NWA Powerrr Results (1/21/20): Generation Clash

NWA Powerrr Results 1/21/20
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

David Marquez Interviews Robert Gibson

David Marquez: Okay, thanks guys. Please welcome at this time, one half of the NWA Worlds Tag Team Champions, this is Robert Gibson. All right, Robert. It is a huge night for everybody. What does it mean for you and The Rock N Roll Express, what we’re gonna see later on?

Robert Gibson: You know, first of all, I feel like a kid. You just want a christmas present or a big bag of toys. I mean we won that match awhile ago, so that means my partner, Ricky Morton, gets a chance for the World Heavyweight Title and that’s something he really wants.

David Marquez: That’s right.

Robert Gibson: You know, he’s like a brother to me and it makes me very happy for him to get a chance to go out there and do that. I’m probably his number one fan and i’m sure these fans are here pulling for Ricky Morton. So Ricky, all I got to say between myself and all these fans brother, let’s get it.

First Match: Thunder Rosa vs. Tasha Steelz 

Rosa avoids a Running Boot from Steelz. Steelz side steps Rosa into the turnbuckles. Steelz applies a side headlock. Steelz lunges over Rosa. Steelz with a waist lock go-behind. Steezl rolls Rosa over for a one count. Rosa ducks a clothesline from Steelz. Following a snap mare takeover, Rosa kicks Steelz in the back of the head. Rosa toys around with Steelz. Rosa is choking Steelz with her boot. Steelz is displaying her fighting spirit.

Steelz with a forearm smash. Rosa responds with a Running Knee Strike. Rosa stands on Steelz chest. Rosa applies the dragon sleeper. Rosa drops Steelz with a Reverse DDT for a two count. Rosa talks smack to Steelz. Rosa with Three Hangman’s NeckBreakers. Rosa whips Steelz to the corner. Steelz decks Rosa with a back elbow smash. Steelz kicks Rosa in the face. Steelz with a double boot to the chest. Rosa dropkicks Steelz in mid-air. Rosa plants Steelz with The Michinoku Driver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via Pinfall 

Joe Galli Interviews Royce Isaacs & May Valentine 

Joe Galli: Oh man, it loos like we actually match today. Did we coordinate something? Looks good. All right, back to business with Strictly Business, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion has made himself unavailable today because he is preparing for that massive main event, but I know you’ve been in the back with him, so how he’s been preparing?

Royce Isaacs: This is real cute, Joe. You talked to Nick and you asked about, Kamille. You talked to me. You’re asking about Nick. Why don’t you just bring out Tom out here, so you can ask me questions, I guess. It’s fine, okay. Nick, he’s the world champion. He’s doing great. It’s Strictly Business. Business is a booming and our stocks are on the rise right now.

Joe Galli: Well, I think one would argue, Strictly Business is doing well, but I think you’re on a little bit of a losing streak.

Royce Isaacs: A losing streak? Okay, I get it. There’s wins and losses, I’m sure that you keep track of a lot stats in your brain of yours and that’s great, but some of us don’t have a pencil neck and we’re not worried about that. We’re worried about that stock price going up, baby.

Joe Galli: Well, wait a minute. You’ve lost to Tim Storm, he’s pinned you, twice. You had a match with James Storm, where you basically chickened out. And the common denominator seems to be, May Valentine. It all started when you started to be with her.

Royce Isaacs: Wait a second, are you trying to imply that I’ve been losing because me and May haven’t slept together yet?

Joe Galli: What?

May Valentine: There is nothing wrong with being pure, okay? There’s nothing wrong with making your man wait. And also, he will always be a winner to me, okay?

– Austin Idol Vignette.

Second Match: Thomas Latimer vs. Trevor Murdoch in a NWA TV Title Tournament Qualifying Match 

Latimer immediately attacks Murdoch before the bell rings. Latimer is throwing haymakers at Murdoch. Latimer repeatedly stomps on Murdoch’s back. Latimer pie faces Murdoch in the corner. Latimer with a running elbow smash. Latimer with a corner clothesline. Latimer follows that with a short-arm clothesline. Murdoch retreats to the outside. Latimer continues to tee off on Murdoch. Latimer slams Murdoch’s head on the ring apron.

Latimer rakes the back of Murdoch. Latimer rolls Murdoch back into the ring. Latimer stomps on Murdoch’s chest. Latimer whips Murdoch back first into the turnbuckles. Latimer talks smack to Murdoch. Latimer connects with The Pop Up PowerBomb for a two count. Latimer with three haymakers. Murdoch side steps Latimer into the turnbuckles. Murdoch rolls Latimer over with a hand full of tights to pickup the victory.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch via Pinfall 

Joe Galli Interviews Allysin Kay & Melina 

Joe Galli: Welcome back to NWA Powerrr. It’s my honor and privilege to be standing here with two of the top female competitors here in the NWA. Of course i’m talking about, Allysin Kay, the NWA World’s Women’s Champion and Melina. Both of you women are out here because, Melina you have asked for some time. Melina, what is it you want to say?

Melina: Okay yes, I asked you out here Allysin because I wanted to make sure that there’s no further, you know, miscommunications and that you understand what i’m trying to say here. I take as long as I want to take, so you sit there and you just fucking listen. You’ve made it no secret that you’ve been itching to get at somebody from my family, so i’m gonna give you what you want. A match.

Allysin Kay: Me and you, let’s go baby.

Melina: No baby girl, you’re not ready for that. You do not want that, but what i’m gonna give you, is a match with Thunder Rosa for the title.

Allysin Kay: That’s exactly what I wanted. I cannot wait to get my hands on Thunder Rosa. Let’s do this, right now.

Melina: This match isn’t gonna be for right now. It’s gonna be for at the pay-per-view. It’s gonna be at the pay-per-view, but first, you have to beat your ex best friend, the one you supposedly loved in a No DQ Match, right now.

Allysin Kay: Bring her out, let’s get it on. You won’t be able to escape me forever, just remember that baby girl.

Third Match: Allysin Kay vs. Marti Belle in a No Disqualification Match. If Allysin Kay Wins, She’ll Put Her NWA World’s Women’s Championship On The Line Against Thunder Rosa At The NWA Hard Times PPV 

Belle kicks Kay in the gut. Belle with clubbing blows to Kay’s back. Belle with a forearm shot across the chest of Kay. Belle slams Kay’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Belle with a forearm smash. Belle repeatedly stomps on Kay’s chest. Belle follows that with another forearm smash. Kay responds with a Pump Kick. Belle tumbles to the floor. Kay kicks Belle in the gut. Chop/Forearm Exchange on the outside. Belle hits The FlapJack on the steel ring steps. Belle kicks Kay in the ribs. Kay snatches a steel chair out of Belle’s hands.

Belle continues to kick the midsection of Kay. Belle punches Kay in the back. Belle jams the chair into the midsection of Kay. Belle wraps the chair around Kay’s neck. Belle applies The Camel Clutch. Belle goes for a running elbow smash, but Kay ducks out of the way. Kay is putting the boots to Belle. Kay slams Belle’s head on the ring apron. Kay blasts Belle with a knife edge chop. Kay and Belle are brawling in the crowd. Belle begs for mercy. Kay drops the chair. Kay stops Belle in her tracks. Kay connects with The AK-47 on the chair to pickup the victory.

Winner: Allysin Kay via Pinfall 

– Video Package on the Nick Aldis/Ricky Morton Rivalry.

David Marquez Interviews The Pope & Eddie Kingston 

David Marquez: Okay, Pope. You know last week, that was a tough loss.

The Pope: Don’t talk to Pope about a loss. The Pope didn’t lose. What Pope did and what Pope do is put people in positions to succeed. Whether you’re my family, whether you’re my friends, whether you’re somebody that’s just trying to make it through daddy, if Pope can help you, then Pope does. If Pope can push you, then Pope will push you. Now, on Pope’s way here, somebody decided to ask Pope, I don’t get it, what’s the end game? This is for you, look into Pope’s eyes and understand what i’m saying. Pope is still looking for his super powers. Pope is still searching for his horsemen. When I collectively gather them, we gonna bring change, Eddie we’re gonna bring change right here in the NWA.

David Marquez: May I question his physical abilities?

Eddie Kingston: First off, you don’t question us, you understand? I’m not trying to be disrespectful, but you don’t question me or Homicide, you understand me? After all the years and all the things we’ve done together. I know they’re counting us down, I get it. Look man, we shouldn’t have had that match, you know what I mean? But you know what, Pope kind of convinced us or pushed us a little bit. Maybe The Pope pushed us a little bit too hard, but you know me, I’m not gonna blame nobody, I’m a grown ass man, you know what i’m saying? We don’t blame nobody, we went out there. Pope was right, we should’ve got that victory. We needed that victory to get back into the title scene, but here’s the thing that I want y’all to understand, I’m not Mr. Rah Rah or a role model, but let’s keep it thorough real quick. We don’t lose, we learn, that’s it.

David Marquez: All right. Well, will you be taking Homicide’s place in the last chance gauntlet?

Eddie Kingston: I’m not doing that, man. That’s not where my heart is man. Look, i’m not gonna sit here and say good luck to everybody in the potluck because guess what? You can say whatever you want with that. I’m not gonna wish nobody lucky man. Y’all do you, i’m gonna do me. My heart is with my man, Homicide, that’s my blood right there. You see what I’m saying, that’s my blood. I gotta check him out, alright?

David Marquez: Okay, understood.

Aron Stevens Karate Demonstration 

David Marquez: Aron Stevens, what are you doing here? What is this?

Please watch the videos above to see The Question Mark deliver these unique techniques. It’s pretty funny.

Aron Stevens: The following is a self defense seminar and demonstration, brought to you by the Mongrovian Karate Association along with the National Wrestling Alliance. At this time, I asked you to please show the proper respect for my sensei, the man known as, The Question Mark? Yes, we’re all very excited. Yes, I don’t know what happened before we came out. This is not playtime, this is very serious business, so please address it as such and act appropriately. Now, Silence! Now I asked and you all may participate if you would like for the opening cemani. We will face Mongrovia and bow. Thank you. Students, please show the proper respect for here sensei. If you would like to learn karate, you can visit the question mark dojo for the price of $99 a week, you too can learn the secrets. Now first, The Kata. Notice the fluid movement. This stems from a northern style waterfall technique. Years of precision, tap into 20 seconds of excellence, thank you very much. Wait a minute, what’s that?

I heard a few doubters. You don’t like the Kata? Well, Mongrovian Martial Arts are amongst the most deadly techniques in the world and times there are attackers. Sometimes if you’re one, I want you to pay very close attention because, shut up. These techniques could save your very life. Amazing. That is Mongrovia. Now, we live in a very violent time. Sometimes, people have weapons Oh my god, he’s got a gun. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why Mongrovia has remained a free country for thousands of years. It’s these kind of techniques. 99 dollars a week, the question dojo. Now, as we all know, sometimes things can get a little wild in the home and everyday household items can be used as weapons. Oh no, it’s a spatula. You will not find that in any other system of self defense in the world today. Now, there are times when people try to get little cutie with us and they hide things like, mace pepper spray, call it what you will.

If that’s not worth $99 a week, I don’t know what is. These techniques will save your lives. Now, watch this. You think that this system is not complete? What happens when there’s more than one attacker? Gentlemen, your positions. Ready, go. Mongrovia doesn’t have a nuclear program and that is why. But some of you may still have doubts. What if these techniques were rehearsed? Will this work? Silence! Will this work in a combat situation? Now for the finale, you will all witness firsthand, the power of Mongrovian Karate. Ladies and gentlemen, this oak is Mongrovian Oak. Ten times stronger than any other man. Twenty times stronger than a human genome. He needs to focus please. Sensei, I’m ready. I’m ready for the fourth degree, I can do this. I can earn my fourth degree black belt in Mongrovian Karate.

The Question Mark: KARATE !!!

Stevens prepares to break the oak in half. Ricky Starks blast Stevens with the oak to close the segment.

Ricky Starks: Let me tell you something, Ricky Starks never ever forgets.

– Tony Falk Vignette.

Fourth Match: Last Chance Gauntlet Match. The Winner Will Get The Final Spot In The NWA Television Championship Tournament 

You can be eliminated via Pinfall, Submission, or Being thrown over the top rope and both feet hitting the floor.

List Of Participants (CW Anderson, Caleb Konley, Jocephus, Colt Cabana, Dave Dawson, Aron Stevens, Sal Rinauro and Mr. Anderson)

Order Of Eliminations 

1.) Jocephus eliminated by CW Anderson and Caleb Konley

2.) Dave Dawson eliminated by Caleb Konley via Pinfall

3.) Sal Rinauro eliminated by Mr. Anderson via Pinfall

4.) Caleb Konley eliminated by Mr. Anderson via Pinfall

5.) CW Anderson eliminated by Colt Cabana via Pinfall

6.) Aron Stevens eliminated by Colt Cabana and Mr. Anderson

7.) Colt Cabana eliminated by Mr. Anderson via Pinfall

CW Anderson and Konley will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie up. Anderson backs Konley into the turnbuckles. Lockup in the center of the ring. Konley applies a wrist lock. Anderson reverses the hold. Anderson applies a hammerlock. Konley transitions into a side headlock. Following a snap mare takeover, Anderson applies a rear chin lock. Konley with a hammerlock escape. Anderson with a waist lock go-behind. Konley applies a wrist lock. Koley with a wrist lock takedown. Konley applies an arm-bar. Anderson reverses the hold. Massive chain grappling display in the early portions of this match. Anderson applies a Full Nelson Lock. Konley rolls Anderson over for a two count. Konley grabs another side headlock. Jocephus is the next entrant.

Anderson and Konley launches Jocephus over the top rope. Jocephus has been eliminated. Konley with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Anderson avoids a dropkick from Konley. Anderson hits The Sliding Lariat for a two count. Anderson is throwing haymakers at Konley. Konley with a Modified Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. Konley applies the single leg crab. Anderson reaches the bottom rope to force the break. The referee admonishes Konley. Konley stomps on Anderson’s back. Anderson delivers The SuperPlex. Colt Cabana is the next entrant. Cabana avoids the jocephus treatment. Cabana with two shoulder blocks. Cabana with a SpringBoard Double Crossbody Block. Cabana unloads a flurry of right jabs. Double Bionic Elbow. Cabana with the cover on Konley for a two count. Cabana kicks Anderson in the gut. Cabana drops Konley with The Side Russian Leg Sweep. Cabana applies The Anaconda Vice. Konley rolls Cabana over for a two count. Anderson responds with a Sliding Lariat for a two count. Anderson repeatedly stomps on Konley’s chest. Dave Dawson is the next entrant.

Cabana with a Short Hip Attack in the corner. Dawson drives Konley back first into Cabana and Anderson. Dawson with a Triple Body Avalanche. Dawson with a Running Splash for a two count. Dawson rakes the eyes of Cabana. Cabana with a high elbow smash. Anderson with forearm shivers. Konley drops Anderson with a Spinning Back Fist. Konley is throwing forearms at Dawson. Konley goes for a Running Crossbody Block, but Dawson counters with a Fallaway Slam. Aron Stevens is the next entrant. Stevens hides under the ring. Zicky Dice cuts a promo during the match. Anderson is mauling Cabana in the corner. Sal Rinauro is the next entrant. Rinuaro with a shoulder block. Rinauro slips over Dawson’s back. Rinauro with a low bridge that sends Konley to the ring apron. Anderson with a big haymaker. Anderson goes for a Hip Toss, but Rinauro counters with The Stunner. Rinuaro ducks a clothesline from Cabana. Rinauro kicks Cabana in the gut. Cabana reverses out of the irish whip from Rinauro. Rinauro drops Cabana with a MoonSault/Pele Kick Combination. Dawson dropkicks Rinuaro for a two count. Rinauro side steps Dawson into the turnbuckles. Cabana lands The Flying Asshole. Anderson follows that with a SpineBuster. Rinauro slips on the top rope. Konley puts Dawson away with The MoonSault. Dave Dawson has been eliminated. Konley applies The Cobra Twist. Mr. Anderson is the next entrant.

Cabana kicks CW Anderson in the gut. Rinauro with a Back Body Drop. Cabana is throwing right jabs at CW Anderson. Mr. Anderson clotheslines Rinauro. Mr. Anderson scores the elbow knockdown. Mr. Anderson with a Swinging NeckBreaker. Mr. Anderson connects with The Mic Check. Sal Rinauro has been eliminated. Konley decks Mr. Anderson with a back elbow smash. Konley kicks Cabana in the face. Cabana avoids The Double Jump MoonSault. Mr. Anderson delivers another Mic Check to Konley. Caleb Konley has been eliminated. Mr Anderson and CW Anderson are trading back and forth shots. CW Anderson hits The SpineBuster. Cabana pulls Mr Anderson out of harms way. Mr Anderson nails CW Anderson with a throat punch. Cabana sends CW Anderson packing away with The SuperMan.

CW Anderson has been eliminated. Nice display of sportsmanship. The Question Mark appears on the ring apron. That allows Stevens to attack Cabana and Anderson from behind. Question Mark inadvertently hits Stevens with The Double Mongrovian Spike. Stevens falls on the canvas. Anderson and Cabana chucks Stevens over the top rope. Aron Stevens has been eliminated. Anderson shakes Cabana’s hand. Anderson rolls Cabana over with a hand full of tights to pickup the victory. After the match, Anderson delivers a low blow. Anderson plants Cabana with The Mic Check. Cabana was receiving medical attention on the outside. Anderson delivers a vicious Mic Check into the steel ring post.

Winner: Mr. Anderson 

David Marquez Interviews Eli Drake & James Storm 

David Marquez: Okay folks, we’re just moments away from our huge main event. Eli Drake. James Storm. As we approach this main event, I want to know, what do you think about Ricky Morton and his chances?

Eli Drake: Let me talk to you. Dave Marquez, I don’t know if you heard it before this camera started up and we walked out here, I heard everybody saying, ELI DRAKE. But tonight, you’re looking at the cowboy here. You look at Eli Drake here, but what I feel is some fever here because what NWA has been all about is catching lightning in a bottle and I think it might happen again when we crown Ricky Morton, new NWA Worlds Champion.

James Storm: You know, i could come out here and I could talk about my match at Into The Fire, but at the end of the day, what it says is, I lost plain and simple. I’m a man to admit it. So what men do is they suck it up, pick themselves up and they carry on. And I’ll go to the bottom of the list and I will work my way up until I get my opportunity again. But tonight, it’s about the man, the myth, the legend that they call, Ricky Morton. You see, Ricky made me want to become a tag team wrestler and I’ve become part of some of the greatest tag teams in recently wrestling. But tonight, Ricky Morton showed me all the time, that the underdog could always beat the big dog, if he has the will, the drive and the heart. And so I was standing backstage, having a couple of adult beverages. And I looked to my left and I saw, Ricky Morton and he was all hyped up on Mountain Dew.

So Nick Aldis, he’s gonna be all over your ass like a spider monkey. And let me tell you something, Ricky Morton to me is like Dale Earnhardt. He was number three on the track, number one in my heart. Raise hell. Ricky Morton for president 2020. Let’s make the mullet great again. Can I get everybody to stand up? Let’s bow your head, we’re part of a great tag team, go ahead. You sure? Because I’m about to do this. Can everybody stand up, bow your head and let’s pray. Dear lord, tonight we’re here on NWA Powerrr, another great episode. Can you give Ricky Morton the strength just to kick the living the crap out of Nick Aldis? And sweet baby Jesus in name we pray, amen.

Eli Drake: Well hold on for a second because I have to tell you, I heard Nick Aldis come out here, he’s always spewing his little whiny tales about everything he’s got to go through. And i’m gonna tell you like this, he talked about all the sharks, all the snakes when he first came to America. Like he had some bad impression of coming here. A lot people would say, America, love it or leave it, but I don’t say that. I don’t say that at all, Nick Aldis.

As a matter of fact, what I say is, stay here, don’t go anywhere, make your home here, get your citizenship because now to the end of your life, I want you to stand right here, so that Ricky Morton, myself, James Storm, Tim Storm, Mamma Storm, Thunderstorm, Sandstorm, hell even Dave Marquez can all give you 100% Grade A American Ass Kickings for the rest of your god damn life.

James Storm: And if you don’t like that, we have one thing for you, sorry about your damn luck.

Eli Drake: YEAH!

Joe Galli Previews The Upcoming NWA Hard Times PPV 

NWA Hard Times PPV Match Card 

1.) Nick Aldis vs. Flip Gordon

2.) Allysin Kay (c) vs. Thunder Rosa For The NWA Worlds Women’s Championship

3.) Aron Stevens (c) vs. Scott Steiner For The NWA 3rd Degree National Championship

4.) The Rock N Roll Express (c) vs. Eli Drake & James Storm vs. The Wild Cards in a Triple Threat Match For The NWA Worlds Tag Team Championship

5.) Tim Storm vs. Mr Anderson in a First Round Match In The Vacated NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament

6.) Ricky Starks vs. Matt Cross in a First Round Match In The Vacated NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament

7.) Dan Maff vs. Zicky Dice in a First Round Match In The Vacated NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament

8.) The Question Mark? vs. Trevor Murdoch in a First Round Match In The Vacated NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament

There will also be the Semi/Final Rounds of the Vacated NWA Worlds Television Championship Tournament.

Fifth Match: Nick Aldis (c) vs. Ricky Morton For The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship 

Robert Gibson and Strictly Business are banned from ringside. Aldis starts playing mind games with Morton after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Aldis backs Morton into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Strong lockup in the center of the ring. We have a stalemate in the corner. Morton plays to the crowd. Morton applies a side headlock. Morton with a side headlock takeover. Aldis goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Morton counters with a side headlock takedown. Morton gets Aldis shoulders pinned to the mat for a two count. Aldis backs Morton into the turnbuckles. Aldis blasts Morton with a knife edge chop. Morton responds with a big haymaker. Aldis gathers himself in the corner.

Aldis kicks Morton in the gut. Aldis with two haymakers. Morton ducks a clothesline from Aldis. Morton with heavy bodyshots. Morton tells Aldis to bring it. Aldis signals for the test of strength. Morton decks Aldis with a back elbow smash. Aldis with a boot to the midsection of Morton. Morton answers with an eye poke. Morton transitions into a corner mount. Alids goes for an Inverted Atomic Drop, but Morton blocks it. Aldis regroups on the outside.Morton slams Aldis head on the ring apron. Aldis rakes the eyes of Morton. Aldis drives Morton back first into the steel ring post. Aldiis has complete control of the match, much to the dismay of the folks inside the GPB Studios.

Aldis whips Morton back first into the turnbuckles. Morton has Aldis perched on the top turnbuckle. Aldis is throwing haymakers at Morton. Aldis HeadButts Morton. Morton delivers a gut punch in mid-air. Aldis goes after the eyes of Morton. Aldis bodyslams Morton. Morton throws Aldis off the top turnbuckle. Aldis goes for a PowerBomb, but Morton counters with a Hurricanrana for a two count. Morton with a single leg takedown. Morton applies The Figure Four Leg Lock. Aldis decks Morton with a back elbow smash. Morton with an inside cradle for a two count. Aldis turns Morton over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez