NWA Powerrr Results (10/29/19): Team Aldis vs. Team Storm

NWA Powerrr Results 10/29/19
The GPB Studios
Atlanta, Georgia

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Jim Cornette, Joe Galli, Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, Eli Drake, and James Storm Segment 

Jim Cornette introduces the NWA National Heavyweight Champion, James Storm. Cowboy what’s on your mind? You know Jim I am sick and tired of week after week after week coming out here and having to prove myself to the NWA. I don’t have to prove anything because my resume speaks for itself. I want to know why Nick Aldis keeps ducking me and now Colt Cabana even though I beat him, he still wants to jump on the bandwagon. Colt Cabana joins the conversation. Jim Cornette says that Jame Storm doesn’t have to prove himself because he’s the National Heavyweight Champion, but there’s a personal situation going on here. I think you need to settle that man to man. Cabana says that he doesn’t have prove anything either because that thing around James Storm’s shoulder is rightfully his. They know it. The people at home know it. I was out with a bum leg. Now I am fresh, i’m 100% and I don’t care what James Storm and Jocephus are getting into.

Out comes Eli Drake. Let’s just be honest for one second. Obviously James Storm wants the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. A lot of people want that title. I told you before I said don’t forget what you’re holding on your hand because right there that’s the ticket to the world title. If you get distracted and let this guy take that, you’e got to think about something. You’ve been in Nick Aldis face for so long asking for you shot, he hasn’t given it to you. Speaking of the champ, Nick Aldis has joined the set. Hold on pal, I don’t have a problem with you. I’m gonna tell your right now if you carry that, you’re the greatest thing since slice bread. You are the best wrestler walking today, but what i’m telling you is this man’s been asking for a shot I think it’s about time. Your response champ? You know let’s start with you James. I know you like to drink, so i’m just gonna chalk up the things you’ve been saying lately is some sort of alcohol fueled nonsense, but we’ll leave that as it is. Eli Drake he’s a little different. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t do drugs. His only vice wanting to be just like me.

I’m just getting a little sick and tired of all this rhetoric, so I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we just go ahead in the squared circle and settle this like men because that’s what we do in the NWA correct? Here’s an idea, hear me out. James you get a couple of guys. I’ll get a couple of guys and we’ll have ourselves a little six-man action. If my team wins, Colt Cabana gets his shot at the National Title. How about it? James Storm has no problem with that. If Storm’s team wins, he’ll get his shot at the ten pounds of gold. Done on one condition, you have to abdicate the national title and here’s why because if you’re the man that you say you are, then you need to have everything to lose because if you think you deserve a shot at the championship Harley Race, Dory Funk Jr, Jack Brisco, Ric Flair, legends of our business held in high esteem, then why don’t you strap on a pair and have a little something to lose? That sounds good to James Storm. You talk about something to lose, you talk about driving your Jaguar here, you might want to go out there and check it cause I think this big jacked up 4X4 truck might bump into it. Oh sorry about your damn luck Nick, i’ll see you real soon.

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Trevor Murdoch Interview 

David Marquez is standing with a man he’s known for almost 25 years. I go back and friend I’ve seen you when you were up. I’ve seen you when you’re down. I’ve seen you in the middle, but most of the time it’s been with a smile. You’re not smiling as much these days? You’re right Dave, you’ve been there since the beginning. You and everybody else here knows I’ve had to work for everything I’ve ever had in this business and being in the NWA is no different. I am here for a contract. I want to work for the NWA. I called the NWA and I made a request almost. I said I don’t think Jocephus should be suspended for 45 days for throwing powder in my buddy Colt Cabana’s face. I said you know what I think he should have a match with me.

I think if Jocephus is man enough, he’ll come out here and we’ll handle business like men do. I will beat any I have to in order to get my contract. Marquez believes in Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch is willing to do anything. Jocephus joins the conversation. Listen, I’m tired of experiencing all these humiliations from people like shape shifters like Jame Storm and Colt Cabana. They’re nothing more than a bunch of Corgan shape shifters. My spiritual adviser has sanctioned all sorts of violence upon Trevor Murdoch tonight. Murdoch suggests that Jocephus shuts his hole and gets his ass in the ring and we’ll handle business.

First Match: Trevor Murdoch vs. Jocephus 

Jocephus attacks Murdoch before the bell rings. Jocephus drives Murdoch face first into the steel ring post. Jocephus rolls Murdoch back into the ring. Jocephus kicks Murdoch in the chest. Jocephus with clubbing blows to Murdoch’s back. Jocephus with Two HeadButts. Murdoch kicks Jocephus in the chest. Murdoch with three short-arm clotheslines. Murdoch transitions into a corner mount. Jocephus dumps Murdoch face first on the top turnbuckle pad. Murdoch avoids the powder attack. Murdoch with a Flying Bulldog to pickup the victory.

Winner: Trevor Murdoch via Pinfall 

– Thunder Rosa Vignette.

Joe Galli Interviews Aron Stevens

Mr. Stevens would like to remind all you find folks to please avoid eye contact with him at all times. I learned my lesson from the first time, so let’s talk about you specifically. When are we gonna see you wrestle in the ring? Well first of all this is not a blouse, this is a shirt thank you very much. You can keep that comment to yourself. You know again, we have stars and we have supporting cast.

The last time I was out here, I was promoting my movie, what’s the name of it everyone? Ricky Starks joins the conversation. What brings you out here Ricky? Stevens pulls the microphone away from Starks. You want to be my stunt double? On contrary, Starks wants Stevens to kiss his hand. Stevens is disgusted. Stevens says that Starks looks ridiculous. Starks slaps Stevens in the face. You talk too much.

Second Match: Eddie Kingston & Homicide vs. The Dawson’s in a No Disqualification Match 

Kingston & Homicide attacks The Dawson’s before the bell rings. Pier six brawl on the outside. Homicide is throwing haymakers at Dave. Dave inadvertently chops the steel ring post. Homicide slaps Dave in the chest. Kingston fish hooks Zane. Homicide is lighting up Dave’s chest. Homicide slams Dave’s head on the ring apron. Homicide rolls Dave back into the ring. Dave delivers a gut punch. Kingston rakes the eyes of Zane. Homicide uppercuts Dave. Homicide bites Dave’s forehead. Zane pulls Homicide out of the ring.

Zane with a straight right hand. Zane applies a side headlock. Dave with a Flying Axe Handle Strike off the ring apron. Dave attacks the right hand of Kingston. Homicide wraps a cable chord around Zane’s neck. The Wild Cards makes their presence known by the interview podium. Zane with a Back Body Drop. Dave stomps on the injured hand of Kingston. Zane slings multiple chairs into the ring. Homicide kicks Zane in the gut. Homicide follows that with a Running Bulldog into the steel chair. Zane reverses out of the irish whip from Homicide. Homicide side steps Zane into the wedged chair in the corner.

Homicide nails Zane with The Cutter for a two count. Dave argues with the referee. Dave knocks Kingston off the apron. Dave sets up a chair contraption in the center of the ring. The Dawson’s are double teaming Kingston. Dawson’s with a Double Bodyslam through the chair contraption. Homicide is displaying his fighting spirit. Zane delivers multiple chair shots. The Wild Cards knocks Zane off the top turnbuckle. Kingston drops Dave with a Spinning Back Fist. Royce Issacs connects with The Standing Fireman’s Carry TakeOver into a pile of chairs. Issacs puts Dave on top of Kingston. That allows Dave to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Dawson’s via Pinfall 

Marti Belle Backstage Interview 

Allysin Kay Promo 

Ladies you have had both very impressive debuts in the NWA. Marty you know I love you from the bottom of my heart and I’m glad that you want to earn another title shot because I don’t think you’re ready. Ashley I mean I beat you once, you have to prove yourself tonight. I’m gonna be ringside, so best of luck to you both.

Third Match: Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Belle with a snap mare takeover. Belle kicks Vox in the back. Belle with a Running BlockBuster. Vox avoids The Big Boot. Vox applies a hammerlock. Vox leapfrogs over Belle. Vox crawls under Belle. Vox dropkicks Belle. Vox with a snap mare takedown for a one count. Belle backs Vox into the turnbuckles. Belle with a running forearm smash. Belle sweeps the legs of Vox. Belle with a Running Hip Attack for a two count. Belle with Two Vertical Suplex’s. Belle follows that with a Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count.

Vox with a Running Senton Splash for a two count. Belle responds with The Rolling Elbow for a two count. Belle sends Vox across the ring. Belle with a running forearm smash. Vox side steps Belle into the turnbuckles. Vox with a shoulder block. Belle with a forearm shot across the back of Vox. Vox applies The Modified Chicken Wing. Vox fish hooks Belle. Vox with a jack knife cover to pickup the victory.

After the match, Thunder Rosa slithers into the ring. Rosa tells Belle to get up. Rosa wants Belle to shake her hand. Belle heads to the backstage area.

Winner: Ashley Vox via Pinfall 

– Tony Falk Vignette.

Fourth Match: Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Stevens grapples around Starks. Stevens with a snap mare takeover. Starks taunts Stevens. Stevens goes for a double fist drop, but Starks ducks out of the way. Starks with two haymakers. Starks blasts Stevens with a knife edge chop. Stevens decks Starks with a back elbow smash. Starks fires back with a gut punch. Starks slams Stevens head on the three turnbuckle pads. Starks dropkicks Stevens for a two count. Starks applies an arm-bar. Stevens backs Starks into the ropes. Stevens delivers a cheap shot.

Stevens repeatedly stomps on Starks chest. Stevens with a SlingShot Knee Drop. Stevens with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Stevens follows that with The Elbow Of Disdain. Stevens punches Starks in the back. Stevens slaps Starks in the face. Starks is pissed. Starks clotheslines Stevens. Starks starts building momentum. Starks hits The SlingBlade for a two count. Stevens with a vicious throat chop. Starks negates The Terminus. Starks with a Back Body Drop. Stevens didn’t want to get slapped by Starks. Starks rolls Stevens over to pickup the victory.

Winner: Ricky Starks via Pinfall 

Fifth Match: Team James Storm (James Storm & Wild Card) vs. Team Nick Aldis (Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and Mr. Anderson) in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. If Team Storm Wins, He’ll Get A Shot At The Ten Pounds Of Gold, But Must Relinquish The NWA National Heavyweight Championship. If Team Aldis Wins, Colt Cabana Will Get A Shot At The NWA National Heavyweight Championship 

Aldis and Latimer will start things off. Latimer applies a waist lock. Wrist Lock Exchange. Latimer with a wrist lock takedown. Aldis reverses the hold. Latimer kicks Aldis in the chest. Aldis clotheslines Latimer. Aldis with a deep arm-drag. Aldis applies an arm-bar. Aldis tags in Anderson. Anderson applies a wrist lock. Latimer with a straight right hand. Anderson kicks Latimer in the chest. Anderson with a Leaping Arm-Breaker for a two count. Latimer decks Anderson with a throat chop. Latimer tags in Issacs. Anderson with a drop toe hold. Anderson applies a front face lock. Cabana tags himself in.

Cabana with a sunset flip for a wo count. Issacs tags in Latimer. Cabana ducks a clothesline from Latimer. Cabana with rapid fire jabs. Cabana with a Double Bionic Elbow. Cabana plays to the crowd. Cabana with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Cabana tells Storm to bring it. Cabana with two elbow smashes. Latimer attacks Cabana from behind. Latimer transitions into a ground and pound attack. Latimer tags in Storm. Storm with rapid fire haymakers. Storm scores the elbow knockdown for a one count. Storm continues to rain down haymakers. Team Storm are cutting the ring in half. Wishbone Attack.

Cabana and Issacs are trading back and forth shots. Latimer tags himself in. Latimer is mauling Cabana in the corner. Latimer with a short-arm clothesline for a two count. Latimer is choking Cabana with his boot. Latimer tags in Issacs. Issacs bodyslams Cabana. Issacs goes for a Flying Splash, but Cabana gets his feet up in the air. Cabana with an open palm strike. Cabana tags in Anderson. Anderson clotheslines Storm. Anderson scores the elbow knockdown. Anderson ducks a clothesline from Storm. Anderson with a Swinging NeckBreaker. Storm tags in Latimer. Anderson goes for The Rolling Senton, but Latimer lands back on his feet.

Latimer shoves Anderson into the turnbuckles. Anderson decks Latimer with a back elbow smash. Anderson with a Rolling Senton for a two count. Anderson fights out of the fireman’s carry position. Anderson connects with The Mic Check. Issacs responds with a Flying Forearm Smash. Aldis delivers a Missile Dropkick. Storm drops Aldis with The CodeBreaker. Both men are knocked down after a double clothesline. Anderson tags in Cabana. Cabana lands The Flying Asshole. Storm with a Jumping Knee Strike. Storm nails Issacs with The Last Call SuperKick. Anderson clotheslines Storm over the top rope. Latimer runs into a forearm smash from Cabana. Aldis with a Uranage Slam. Cabana plants Latimer with The SuperMan to pickup the victory.

Winner: Team Nick Aldis (Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and Mr. Anderson) via Pinfall 

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Author: Josh Lopez