WWE Raw Results (12/2/19): Seth Rollins Apologizes To Kevin Owens

December 2, 2019
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, Tennessee

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and The Authors Of Pain In-Ring Segment

Seth Rollins: This time last week, I brought the entire Raw roster out to ringside, so we can discuss our performance at Survivor Series. And look, I’ll say it as plainly and frankly as I did last week, I said we all sucked. That was a little bit too harsh, but I want you guys to understand that it was coming from a really good place. It was coming from my heart because this is not just my job, this is my life. And the guys and the girls in that locker room are not just my colleagues, they are my brothers and sisters. They are my family. And families aren’t just about blood, they’re about fighting together.

As the head of this family, I felt like it is my responsibility to motivate our locker room and to get the absolute best out of every single superstar here on Raw. But I may have gone overboard. I thought about it all week and I would like to apologize. First and foremost, I would like to apologize to the WWE Universe. I would like to apologize to the entire locker room. Specifically, I would like to apologize to Kevin Owens. Kev, I know you’re back there listening. I know you’re back there watching. Would please come down to this ring, so I can apologize to you, face to face, man to man.

Kevin Owens: Do you guys smell that at all? I don’t know if it’s just me, but it smells like something I can’t quite put my finger on it. I got it. It smells like when the rodeo comes to Nashville. Like the animals and stuff, there’s a certain smell attached to that. And right now it’s hitting me hard because what I just heard you say. This whole apology and talking about how we’re all a family. Let me ask you this. Would the two closest members of that family of yours happen to be The AOP by any chance?

Seth Rollins: Kev, I have nothing to do with The AOP. I don’t know anything about that man. I swear to you. I don’t know why they laid you out.

Kevin Owens: Seth, I’m sorry to interrupt you, well not really. Do you know how I know you’re lying? Because your lips are moving. By the way, that smell I was referring to, is bullshit.

Seth Rollins: Kev, I had nothing to do with that man. I promise to you. You know that. I would not do that to you.

The Authors Of Pain: How about the two of us versus the two of you here tonight?

Seth Rollins: Alright! Hey I can’t speak for you Kev, but if you’re in, I’m in. Let’s do this thing.

Kevin Owens: If I’m in, you’re in? I’ll tell you what, the way I see it, one of three things can happen and all of those scenarios end with the three of you beating the crap out of me. So I’m not falling for that. If you guys are gonna do it, let’s do it now. Let’s get it over with.

Seth Rollins: You know what man? I tried. I tried. You do you, I’ll do me. You’re on your own man.

– Rollins exits the ring.

Kevin Owens: You know what, Seth might be out of here, but I absolutely would love to get a piece of the two of you. So you want to come down here, preferably one at a time, that would be great? Come on, let’s have some fun boys. Alright, I guess it won’t be Seth. I guess it won’t be AOP, but I’m in the middle of this ring, I’m all taped up, i’m ready to go and I think Nashville wants to see a fight. So somebody indulge me. Come out anybody and fight me.

– AOP heads to the backstage area to close the segment.

First Match: Kevin Owens vs. Bobby Lashley w/Lana 

Lashley shoves Owens. Owens ducks a clothesline from Lashley. Owens blasts Lashley with a knife edge chop. Owens with forearm shivers. Lashley drops Owens with a shoulder tackle. Lashley slams Owens head on the top turnbuckle pad. Lashley with a straight right hand. Lashley whips Owens across the ring. Owens kicks Lashley in the face. Lashley leapfrogs over Owens. Lashley hits The SpineBuster. Owens rolls himself out of the ring. Owens sweeps Lashley off the apron. Owens delivers a Frog Splash off the apron.

Owens gives Lana the DX Crotch Chop. Owens with a Running Cannonball Strike for a two count. Owens goes for a MoonSault, but Lashley ducks out of the way. Lashley with an Inside Out Lariat. Lashley transitions into a ground and pound attack. Lashley with clubbing crossfaces. The referee admonishes Lashley. Lashley flexes his muscles. Lashley with a Corner Spear. Lashley is throwing haymakers at Owens.

Owens SuperKicks Lashley. Lashley negates The Stunner. Lashley drops Owens with a Swinging NeckBreaker for a two count. Lashley connects with The Dominator for a two count. Lashley applies The Full Nelson Lock. Owens with three sharp elbow strikes. Owens follows that with The Pop Up PowerBomb. AOP attacks Owens which causes the disqualification. After the match, AOP drags Owens to the backstage area.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Disqualification 

Rusev, Lana, and Bobby Lashley Segment 

Second Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Akira Tozawa 

McIntyre shoves Tozawa. Tozawa applies a waist lock. McIntyre with a waist lock takedown. McIntyre talks smack to Tozawa. McIntyre tells Tozawa to leave the ring. Tozawa nails McIntyre with a basement dropkick. Tozawa with rapid fire haymakers. Tozawa dumps McIntyre out of the ring. Tozawa lands The Suicide Dive. Tozawa applies a side headlock. McIntyre shoves Tozawa towards the LED Board. McIntyre hits The Reverse Alabama Slam on the floor.

McIntyre throws Tozawa back into the ring. McIntyre applies a rear chin lock. Tozawa gets back to a vertical base. McIntyre blasts Tozawa with a knife edge chop. McIntyre with an OverHead Belly to Belly Suplex. McIntyre transitions into a ground and pound attack. McIntyre applies an arm-bar. Tozawa is trying to build momentum. McIntyre punches Tozawa in the back. McIntyre whips Tozawa across the ring.

Tozawa drop toe holds McIntyre into the middle turnbuckle pad. McIntyre launches Tozawa over the top rope. Tozawa with an Apron Enzuigiri. Tozawa delivers a Missile Dropkick. McIntyre negates The Reverse Hurricanrana. McIntyre goes for another Reverse Alabama Slam, but Tozawa rolls him over for a two count. Tozawa ducks a clothesline from McIntyre. McIntyre connects with The ClayMore Kick to pickup the victory.

Winner: Drew McIntyre via Pinfall 

Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, The OC, Ricochet, Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio In-Ring Segment 

Drew McIntyre: That was fun, wasn’t it Nashville? You know the problem with people today is if they have an issue with somebody, they go straight to social media and they start complaining. With our locker room, they like to be cryptic about it and let us guess what they’re talking about because they are a bunch of bloody cowards. Not, Drew McIntyre. I’m direct and I’m going to get straight to the point. Randy Orton, I’ve got a problem with you, so bring yourself to this ring right now, so we can bloody talk about it.

Randy, I know you’re here buddy. I know of the minions has let you know that I’ve called you out, but apparently you forgotten why I have a problem with you. Let’s play the footage. I can describe what I just watched in three words. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. Randy, get your ass out here right now. How is your chest Randy? Is it still hurting? Was that second chop loud enough to drown out the little voices in your head maybe?

– We see the clip of Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre trading back and forth shots during last weeks Fatal Four Way Match.

Randy Orton: Is that why you brought me out here? That’s the problem you have with me? Are you kidding me right now?

Drew McIntyre: Don’t turn your back on me. Don’t you dare disrespect me again Randy. Look at me when I’m talking to you. You wanna hear it? Okay this is my problem with you. You walk around here like you own the place. You do what you want, when you want. No respect for anyone or the rules, you always have. I get it. You’re Randy Orton. Look at me damnit. You’re the 13 time world champion, future hall of famer. You’re the man. Does that give you any right to speak to me like I’m a damn child?

You were the most ferocious man in all of WWE, in the past. In 2019, the only thing that you’re the most ferocious at, is posting on social media. I’m going to tell you who I am. I’m Drew McIntyre. I’m bigger than you. Stronger than you. I’m the most ferocious man in WWE today. I’m going to make this so simple that even you and the people of Nashville can understand. Past, Future. RKO out of nowhere, gone. ClayMore out of nowhere, in. Get it? Got it? Good. Deal with it mate.

Randy Orton: I don’t think there’s a Drew McIntyre/Randy Orton problem. I think there’s a Drew McIntyre reality problem. You see, I do what I want, when I want. It’s simple, I’ve earned the right to do so. Now you on the other hand, you haven’t earned a damn thing. But check it out, Drew, you and I are good. We are cool, but if you still think we have a problem, then let’s solve that problem right now.

– The OC appears on the stage.

AJ Styles: Randy Orton.

Luke Gallows: Drew, you’re spinning your wheels. Randy Orton is an unapologetic jerk. He ruins lives.

Karl Anderson: You ruined Uncle Allen’s life.

Luke Gallows: You sure did.

Karl Anderson: Randy Orton, you are solely responsible for AJ Styles losing the United States Championship.

Luke Gallows: You sure area.

Karl Anderson: Look at AJ, charismatic and handsome. Are you okay AJ?

AJ Styles: No, I’m not okay Karl. You know what would make it better? If I got my hands on Randy Orton. I don’t care what we have to do. I don’t care what match it is, as long as I get my hands on Randy Orton, tonight.

Drew McIntyre: You know what guys, this doesn’t seem like a Drew McIntyre problem. Clearly, i’ve said my peace. I wasted my time. This seems more of a Randy Orton/OC problem, so I bid you adieu.

– The OC starts beating up Randy Orton. Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, and Humberto Carrillo storms into the ring to make the save.

Third Match: Aleister Black vs. Tony Nese 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Nese with a waist lock go-behind. Nese applies a wrist lock. Black with an arm-drag takeover. Black with a side headlock takeover. Nese answers with the headscissors escape. Black avoids a dropkick from Nese. Nese dodges The RoundHouse Kick. Nese applies a side headlock. Black drops down on the canvas. Black leapfrogs over Nese. Black slips over Nese’s back. Black with a leg sweep. Black starts playing mind games with Nese. Nese is regaining his composure on the outside. Nese tells Black to get up.

Black delivers his combination offense. Nese decks Black with a throat thrust. Nese rakes the eyes of Black. Nese unloads two knife edge chops. Black answers with a back elbow smash. Nese slides under Black. Nese goes for a PumpHandle Driver, but Black blocks it. Black eats a back elbow smash from Nese. Nese with a Running Bulldog across the top rope. Nese goes for a SpringBoard MoonSault, but Black gets his knees up in the air. Black with a Spinning Elbow Strike. Black kicks Nese in the chest. Black with a Jumping Knee Strike. Black connects with The Black Mass to pickup the victory.

Winner: Aleister Black via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega vs. Eric Young 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Almas applies a waist lock. Young transitions into a wrist lock. Almas reverses the hold. Young maintains wrist control. Almas with a wrist lock takedown. Young cartwheels around Almas. Young backs Almas into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Almas kicks Young in the gut. Almas with a forearm smash. Almas blasts Young with a knife edge chop. Almas drives his knee into the midsection of Young. Almas whips Young back first into the turnbuckles.

Almas with a Jumping Knee Strike. Almas follows that with an arm-ringer. Young skins the cat. Almas with a Leaping Forearm Smash. Almas has Young perched on the top turnbuckle. Almas goes for a SuperPlex, but Young blocks it. Young is throwing haymakers at Almas. Young sends Almas crashing into the canvas. Young lands The Flying Elbow Drop for a two count. Almas decks Young with a back elbow smash. Young with clubbing blows to Almas back. Young goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Almas lands back on his feet.

Young with a corner clothesline. Almas pulls Young off the second rope. Almas with a Low Dropkick for a two count. Almas applies an arm-bar. Young with a JawBreaker. Young follows that with a Discus Lariat. Young dives over Almas. Almas with The Big Boot. Young responds with a WheelBarrow NeckBreaker for a two count. Young plays to the crowd. Almas knocks Young off the top turnbuckle. Almas hits The ShotGun Meteora. Almas plants Young with The HammerLock DDT to pickup the victory.

Winner: Andrade Cien Almas via Pinfall 

Kyle Busch WWE 24/7 Championship Segment 

Seth Rollins Backstage Interview 

Fifth Match: Erick Rowan vs. No Way Jose 

One of the members of the conga line starts walking towards Rowan’s burlap sack. Rowan demolishes The Conga Line. Jose is throwing haymakers at Rowan. Rowan drives his knee into the midsection of Jose. Rowan sends Jose crashing into the steel ring steps. Rowan runs after the rest of the conga line. Rowan with a Running Crossbody Block on the floor. Rowan rolls Jose back into the ring. Rowan with a running clothesline. Rowan plants Jose with Two Iron Claw Slams to pickup the victory.

Winner: Erick Rowan via Pinfall 

Sixth Match: Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors in a Two on One Handicap Match 

Kairi Sane attacks Charlotte with her umbrella before the bell rings. Asuka repeatedly kicks Charlotte in the ribs. The referee admonishes Sane. The Kabuki Warriors are all over Charlotte. Charlotte and Asuka will start things off. Complete Slugfest. Charlotte with clubbing shoulder blocks. Sane tags herself in. Sane repeatedly stomps on Charlotte’s chest. Sane tags in Asuka. Asuka is putting the boots to Charlotte in the corner. The Kabuki Warriors are abusing the referee’s five count. Sane stands on Charlotte’s chest. Asuka slams Charlotte’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Asuka tags in Sane. Charlotte kicks Asuka in the chest. Charlotte launches Sane over the top rope. Charlotte knocks Sane off the ring apron. Asuka drops Charlotte with a Running Hip Attack.

Asuka toys around with Charlotte. Asuka repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Charlotte. Charlotte with a single leg takedown. Charlotte clotheslines Sane. Charlotte dumps Asuka out of the ring. Charlotte with a Double Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Asuka whips Charlotte into the ringside barricade. Asuka rolls Charlotte back into the ring. Asuka with a Mid-Kick. Charlotte skins the cat. Charlotte creates distance with a shoulder block. Sane pulls Charlotte off the apron. Charlotte side steps Sane into the barricade. Charlotte slaps Sane in the face. Asuka responds with a Sliding Kick. Asuka violently kicks Charlotte in the back. Asuka inadvertently clocks Sane with The Running Hip Attack. Charlotte drops Asuka with The Big Boot. Charlotte with a SlingShot Pescado to the floor.

Charlotte is fired up. Charlotte rolls Asuka back into the ring. Charlotte with a Big Boot to Sane. Kabuki Warriors regains control of the match during the commercial break. Sane with clubbing blows to Charlotte’s back. Sane walks the plank. Sane hits The Sliding D for a one count. Charlotte drives Sane back first into the turnbuckles. Asuka tags herself in. Forearm Exchange. Asuka goes for a German Suplex, but Charlotte blocks it. Charlotte decks Asuka with a back elbow smash. Charlotte goes for The Big Boot, but Asuka counters with a German Suplex. Asuka tags in Sane. Charlotte with a Big Boot in mid-air. Charlotte goes for a Double MoonSault, but The Kabuki Warriors puts their knees up in the air. Charlotte applies The Boston Crab.

Asuka with a High Head Kick. Asuka drags Sane to the corner. Sane tags in Asuka. Asuka delivers a Missile Dropkick for a two count. Asuka with rapid fire chest kicks. Charlotte is pissed. Asuka slaps Charlotte in the face. Charlotte with a forearm smash. Asuka with a Spinning Back Kick. Asuka escapes The Boston Crab. Charlotte stomps on Asuka’s face. Charlotte goes for The Figure Eight, Asuka counters with The Cross-Arm-Breaker. Asuka transitions into a Triangle Choke. Charlotte with a SitOut PowerBomb for a one count. Sane breaks the cover with a Running BlockBuster. Asuka tags in Sane. Sane drags Charlotte to the corner. Charlotte negates The Insane Elbow.

Charlotte and Sane are trading back and forth shots. Charlotte goes for The SuperPlex, but Asuka gets in the way. The Kabuki Warriors sends Charlotte crashing into the canvas. Sane with a Flying Double Foot Stomp. Asuka with the cover for a two count. Charlotte avoids The Stereo Shining Wizards. Charlotte with a Double Spear for a two count. Charlotte works on the left knee of Asuka. Charlotte kicks Sane off the apron. Asuka side steps The Big Boot. Asuka tags in Sane. Charlotte Spears Asuka. Charlotte locks in The Figure Eight. Sane lands The Insane Elbow to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Kabuki Warriors via Pinfall 

Seventh Match: The Viking Raiders vs. Mark Sterling & Mitchell Lyons 

Erik and Lyons will start things off. Erik delivers Death Rowe. Erik drags Lyons to the corner. Ivar stops Sterling in his tracks. Ivar bodyslams Sterling on the floor. Erik bodyslams Ivar on top of Sterling. Erik tags in Ivar. Ivar with a corner clothesline. Erik follows that with a ShotGun Dropkick. Erik drives Ivar back first into Lyons. Are you watching. The Viking Raiders plants Lyons with The Viking Experience to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Viking Raiders via Pinfall 

Eight Match: The OC vs. Rey Mysterio, Ricochet and Humberto Carrillo in a 6-Man Tag Team Match 

Anderson and Carrillo will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Anderson applies a side headlock. Carrillo leapfrogs over Anderson. Anderson goes for a Back Body Drop, but Carrillo lands back on his feet. Carrillo ducks a clothesline from Anderson. Carrillo goes for a sunset flip, but Anderson lands back on his feet. Carrillo avoids the running boot. Carrillo with a Step Through Enzuigiri for a one count. Carrillo applies a wrist lock. Ricochet tags himself in. Ricochet with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike. Double Back Elbow Smash. Stereo HandSpring Toss for a two count. Ricochet uppercuts Anderson. Ricochet tags in Carrillo. Carrillo kicks Anderson in the gut. Anderson drives Carrillo back first into the turnbuckles. Styles tags himself in. Styles kicks Carrillo in the ribs. Styles blasts Carrillo with a knife edge chop. Carrillo with a Spinning Back Kick. Carrillo kicks Styles in the chest. Carrillo drops Styles with a Flying HeadButt for a two count.

Carrillo applies a front face lock. Styles with a straight right hand. Carrillo decks Styles with a back elbow smash. Anderson kicks Carrillo behind the referee’s back. Styles with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Gallows with an Inside Out Lariat on the floor. Styles whips Carrillo into the ringside barricade. Styles rolls Carrillo back into the ring. Styles tags in Gallows. Gallows with a running elbow drop. Gallows follows that with a High Head Kick for a two count. Gallows with clubbing elbow smashes. Gallows applies a rear chin lock. Carrillo gets back to a vertical base. Carrillo is displaying his fighting spirit. Gallows drives his knee into the midsection of Carrillo. Gallows goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Carrillo lands back on his feet. Carrillo ducks a clothesline from Gallows. Carrillo with a JawBreaker. Carrillo creates distance with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Mysterio and Anderson are tagged in.

Mysterio with a SpringBoard Seated Senton. Mysterio kicks Styles off the ring apron. Anderson reverses out of the irish whip from Mysterio. Mysterio kicks Anderson in the chest. Mysterio with a Running Hurricanrana. Gallows attacks Mysterio from behind. Mysterio sends Gallows shoulder first into the steel ring post. Styles launches Mysterio over the top rope. Mysterio with an Apron Enzuigiri. Mysterio hits The Ring Post 619. Styles gets Mysterio in the electric chair position. Mysterio goes for The 619, but Anderson gets in the way. Anderson drives Mysterio back first into the barricade. Anderson whips Mysterio face first across the ring post. The OC are cutting the ring in half during the commercial break. Gallows with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Gallows applies a rear chin lock. Mysterio gets back to a vertical base. Gallows drops Mysterio with The Big Boot for a two count. Gallows drags Mysterio to the corner. Gallows tags in Anderson. Anderson rams his elbow across Mysterio’s face. Anderson goes back to the rear chin lock. Mysterio sends Anderson face first into the middle turnbuckle pad. Ricochet and Styles are tagged in.

Ricochet ducks a clothesline from Styles. Ricochet with a Flying Forearm Smash. Ricochet with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Ricochet follows that with a SpringBoard Dropkick to Gallows. Ricochet slams Styles head on the top turnbuckle pad. Ricochet kicks Styles in the chest. Ricochet with a SpringBoard Clothesline. Ricochet with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Ricochet gets Styles in position for The 630 Senton Splash. Ricochet is distracted by Anderson. Ricochet kicks Anderson off the apron. Standing Switch Exchange. Ricochet rolls Styles over for a two count. Anderson uppercuts Ricochet from the outside.

Styles with a WheelBarrow FaceBuster for a two count. Ricochet negates The Styles Clash. Ricochet runs Styles into the turnbuckles. Ricochet hits The Recoil for a two count. Mysterio nails Anderson with The 619. Gallows SuperKicks Mysterio. Carrillo delivers a Missile Dropkick. Carrillo hits The Fosbury Flop. Styles goes for The Styles Clash, but Ricochet counters with a Hurricanrana for a two count. Styles connects with The Pele Kick. Ricochet wipes out Anderson with a Triangle MoonSault. Ricochet goes for a SpringBoard FrankenSteiner, but Styles counters with an Avalanche Styles Clash to pickup the victory. After the match, Orton drops Styles with The RKO to close the show.

Winner: The OC via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez