WWE NXT UK Results (6/19/19): UK Women’s Battle Royal

June 19, 2019
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Derby, England

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

EPISODE 48 !!!

First Match: Kassius Ohno vs. Kenny Williams 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Ohno with a wrist lock takedown. Ohno with a standing bow and arrow stretch. Williams responds with a front face lock. Ohno applies an arm-bar. Ohno with a unique takedown. Ohno continues to target the right shoulder of Williams. Williams wraps his legs around Ohno’s neck. Ohno scrambles to corner to create separation. Williams leapfrogs over Ohno. Williams grabs the left boot of Ohno. Ohno goes for a Back Body Drop, but Williams lands back on his feet. Ohno negates the sunset flip. Ohno gets Williams tied up in the ropes. Ohno repeatedly kicks Williams in the face. Ohno with a straight right hand. Ohno with clubbing blow to Williams back. Ohno blasts Williams with a knife edge chop. Following a snap mare takeover, Ohno with the cover for a two count.

Ohno applies a rear chin lock. Ohno transitions into a bow and arrow stretch. Ohno with a Rolling Senton. Ohno has complete control of the match. Ohno goes for a Running Senton, but Williams gets his knees up in the air. Williams with a chop/uppercut combination. Ohno takes off his right elbow pad. Ohno goes for a German Suplex, but Williams lands back on his feet. Williams with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Williams hits The PK. Williams follows that with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Williams lands a Suicide Dive. Williams drops Ohno with a Flying Back Elbow Strike for a two count. Williams HeadButts Ohno. Ohno attacks Williams from behind. Ohno connects with The Rolling Elbow to pickup the victory.

Winner: Kassius Ohno via Pinfall 

Imperium & Travis Banks In-Ring Segment: 

Apparently you people think that Imperium is here to entertain you. Marcel Barthel can assure you that they’re not. They stand on the mat that’s so sacred to them. To restore order in their sport. Barthel gives the microphone to Fabian Aichner. Loud we want wrestling chants. As you saw last week, their numbers has increased. Their unit is now complete. The NXT Universe will respect  their values. When Alexander Wolfe saw the opportunity to join Imperium, he had no doubt at all. It felt right to join The Imperium because this unit treats professional wrestling with respect. NXT UK, this brand is not a playground. Imperium will protect the legacy of this sport.

Wolfe gives the microphone to WALTER. Talking about kids in the playground. Travis Banks may have a United Kingdom Championship opportunity, but things will be done the way Imperium wants them to be done. Look at this group of men standing in the ring. They chase Pete Dunne away. Travis Banks is a brave young man, but he’s a fool if he thinks he has a chance against WALTER. This is Imperium and this mat is sacred. Travis Banks appears on the stage. Banks has no problem having the title match next week. WALTER faces The Kiwi Buzzsaw. Banks tells WALTER to bring everything he’s got.

Second Match: Gallus vs. The Hunt 

Melrose and Coffey will start things off. Pier six brawl ensues. The Hunt with Stereo Topes. Hunt is bringing the fight to Gallus. Coffey and Melrose are trading back and forth shots. Melrose drives Coffey back first into the turnbuckles. Melrose tags in Hitchman. Hitchman with Two Senton Splashes. The referee is trying to calm down Hitchman. Coffey rakes the eyes of Hitchman. Coffey with a Big Boot. Coffey with a Full Nelson Slam. Coffey tags in Wolfgang. Wolfgang knocks Melrose off the ring apron. Wolfgang with a sliding elbow strike. Wolfgang transitions into a ground and pound attack. Wolfgang applies the cravate. Wolfgang brings Hitchman to the corner. Gallus are cutting the ring in half.

Coffey kicks Hitchman in the face. Coffey with the cover for a two count. Coffey drives his knee into Hitchman’s back. Coffey tags in Wolfgang. Following a snap mare takeover, Wolfgang applies a key lock. Wolfgang transitions into a full nelson lock. Hitchman is having a really hard time creating separation. Coffey with a knee drop. Coffey applies a cobra clutch. Coffey makes another quick tag to Wolfgang. Wolfgang goes back to the full nelson lock. Gazillion in and out tags. Wolfgang goes for a Bodyslam, but Hitchman lands back on his feet.

Hitchman shoves Wolfgang into Coffey. Hitchman tags in Melrose. Melrose with two clotheslines. Melrose is teeing off on Wolfgang. Melrose with a corner clothesline. Melrose follows that with a Northern Lights Suplex. Melrose knocks Coffey off the ring apron. Melrose with a Back Body Drop. Wolfgang dumps Melrose out of the ring. Coffey runs Hitchman into the steel ring steps. Wolfgang tags in Coffey. Gallus plants Melrose with their Pop Up PowerSlam/Step Up Enzuigiri Combination to pickup the victory.

After the match, Gallus continues beat down The Hunt. Dave Mastiff storms into the ring to make the save. Gallus wisely exits the ring.

Winner: Gallus via Pinfall 

– In two weeks, The Grizzled Young Veterans will put their NXT UK Tag Team Titles on the line against Mustache Mountain. This will be a rematch from NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool.

Third Match: Number One Contender’s Women’s Battle Royal 

We’ll be going by order of eliminations.

1.) Rhio was eliminated by Jazzy Gabert

2.) Kanji was eliminated by Jazzy Gabert

3.) Candy Floss was eliminated by Jinny

4.) Jazzy Gabert was eliminated by Xia Brookside

5.) Jinny was eliminated by Xia Brookside

6.) Killer Kelly was eliminated by Rhea Ripley

7.) Isla Dawn was eliminated by Rhea Ripley

8.) Nina Samuels was eliminated by Piper Niven

The final four is: Piper Niven, Rhea Ripley, Xia Brookside and Kay Lee Ray

9.) Rhea Ripley was eliminated by Xia Brookside

10.) Piper Niven was was eliminated by Xia Brookside

11.) Xia Brookside was eliminated by Kay Lee Ray

Winner: Kay Lee Ray 

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Author: Josh Lopez