AEW Dark Results (3/3/20): Riho & Yuka Sakazaki vs. Britt Baker & Penelope Ford

AEW Dark Results 3/3/20
The Wintrust Arena
Chicago, Illinois

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Colt Cabana Promo

Well, here I am. AEW. Chicago, Illinois. You know what? When you’ve been doing it as long as me, you know you always come prepared and as the great vets in the wrestling industry would say, you always bring your gear. Always have your gear. You never know when you’re called upon. I mean, I have known The Young Bucks for so long, such a great relationship. Of course, Cody and Kenny. I’ve been wrestling these guys for decades, honestly. They said come be part of the family. Come be a part of AEW. You don’t have to sign a contract, you could do what you do Colt. And that’s the opportunity and invitation I was looking for.

They said, if something arises, feel free to speak your mind and put in your two cents. Well, I don’t necessarily always like to put in my two cents verbally as a podcaster and a commentary and every thing in the world of professional wrestling. Yes, of course sometimes I will, but physically i’m still doing this and I am at the highest peak of my game. Whether it’s Japan, Australia or even know, maybe even on TNT. I saw the opportunity, The Dark Order and SCU. Again SCU, friends of mine for years. I saw an opportunity.

I saw a city desperate for somebody to make some kind of move. We didn’t know where CD was, but I did know where I was. I was here in Chicago, in front of my hometown, my people, my family. And I took that trip down I-94 and here I am. The Revolution, couldn’t have said it any better and maybe even today, a revolution starts. Dark Order, if this something you wanna, I can do it. I’ve been doing it for years and I’ll be doing it for more years going on. If you want to move this forward? We can, I’m here to do anything. SCU, I got your back. The ELITE, I’ve got your back.

Christopher Daniels Backstage Interview 

Lexy Nair: I’m here with Christopher Daniels. Tonight, you came out as if you were the exalted one. What prompted you to do that?

Christopher Daniels: What prompted me to do that? I’ll tell you what prompted me, Lexy. I’ll tell you what I finally realized. I’ll tell you what fact made the scales fall from my eyes. Tonight, here in Chicago at Revolution, I realized that all the lies, all the half truths, all those promises, those empty promises The Dark Order has been offering ever since they got a microphone in their greasy little hands. The biggest lie of all was the story of the exalted on. You see, there is no exalted one. There is no one behind Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.

It’s just them talking lies and telling half truths and trying to make themselves more than they are, which is just desperate little men. Well guess what guys? Tonight, I showed the world that there is no exalted one, that it’s just you and now it’s just you and it’s just us. SCU and Colt Cabana. Dark Order, we’re gonna do everything in our power to end you once and for all. You are a cancer at AEW and we are going to cut you out like you deserve and end you once and for all. You’re done, I said so and I mean it. I’ll SC U Later.

Kris Statlander Backstage Interview 

Lexy Nair: I’m standing here with Kris Statlander. A tough loss tonight. It’s your first big match on a PPV for you, how are you feeling?

Kris Statlander: Disappointed. You know, maybe today wasn’t the day, the galaxy’s greatest took the belt home to here home planet, but maybe next time, I’ll be a little bit more down to earth coming into such a big event.

PAC Backstage Interview 

Lexy Nair: I’m standing here with PAC. After what we witnessed tonight, what is your relationship with The Lucha Brothers?

PAC: Excuse me, little lady? That is none of your business. What you should be asking me about is what just happened in that ring. And what just happened is called the inevitable. To the AEW matchmakers, you should be ashamed. Orange Cassidy’s current condition is on your conscience. And you, you keep your nose out of my business.

The Feature Match: (11-3) Riho & (1-3) Yuka Sakazaki vs. (9-6) Britt Baker & (0-2) Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian 

Sakazaki attacks Baker before the bell rings. Sakazaki with clubbing blows to Baker’s back. Riho is throwing forearms at Ford. Sakazaki repeatedly stomps on Baker’s chest. Kip Sabian pulls Riho off his girlfriend. Riho with a Jumping Knee Strike. Ford kicks Riho in the gut. Riho reverses out of the irish whip from Ford. Riho throws Ford onto Sabian on the outside. Forearm Exchange in the corner. Riho and Sakazaki are double teaming Baker. Assisted Dropkick for a two count. Sakazaki punches Baker in the back. Sakazaki tags in Riho. Riho ducks a clothesline from Baker. Baker thrust kicks the midsection of Riho. Baker brings Riho to the corner. Baker tags in Ford.

Ford applies a side headlock. Ford drops Riho with a shoulder tackle. Riho dropkicks Ford. Riho tags in Sakazaki. Double Drop Toe Hold. Double Elbow Drops. Double Muta Lock. Sakazaki with Two Vertical Suplex’s. Sakazaki hits The Northern Lights Bomb for a two count. Following a rolling snap mare takeover, Sakazaki kicks Ford in the back of the head. Sabian trips Sakazaki from the outside. The referee admonishes Sabian. Baker and Ford are cutting the ring in half. Baker delivers a Bow and Arrow Stomp behind the referee’s back. Ford tags in Baker. Baker kicks Sakazaki in the back. Baker with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a two count. Baker follows that with The Butterfly Suplex for a two count. Baker puts her knee on the back of Sakazaki’s neck.

Baker kicks Sakazaki’s throat into the middle rope. Baker tags in Ford. Ford with a running dropkick. Baker SuperKicks Sakazaki. Ford hooks both legs for a two count. Ford backs Sakazaki into the turnbuckles. Ford whips Sakazaki across the ring. Ford with a Double HandSpring Back Elbow Smash. Ford delivers The Helluva Kick for a two count. Ford tags in Baker. Baker is choking Sakazaki in the corner. Ford attacks Sakazaki behind the referee’s back. Sabian talks smack to Riho. Baker repeatedly stomps on Sakazaki’s chest. Baker with forearm shivers. Sakazaki kicks Baker in the face. Sakazaki creates distance with a Missile Dropkick.

Sakazaki tags in Riho. Riho dives over Ford. Riho cartwheels under the clothesline from Ford. Riho dropkicks Ford. Riho hits The Crucifix Bomb. Sabian continues to run interference. Sakazaki lands The Magic Girl Splash. Riho wipes out Sabian with The Diving Body Press. Riho rolls Baker back into the ring. Riho connects with The Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Baker negates The Northern Lights Suplex. Ford wisely pulls Sakazaki off the ring apron. Baker with The Fisherman’s NeckBreaker. Baker makes Riho tap out to The Lock Jaw.

Winner: (10-6) Britt Baker & (1-2) Penelope Ford via Submission 

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Author: Josh Lopez