NWA Powerrr Results (11/5/19): James Storm vs. Colt Cabana

NWA Powerrr Results 11/5/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Colt Cabana Interview

David Marquez: Okay guys thank you very much. Please welcome a champion many times over here in the NWA, Colt “Boom Boom Cabana. Welcome friend. So let’s tell the people what’s going on with Colt Cabana?

Colt Cabana: Oh what’s going on? Last week in the main event, I secured a victory representing Team Aldis over Team Storm. Main event Dave Marquez. I’ve been doing this a long long time and to think of myself as a main eventer, it’s a little bit humbling, but I deserve it. I feel like I deserve it. I am a main event. Team Aldis we beat Team Storm. That means I get a shot at the national championship. I’m doing it against James Storm. And i’m doing it tonight in the main event as a main eventer. I’m 100% percent. I’m ready to go and i’ll see you tonight.

Aron Stevens Interview

David Marquez: Once again we are not allowed to make eye contact with Mr. Stevens. So Aron, why don’t you tell us all about what’s going on with you here in the NWA?

Aron Stevens: Silence! First of all, I would like to address the Ricky Starks situation. Obviously and everyone knows it’s a fluke. Everyone knows that I haven’t been in the ring in a little bit and you can call it ring rust or call it whatever. I am speaking, thank you. Bottom line, I am better than him and I have the pedigree and I have the career and the track record to prove it.

David Marquez: What might that be?

Aron Stevens: Go on YouTube and see for yourself. Silence! Now, I am here to petition the NWA and requested a rematch in a match that is much more befitting of the tradition of the NWA.

David Marquez: Alright, what should we expect from that?

-Loud “You Got Beat” chants from the studio audience.

Aron Stevens: Will you insolent names please be quiet? I have to get through this. Let me explain something to you David. If I knew what it was, I would tell you, but I’m also going to reveal something that I have just found that I am the great grandson of William Shakespeare himself. I’m going to share a quote from Shakespeare. Are you booing Shakespeare? “A man may die but once.” I have just coined the quote a man may fall, but a thousand times. The NWA better hurry up because I have a script here from Hollywood and if they don’t make right on their promises, I will go back to Hollywood and I will leave professional wrestling.

First Match: The Dawson’s vs. Matthew Mims & Jordan Kingsley 

Zane and Mims will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Zane backs Mims into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Mims ducks two clothesline from Zane. Kingsley with a Step Up Enzuigiri from the ring apron. Mims with clubbing shoulder blocks. Mims tags in Kingsley. Kingsley uppercuts Mims. Zane responds with a forearm smash. Zane tags in Dave. Double Vertical Suplex. Kingsley with forearm shivers. Dave dumps Kingsley chest first on the canvas. Dave tags in Zane.

Dave with a Running Boot. The Dawson’s hits their Running Splash/Side Walk Slam Combination for a two count. Dave with a Big Biel Throw. Dave tells Mims to bring it. Kingsley tags in Mims. Mims ducks a clothesline from Dave. Mims is throwing forearms at Dave. Dave reverses out of the irish whip from Mims. Dave dropkicks Mims. Dave tags in Zane. The Dawson’s plants Mims with The Double PowerBomb to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Dawson’s via Pinfall 

The Dawson’s & Out Law Inc Segment 

David Marquez: Okay friends here they are, The Dawson’s. You guys are screaming all over hills everywhere that you deserve a title shot.

Dave Dawson: We’ve already beaten the number-one contenders for the NWA World Tag Team Championships, so I say along with my brother, we need a tag team title shot. Every single team we’ve been in that ring with we have bulldoze through them. We deserve a title shot.

Eddie Kingston: I’m not here to bitch and moan, we’re not here for that. It was no disqualification. It didn’t matter who interfered or what happened, you guys won, congratulations. Pat yourself on the back. Make your money, but let me tell you something right now. If you guys want a title shot. If you guys need that shot, why don’t you guys come wrestle us one more time? I’ll tell you why. Hold on, one second folks. The reason why i’m saying that is because we still have a shot at the NWA World Tag Team Champions and we are willing to put that shot on the line if you give us a shot at you guys.

David Marquez: What do you guys have to say about that?

Dave Dawson: We beat you guys already, but you know what, we’ll think about it.

– NWA Into The Fire PPV Vignette.

Joe Galli’s Interview With Tim Storm

Joe Galli: It has been my absolutely honor and privilege to get to know this man over the past couple of years, Tim Storm. Tim, I’ve been watching your career for quite a long time. You’ve had your ups and your downs. Let’s be honest, right now you got a lot of downs. You’ve had two major losses right here on NWA Powerrr. I got to know what’s going through your mind and a lot of people are asking out there, are you planning on taking off the boots and never putting them back on?

Tim Storm: You know there’s a lot that’s going on right now. I’ve never really thought about it at the time, but part of being on that mountaintop, I guess you can’t be there forever and I’ve been in a valley. I really have. It’s been difficult and I kind of saw this as an opportunity to not just climb up the mountaintop, but to kind of redeem myself. Obviously it didn’t work out the way I thought it was going to. I don’t regret anything. I don’t regret taking the challenge. You know Nick Aldis is an incredible champion. I will hold my head up high for the match that we had. I’m proud of the effort that I put in and proud of the match that we had, but I don’t know where it’s going from here to be honest with you. I said it already, there’s a lot of decisions still to be made.

Joe Galli: I know that the 10 pounds of gold is no longer within your grasp. We’ve got other championships here. We have the national title. You have tag team championships as well. Is there anything that you’re thinking about?

Tim Storm: Just hearing you say that it’s almost heartbreaking. Hearing you say that it’s not within my grasp. Obviously I knew it was a possibility, but man I just hate hearing that. Every championship in the NWA is important. I would be honored to hold any of those. I just don’t know at this point if that’s what the future is. I don’t know.

Joe Galli: Do you think that there’s anything that you could do to try to maneuver yourself? Any conversations you could have with William Patrick Corgan? Maybe one day, get back to that mountain top?

Tim Storm: You know I made the statement that I accepted the challenge under the conditions that were laid out and I’ve always been a man of my word. To be honest, I think that ship has sailed.

– Nick Aldis has a side conversation with Tim Storm.

Nick Aldis: Listen it’s not my place to tell you what to say or what to do, but I just want to try to stop you before you say something you can’t walk back from okay? Look around you. None of this happens without you and it doesn’t happen with you and me. We built this house, you understand. Don’t let people like Eli Drake waltz in here and start getting in your head and telling you things that you don’t believe, okay? You know who you are. Don’t say something you’ll regret. Everything is possible. I’m not gonna let you walk away from this. This is your house just as much as it is mine, all right? You know who you are.

Second Match: Ashley Vox vs. Thunder Rosa 

Rosa applies a sleeper hold. Rosa backs Vox into the ropes. Rosa abuses the referee’s five count. Rosa talks smack to Vox. Rosa with a knife edge chop. Vox ducks a clothesline from Rosa. Vox with forearm shivers. Vox HeadButts Rosa. Vox goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver, but Rosa counters with a BackBreaker. Rosa kicks Vox in the back. Rosa is choking Vox in the corner. Rosa kicks Vox in the ribs. Following a snap mare takeover, Rosa kicks Vox in the back for a two count. Rosa is putting the boots to Vox.

Rosa and Vox are trading back and forth shots. Rosa with clubbing blows to Vox’s back. Rosa applies a bodyscissors hold. Rosa slams Vox head on the canvas. Vox is trying to build momentum. Vox locks in The Real Catch. Rosa kicks Vox in the gut. Rosa dropkicks Vox. Rosa connects with The Flying Double Foot Stomp to pickup the victory. After the match, Rosa continues to beat down Vox. Marti Belle storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: Thunder Rosa via Pinfall 

Marti Belle & Allysin Kay Segment 

Third Match: Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match

Starks side steps Stevens into the turnbuckles. Starks rolls Stevens over to score the first pinfall of the match. Stevens regroups on the outside. Starks avoids the collar and elbow tie up. Starks goes for another quick rollup, but Stevens kicks out at two. Stevens takes a rest bit on the ring apron. Stevens argues with the referee. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Starks ducks a clothesline from Stevnes. Starks with a straight right hand. Starks dropkicks Stevens for a two count. Starks unloads two knife edge chops. Starks slams Stevens head on the top turnbuckle pad.

Starks mocks Stevens. Forearm Exchange. Starks is mauling Stevens in the corner. Stevens delivers a timely eye poke. Stevens with a running axe handle strike. Stevens is raining down haymakers. Stevens with two knee drops for a one count. Stevens with a Vertical Suplex for a two count. Stevens drives his knee into Starks back. Stevens applies a rear chin lock. Starks gets back to a vertical base.

Stevens punches Starks in the back. Starks reverses out of the irish whip from Stevens. Stevens kicks Starks in the chest. Starks responds with an elbow knockdown. Starks clotheslines Stevens. Starks uppercuts Stevens. Starks with a running elbow smash. Starks follows that with The Tornado DDT for a two count. Stevens avoids The Missile Dropkick. Stevens calls Starks a loser. Starks rolls Stevens over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks (2-0) via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: James Storm (c) w/Eli Drake vs. Colt Cabana w/Mr. Anderson For The NWA National Championship 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Cabana applies a side headlock. Cabana drops Storm with a shoulder tackle. Lock up in the center of the ring. Storm backs Cabana into the turnbuckles. The referee calls for a clean break. Cabana with two haymakers. Cabana goes back to the side headlock. Cabana delivers another shoulder tackle. Cabana blocks a boot from Storm. Cabana with a knife edge chop. Storm reverses out of the irish whip from Cabana. Cabana crawls under Storm. Cabana is playing mind games with Storm. Cabana flips Storm over for a two count. Cabana applies a wrist lock. Cabana decks Storm with a back elbow smash. Storm takes out the legs of Cabana. Storm hits The Draping DDT.

Mr. Anderson argues with Eli Drake. Storm blasts Cabana with a knife edge chop. Storm rolls Cabana into the ring. Storm is putting the boots of Cabana. Storm works on the left leg of Cabana. Following a snap mare takeover, Storm stomps on Cabana’s chest for a one count. Storm with a straight right hand. Cabana kicks Storm in the face. Cabana ducks a clothesline from Storm. Cabana with two knife edge chops. Cabana is throwing haymakers at Storm. Cabana with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Cabana follows that with The Flying Asshole. Cabana drops Storm with The Arm-Ringer for a two count. Cabana applies a front face lock. Storm rams his shoulder into the midsection of Cabana. Cabana dives over Storm. Cabana with a sunset flip for a two count.

Storm hits The TKO across the top rope. Storm with a baseball slide dropkick. Storm lands The Flying Elbow Drop for a two count. Storm puts Cabana on the top turnbuckle. Storm slaps Cabana in the chest. Cabana is displaying his fighting spirit. Cabana with an elbow smash. Cabana with a Double Jump Splash for a two count. Cabana with two long range haymakers. Cabana unloads a flurry of jabs. Cabana drops Storm with The Bionic Elbow. Storm responds with The BackStabber for a two count. Cabana delivers his combination offense. Storm with Two Spinning Back Kicks. Storm kicks Cabana in the chest. Storm connects with The Eye Of The Storm for a two count. Eli Drake is shocked. Anderson pulls Drake off the ring apron. Anderson and Drake starts brawling on the outside. Kamille shoves Anderson into Drake. Cabana plants Storm with The SuperMan to pickup the victory.

Winner: New NWA National Champion, Colt Cabana via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: The Dawson’s vs. Out Law Inc 

Pier six brawl after the bell rings. Kingston bites Dave’s forehead. Homicide fish hooks Zane. Homicide is all over Zane in the corner. Kingston unloads two knife edge chops. Dawson’s with a Double Body Avalanche. Dave with the cover for a one count. Dave rakes the eyes of Kingston. Dave knocks Homicide off the ring apron. Dave tags in Zane. Zane punches Kingston in the back. Zane puts his leg on the back of Kingston’s neck. Zane poses for the crowd. Kingston with heavy bodyshots. The Dawson’s are cutting the ring in half.

Kingston HeadButts Dave. Dave responds with an eye poke. Kingston is displaying his fighting spirit. Kingston clotheslines Dave. Zane prevents Kingston from making the tag to Homicide. Dawson’s with a Double Bodyslam for a two count. The referee is trying to get Homicide out of the ring. Kingston decks Zane with a back elbow smash. Kingston kicks Zane in the face. Kingston creates distance with The STO. Kingston tags in Homicide. Homicide kicks Dave in the gut. Homicide is bringing the fight to The Dawson’s. Homicide with Forever Clotheslines.

Zane kicks Homicide in the jaw. Homicide sends Dave crashing into his brother. Homicide dumps Dave out of the ring. Homicide dropkicks Dave into The Wildcards. Homicide rolls Dave back into the ring. The Wildcards continues to run interference. The Rock N Roll Express attacks The Wildcards from behind. Zane with a Side Walk Slam for a two count. Zane tags in Dave. Homicide avoids The Double Body Avalanche. Kingston drops Zane with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Kingston connects with The Spinning Back Fist. Homicide plants Dave with The Gringo Killer to pickup the victory.

Winner: Out Law Inc via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez