother, but wrestling Dustin at Double Or Nothing, beating Dustin at Double Or Nothing, split my bone to the soul. I don’t ever want there to be a rematch, but I’d remiss if I didn’t say I think he’s the best wrestler in the tournament. That just leaves us with Big Lance. Jake Roberts has sure had a lot to say to me about Lance, you think i’m shaking in my boots because of your one time reign with a title I personally held, so i’m talking to you from firsthand experience, a title that pure oh and casual fans alike consider to be about as worth as much as this ashtray? Come on, I’m not shaking, if you think I am, think again. I’m not gonna comment further, i’m not afraid of Lance Archer. Every one of those guys, they want to be TNT Champion. Difference with me, I need it.

Jake The Snake Roberts Promo 

Here we are again, folks. My history will not be my destiny, famous words quoted by me. Let me ask you a simple question. Would you stand in front of a train that was barreling down that track? Would you hop on that track and sit there? Here’s one, would you jump out of an airplane without a parachute? Or do you stand in the ring, look at Lance Archer and think you got a prayer of winning? See, all three things, you’ll wind up in the same position, done. You step in the ring with Lance Archer and it’s done. Quit playing the game, quit wishing, you saw what happened to poor Marko. I know what happened to you, Marko.

Nobody else wanted it, and you saw that as an opportunity to prove to everybody, you thought that you were willing and you were a man. Marko, sometimes it’s better to be thoughtful than speak up or take action and erase all doubt. You’re an idiot. Now, Cody, please don’t let this one slip away from me, I got a funny feeling about this one, something in my head is telling me that, hey, you just might get beat by Shawn Spears and surprise everybody, but me. See, i’m looking for you to do that Cody, let it get away from you. The old slip on a banana peel, oh, I didn’t mean for that to happened, so you don’t have to face us. Cody, you’re either a man or a mouse, squeak up, tell me.

First Match: (1-0) Lance Archer vs. (0-0) Alan Angels 

Archer drops Angels with a Big Boot before the bell rings. Archer with a short-arm clothesline. Archer slaps Angels in the chest. Archer punches Angels in the back. Archer toys around with Angels. Angels slides under The Big Boot from Archer. Angles repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Archer. Angels with rapid fire haymakers. Angels follows that with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Archer responds with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex from the chokeslam position. Archer with a running elbow smash. Archer plants Angels with The BlackOut to pickup the victory.

Winner: (2-0) Lance Archer via Pinfall 

Second Match: (10-6) Britt Baker vs. (11-5) Hikaru Shida 

Baker side steps the collar and elbow tie up. Baker thrust kicks the midsection of Shida. Baker is trying to play mind games with Shida. Quick shoving contest. Baker ducks a clothesline from Shida. Baker yanks on Shida’s hair. Baker repeatedly slams Shida’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Shida with forearm shivers. Shida whips Baker across the ring. Shida goes for a dropkick, but Baker holds onto the ropes. Baker heads to the outside. Baker runs away from Shida. Baker with a running knee lift into the midsection of Shida. Baker is putting the boots to Shida. Baker stomps on Shida’s back. Baker abuses the referee’s five count. Shida backs Baker into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Baker kicks Shida in the gut. Baker with a high knee lift. Baker follows that with The Famouser. Baker taunts The Gunn Club. Baker hooks the outside leg for a two count.

Baker transitions into a ground and pound attack. Baker is choking Shida with her boot. Baker with a Running Boot for a two count. Baker puts her knee on the back of Shida’s neck. Baker applies The Bow and Arrow Stretch. Baker SuperKicks Shida. Baker talks smack to Shida. Shida kicks Baker in the gut. Baker whips Shida into the steel barricade. Pier six brawl on the outside. The ringside personnel drapes Baker across the barricade. Shida with a Running Knee Strike. Shida with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Baker avoids The Shining Wizard. Baker rolls Shida over for a two count. Shida applies The Triangle Choke. Baker grabs the bottom rope to create separation. Short-Arm Reversal by Baker. Shida with clubbing blows to Baker’s back. Baker ducks a clothesline from Shida. Baker hits The SlingBlade. Baker with The Butterfly Suplex for a two count. Baker toys around with Shida. Baker connects with The Side Pittsburgh Leg Sweep. Shida escapes The Lock Jaw.

Forearm Exchange. Shida with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Baker SuperKicks Shida. Baker is busted open. Quick stalemate. Baker goes for The SlingBlade, but Shida counters with The Michinoku Driver. Rollup Exchange. Shida delivers a vicious knee strike. Shida kicks Baker in the gut. Shida goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Baker blocks it. Baker connects with The Fisherman’s NeckBreaker for a two count. Baker SuperKicks Shida. Baker is dawning the crimson mask. Shida avoids the bottom rope stomp. Shida propels Baker over the top rope. Second Forearm Exchange. Shida goes for a Deadlift SuperPlex, but Baker blocks it. Baker rakes the eyes of Shida. Baker kicks Shida off the middle turnbuckle. Shida dumps Baker back first across the top turnbuckle pad. Shida rolls Baker back inside the ring. Shida plants Baker with The Three Count to pickup the victory.

Winner: (12-5) Hikaru Shida via Pinfall 

Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa, Best Friends and Orange Cassidy Backstage Segment 

Countdown To Jon Moxley Vs. Jake Hager Part 1 

Third Match: (7-7) Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy vs. (0-0) Kenny Omega & Michael Nakazawa 

Chuck Taylor and Kenny Omega will start things off. Taylor ducks walks around the ring. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Taylor backs Omega into the ropes. The referee calls for a clean break. Omega applies a wrist lock. Taylor with a waist lock go-behind. Omega transitions into a side headlock. Taylor sends Omega into the ropes. Omega drops Taylor with a shoulder tackle. Taylor drops down on the canvas. Taylor leapfrogs over Omega. Taylor with two deep arm-drags. Taylor applies an arm-bar. Taylor tags in Beretta. Beretta with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike. Omega pie faces Beretta. Nakazawa tags himself in. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Beretta backs Nakazawa into the ropes. Nakazawa turns Beretta over. The referee calls for a clean break. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Nakazawa pours baby oil on his chest to alleviate the pain. Nakazawa tags in Omega.

Nakazawa bodyslams Beretta. The Mini Skirt Police. Nakazawa ducks a clothesline from Taylor. Nakazawa with an Atomic Drop. Omega follows that with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Nakazawa pulls Taylor down to the mat. The Mongo Trail. Omega slams Beretta’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Omega with clubbing blows to Taylor’s back. Omega repeatedly stomps on Taylor’s chest. Nakazawa pulls Beretta into the steel ring post behind the referee’s back. Omega and Nakazawa are cutting the ring in half during the commercial break. Omega applies a front face lock. Nakazawa tags himself in. Nakazawa knocks Taylor off the ring apron. Nakazawa with a clubbing axe handle strike. Nakazawa pours baby oil on the top rope. The Hentai Slide for a two count. Nakazawa stomps on Beretta’s back. Nakazawa tags in Omega. Omega hammers down on the back of Beretta’s neck. Omega with a running elbow drop for a one count. Omega applies a rear chin lock. Beretta gets back to a vertical base. Beretta with heavy bodyshots. Beretta creates distance with a Lariat. Taylor and Nakazawa are tagged in.

Taylor with two clotheslines. Taylor is cleaning house. Taylor with two forearm smashes. Omega kicks Taylor in the gut. Omega whips Taylor across the ring. Taylor dives over Omega. Taylor drop toe holds Nakazawa into the nether regions of Omega. Beretta clotheslines Nakazawa over the top rope. Best Friends with Stereo SlingShot Pescado’s. Orange Cassidy enters the ring. Cassidy was waiting for the hug. Omega and Nakazawa mocks Best Friends. Gotta give the people what they miss. Best Friends attacks Omega and Nakazawa from behind. Beretta dumps Omega out of the ring. Double Irish Whip. Nakazawa uses baby oil to create separation. Nakazawa throws Cassidy’s sunglasses out of the ring. Wait a minute, Cassidy pulls out another pair of sunglasses. Nakazawa is pissed. Cassidy lands The Suicide Dive. Beretta follows that with The Swinging DDT for a two count.

Beretta with a running elbow smash. Nakazawa ducks a clothesline from Beretta. Nakazawa Spears Beretta. Omega and Taylor are tagged in. Omega with two polish hammers. Beretta kicks Omega in the gut. Beretta whips Omega across the ring. Omega side steps Beretta into the turnbuckles. Omega places Beretta on the middle turnbuckle. Omega with The Rolling Senton. Omega hits The Draping BackStabber. Beretta won’t leave the ring. Omega drills Beretta with The Snap Dragon Suplex. Omega goes for The V-Trigger, but Taylor counters with a Rising Knee Strike. Beretta drops Omega with The Running Knee. Taylor connects with The SitOut PowerBomb for a two count. Taylor kicks Nakazawa out of the ring. Taylor tags in Beretta. Omega negates Strong Zero.

Omega BuckleBombs Beretta. Nakazawa with an Avalanche Olympic Slam. Omega tags in Nakazawa. The Wind for a two count. Omega sends Taylor out of the ring. Beretta kicks Nakazawa in the gut. Nakazawa ducks a clothesline from Beretta. Nakazawa applies The Ultimate Venom Arm. V-Trigger 1. Ultimate Venom Arm/STO Combination for a two count. Omega throws Taylor out of the ring. Nakazawa inadvertently gets Omega trapped in The Ultimate Venom Arm. Best Friends connects with their Sole Food/Half and Half Suplex Combination. Taylor is brawling with Omega. Beretta drills Nakazawa with The Jumping PileDriver for a two count. Taylor sends Omega chest first into the ringside barricade. Best Friends plants Nakazawa with Strong Zero to pickup the victory.

Winner: (8-7) Best Friends via Pinfall 

Brodie Lee Promo 

You gentlemen understand, perception is reality? You understand that? So why do you two look the way you do and he looks the way he does? When I send you out on a trip, what do you think people think of you? You look like them, like you could be one of them. When you walk through the airport, what do you think the perception is of you? You think it’s power? Wealth?

Look at you, look at him, I am here to make every single life I touch extraordinary. Okay, you understand that? And when it gets laborious, when it becomes a sacrifice to you, that means that you too are looking at the exit ramp and not the highway ahead where the next sign reads, unlimited power, unlimited success. Do you two understand? Get your act together and show me that you want it. I have an opportunity for you.

Countdown To Jon Moxley Vs Jake Hager Part 2 

BROKEN Matt Hardy Promo 

Welcome to my humble abode. Welcome to the Hardy Compound. I am on dynamite this week to respond to what the hole of the ass Chris Jericho said last week. And for some reason, he was asininely sitting in a tub that is hot in leather pants. Chris Jericho, you insulted my allies, The ELITE! Let’s take a look at the menu you surrounding yourself with Chris Jericho, the circle that is internal. The Spanish God, Sammy Guevara, he is a false god. As a matter of fat, he is also probably a fraud latino, can he even speak Spanish? I’m sure if I went up up to him and said, que paso? he would respond, no habla espanol.

And then you have, Proud and Powerful? I would rather call them, loud and devourable because I love Puerto Rican food, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into Santina and Ortiz. And then there’s the big man, Jake Hager. He used to actually be smart, very intelligent, very well spoken, but you have him totally brainwashed, Jericho. A JakenStein, if you put two bolts on the side of his neck, the transformation would be complete. I know the circle that is internal thinks it is going to take over all elite wrestling, but I will not, I cannot allow that. You tried to recruit my most loyal solider, Vanguard 1, Never !!!

As a matter of fact, bring me the shirt, Vanguard. Vanguard my friend, come down. Vanguard, that is not the shirt I asked for, I mean, suddenly i’m happy to see my beautiful, resplendent, magnificent, wonderful new shirt, but I was asking for that shirt that the dastardly Chris Jericho gave you. You said it’s fire? Oh yes, dumpster fire, of course. Literally, it’s a dumpster fire. This is what is going to happen to The Inner Circle, they are going to become a dumpster fire because they shall be broken. Myself and The ELITE shall, DELETE, DELETE, DELETE them. Hole of the ass, I have a very special offer for you, accept my invitation, come to The Hardy Compound, face me in The ELITE DELETION !!!!!

Fourth Match: (1-0) Brodie Lee vs. (0-1) Lee Johnson 

Lee swats away a Running Dropkick from Johnson. Lee scores the elbow knockdown. Lee drops Johnson with The Big Boot. Lee stares down Marko Stunt. Lee with a SlingShot Senton. Lee with clubbing blows to Johnson’s back. Lee with a running elbow smash. Lee follows that with The Release Half and Half Suplex. Lee connects with The Black Hole Slam. Lee plants Johnson with The Discus Lariat to pickup the victory.

Winner: (2-0) Brodie Lee via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: (12-6-1) Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes vs. (7-11) Shawn Spears In A Quarter-Final Round Match In The Inaugural TNT Championship Tournament

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rhodes backs Spears into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Rhodes with a side headlock takeover. Spears rolls Rhodes over for a one count. Rhodes applies a front face lock. Rhodes is trying out grapple Spears. Spears avoids the single leg takedown. Spears with a waist lock go-behind. Spears drives his knee into the midsection of Rhodes. Spears unloads two knife edge chops. Spears whips Rhodes across the ring. Rhodes with the sunset flip for a two count. Rhodes with a leg sweep. Spears escape The Figure Four Leg Lock. Spears calls a time out. Spears regroups on the outside. Spears gets into a shoving contest with Billy Gunn. Spears launches a steel chair into the ring. Rhodes leapfrogs over Spears. Rhodes hits The Cody Cutter for a two count.

Rhodes with the lateral press for a two count. Rhodes with The Front Suplex for a two count. Rhodes hooks the outside leg for a one count. Rhodes stomps on the right hand of Spears. Rhodes applies a wrist lock. Spears with an inside cradle for a two count. Spears applies a waist lock. Rhodes with a single leg trip. Spears avoids the mid-kick. Spears rolls Rhodes over for a two count. Rhodes with forearm shivers. Spears reverses out of the irish whip from Rhodes. Rhodes dives over Spears. Rhodes nails Spears with The Pump Kick for a two count. Rhodes with a full mount cover for a two count. Rhodes kicks Spears in the chest. Rhodes goes for The MoonSault, but Spears ducks out of the way. Spears with The Spike PileDriver for a two count. Spears hammers down on the back of Rhodes neck. Spears drops Rhodes with a NeckBreaker on the floor.

Rhodes is fighting from underneath during the commercial break. Rhodes is trying to build momentum. Spears blasts Rhodes with a knife edge chop. Spears whips Rhodes back first into the turnbuckles. Spears SuperKicks Rhodes. Spears the legs off the steel guard rail. Rhodes repeatedly slams Spears head on the ring apron. Spears with a Vertical Suplex into the ringside barricade. Spears rolls Rhodes back into the ring. Spears with the cover for a two count. Spears is displaying his frustration. Spears bodyslams Rhodes. Spears goes for The SpringBoard Frog Splash, but Rhodes gets his knees up in the air. Rhodes with a straight right hand. Rhodes drops Spears with a Running Knee Lift. Rhodes dives over Spears. Rhodes PowerSlams Rhodes for a two count. Rhodes uses with the weight belt as a weapon. Spear avoids The Beautiful Disaster Kick. Spears with The SitOut SpineBuster for a two count.

Spears pulls out a table from under the ring. Rhodes lands The Suicide Dive. With help from the ringside personnel, Rhodes tees off on Spears. Spear with an Avalanche OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex. Spears is distracted by Brandi Rhodes. Spears negates The Cross Rhodes. Rhodes nearly knocks Brandi off the ring apron. Spears puts Rhodes through the table on the floor with The C4 over the top rope. Rhodes avoids the referee’s ten count. Slap Exchange. Spears goes for The C4, but Rhodes counters with The Double Cross Rhodes for a two count. Rhodes applies The Figure Four Leg Lock. Rhodes gets the pinfall victory from the figure four position.

Winner: (13-6-1) Cody Rhodes via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez