WWE NXT Results (12/5): Shayna Baszler vs. Dakota Kai

WWE NXT Results (12/5)

December 4, 2018
Full Sail University
Winter Park, Florida

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

First Match: Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez 

Dueling chants after the bell rings. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Quick stalemate in the corner. Martinez shoves Riddle. Riddle tells Martinez to bring it. Riddle avoids a flurry of kicks from Martinez. Riddle applies a Sleeper Hold. Martinez breaks the grip with a Back Drop. Riddle goes back to the sleeper hold. Martinez delivers a big haymaker. Riddle repeatedly kicks Martinez in the chest. Riddle with a Flying Forearm Smash. Martinez responds with a Cyclone Kick for a two count. Martinez with a Diving Elbow Strike.

Riddle slaps Martinez in the chest. Martinez clotheslines Riddle. Riddle with a series of bodyshots. Martinez goes for a ChokeSlam, but Riddle blocks it. Riddle ducks a clothesline from Martinez. Riddle drops Martinez with a RoundHouse Kick. Riddle with a series of elbow smashes. Riddle is lighting up Martinez’s chest. Riddle locks in The BROmission which forces Martinez to tap out. After the match, Kassius Ohno lays out Riddle on the stage.

Winner: Matt Riddle via Submission 

– Video Package for WWE NXT North American Champion, Ricochet. Ricochet will be defending his title on next weeks WWE NXT.

– Heavy Machinery Vignette

– Bobby Fish vs. EC3 also confirmed for next weeks show.


Second Match: The Forgotten Sons w/Jason Ryker vs. Raul Mendoza & Humberto Carillo 

Steve Cutler and Mendoza will start things off. Mendoza applies a side headlock. Cutler drives Mendoza face first into the canvas. Cutler applies a side headlock. Cutler goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Mendoza lands back on his feet. Mendoza blasts Cutler with a knife edge chop. Cutler reverses out of the irish whip from Mendoza. Mendoza slides under Cutler. Mendoza with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Mendoza brings Cutler to the corner. Mendoza tags in Carillo. Cutler is on the receiving end of a Double Hip Toss. Mendoza and Carillo follows that with a Victory Bomb. Carillo applies a wrist lock. Cutler tags in Blake.

Blake with a knife edge chop. Blake is choking Carillo in the corner. Blake continues to light up Carillo’s chest. Carillo shows off his athletic ability. Carillo with a RoundHouse Kick. Carillo tags in Mendoza. Mendoza with a SpringBoard Hurricanrana. Blake catches Mendoza in mid-air. Blake throws Mendoza into Carillo’s back. Blake talks smack to Mendoza. Blake is putting the boots to Mendoza. Blake with a SlingShot Knee Drop. Blake tags in Cutler. Forgotten Sons with a Double BackBreaker. Cutler hammers down on the left elbow of Mendoza. Cutler with a SlingShot BackBreaker for a two count. Cutler applies a rear chin lock. Mendoza gets back to a vertical base. Mendoza creates distance with a Belly to Back Suplex.

Blake and Carillo are tagged in. Carillo with a Flying Crossbody Block. Carillo kicks Blake in the chest. Carillo with rapid fire haymakers. Carillo drops Blake with a HandSpring Back Elbow Strike. Carillo ducks a clothesline from Cutler. Carillo with a Double Lucha Libre Arm-Drag. Carillo delivers a Missile Dropkick. Carillo with a Rolling Standing MoonSault for a two count. Mendoza tosses Cutler out of the ring. Mendoza goes for a Suicide Dive, but Cutler counters with a Forearm Smash. Carillo kicks Cutler in the face. Blake attacks Carillo from behind. Blake connects with a Draping Pedigree. Blake tags in Cutler. Forgotten Sons plants Carillo with their Flying Foot Stomp/Scorpion Death Drop Combination to pickup the victory.

Winner: The Forgotten Sons via Pinfall 

Third Match: Shayna Baszler w/Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir vs. Dakota Kai 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Baszler backs Kai into the turnbuckles. Kai refuses to be bullied. Kai with a quick takedown. Kai hits The PK. Kai follows that with a Standing Double Foot Stomp. Baszler heads to the outside. Baszler blocks a boot from Kai. Baszler drives Kai leg into the steel ring post. Baszler works on her body manipulation game. Baszler goes for a foot stomp, but Kai rolls her over for a two count. Baszler locks in The Omoplata.

Baszler kicks Kai in the face. Kai is pissed. Baszler with a low kick to Kai. Kai fires back with rapid fire soccer kicks. Kai delivers Two Face Wash’s. Baszler with a Jumping Knee Strike. Baszler follows that with a Running Boot for a two count. Kai with a Pump Kick to Baszler. Kai with a Flying Double Foot Stomp for a two count. Baszler applies awkward wrist lock. Baszler goes for an Avalanche GutWrench Suplex, but Kai blocks it. Kai HeadButts Baszler.

Baszler responds with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Baszler connects with an Avalanche GutWrench Suplex. Kai starts kicking Baszler in the face. Baszler takes out the legs of Kai. Baszler locks in The Kirifuda Clutch which forces Kai to tap out. After the match, Duke and Shafir starts beating down Kai. Io Shirari storms into the ring to make the save. Shirai drops Baszler with a Palm Strike. Kai goes for The Face Wash, but Duke and Shafir pulls Baszler out of the ring.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via Submission 

– Video Package for WWE NXT Superstar, Donovan Dijack.

Aleister Black, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano In-Ring Segment: 

Another Takeover is in the books and Tommaso Ciampa is NXT’s MVP. Time and time again, he has proved to be a man of his word. He ended the fairy tale, he exposed the mystique, and turned the Dream into a nightmare. Still, you people refuse to accept him as your NXT Champion. Still, you refuse to believe in him. The voice of NXT doesn’t believe in him, but mama mia, here he stands. When everything is said and done, this title reign will go down as the single greatest title reign in the history of NXT. Children will grow up and study his work. He is not the flavor of the week or flavor of the month. He is 2018’s Sports Entertainer of the Year.

Aleister Black comes out to interrupt Ciampa. Black stood toe to toe with Johnny Gargano and he absolved him from his sins.  Sins that Ciampa created, puppetmaster. You are not really the NXT Champion? He sees original sin, sin that he will absolve.  Black invokes his right to challenge Ciampa for the NXT Title at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. Johnny Gargano joins the conversation. Black is getting ahead of himself because they are not finished. Thank you for absolving him of his sins. This is over when he says it is over. Ciampa loves when Gargano leaves Johnny Wrestling in the back and becomes Johnny Badass.

When Gargano gets fixated on something, he doesn’t let it go. Johnny Gargano is fixated on Aleister Black. The champ gets it. They nearly tore each other’s heads off at NXT TakeOver: WarGames II.  It should have been the two of you in that steel structure. There is some unfinished business, but that’s just his opinion. If it were up to Ciampa, he would want to finish this the right way. He would want to finish this inside of a steel cage. Ciampa likes the sound of that. Full Sail wants to see you two fight inside a steel cage. Gargano is not afraid of Black. Black says that Johnny Wrestling is dead and he showed Johnny mercy.  He will fight Johnny in the parking lot. How did the parking lot work the last time? He was out of action for three months. What will he do to Black inside a steel cage? Black drops Ciampa with The Black Mass to end the show.

Author: Josh Lopez