WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results – October 9, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results - October 9, 2018

WWE Mixed Match Challenge
October 9, 2018
Bankers Life FieldHouse
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Team RAW: Kevin Owens & Natalya, Ember Moon & Braun Strowman, Bayley & Finn Balor, Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal, and Mickie James & Bobby Lashley

Team SmackDown Live: Asuka & The Miz, Naomi & Jimmy Uso, AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair, Lana & Rusev, and Carmella & R-Truth

Transcription by Josh Lopez 

First Match: Braun Strowman & Ember Moon (RAW) vs. Finn Balor & Bayley (RAW) in a Round Robin Match In The 2018 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Tournament 

Moon and Bayley will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Moon applies a side headlock. Moon drops Bayley with a shoulder tackle. Bayley goes for a Hip Toss, but Moon lands back on her feet. Moon with an arm-drag takeover. Bayley responds with another shoulder tackle. Bayley with a Sliding Lariat. Moon is pissed. Moon tags in Strowman. Will Balor get these hands? Balor repeatedly kicks the left hamstring of Strowman. Strowman launches Balor to the corner. Balor side steps Strowman into the turnbuckles. Balor with an Apron Enzuigiri. Bayley with a HeadScissors TakeOver that sends Moon to the floor.

Balor ducks a clothesline from Strowman. Balor with a Running Forearm Smash. Strowman responds with a Sledgehammer Lariat. Strowman applies The Cravate. Strowman transitions into a rear chin lock. Strowman drops Balor with a Body Avalanche for a one count. Strowman talks smack to Bayley. Strowman whips Balor back first across the turnbuckles. Strowman plays to the crowd. Strowman and Balor are trading back and forth shots. Strowman is choking Balor. Strowman goes for a Running PowerSlam, but Balor lands back on his feet. Strowman still has the strength advantage. Balor kicks Strowman in the jaw. Strowman deposits Balor in the corner. Balor finally tags in Bayley.

Bayley with rapid fire clotheslines. Bayley hits a Middle Rope Stunner. Moon catches Bayley in mid-air. Moon with a GutBuster. Moon follows that with a Corner Hip Attack. Bayley responds with a Running Knee Strike. Moon ducks a clothesline from Bayley. Moon with a SpringBoard Crossbody Block for a two count. Strowman argues with the referee. Bayley with a pinning combination for a two count. Quick Haymaker Exchange. Moon unloads a flurry of kicks. Moon ascends to the top turnbuckle.

Bayley blocks a SuperKick from Moon. Bayley connects with The Bayley To Belly for a two count. Strowman tags himself in. Balor sends Strowman shoulder first to the steel ring post. Balor with a Flying Double Foot Stomp to the back of Strowman. Strowman is in the drop zone. Bayley takes out Moon with a Flying Crossbody Block. Balor goes for The Coupe De Grace, but Strowman ducks out of the way. Strowman plants Balor with a PowerSlam to pickup the victory.

Winner: Braun Strowman & Ember Moon (RAW) via Pinfall 

Second Match: AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live) vs. R-Truth & Carmella (SmackDown Live) in a Round Robin Match In The 2018 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Tournament 

50/50 split with the Indianapolis crowd. Styles and Truth will start things off. Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Truth applies a side headlock. Truth is playing mind games with Styles. Time for a dance party. Double Splits from the Fabulous Truth. The AJ Styles split didn’t go so well. Carmella with a HeadScissors TakeOver to Styles. Carmella wants no part of Charlotte’s Flair Family Chops. Charlotte starts lighting up Carmella’s chest. Charlotte tells Carmella to bring it.

Charlotte chases Carmella around the ringside area. Charlotte drags Carmella to the center of the ring. Carmella wiggles out of the Figure Four Leg Lock. Charlotte with a Baseball Slide Dropkick. Charlotte poses for the crowd. Charlotte with a Belly to Back Suplex. Charlotte with a jack knife cover for a two count. Carmella locks in The Code Of Silence. Carmella with a rollup for a two count. Both ladies are knocked down after a double clothesline.

Styles and Truth are tagged. Styles with multiple clotheslines. Styles hits The Ushigoroshi. Carmella breaks up the pinning opportunity. Styles goes for a bodyslam, but Truth lands back on his feet. Truth kicks Styles in the gut. Truth connects with The Scissors Kick for a two count. Carmella SuperKicks Charlotte. Styles gets Truth in position for The Styles Clash. Truth desperately holds onto the second rope. Charlotte pulls Carmella off the ring apron. Styles rolls Truth over to pickup the victory.

Winner: AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair (SmackDown Live) via Pinfall 

2018 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Standings 


Monster Eclipse (Braun Strowman & Ember Moon) 2-0

Country Dominance (Bobby Lashley & Mickie James) 1-0

Team B’N’B (Finn Balor & Bayley) 1-1

Team PAWZ (Natalya & TBD) 0-1

Mahalica (Jinder Mahal & Alicia Fox) 0-2

SmackDown Live 

Phenomenal Flair (AJ Styles & Charlotte Flair) 2-0

Team Awe-Ska (The Miz & Asuka) 1-0

Day One Glow (Jimmy Uso & Naomi) 1-1

Ravishing Rusev Day (Rusev & Lana) 0-1

The Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella) 0-2

Author: Josh Lopez