IMPACT Wrestling Results (1/21/20): Tessa Blanchard & Trey Miguel vs. Taya Valkyrie & Ace Austin

IMPACT Wrestling Results 1/21/20
Frontin Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Tessa Blanchard, Taya Valkyrie, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel In-Ring Segment 

Tessa Blanchard: Damn it feels good to be standing in this ring as the IMPACT World Champion here in Mexico. It was a hell of a journey to get here. But that’s the thing about journeys, right when you think it ends, it’s actually just beginning. Winning this title, it’s not the end of anything, it’s the beginning. It’s the beginning because I have to defend his title with a target on my back. And there’s one man who has his rematch. That man is Sami Callihan. Sami likes to play mind games. Well Sami, I know you’re in the back listening, so I want you to hear me.

If there’s one person that should have their head on a swivel, it’s you. If there’s one man that should watch their back, it’s you. We had the fight of a life time at Hard To Kill. But that which does not kill you makes you stronger and I am standing here tougher than I have ever been. I cannot wait to put an end to this for good because there’s a locker room filled with competitors that deserve a shot at this title. So Sami, get your ass out here and let’s have this rematch, so I can get onto new business. Come on Sami, get out here.

Taya Valkyrie: I’m really sorry, but Sami just can’t get out to the ring, right now. Just a little busy. But I brought you someone even better, me. Wera Loca and the longest reigning champion, Taya Valkyrie. I mean look how far you came in the last year since we met. I mean, Tessa with all the press. Making all that history. But seriously, you are the first ever women’s world champion. The first women in Impact history to become the world champion. Impressive, isn’t it? They said that you changed the face of women wrestling. That you’re inspiring a new generation. But here’s the thing, you haven’t faced a woman in like eight or nine months.

Honestly, probably since I won the Knockouts Championship from you. I beat you here in this building. Then at Madison Square Garden, I beat you for the Reina De Reinas Championship. And since then, you just been running. I think you’re actually a little bit scared or maybe you just can’t hang with the knockouts division anymore. So, actually the truth is, I lied earlier. I actually don’t think that you made history. The only person in this ring who’s made history is me and this is consolation prize.

Tessa Blanchard: Taya, if you think that, that’s great. In fact, since you came out here, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and we’ll see who the real champion around here is?

Ace Austin: Ladies, it seems as though I didn’t get my invitation to the winners circle. Each one of us had a successful night at Hard To Kill. Tessa Blanchard, you actually did it. You beat Sami Callihan and became the Impact World Champion. Taya, we actually have a little something in common here. Tessa has failed to beat the both of us. Because if you remember correctly, do you remember Bound For Glory? Do you remember how I became, X Division Champion? It was you and I up on that ladder and I ended up on top. I know damn well that I could do it again, right in this ring, maybe later in the hotel.

Blanchard drops Austin with a forearm smash. Blanchard transitions into a ground and pound attack. Valkyrie attacks Blanchard from behind. Austin and Valkyrie repeatedly stomps on Blanchard’s chest. Trey Miguel Spears Austin. Miguel is raining down haymakers. All hell is breaking loose. Miguel SuperKicks Austin. Valkyrie retreats to the outside to close the segment.

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Taya Valkyrie, John E Bravo, Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan Backstage Segment 

First Match: Moose vs. Rhino vs. Taurus in a Triple Threat Match 

Moose wants no part of this match. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rhino applies a wrist lock. Taurus reverses the hold. Rhino applies a side headlock. Rhino drops Taurus with a shoulder tackle. Moose trips Rhino from the outside. Moose talks smack to Rhino. Taurus with two open palm strikes. Rhino reverses out of the irish whip from Taurus. Taurus ducks a clothesline from Rhino. Now, Moose trips Taurus from the outside. Taurus is pissed. Moose starts doing jumping jacks. Taurus is mauling Rhino in the corner. Rhino decks Taurus with a back elbow smash. Rhino slams Taurus head on the top turnbuckle pad. Rhino whips Taurus to the corner. Rhino with a Hip Lock TakeOver. Rhino plays to the crowd. Moose negates The GORE. Rhino and Taurus goes after Moose.

Moose begs for mercy. Rhino and Taurus are double teaming Moose. Double Elbow Knockdown. Taurus with the cover for a two count. Rhino argues with Taurus. They were supposed to work together. Taurus slaps Moose in the chest. Rhino with a knife edge chop. Double Shoulder Tackle. Rhino hooks both legs for a two count. Rhino tells Taurus to relax. Moose shoves Rhino into Taurus. Moose slams Rhino’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Moose is throwing haymakers at Taurus. Moose with forearm shivers. Moose with clubbing bodyshots in the corner. Moose is choking Taurus with his boot. Moose abuses the referee’s five count. Moose drops Taurus with a forearm smash.

Moose goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Rhino blocks it. Moose rakes the eyes of Rhino. Moose goes after Taurus eyes. Moose sends Taurus shoulder first into the steel ring post. Rhino with a Vertical Suplex. Rhino clotheslines Moose. Rhino scores the elbow knockdown. Rhino with a shoulder block in the corner. Rhino with a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Taurus slaps Rhino in the chest. Taurus with a running elbow smash. Taurus with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Rhino reverses out of the irish whip from Taurus. Taurus drops Rhino with a Corkscrew Body Press for a two count.

Moose with a knife edge chop. Moose with a running elbow smash. Taurus kicks Moose in the face. Moose responds with The Go To Hell for a two count. Moose with a Running European Uppercut. Rhino avoids The Spear. Rhino with a Side Belly to Belly Suplex. Moose pulls the referee into harms way. Moose low blows Rhino. Taurus kicks Moose in the gut. Taurus goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Moose lands back on his feet. Standing Switch Exchange. Rhino connects with The GORE. Taurus HeadButts Rhino. Taurus goes on to steal the victory.

Winner: Taurus via Pinfall 

Jordynne Grace Backstage Interview 

Second Match: Joey Ryan vs. Maximo 

Ryan pours baby oil on his chest. Maximo blows a kiss to the crowd. Ryan wants Maximo to touch his nether regions. Maximo kicks Ryan in the gut. Deep Arm-Drag/Leg Sweep Exchange. That leads us to a standoff in the center of the ring. Maximo applies a side headlock. Maximo drops Ryan with a shoulder tackle. Maximo with The Wasteland. Maximo follows that with a Flying Elbow Drop. Maximo argues with the referee.

Maximo goes for an Inverted Atomic Drop, but Ryan blocks it. Ryan dropkicks Maximo to the floor. Ryan lands The Suicide Dive. Ryan rolls Maximo back into the ring. Maximo ducks under a flurry of strikes from Ryan. Maximo proceeds to kiss Ryan. Maximo rolls Ryan over for a two count. Ryan hits The Penis Plex. Ryan shoves the lollipop down Maximo’s throat. Ryan connects with The Sweet Tooth Music to pickup the victory.

Winner: Joey Ryan via Pinfall 

Rob Van Dam Backstage Interview 

Michael Elgin Promo 

Third Match: Rosemary vs. Jessica Havok w/Father James Mitchell & Susie Yung 

Rosemary ducks a clothesline from Havok. Rosemary pokes fun at James Mitchell. Rosemary tells Havok to bring it. Rosemary with a running forearm smash. Rosemary with a Flying Hurricanrana off the ring apron. Rosemary talks smack to Mitchell. Havok nearly runs into Mitchell. Rosemary applies a sleeper hold. Havok dumps Rosemary back first on the edge of the ring frame. Havok with forearm shivers. Rosemary punches Havok in the back. Rosemary and Havok are brawling on the ramp. Havok rolls Rosemary back into the ring. Rosemary with a low dropkick. Rosemary uppercuts Havok. Rosemary goes for a German Suplex, but Havok blocks it.

Havok with The Samoan Drop on the stage. Rosemary negates The Draping DDT. Rosemary drops Havok with a Flying Forearm Smash. Rosemary is starting to build momentum. Rosemary hits The SlingBlade. Rosemary applies The Muta Lock. Havok clotheslines Rosemary. Havok with a Running Boot. Havok follows that with a BackBreaker/Lariat Combination. Havok with a running knee strike. The referee admonishes Havok. Rosemary decks Havok with a JawBreaker. Rosemary smothers Havok in the corner. Rosemary blinds Mitchell with green mist. Havok plants Rosemary with The TombStone PileDriver to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jessica Havok via Pinfall 

The Desi Hit Squad Backstage Segment 

Eddie Edwards Promo 

Fourth Match: Willie Mack vs. Rohit Raju w/The Desi Hit Squad 

Mack side steps Raju into the turnbuckles. Mack with a straight hand. Raju reverses out of the irish whip from Mack. Mack with a deep arm-drag. Mack ducks a clothesline from Raju. Mack with a Running Hurricanrana. Mack bodyslams Raju. Mack dropkicks Raju to the floor. Mahabali Shera stops Mack in his tracks. Raju rolls Mack over for a two count. Raju with a Leaping FlatLiner for a two count. Mack with a big haymaker. Mack avoids The RoundHouse Kick. Raju sweeps the legs of Mack. Raju with a Leaping Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Raju applies a rear chin lock. Mack gets back to a vertical base. Mack with heavy bodyshots.

Raju whips Mack to the corner. Mack with two running clotheslines. Mack with a running forearm smash. Mack delivers a Helluva Kick. Shera pulls Raju out of the ring. Mack lands The SomerSault Plancha. Mack rolls Raju back into the ring. Mack hits The Samoan Drop. Mack pops back on his feet. Mack follows that with a Standing MoonSault for a two count. Mack plays to the crowd. Raju negates The Stunner. Raju with a Jumping Knee Strike. Raju with a Running Cannonball Strike. Mack dodges The Flying Double Foot Stomp. Mack connects with The Stunner to pickup the victory. After the match, The Desi Hit Squad beats down Willie Mack and Johnny Swinger.

Winner: Willie Mack via Pinfall 

– This weeks IMPACT Plus! Flashback Moment Of The Week is The Beer Money/Motor City Machine Guns Match From TNA Genesis 2011.

Fifth Match: Tessa Blanchard & Trey Miguel vs. Taya Valkyrie & Ace Austin w/John E. Bravo 

Blanchard and Valkyrie will start things off. Valkyrie pie faces Blanchard. Forearm Exchange. Valkyrie kicks Blanchard in the gut. Blanchard clotheslines Valkyrie. Valkyrie tags in Austin. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Side HeadLock TakeOver/HeadScissors Escape Exchange. Austin delivers a gut punch. Blanchard tags in Miguel. Austin ducks a clothesline from Miguel. Austin drops down on the canvas. Austin leapfrogs over Miguel. Austin denies The Pump Kick. Miguel with a knee lift. Miguel dropkicks Austin. Miguel with forearm shivers. Austin reverses out of the irish whip from Miguel. Miguel with a Cazadora Knee Smash. Miguel with a Running Hurricanrana that sends Austin to the floor. Valkyrie stops Miguel in his tracks. Blanchard SuperKicks Valkyrie off the ring apron. Austin catches Valkyrie in mid-air. Valkyrie tells Austin to put her down. Blanchard and Miguel with Stereo Suicide Dives.

Blanchard and Miguel are double teaming Austin during the commercial break. Miguel with a BackBreaker. Blanchard follows that with a Running NeckBreaker. Miguel hooks the outside leg for a two count. Miguel applies a front face lock. Valkyrie pulls Blanchard off the ring apron. Valkyrie throws Blanchard into the steel barricade. Standing Switch Exchange. Miguel with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Valkyrie slaps Miguel in the face. Austin with a Big RoundHouse Kick for a two count. Austin is mauling Miguel in the corner. Austin with a Snap Vertical Suplex for a one count. Austin with a forearm smash. Austin with a Belly to Back Suplex. Austin follows that with a leg drop for a two count. Austin with a Pump Kick. Austin tags in Valkyrie. Valkyrie with clubbing blows to Miguel’s back. Miguel starts kicking the left hamstring of Valkyrie. Valkyrie dives over Miguel.

Miguel applies a waist lock. Austin kicks Miguel in the back. Following a snap mare takeover, Valkyrie with a running basement dropkick for a two count. Valkyrie goes for a Package PileDriver, but Miguel blocks it. Miguel with a forearm smash. Valkyrie responds with a Pop Up Knee Strike for a two count. Valkyrie tags in Austin. Austin with forearm shivers. Austin kicks Miguel in the ribs. Austin transitions into a ground and pound attack. Austin with Muay Thai Knee Strikes. Austin with clubbing mid-kicks in the corner. Austin puts Miguel on the top turnbuckle. Austin gets Miguel tied in the tree of woe. Austin continues to kick Miguel in the ribs. Austin taunts Blanchard. Valkyrie with a Corner Dropkick. The referee is trying to calm down Blanchard.

Austin hooks the leg for a two count. Austin applies a rear chin lock. Austin with a Belly to Back Suplex for a two count. Austin with a Side Slam for a two count. Austin stands in front of Miguel. Austin applies an arm-bar. Miguel needs to create separation. Austin delivers the paper cut. Austin goes for another Belly to Back Suplex, but Miguel lands back on his feet. Miguel with the matrix evasion. Miguel with a Step Up Enzuigiri. The referee didn’t see Miguel tag out to Blanchard. Austin repeatedly stomps on Miguel’s back. Austin with a vicious crossface. Austin applies a waist lock. Miguel decks Austin with a back elbow smash. Miguel thrust kicks the midsection of Austin. Miguel dropkicks the back of Austin’s head.

Blanchard and Valkyrie are tagged in. Blanchard with a Flying Crossbody Block. Blanchard ducks a clothesline from Valkyrie. Blanchard with a HeadScissors TakeOver. Blanchard uppercuts the back of Valkyrie’s neck. Blanchard hits The Cutter. Valkyrie avoids Magnum. Valkyrie tags in Austin. Blanchard with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT. Running Boot/Step Up Enzuigiri Combination. Blanchard tags in Miguel. Austin sends Blanchard shoulder first into the steel ring post. Miguel dropkicks Austin. Miguel with a SlingShot FlatLiner for a two count. Valkyrie pulls Miguel off the top turnbuckle. Blanchard drops Valkyrie with The Big Boot. Blanchard lands The Suicide Dive. Austin plants Miguel with The Fold to pickup the victory.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie & Ace Austin via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez