WWE SmackDown Live Results (3/5/19): Kevin Owens vs. Erick Rowan

WWE SmackDown Live Results (3/5/19)

WWE SmackDown Live
March 5, 2019
Mohegan Sun Arena
Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

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Transcription by Josh Lopez 

Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan and Kevin Owens In-Ring Segment:

Bryan sat in the ring last week silent while all of you gushed about Kofi Kingston. He remained silent when Vince McMahon removed Kofi from the WWE Championship Match at FastLane. Now it’s his time to speak and for you to remain silent. Open your ears because Bryan is going to enlighten you. He’s not out here to talk about Kofi Kingston. Kofi is not a leader. He is a supporting player. That’s why Kofi is exactly where he should be, with his buddies The New Day on a promotional tour of India.  Unfortunately Mr. McMahon replaced a man who dishes out copious amounts of pancakes with someone who eats copious amounts of pancakes.

Kevin Owens resembles the entire WWE Universe. He thinks like you, without an original thought in his head. Owens deserve a shot at the WWE Championship because he’s a nobody. That’s what makes him so dangerous. A nobody is somebody with nothing to lose. What you don’t understand is that Bryan has everything to lose because he’s the planet’s champion. He has the pressure of knowing that if he loses, the entire planet loses. Bryant doesn’t want to be called a martyr. Kevin Owens puts an end to Bryan’s soliloquy. Since Owens got injured five months ago, he stepped away from being a WWE Superstar and he was a member of the WWE Universe. He sat back at home with his family and they watched every Raw and Smackdown from his couch. By the way, that’s where Owens belong according to Bryan.

As great as that time off was, it was hard to sit back and watch people do what he does, except Daniel Bryan. When Bryan was out here, it was not hard, it was awful to watch him walking around like a maniac and talk down to everybody. Owens is sick of people who think they are better than everybody else. Bryan said that the original WWE Title belonged in the garbage. That was the last straw for Owens. He knew where he wanted to come back. Bryan deserves to get his stupid condescending mouth shut and Owens is the one to do it. It’s not Bryan’s mouth Owens should be worried about, he is out here to provide wisdom and not empty calories. Wow the wise Daniel Bryan is resorting to fat jokes?

Does Bryan only consume organic carrots? Owens says that Bryan can shove those carrot sticks up his ass. Now Owens is reverting to low brow humor. Owens thinks that Bryan is pretentious jackass. It’s not just that. Like these people, he doesn’t have a reality show and a seven foot tall backup dancer. The only reason Owens doesn’t have a seven footer next to him it’s because he don’t have any friends left. That’s pretty clever, but it is true. He didn’t need any help to beat Bryan last week. The bottom line is that Owens didn’t intend to take Kofi’s opportunity, but it’s his intention to beat Bryan on Sunday and become the brand new WWE Champion. Does Rowan The Redwood have a problem? Owens starts brawling with Rowan. Rowan plants Owens with The Iron Claw Slam.

First Match: The Miz w/Shane McMahon vs. Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso 

Miz and Shane clotheslines The Usos over the top rope before the bell rings. Jey is regaining his composure on the outside. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Jey applies a side headlock. Jey drops Miz with a shoulder tackle. Miz ducks a clothesline from Jey. Miz goes for a Back/NeckBreaker Combination, but Jey blocks it. Miz avoids The SuperKick. Jey clotheslines Miz over the top rope. Jey lands a Suicide Dive. Shane urges on his tag team partner. Jey rolls Miz back into the ring. Jey applies an arm-bar. Jey transitions into a wrist lock. Miz floors Jey with a straight right hand. Jey reverses out of the irish whip from Miz. Miz pulls Jey off the ring apron. Miz stares down Jimmy Uso.

Miz slams Jey’s head on the announce desk. Miz rolls Jey bak into the ring. Miz with a Flying Double Axe Handle Strike for a two count. Miz drives his knee into Jey’s back. Miz applies a rear chin lock. Jey gets back to a vertical base. Coming out of the commercial break, Jey is trying to build momentum. Miz blocks a boot from Jey. Jey decks Miz with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Jey with two clotheslines. Jey thrust kicks the midsection of Miz. Jey uppercuts Miz. Jey goes for The Samoan Drop, but Miz lands back on his feet.

Miz shoves Jey to the corner. Miz delivers Two Running Meteora’s. Miz goes for The Awesome Clothesline, but Jey rolls him over for a two count. Miz kicks Jey in the gut. Miz hits The Implant DDT for a two count. Jey negates The Skull Crushing Finale. Jey with The Samoan Drop. Jey connects with The Running StinkFace. Miz dodges The Uso Splash. Jey side steps Miz into the turnbuckles. Jimmy is trying to cheat behind the referee’s back. Shane takes out Jimmy with a Flying Clothesline off the steel ring steps. Miz plants Jey with The Skull Crushing Finale to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Miz via Pinfall 

Second Match: R-Truth (c) w/Carmella vs. Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe in a Fatal Four Way Match For The WWE United States Championship 

Joe dominates the early stages of the match. Mysterio kicks Joe in the jaw. Mysterio goes for a Flying Crossbody Block, but Joe ducks out of the way. Joe dumps Almas and Truth out of the ring. Joe bodyslams Mysterio. Joe with a Running Elbow Drop for a two count. Joe slings Truth into the ringside barricade. Joe and Almas are trading back and forth knife edge chops. Joe drops Almas with a forearm smash. Joe tells Almas to get up. Joe delivers a flurry of jabs in the corner. Joe HeadButts Almas. Joe drives his knee into the midsection of Mysterio. Almas is throwing forearms at Joe. Almas rocks Joe with a Discus Elbow Smash. Joe sends Almas tumbling to the floor. Joe lands a Suicide Dive.

Joe kicks Truth in the chest. Joe whips Mysterio face first across the steel ring post. Joe goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Almas gets in the way. Joe kicks Almas in the back of the head. Joe transitions into a ground and pound attack. Mysterio and Truth hits their Bulldog/Dropkick Combination on the barricade. Almas connects with Three Amigos. Almas mocks Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio has Almas perched on the top turnbuckle. Almas with a forearm smash to Mysterio. Almas goes for a SpringBoard Suplex, but Mysterio blocks it. Truth gets Almas in the electric chair position. Mysterio with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block to Joe. Almas rolls Truth over for a two count.

Almas kicks the left hamstring of Mysterio. Mysterio responds with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Truth punches Mysterio. Truth whips Mysterio to the corner. Truth with Three Stinger Splashes. Joe drops Truth with an Uranage Slam. Almas responds with a SpringBoard Missile Dropkick. Mysterio goes for a SpringBoard Seated Senton, but Almas counters with a PowerBomb. Almas with a Double MoonSault for a one count. Joe drives Almas shoulder first into the steel ring post. Truth ducks a clothesline from Joe. Truth with a single leg dropkick. Truth plays to the crowd. Truth follows that with another Stinger Splash. Truth ducks a clothesline from Mysterio. Truth with a Spinning Elbow Strike. Truth with a SpineBuster to Joe. Truth dumps Mysterio on top of Joe.

Truth lands The Double Five Knuckle Shuffle for a two count. Truth kicks Joe in the gut. Truth goes for The Scissors Kick, but Joe counters with The Coquina Clutch. Mysterio hits The 619. Truth rolls Mysterio over for a two count. Mysterio is pissed. Almas dropkicks Truth off the ring apron. Mysterio with a clubbing blow to the back of Almas. Mysterio takes out Truth with a Sliding Splash. Almas fires back with a Sunset Flip PowerBomb on the floor. Zelina Vega follows that with a Flying Hurricanrana off the apron. Carmella SuperKicks Vega. Almas goes for a Pop Up SitOut PowerBomb, but Mysterio counters with The Sunset Flip PowerBomb for a two count. Mysterio lands a Frog Splash. Joe breaks the pinning attempt with a Running Senton Splash. Joe plants Almas with The Uranage Slam to pickup the victory.

Winner: New WWE United States Champion, Samoa Joe via Pinfall 

Samoa Joe Backstage Interview: 

The New Day Promo: 

Third Match: Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. The Bar 

Ricochet and Sheamus will start things off. Sheamus kicks Ricochet in the gut. Ricochet slides under Sheamus. Ricochet is throwing forearms at Sheamus. Sheamus drives his knee into the midsection of Ricochet. Ricochet with a Tilt-A-Whirl HeadScissors TakeOver. Ricochet dropkicks Sheamus. Ricochet follows that with a Standing Shooting Star Press for a two count. Sheamus puts Ricochet on the top turnbuckle. Sheamus pie faces Ricochet. Sheamus argues with the referee. Ricochet kicks Sheamus in the face. Ricochet is distracted by Cesaro. That allows Sheamus to kick Ricochet off the ring apron. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. Cesaro slams Ricochet’s head on the announce desk. Ricochet with rapid fire haymakers. Cesaro dumps Ricochet chest first on the ring apron.

Cesaro rolls Ricochet back into the ring. Cesaro with the cover for a two count. Cesaro tags in Sheamus. Sheamus thrust kicks the midsection of Ricochet. Sheamus repeatedly stomps on Ricochet’s chest. Sheamus taunts Black. Sheamus is choking Ricochet with his boot. Sheamus applies a side headlock. Ricochet decks Sheamus with a JawBreaker. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. Cesaro with a GutWrench Suplex for a two count. Coming out of the commercial break, The Bar continues to cut the ring in half. Cesaro is applying pressure to Ricochet’s neck. Ricochet with a back elbow smash. Ricochet punches Sheamus. Ricochet kicks Cesaro in the jaw. Ricochet drops Cesaro with a Roll Through DDT. Ricochet makes the hot tag to Black.

Black ducks a clothesline from Sheamus. Black with a Running Forearm Smashes. Black unloads a flurry of strikes. Black with a Sliding Dropkick. Black follows that with The Quebrada. Black with a Jumping Knee Strike for a two count. Cesaro kicks Black in the back. Sheamus nails Black with a back elbow smash. Sheamus tags in Cesaro. The Bar hits their Irish Curse BackBreaker/Diving Knee Drop Combination for a two count. Black negates The Neutralizer. Black goes for a Back Body Drop, but Cesaro lands back on his feet. Black connects with Black Mass. Black sends Sheamus crashing to the outside. Black takes out Sheamus with a SomerSault Plancha. Ricochet lands The 630 Senton Splash to pickup the victory. After the match, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev attacks Black and Ricochet from behind. The Hardy Boyz storms into the ring to make the save.

Winner: Aleister Black & Ricochet via Pinfall 

Fourth Match: Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville vs. Naomi 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Rose shoves Naomi. Naomi dropkicks Rose. Naomi delivers The Sliding Slap. Naomi goes for a Bodyslam, but Rose lands back on her feet. Naomi with a Tornado JawBreaker. Deville is running interference. Naomi takes a swing at Deville. Rose drops Naomi with a Bicycle Knee Strike. Rose plants Naomi with The Angles Wings to pickup the victory. After the match, Asuka destroys Rose and Deville on the stage.

Winner: Mandy Rose via Pinfall 

AJ Styles & Randy Orton Backstage Segment: 

Fifth Match: Kevin Owens vs. Erick Rowan w/Daniel Bryan 

Daniel Bryan joins the commentary team for this match. Owens kicks Rowan in the gut. Owens with rapid fire forearm smashes. Rowan drives his knee into the midsection of Owens. Rowan with a clubbing blow to Owens back. Owens fires back with a knife edge chop. Rowan launches Owens to the corner. Owens kicks Rowan in the jaw. Rowan drops Owens with a Big Boot. Rowan bounces Owens head on the top turnbuckle pad.

Rowan levels Owens with a Body Avalanche. Rowan dropkicks Owens to the floor. Daniel Bryan calls Owens a coward. Owens starts beating up Bryan. Rowan attacks Owens from behind. Rowan drives Owens into the ring steel ring steps. Rowan hits The Divide on the floor. Bryan transitions into a ground and pound attack which forces the disqualification. After the match, Bryan and Rowan are double teaming Owens. Rowan bodyslams Owens on the floor.

Bryan talks smack to Owens. Mustafa Ali storms into the ring. Ali ducks a clothesline from Bryan. Ali dropkicks Bryan. Rowan sends Owens chest first into the ringside barricade. Rowan catches Ali in mid-air. Rowan goes for The Iron Claw Slam on the announce table, but Ali blocks it. Ali SuperKicks Rowan. Ali follows that with a Hurricanrana which sends Rowan face first into the steel ring post. Ali continues to tee off on Rowan. Bryan delivers a Flying Knee Strike off the ring apron. Owens plants Bryan with The Stunner. Rowan drags Bryan out of the ring.

Winner: Kevin Owens via Disqualification 

Final WWE Fastlane 2019 Match Card: 

Updated WWE Fastlane 2019 Match Card: 

Kickoff Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade Cien Almas w/Zelina Vega

1.) Asuka (c) vs. Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville For The WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Championship

2.) The Usos (c) vs. Shane McMahon & The Miz For The WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship

3.) The Shield vs. Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre in a 6-Man Tag Team Match

4.) The Boss And Hug Connection (c) vs. Nia Jax & Tamina For The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship

5.) Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Kevin Owens For The WWE Championship

6.) Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch. If Becky Lynch Wins, She Will Be Added To The WWE Raw Women’s Championship Match At WrestleMania 35

7.) The Revival (c) vs. Bobby Roode & Chad Gable vs. Aleister Black & Ricochet in a Triple Threat Match For The WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch In-Ring Segment: 

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