WWE Raw Results (4/1/19): Thank You Kurt Angle

WWE Raw Results (4/1/19)

April 1, 2019
Capital One Arena
Washington, DC

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

Updated WrestleMania 35 Match Card:

– Buddy Murphy (c) vs. Tony Nese For The WWE Cruiserweight Championship

– Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Braun Strowman, Michael Che, Colin Jost, Apollo Crews, Titus O’Neil, Tyler Breeze, Jinder Mahal, No Way Jose, Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, Kalisto, Gran Metalik, Lince Dorado, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Heath Slater, Rhyno, Viktor, Konnor, Andrade Cien Almas, Mustafa Ali, Shelton Benjamin, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Otis Dozovic, Tucker Knight, and EC3)

– WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal (Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Asuka, Carmella, Naomi, Lana, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, Zelina Vega, and Nikki Cross)

– Samoa Joe (c) vs. Rey Mysterio For The WWE United States Championship

– AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton

– The Boss and Hug Connection (c) vs. The Iconics vs. Nia Jax & Tamina vs. Beth Phoenix & Natalya in a Fatal Four Way Match For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

– The Miz vs. Shane McMahon in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

– Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

– Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

– Daniel Bryan (c) w/Erick Rowan  vs. Kofi Kingston w/The New Day For The WWE Championship

– Bobby Lashley (c) w/Lio Rush vs. “The Demon” Finn Balor For The WWE Intercontinental Championship

– Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman vs. Seth Rollins For The WWE Universal Championship

– Triple H vs. Batista in a No Holds Barred Match

– Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Becky Lynch in a Triple Threat Match For The Raw & SmackDown Live Women’s Championship

Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman, and Seth Rollins In-Ring Segment: 

Ladies and gentlemen, his name is Paul Heyman and he’ll be saying this next week. He’s the advocated for the reigning, defending, undisputed, universal heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar. It’s poetic justice that Stephanie had the moniker winner take all because that’s how you have to describe the Universal Title Match because the winner Brock Lesnar will take all Seth Rollins has to offer. He will take Rollins best shot. They expect nothing less. Brock will take everything that Seth Rollins has in life. That’s what Brock Lesnar does to people at WrestleMania. He seizes the moment and makes history at WrestleMania. Brock took the streak from The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30. Last year, Brock took the hopes and dreams of Roman Reigns when you all thought it would be fait accompli that the big dog would slay the beast.

Brock Lesnar will end Seth Rollins career this Sunday that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler. For those of you who watch the NHL for the fights. For those of you who watch Nascar for the car wrecks. For who watch football for the riots, Brock will violate Seth Rollins and desecrate the name of WrestleMania. With Brock’s foot on Rollins chest and the title high above his head, he will define the saying that life is not what you want it to be, but what you make out of it. Then they will go to dinner and discuss what’s next in the career of Brock Lesnar. Unfortunately Rollins is nothing more than an afterthought to his client.

Seth Rollins walks down to the ring. This is the biggest match of his career and it’s the biggest match of Brock’s career. After WrestleMania, things will change because Brock won’t be able to act like a bully and get whatever he wants. No one wants him here. Rollins knows that Brock doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. He’s made a lot of money and had a great career out of being Brock Lesnar. He’s the most decorated athlete in Combat Sports. Beating Brock at WrestleMania might be improbable, but it’s not impossible. Rollins will burn down Suplex City, take his title and there’s not a damn thing Brock Lesnar can do about it. Brock laughs at Rollins. Rollins kicks Brock in the groin. Brock fires back with a German Suplex. Brock goes for The F5, but Rollins lands back on his feet. Rollins delivers a low blow. Rollins SuperKicks Brock. Rollins plants Brock with The Black Out.

First Match: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya vs. Nia Jax, Tamina, and The Iconics in a 8-Woman Tag Team Match 

Sasha and Royce will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Royce backs Sasha into the turnbuckles. Royce pie faces Sasha. Sasha slaps Royce in the chest. Sasha with Two Arm-Drags. Sasha and Bayley are double teaming Royce. Double Elbow Drop for a one count. Bayley applies a wrist lock. Bayley backs Royce into the ropes. Bayley tags in Sasha. Sasha with a double boot to the chest of Royce. Royce tags in Kay. Sasha drop toe holds Kay. Sasha bounces Kay’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Sasha tags in Natalya. Natalya with a Vertical Suplex for a one count. Natalya tags in Phoenix. Divas Of Doom goes for a Double Hip Toss, but Kay lands back on her feet. Phoenix stops Kay in her tracks. Double Hair Whip for a two count. Phoenix hoists Kay up in the air.  Phoenix ducks a double clothesline from The Iconics.

Sasha and Bayley clears the ring. Bayley with a Sliding Clothesline. Bayley follows that with Two Leaping Elbow Smashes. Bayley goes for a Jumping Knee Strike, but Royce pulls Kay out of harms way. Royce continues to distract Bayley. Kay knocks Bayley off the ring apron with a Big Boot. Kay tags in Royce. Royce rolls Bayley back into the ring. Royce transitions into a ground and pound attack for a two count. Royce argues with the referee. The Iconics are cutting the ring in half. Kay with the cover on Bayley for a two count. Kay makes another quick tag to Royce. Royce toys around with Bayley. Royce is choking Bayley with her boot.

For whatever reason, Nia and Tamina doesn’t want to participate in this match. Royce tags in Kay. Bayley dumps Kay out of the ring. Kay yells at Nia and Tamina. Bayley creates distance with The Middle Rope Stunner. Phoenix shoves Sasha off the ring apron. Bayley tags in Phoenix. Phoenix drives Royce back first into the turnbuckles. Phoenix with clubbing bodyshots. Phoenix clotheslines Royce. Phoenix kicks Nia in the chest.  Phoenix ducks a clothesline from Royce. Phoenix with a Tilt-A-Whirl PowerSlam. Phoenix plays to the crowd. Tamina attacks Phoenix from behind. Phoenix spears Tamina through the ringside barricade. Royce slaps Phoenix in the face. Phoenix is pissed. Phoenix plant Royce with The Glam Slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Beth Phoenix and Natalya via Pinfall 

Batista Promo: 

Elias Visits MetLife Stadium: 

Second Match: Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers vs. Apollo Crews in a Lumberjack Match 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Mahal with a straight right hand. Mahal kicks Crews in the gut. Mahal drops Crews with a back elbow strike. Mahal rams his elbow across Crews forehead. Mahal applies a half nelson chin lock. Mahal applies a side headlock. Mahal transitions into a sleeper hold. Crews with a Belly to Back Suplex. Crews thrust kicks the midsection of Mahal. Crews with a Pump Kick. Crews ducks a clothesline from Mahal.

Crews with a Jumping Clothesline. Crews connects with The Frog Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, a pier six brawl breaks out. Everybody wants to pose with the Andre The Giant Statue. Titus destroys The Lucha House Party. Mahal launches Titus over the top rope. Crews lays out The Singh Brothers. Crews with a Step Up Enzuigiri to Mahal.

Winner: Apollo Crews via Pinfall

Kurt Angle, Baron Corbin, and Rey Mysterio In-Ring Segment: 

The DC crowd is making this hard. This will be Kurt Angle’s last night ever on Raw. He’s been through good times and bad times.  He has heard some boos, but mostly cheers. From the bottom of his heart, Angle wants to say Thank You. We have an emotional video package for Kurt Angle. Baron Corbin appears on the stage. Is Corbin interrupting this stroll down memory lane? That video package should’ve been in black and white because that was ancient history. That’s not the man you saw in the video package. The man in the ring cannot take off his jacket without huffing and puffing.

Everyone is bigger and better than him. Corbin is sick of hearing that Angle deserves someone better than him as his last opponent in WWE. The last image of Kurt Angle will be a broken down man on his back in the middle of the ring on Sunday. Why not have an exhibition match tonight?Where’s Angle’s intelligence? Corbin will wait until Sunday. Rey Mysterio makes his way to the ring. They get it. Corbin doesn’t want to fight Angle tonight, but someone needs to teach him a lesson in respect. We’ll have Rey Mysterio vs. Baron Corbin for tonight’s main event. Corbin gets in a brawl with Mysterio. Angle plants Corbin with The Angle Slam.

Third Match: The Revival (c) vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black For The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship 

Dawson and Black will start things off. Quick stalemate in the corner. The referee calls for a clean break. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Black applies a side headlock. Dawson drives his knee into the midsection of Black. Dawson blasts Black with a knife edge chop. Following a snap mare takeover, Dawson drops Black with a shoulder tackle. Black leapfrogs over Dawson. Dawson with a back elbow smash. Dawson brings Black to the corner. Dawson tags in Wilder. Wilder with a knife edge chop. Wilder uppercuts Black. Black kicks Wilder in the face. Black with a leg sweep. Black rolls Wilder over for a two count. Black with a deep arm-drag. Black applies an arm-bar. Black tags in Ricochet. Ricochet targets the left shoulder of Wilder. Wilder finger tips away from Dawson. Wilder with a knee lift. Wilder tags in Dawson. The Revival attacks the lower back of Ricochet. Dawson fires off another knife edge chop. Dawson taunts Black. Dawson is choking Ricochet with his knee. Dawson tags in Wilder. Wilder applies a front face lock. The Revival are cutting the ring in half.

Ricochet slips over The Revival’s back. Ricochet with a Double Hurricanrana. Ricochet tags in Black. Ricochet leapfrogs over Dawson. Black drops Dawson with a Running Knee Lift. Ricochet follows that with a low dropkick. Ricochet and Black hip tosses Wilder on top of Dawson for a one count. Dawson launches Black to the ring apron. Black with a straight right hand. Wilder is running interference. Wilder with an arm-breaker across the middle rope. Coming out of the commercial break, Dawson with a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Dawson brutally attacks the left shoulder of Black. Dawson works on his joint manipulation game. Dawson applies a hammerlock. Dawson goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Black lands back on his feet. Black applies a waist lock. Dawson breaks free from the hold. Black takes out the legs of Dawson. Wilder tags himself in. Wilder stops Black in his tracks.

Black finally tags in Ricochet. Ricochet with Two Running Forearm Smashes. Ricochet drops Dawson with a NeckBreaker. Wilder goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Ricochet lands back on his feet. Ricochet rolls Wilder over for a two count. Ricochet with an inside cradle for a two count. Ricochet ducks a clothesline from Wilder. Ricochet dropkicks Wilder into Dawson. Ricochet with a victory roll for a two count. Ricochet with an O’Connor Roll for a two count. Dawson uppercuts Ricochet from the outside. Wilder hits The Gory Bomb for a two count. Black pulls Dawson off the ring apron. Black drops Dawson with a High Knee Strike. Wilder responds with a Tornado DDT off the ringside barricade. Ricochet lands a SomerSault Plancha over the steel ring post. Dawson trips Ricochet from under the ring before the referee’s count of ten. After the match, Ricochet rolls Dawson back into the ring. Black delivers Black Mass. Ricochet connects with The 630 Senton Splash.

Winner: Still WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, The Revival via Count-Out 

Roman Reigns & Drew McIntyre Backstage Segment: 

Braun Strowman, Alexa Bliss, EC3, and Tyler Breeze Backstage Segment: 

Fourth Match: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey vs. The Riott Squad in a 6-Woman Tag Team Match 

Charlotte and Ruby will start things off. Charlotte kicks Ruby in the gut. Charlotte pulls Ruby down to the mat. Charlotte unloads four knife edge chops. Charlotte struts around the ring. Charlotte puts her knee on the back of Ruby’s neck. Becky tags herself in. Becky mocks Charlotte. Becky dares Charlotte to punch her. Becky blocks a boot from Ruby. Becky kicks Ruby in the gut. Becky applies a side headlock. Ruby drops Becky with a shoulder tackle. Becky bridges out of the pinning predicament. Becky thrust kicks the midsection of Ruby. Becky dropkicks Ruby.

The Riott Squad are regaining their composure on the outside. Logan applies a cobra clutch. Logan whips Becky to the corner. Becky kicks Logan in the jaw. Becky with a Flying Forearm Smash. Becky kicks Logan out of the ring. Ruby tags herself in. Becky with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Ruby tags in Logan. Logan drops Becky with a running knee strike. Logan locks in The Reverse Texas CloverLeaf. Logan tags in Morgan. Becky ducks a clothesline from Morgan. Becky clears the ring. Becky with two clotheslines. Becky with a single leg dropkick. Becky hits The BexPloder. Becky thrust kicks the midsection of Morgan. Becky with a T-Bone Suplex for a two count. Morgan rolls Becky over for a two count.

Becky sets up for The Dis-Arm-Her. Rousey tags herself in. Rousey is trading verbal barbs with Charlotte. Rousey with a Judo Throw. Rousey makes Morgan tap out to The Arm-Bar. After the match, Rousey starts teeing off on Charlotte. Becky joins the fray. All hell is breaking loose in DC. The ladies are hitting police officers. No sense of control. The brawl spills to the backstage area. Becky and Rousey starts kicking each other in the back of a police car. Eventually all three ladies head to jail.

Winner: Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey via Submission 

Fifth Match: Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Heavy Machinery 

Gable and Otis will start things off. Gable applies a waist lock. Gable transitions into a side headlock. Otis drops Gable with a shoulder tackle. Otis tags in Knight. Heavy Machinery are double teaming Gable. Double Body Avalanche. Knight with two waist lock takedowns. Knight applies a front face lock. Gable with a Northern Lights Suplex. Gable tags in Roode. Roode punches Knight in the gut. Roode with a Running Knee Lift. Roode clotheslines Knight for a two count. Roode gets distracted by Lacey Evans. Roode applies a rear chin lock. Knight gets back to a vertical base.

Roode blasts Knight with a knife edge chop. Knight decks Roode with a back elbow smash. Knight side steps Roode into the turnbuckles. Knight tags in Otis. Otis clears the ring. Roode kicks Otis in the chest. Roode goes for The Glorious DDT, but Otis blocks it. Otis levels Roode with a Body Avalanche. Otis plays to the crowd. Otis hits The Caterpillar for a two count. Gable ducks a clothesline from Knight. Gable tackles Knight out of the ring. Gable tags himself in. Roode and Gable prepares for their MoonSault/NeckBreaker Combination. Otis dumps Roode out of the ring. Otis catches Gable in mid-air. Heavy Machinery plants Gable with The Compactor to pickup the victory.

Winner: Heavy Machinery via Pinfall 

– Kofi Kingston Video Package.

Bobby Lashley, Lio Rush and Finn Balor In-Ring Segment: 

Sixth Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Baron Corbin

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Corbin shoves Mysterio to the corner. Mysterio ducks a clothesline from Corbin. Mysterio repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Corbin. Mysterio slides under Corbin. Mysterio dropkicks the left knee of Corbin. Mysterio kicks Corbin in the chest. Mysterio with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick. Corbin is regaining his composure on the outside. Corbin goes for a PowerBomb, but Mysterio counters with a Hurricarana over the top rope. Corbin blasts Mysterio with a forearm smash. Corbin is not phased by the DC crowd. Corbin drives Mysterio back first into the ringside barricade. Corbin rolls Mysterio back into the ring. Corbin puts Mysterio on the top turnbuckle. Corbin with a straight right hand. Corbin is trying to rip off Mysterio’s mask. Corbin argues with the referee.

Corbin goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Mysterio lands back on his feet. Corbin repeatedly stomps on the injured knee of Mysterio. Mysterio hobbles around the ringside area. Corbin sends Mysterio to the time keepers area. Corbin poses for the crowd. Corbin talks smack to Mysterio. Don’t forget Corbin is going to WrestleMania. Mysterio is trying to create separation. Mysterio with a low dropkick. Corbin dumps Mysterio chest first on the canvas. Corbin slings Mysterio out of the ring. Mysterio with shots to the midsection of Corbin. Corbin drives Mysterio face first into the steel ring post.

Corbin goes for a Bodyslam, but Mysterio counters with The Sleeper Hold. Mysterio side steps Corbin into the turnbuckles. Mysterio with a SpringBoard Hurricanrana. Mysterio ducks a clothesline from Corbin. Mysterio with a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT for a two count. Mysterio follows that with an Apron Enzuigiri.  Mysterio sends Corbin to the middle rope. Mysterio hits The 619. Mysterio goes for The Frog Splash, but Corbin ducks out of the way. Corbin plants Mysterio with The Deep Six to pickup the victory. After the match, Kurt Angle makes Corbin tap out to The Ankle Lock on the stage.

Winner: Baron Corbin via Pinfall 

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