NWA Powerrr Results (12/3/19): One More Time

NWA Powerrr Results 12/3/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Joe Galli: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to this season finale of NWA Powerrr. And you know this first season of NWA Powerrr has taken the wrestling world by storm and we want to thank you each and every one of you for turning into this program. Whether you’re watching when it broadcasts live on YouTube at 6:05 eastern standard time every Tuesday or if you’ve been binge watching or even if you’ve been watching this program 100 years in the future, we really do appreciate you tuning in and we are looking forward to season 2.

We can’t get to season 2 without finishing season 1 and we have an absolutely pivotal episode which going to round out the card for our pay-per-view, Into The Fire. First up, we got a match with the National Champion, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana is taking on Rick Starks in a non-title matchup.

Aron Stevens, The Question Mark?, Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks Segment

Colt Cabana and Ricky Starks were about to have a non-title match, then out comes Aron Stevens with The Question Mark?

Aron Stevens: Now, I would like to know why, I mean everyone can come in and you just hand out random title shots? I mean I am a major hollywood star. What do I have to do to get a title shot? Why not me? I deserve this more than anyone in this building, thank you. By the way, I can’t hear any of you.

Colt Cabana: If you want to hear it, unplug your ears. At least one ear thank you very much. You want a title shot huh? You think you deserve a title shot? And that wasn’t for you, Mr. Question Mark. You’re not even a professional wrestler. You want to fight? You know what, I was gonna have an extra exhibition with Ricky Starks here, a wonderful wrestler, one day will be a champion here at the NWA, but if you want to take on Ricky Starks, Aron.

If you want to take him out and you think can beat him, which I do not think you can because that right there is a professional wrestler, you are nothing, but an actor. A proud actor. Go have a match with Ricky Starks and if you win, one-on-one which I don’t think you can because everyone knows the only way you can win is with your mascot here. I will give you an opportunity and a title shot at my National Championship.

Aron Stevens: Number one, that’s not how you wear a towel. Number two, I will take you up on that, but to prove I need no one. Look, people are here to see me anyway. Question Mark, please go to the back, we don’t need you. You have the night off. Please go ahead, thank you.

First Match: Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks w/Colt Cabana. If Aron Stevens Wins, He’ll Get A Shot At The NWA National Championship 

Stevens with clubbing blows to Starks back. Stevens slams Starks head on the top turnbuckle pad. Stevens with clubbing shoulder blocks in the corner. Stevens poses for the crowd. Stevens goes for a Bodyslam, but Starks lands back on his feet. Starks ducks a clothesline from Stevens. Starks hits The SlingBlade. Starks with a running elbow smash. Starks Spears Stevens for a two count. Stevens dives over Starks.

Stevens scrambles to the corner. Stevens is favoring his right knee. Stevens has a conversation with David Marquez and the referee. Stevens was playing possum the entire time. Question Mark attacks Starks from behind. Mark connects with The Mongolian Spike. Stevens goes on to steal the victory.

Winner: Aron Stevens via Pinfall 

– NWA Into The Fire PPV Commercial.

James Storm Promo

Kamille comes out and whispers something in my ear and made me listen. And Nick, I know it’s driving you crazy not knowing what she said to me. December 14th. Into The Fire live on pay-per-view. You hear that NWA? Live! That means there’s no cover up, there’s no anything, there’s no getting rid of because people will see exactly what is happening when it’s happening. Let’s talk about truth NWA. What about this pop up NWA event? Oh wait, no one will ever see that will they NWA because you made sure that was brushed under the ring. Big conspiracy theory that you didn’t want to be seen. You want to talk about conspiracy?

I was the NWA National Champion. Was I booked on the very first NWA Powerrr show? No, I had to come out and stop some crazy guy from ranting and ruining your show. I did you a favor NWA and what thanks do I get? Oh, I get put into a crazy six-man where if my team losses, I got to put the NWA National Championship. Nick, you’ve been after me for a long time. Now I don’t want to say that you’ve been ducking me, but now it’s becoming pretty obvious that you are ducking me. And it’s just so funny that all these dispirited things keep happening. Why wasn’t I already the number one contender for the NWA Heavyweight Championship on the very first show? Why did I have to win a three way to become the number one contender? Oh wait, you won’t see that either because the NWA brush that aside. Why was it because of me?

Am I that big of a pain in your ass? Let me tell you something. At Into The Fire, there is no editing, there is no getting rid of this and then you want to throw in another little wrinkle. Another conspiracy, we get to name our referees. You know, that was a no brain for me, it’s very simple, I called the NWA lead official, Brian Hebner. I asked Brian, man-to-man, can I trust you with this match? Can I trust you to call it straight down the middle? Hey gave me his word. Now I realize that if anything can happen on live pay-per-view, so Nick what you have to realize and what your referee needs to realize that there will be no screw-ups because if your referee screws up, into the fire it’s gonna seem like a baby playground compared to the hell I will put him through.

David Marquez Interview With Allysin Kay & Melina 

David Marquez: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome a woman you all know, Melina. Well, welcome back to the National Wrestling Alliance.

Melina: Oh, it’s a pleasure. I mean I’ve seen this and you know it’s been thriving and I knew this is the place that I had to be. You know what, the women have been doing incredible, but the thing is that since i’ve been gone, they’re merely a commercial break until my return. It’s true. You see, my gift is that I bring out the best in people. I have been through hell and back multiple times, so I am the exquisite mosaic of all the battles that I have endured and won, so I know coming here I’m gonna show everybody that there is so much more for them to learn.

They’re gonna fight like hell to be able to win one of those matches and they would be proud of it because that’s what a champion does, brings out the best in people. People can have so many feelings, but no matter what the feelings are, whether you feel desire, disapproval, hate, whatever you feel towards me, that is purpose and I am giving that to you because Allysin Kay this is the first time since the moment you won that title, that you are going to have to work hard for something. And that something is trying to keep that title from me.

Allysin Kay: You have no idea what you just started. You want to come out here and tell a sob story. You think everyone’s gonna feel bad for you? You think they’re gonna believe you like thunder? I know exactly what you’re doing. I will smack that smug little look off your face little girl. You know what I see when I look at you? I see someone that’s afraid to fight their own fights, but I got a good idea. Why don’t we do this bad boy right now?

Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa attacks Allysin Kay from behind to close the segment.

Nick Aldis Promo: 

Alright, let’s address the elephant in the room. The three-way match that took place on NWA Powerrr for the number one contender spot for the world’s championship that hasn’t made air and why hasn’t it made air. There’s a lot of conspiracies being thrown around. It’s time for me to set the record straight. James, you’re feeding into this, you know you are. You know deep down why that three-way didn’t make air and why that three-way match wasn’t even recognized by the NWA because you weren’t even supposed to be in it. You did what you always do, James. You insinuate yourself into situations that you don’t belong in or don’t deserve to be in.

You haven’t earned your place in and that’s exactly what happened. Eli Drake’s been on a tear. Ken Anderson’s been on a tear. They’re getting ready to face other and the winner becomes a number contender. Once again, James Mother-Effing Storm, throw his toys out of the pram, has a big hissy fit, but of course he has to do it in front of everybody, so then you put the NWA management on the back foot, you put the talent in the ring in the back foot. You force them into a situation to get your own way as usual. We ain’t in TNA anymore, James. You are in the middle of the pack in the NWA and you know this. You were the national champion. Did a hell of a job as the national champion, but you lost the championship to Colt Cabana. Then you start throwing your weight around and making a lot of noise about how you deserve to be the world’s champion.

What have you done to earn a shot at the world’s championship other than run your mouth? You didn’t earned your sport. You coerced everybody into bowing to your wishes, so not only that, but the three-way was a complete disaster, absolute chaos with outside interference, all kinds of confusion, no regard for the rules, it’s not how we do things in the NWA. So it didn’t make air and it wasn’t recognized. Now people might be asking, well if that’s the case, why is James Storm getting a shot for the world’s championship at Into The Fire? There’s one simple reason. Because I went and told them that’s who I wanted. See James, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. That’s one of those phrases that gets thrown around in wrestling isn’t it? Guys try to tell you how to behave and they go, “Hey listen, the squeaky wheel gets the grease brother. You got to go and make up a big stink, so you tell them what you want.” You’re the squeakiest heel I’ve ever met.

So what I decided to do was give the squeaky wheel all the grease he can handle. Drown you in grease because that’s what you deserve to do now drown in your own shit because the only way you’re gonna understand how things work around here, is if you get what you want and realize that you didn’t want that at all. You didn’t want me. You certainly don’t want me in two out of three falls of proving it against the very best. I will drag you into the deep water and I will make you regret every second of running your mouth of even thinking you deserve to be the world’s champion or even deserve to be in the world’s championship picture.

We set a good precedent at NWA 70, a historic match between myself and The American Nightmare, so we set a standard for the NWA in two out of three falls matches with having alternating referees. So who do I trust? Who can we all trust more than anyone else to uphold the standard, the dignity, the class of the NWA? Who can we trust to have authority in there? Who really understands what’s at stake? I’ll tell you, nobody understands what’s at stake more than the man who was willing to put up everything for one more shot at the gold. Yes, the referee for the second fall in the two out of three falls match will be, Tim Storm.

Producer: What’s going on with you and Kamille?

Nick Aldis: Okay, I’m not sure how many more times I want to discuss this. I feel like it’s asked and answered. The reality is, if you don’t see Kamille by my side, something that she chooses to do, her actions are her own, but as of late because of the probing questions and all the controversy, it’s rendering her somewhat ineffective and actually it’s working against the entire point of having her in the first place. So with that being said, at Into The Fire, I’ve decided to give Kamille the night off. She’ll still get paid, don’t worry, but she won’t be with me because I don’t want any asterisks next to my victory at into the fire.

I don’t want James Storm to have something else to whine and cry about about. So it will be, one-on-one, mano a mano, the cowboy and the national treasure. Two out of three, we may not even get to three, pretty confident about that, but what I can tell you is that once this all said and done, we’ll get back to business. Kamille will be by my side and she will go back to being the insurance policy and nothing more.

– There will be brand new episodes of NWA Powerrr starting December 17th.

NWA Into The Fire Match Card 

1.) The Question Mark? vs. Trevor Murdoch

2.) Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs. Melina, Thunder Rosa or Marti Belle

3.) Eli Drake vs. Mr. Anderson

4.) Colt Cabana (c) vs. Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks in a Triple Threat Match For The NWA National Championship

5.) The Rock N Roll Express (c) vs. The Wild Cards For The NWA World Tag Team Championship

6.) Nick Aldis (c) vs. James Storm in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match For The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

Second Match: The Wild Cards (c) vs. The Rock N Roll Express For The NWA World Tag Team Championship 

Thomas Latimer and Ricky Morton will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Latimer applies a side headlock. Latimer drops Morton with a shoulder tackle. Latimer flexes his muscles. Morton kicks Latimer in the gut. Morton tags in Gibson. Morton ducks a clothesline from Latimer. Double Shoulder Tackle. Lockup in the center of the ring. Gibson uppercuts Latimer. Gibson knocks Isaacs off the ring apron. Latimer tags in Isaacs. Gibson applies a Full Nelson Lock. Isaacs escapes the hold.

Isaacs with heavy bodyshots in the corner. Gibson reverses out of the irish whip from Isaacs. Isaacs sends Morton shoulder first into the steel ring post. Isaacs with an arm-ringer. Wild Cards starts cutting the ring in half. Latimer works on the left shoulder of Gibson. Latimer applies a wrist lock. The referee is trying to calm down Gibson. Latimer tags in Isaacs. Isaacs applies a kimura lock on the middle rope. Gibson is displaying his fighting spirit. Isaacs slams Gibson’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Isaacs tags in Latimer.

Latimer goes for The Sting Splash, but Gibson ducks out of the way. Morton and Isaacs are tagged in. Morton with two haymakers. Morton clotheslines Latimer. Morton applies the sleeper hold. Latimer attacks Morton from behind. Gibson drops Latimer with a running haymaker. The Wild Cards have a meeting of the minds in the center of the ring. Rock N Roll Express with Stereo Dropkicks for a two count. Morton shoves Isaacs into Latimer. Gibson dumps Latimer out of the ring. Morton connects with The O’Connor Roll to pickup the victory.

Winner: New NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Rock N Roll Express via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez