MLW Fusion Results (3/21/20): Team Filthy vs. Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Von Erichs

MLW Fusion
March 21, 2020
The 2300 Arena
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

– MJF is banned from the 2300 Arena tonight due to attacking Mance Warner at the pay window following the conclusion of last weeks MLW Fusion.

First Match: Zenshi vs. El Lindaman 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Lindaman with a waist lock go-behind. Zenshi with The La Magistral for a one count. Zenshi sweeps the legs of Lindaman for a one count. Lindaman avoids a dropkick from Zenshi. Zenshi pops back on his feet. Lindaman regroups in the corner. Zenshi wants Lindaman to shake his hand. Lindaman with a Rolling Elbow. Zenshi answers with a forearm smash. Lindaman kicks Zenshi in the gut. Zenshi runs around Lindaman. Zenshi turns Lindaman inside out. Zenshi follows that with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Zenshi with a Snap Vertical Suplex. Lindaman lands The SomerSault Plancha. Lindaman is fired up. Lindaman drives Zenshi back first into the edge of the ring frame. Lindaman with a boot to the midsection of Zenshi. Lindaman works on the right shoulder of Zenshi. Lindaman is choking Zenshi with his boot. The referee admonishes Lindaman.

Zenshi with a quick rollup for a two count. Lindaman applies The Fujiwara Arm-Bar. Zenshi grabs the bottom rope to force the break. Lindaman hyperextends the right arm of Zenshi. Lindaman with a Leg Drop. Lindaman has complete control of the match. Zenshi headbutts the midsection of Lindaman. Zenshi with a hamstring kick. Zenshi ducks a clothesline from Lindaman. Zenshi decks Lindaman with a back elbow smash. Lindaman launches Zenshi over the top rope. Zenshi HeadButts Lindaman. Zenshi kicks out the legs of Lindaman. Zenshi with a SlingShot Corkscrew Senton. Zenshi whips Lindaman across the ring. Up and over goes Zenshi. Zenshi hits The SlingShot NeckBreaker for a two count. Lidnaman catches Zenshi in mid-air. Lindaman goes for a Release German Suplex, but Zenshi lands back on his feet. Lindaman applies The Flying Cross-Arm-Breaker.

Zenshi puts his left foot on the bottom rope to create separation. Zenshi kicks Lindaman in the chest. Lindaman applies a waist lock. Zenshi with two sharp elbow strikes. Lindaman responds with a Northern Lights Suplex into the turnbuckles. Lindaman connects with The German Suplex for a two count. Lindaman goes for a Modified Judo Throw, but Zenshi lands back on his feet. Zenshi drops Lindaman with a Back Flip Kick. Forearm Exchange. Lindaman avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Zenshi shows off his athleticism. Zenshi with a Spinning Back Kick. Zenshi kicks Lindaman in the chest. Zenshi follows that with a leg lariat. Zenshi goes for a Running Cutter, but Lindaman counters with The Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Lindaman plants Zenshi with The Bridging Tiger Suplex to pickup the victory.

Winner: El Lindaman via Pinfall 

The Von Erichs, Davey Boy Smith Jr and Killer Kross Backstage Promo 

Ross Von Erich: You know, we were back in Haiwaii talking to my dad and even gave us some good advice. He said you need to choose your friends wisely from now on.

Marshall Von Erich: So we surrounded ourselves with two of the best in the business right now.

Davey Boy Smith Jr: That’s right, The Von Erichs, I got your back. Killer Kross, I got your back. I’ve been in the ring with this man before. I spilled my blood, he spilled his blood. These guys right here, they’re a part of my family. Stu Hart trained their grandfather. Team Filthy, you want to come messing with us? We’ll see you in the ring tonight. And Dominic Garrini, I heard that you’re real tough in that gee. Well, guess what pajama boy? I’m gonna stick your head so far up your ass, you’re not gonna know if it’s Friday or Tuesday.

Killer Kross: Team Filthy, stinky , slimy, team smells like a fart, I don’t give a rat’s ass. You’re all in big trouble. You picked a fight with a group of people you can’t win. Tommy Boy, it ain’t that easy. You’re not getting off that easy my friend, you’re about to learn lesson number one. Never cross the killer because no matter where the time is told, in the end, everybody pays the toll.

Mance Warner Interview 

Rich Bocchini: Now joining us, is the southern psychopath, Mance Warner. Mance sir, could you clue us in, who’s your mystery man gonna be tonight?

Mance Warner: That’s good light beer, baby. Y’all know the answer, it’s gonna be ole mance’s mystery man. I’m gonna pick him up in my truck, take him out to the venue and he’s gonna whoop some ass., i’m gonna drink some light beers. Now, don’t forget nothing. MJF, ole mance got something real special for your punk ass. Real special.

Alicia Atout Interviews Richard Holliday 

Alicia Atout: I’m here backstage at MLW with The Dynasty’s, Richard Holliday. Now Richard, Mance Warner has challenged you to a mystery opponent match. How do you prepare for a match like this? Do you have any predictions as to who you may be in the ring with?

Richard Holliday: Oh yeah, I have a few predictions of who Mance possibly could have chosen for me. I mean, it could be a drunken downtown as a bartender from the bar Mance frequents. Could be his garbage truck drive. Could be Quang. Might be the ghost of Carlos Colon, i’m just really not sure.

Alicia Atout: I’m pretty sure he’s still alive.

Richard Holliday: Is he? Okay, well, i’m not too concerned about that. However, whoever the opponent is going to be, I could promise you this, Alicia. Smell that? Can you breathe that in real quick?

Alicia Atout: I smell coffee.

Richard Holliday: That is coffee, but it’s also rarefied air. And I promise, whoever it is, they’ll be breathing that in.

Alicia Atout: I couldn’t help but notice that you don’t have the championship around your waist or in your hands, so where is it?

Richard Holliday: Oh, the championship is at the cleaners right now, getting a nice shining for tonight. But another promise for you, that opponent, they have no chance of even touching my Caribbean Championship

Josef Samael Promo 

There’s been whispers of contra unit’s next attack. Well, here’s a little intel. It’s not an attack. Contra unit now must embark on a mission. Prepare for the upcoming war. But don’t worry, while we may be in Katmandu or the mountains of Codere and Siberia Russia, our soldiers remain behind, hidden among you. Yes, the infiltration of the infidels is underway. Hail, Contra!

– Murder Clown Vignette.

– King Mo will battle Low Ki next week, we’ll see who’s the real king of the knockouts.

Breaking News: Mance Warner challenges mJF to a loser leaves MLW Empty Arena Match.

Richard Holliday Promo

Consumers, I am mere moments away from making my entrance here at the ECW Arena, to partake in a matchup in which, quite frankly, I don’t believe I should even be in the first place. You know who else doesn’t believe I should be in this match? Take a guess? That’s right, it’s my lawyer/my father. And I have to be honest with you, he is not very happy about this because he went ahead and reviewed my contract as he does from time to time. And within that contract, is a sub clause. And that sub clause states that, I, Richard Holliday should not be justified to a matchup chosen by an intoxicated performer.

That intoxicated performer is obviously Mance Warner, who was at minimum 14 beers deep when he chose this opponent. Now, who knows what kind of opponent is gonna be in the ring waiting for me. It could be some drunken idiot. It could be a dope addict. I have no idea, but either way, I am in danger. However, Mance Warner believes that he got one up on the dynasty by doing this, but Mance you have to understand one thing, put the beer down my friend. The Dynasty always wins, one way or another.

Second Match: Richard Holliday vs. The Blue Meanie w/Mance Warner 

Mance Warner joins the commentary team for this match. Holliday wants to dance with Meanie. Holliday attacks Meanie from behind. Holliday with a straight right hand. Holliday repeatedly stomps on Meanie’s chest. Holliday with two haymakers. Holliday continues to stomp on Meanie’s chest. Meanie reverses out of the irish whip from Holliday. Holliday with a running clothesline. Holliday mocks Meanie. Holliday with the cover for a two count. Holliday with a straight right hand. Following a snap mare takeover, Holliday drives his knee into Meanie’s back.

Holliday with a forearm smash. Holliday uppercuts Meanie. Holliday talks smack to Meanie. Meanie ducks a clothesline from Holliday. Meanie unloads a flurry of right jabs. Meanie drops Holliday with a big haymaker for a two count. Holliday avoids The Body Avalanche. Holliday with a running elbow strike for a two count. Holliday transitions into a ground and pound attack. Holliday decides to waste one of Warner’s bud light cans. Warner spits beer into Holliday’s eyes. Holliday couldn’t make the referee’s ten count.

Winner: The Blue Meanie via Count-Out 

– Next week on MLW Fusion, Brian Pillman Jr will battle Jordan Oliver.

Alicia Atout Interviews Injustice 

Alicia Atout: I’m here backstage at MLW joined by Injustice. Now, I have to bring up the obvious fact that it seems like there is a true problem, even some people might call it a beef amongst yourselves and AAA.

Jordan Oliver: I don’t have any beef with AAA. Myron, do you have any beef with AAA?

Myron Reed: No man, I ain’t good beef with nobody.

Jordan Oliver: You got any beef with AAA?

Koto Brazil: I ain’t got no beef.

Jordan Oliver: I mean, I do have a beef with somebody though. The only thing I got a beef with is MLW Management wanting to bring guys in from a different country and not focus on their superstars and they got a couple of superstars right here. You know what I mean?

Myron Reed: Not them we’re the real superstars here.

Alicia Atout: There also seems to be issues with Brian Pillman Jr, who i’m actually interviewing next week.

Jordan Oliver: That’s gonna make some really good TV. I mean, Brian Pillman is a loose cannon of course.

Myron Reed: Hopefully he’s healthy.

Koto Brazil: Hopefully there’s no injustice.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 10 Contenders For The MLW World Heavyweight Championship 

10.) King Mo

9.) Low Ki

8.) Mance Warner

7.) MJF

6.) Richard Holliday

5.) Brian Pillman Jr

4.) Filthy Tom Lawlor

3.) Davey Boy Smith Jr

2.) Myron Reed

1.) Alexander Hammerstone

Low Ki Promo 

Back here at the 2300 Arena. In a weeks time, I have King Mo. Professional fighter with a hell of a reputation. He’s fought some of the best of all time. Rampage Jackson. Bader. Crop Cop. This is who i’m lined up against. Yeah, you’re great, you have this great acumen, but you’re a pro fighter coming into professional wrestling. Mo, all the hype you have from pro fighting does not help you here. You want to trash talk? It was set a long time ago, ain’t no beef on records, they ain’t no beef on the in the internet either. You want to sit here and run your mouth against somebody you know nothing about that? That’s fine, that’s okay. Mo, you appear a little punch drunk. By the time I’m done with you, you’re gonna be kicked shit-faced.

Alicia Atout Interviews King Mo & Dan Lambert 

Alicia Atout: King Mo, there’s been a lot of tension between yourself and Low Ki. Things are seriously getting heated between you two, so what’s truly going on?

King Mo: Well, what’s going on is, I think he’s a fraud. You know, I went to YouTube, typed in Low Ki and all I see was a midget getting bodyslammed. I ain’t seen no knockouts, I saw nothing. Low Ki is a low key fraud.

Dan Lambert: Hey, Low Ki can get as heated as he wants to get, it’s not gonna change match here. We all know what’s gonna happen when a two division world mixed marital arts champion gets in the ring with him. In fact, I’ve demanded that he have a corner man in his corner to throw the towel in and save that boy’s life when Mo gets his hands on him.

LA Park’s Cooking Segment 

LA Park: Hello friends, your friendly Mexicans here are going to show you how to cook sausage and eggs. Sausage and eggs! We’re going to do it in this great company MLW. Let me introduce myself. I am your cook, LA Park the authentic and original LA Parka. And this is my son, Hijo de LA Park. We are going to show you how to cook a champion’s meal so you can one day be a champion in MLW. So don’t forget this recipe, record it, write it down! Because this is how champions prepare. I would also like to say that while I am cooking I will explain how we will destroy our opponents and our strategy to defeat them. So tonight first let’s kick off with sausage please.

This is only for champions. For the ones watching who want to be champions like LA Park and my handsome and successful son, Hijo de LA Park in a company like MLW. So we present to you the greatest cooks. So don’t forget, MLW presents how to make a grand champion with these wonderful cooks. So now you’ll know how we are going to defeat our opponents and I will kick them in the huevos. So everyone watching, behind the camera. We are going to cook them, eggs and sausage. For all those gringo wrestlers you guys need to eat these huevos. So, for our strategy we will defeat our rivals, son, where are we going to kick them?

Hijo De LA Park: In the huevos and sausage because you need to be prepared like our family that knows how to cook.

LA Park: So you should have prepare your eggs and sausage well, to be able to confront LA Park and Hijo De LA Parka because we are future champions of MLW. This fucking kitchen didn’t give us anything, but we will try. We need our cutting board for our savory sauces, our onions! I did not put anything in this. This is why i’m mad because they didn’t give me anything, so I can prepare the way I have to. Look at this sausage and huevos, i’m going to eat it all damn it. Next time I want my cutting board. Like all the companies, they ask but they never come through. So gringos, eat the whole sausage, because look how yummy it looks. They didn’t even bring me salt, this company. You know what? I am done. No salt. Let’s go son, let’s go.

The Recipe: 1 Sausage, 2 Tbsp of Oil, 2 Eggs, way more oil in the second pan.

Third Match: Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Von Erichs vs. Team Filthy (Filthy Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini, and Kit Osborne) in a 8-Man Tag Team Match 

Pier six brawl before the bell rings. Marshall uppercuts Osborne. Marshall kicks Osborne out of the ring. All hell is breaking loose on the outside. Knife Edge Chop Exchange. Smith HeadButts Garrini. Ross uppercuts Lawlor. Ross slams Lawlor’s head on the ring apron. Kross delivers a HeadButt of his own. Ross with a Belly to Back Suplex on the apron. Smith starts choking Garrini. Stevens kicks Marshall in the gut. Stevens unloads two knife edge chops. It’s a complete slugfest in Philly. Garrini runs Kross into the edge of the ring frame. Garrini slams Kross head on the apron. Lawlor is raining down haymakers. Lawlor poses for the crowd. Lawlor with forearm shivers. Lawlor whips Ross across the ring. Ross hits The SlingBlade. Ross dropkicks Lawlor. Ross delivers a Helluva Kick. Ross lands The Stinger Splash. Ross sends Lawlor face first into the top turnbuckle pad. Stevens tags himself in.

Team Filthy starts cutting the ring in half. Lawlor side steps Ross into the turnbuckles. Stevens repeatedly stomps on Ross chest. The referee is trying to calm down Marshall. Stevens stomps on the back of Ross knees. Stevens tags in Lawlor. Following a snap mare takeover, Chop/PK Combination Lawlor uppercuts Ross. Lawlor with three right jabs. Lawlor tags in Stevens. Lawlor is choking Ross with his boot. Assisted Exploder Suplex into Ross for a two count. Stevens tags in Garrini. Garrini with a BackBreaker. Garrini tags in Osborne. Osborne stomps on Ross ribs. Osborne bodyslams Ross. Osborne follows that with a running elbow drop. Osborne mocks The Von Erichs. Osborne with a snap mare takedown. Osborne repeatedly kicks Ross in the back. Osborne hits The Running Neck Snap.

Osborne drops Ross with a Running Lariat for a two count. Ross creates distance with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Ross tags in Kross. Kross ducks a clothesline from Osborne. Saito Suplex City. Kross tells Lawlor to bring it. Kross with forearm shivers. Lawlor ducks a clothesline from Kross. Lawlor drops Kross with a Spinning Heel Kick. Kross rises back on his feet. Kross with a High Angle Saito Suplex. Kross inadvertently knocks down the referee. Marshall tags himself in. Smith kicks Osborne in the back. Osborne low blows Smith. Osborne grabs a steel chair. Marshall locks in The Claw. Marshall lands The MoonSault to pickup the victory. After the match, The Von Erichs attacks Team Filthy with kendo sticks. Smith PowerBombs Osborne through the ring board. This brawl spills to the backstage area. King Mo lays out Killer Kross to close the show.

Winner: Killer Kross, Davey Boy Smith Jr and The Von Erichs via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez