WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/21): The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

WWE SmackDown Live Results (8/21)

WWE SmackDown Live
August 21, 2018
Barclays Center
Brooklyn, New York

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Transcription by Josh Lopez

The Miz, Maryse, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella In-Ring Segment: 

First Match: Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy 

Collar and Elbow Tie Up. Orton backs Hardy into the turnbuckles. Orton talks smack to Hardy. Hardy starts throwing haymakers at Orton. The referee calls for a clean break. Hardy kicks Orton in the gut. Orton reverses out of the irish whip from Hardy. Hardy decks Orton with a Back Elbow Smash. Hardy sets up for The Whisper In The Wind. Orton sends Hardy crashing to the outside. Orton applies a rear chin lock. Hardy with shots to the midsection of Orton. Orton HeadButts Hardy.

Hardy is trying to create separation. Hardy kicks Orton in the jaw. Hardy hits The Whisper In The Wind. Hardy delivers a series of haymakers. Hardy with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Hardy follows that with a Basement Dropkick. Hardy connects with The Twist Of Fate. Hardy takes off his t-shirt. Orton has Hardy perched on the top turnbuckle. Orton starts attacking the ear lobe of Hardy.

Hardy negates The IEDDT. Hardy with a double leg takedown to Orton. Hardy stomps on Orton’s private parts which cause the disqualification. After the match, Hardy with an Flying Axe Handle Strike off the ring apron. Hardy launches Orton over the announce table. This brawls spills to the production area. Hardy bounces Orton’s head on the steel guard rail. Hardy repeatedly hits Orton with a steel chair. Hardy puts Orton through a table with The Swanton Bomb.

Winner: Randy Orton via Disqualification 

Second Match: Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay vs. Naomi 

Royce starts things off with a HeadScissors NeckLock. Naomi escape the hold. Naomi blocks a boot from Royce. Royce dodges multiple leg lariats. Naomi kicks Royce in the chest. Naomi plays to the crowd. Naomi with a Split Legged Leg Drop for a two count. Naomi kicks Royce out of the ring. Naomi rolls Royce back into the ring. Kay is running interference. Royce attacks Naomi from behind. Royce knocks Naomi off the ring apron with a Spinning Heel Kick. Royce with the cover for a two count. Royce argues with the referee. Royce bounces Naomi’s head on the top turnbuckle pad. Royce is choking Naomi with her boot.

Royce with clubbing blows to the back of Naomi. Royce applies a rear chin lock. Naomi gets back to a vertical base. Naomi with an arm-drag takeover. Naomi repeatedly kicks the right hamstring of Royce. Naomi dropkicks Royce. Naomi ducks a clothesline from Royce. Naomi with a SpringBoard Enzuigiri for a two count. Royce launches Naomi to the ring apron. Naomi drops Royce with a Leg Lariat. Naomi continues to be distracted by Kay. Naomi drives Kay face first into the steel ring post. Royce plants Naomi with a Fisherman’s Suplex to pickup the victory.

Winner: Peyton Royce via Pinfall 

The New Day Backstage Segment: 

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair In-Ring Segment: 

Third Match: Andrade Cien Almas & Zelina Vega vs. Rusev & Lana in a Mixed Tag Team Match 

Almas and Rusev will start things off. Almas shoves Rusev. Almas slaps Rusev in the chest. Rusev responds with a clothesline. Rusev delivers two elbow drops. Almas with a JawBreaker to Rusev. Almas repeatedly stomps on Rusev chest. Rusev reverses out of the irish whip from Almas. Almas with a Back Elbow Smash. Almas goes for a Tornado Reverse DDT, but Rusev blocks it. Almas locks in The Rope Assisted Arm-Bar. Almas goes for a SpringBoard Clothesline, but Rusev counters with a Leg Lariat. Rusev tags in Lana. Lana with a Running Lariat to Vega. Lana flexes her muscles.

Coming out of the commercial break, we have a quick stalemate in the corner. Vega with a Leaping Pump Kick. Vega hits The 718. Vega with a Swinging FaceBuster for a two count. Vega with clubbing blows to the back of Lana. Vega goes for a Crucifix Bomb, but Lana rolls her over for a two count. Vega brings Lana down to the canvas. Lana kicks Vega in the jaw. Lana slaps Almas in the face. Lana tags in Rusev. Rusev drops Almas with a shoulder tackle. Rusev with a Buzzsaw Kick. Rusev with a Corner Spear to Almas. Rusev follows that with a Spinning Heel Kick.

Almas avoids The Macha Kick. Almas rocks Rusev with a Discus Elbow Smash. Almas connects with The ShotGun Meteora for a two count. Almas goes for The HammerLock DDT, but Rusev blocks it. Rusev goes for a Back Body Drop, but Almas lands back on his feet. Rusev clotheslines Almas over the top rope. Vega shoves Rusev. Lana Spears Vega. Lana transitions into a ground and pound attack. Aiden English snatches the chair away from Almas. Rusev lands The Machka Kick. Rusev locks in The Accolade which forces Almas to tap out.

Winner: Rusev & Lana via Submission 

Shinsuke Nakamura Promo: 

Renee Young, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe Segment: 

Paige, Carmella and R-Truth Backstage Segment: 

Fourth Match: The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. The New Day in a No Disqualification Match For The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship 

Pier six brawl after the bell rings. Harper uppercuts Kofi. Harper rakes the eyes of Kofi. Woods is throwing haymakers at Rowan. Rowan drives his knee into the midsection of Woods. Kofi with a Back Elbow Smash to Harper. Harper responds with another uppercut. Harper goes for a Vertical Suplex, but Kofi lands on the announce table. Kofi with a Big Boot to Harper. Woods blasts Harper with a Basement Dropkick. Rowan sends Woods back first to the ringside barricade. Harper throws a folding chair at Kofi. Rowan is putting the boots to Kofi. Harper and Woods continues to brawl on the floor.

Harper goes for a Belly to Back Suplex, but Woods lands back on his feet. Woods ducks a clothesline from Harper. Woods with a Discus Forearm Smash. Woods drop toe holds Harper to the announce table. Kofi with a low bridge which sends Rowan crashing to the outside. Kofi hits The PK. New Day brings out a ladder from under the ring. Harper lands a Suicide Dive. Bludgeon Brothers chucks multiple chairs into the ring. Harper whips Woods into the steel ring steps. Bludgeon Brothers are double teaming Kofi.

Rowan with The Body Avalanche. Harper follows that with a Big Boot for a two count. Woods decks Rowan with a Step Up Enzuigiri. Rowan responds with a shoulder tackle. Kofi kicks a chair out of Harper’s hands. Kofi with a Tornado DDT on the chair for a two count. Rowan drags Kofi out of the ring. Rowan unloads another Big Boot on the floor. Rowan avoids a SlingShot Crossbody Block from Woods. Rowan with a Running Shoulder Block. Rowan dumps Woods face on the apron.

Harper HeadButts Kofi. Bludgeon Brothers connects with a Double Crucifix Bomb on the ladder for a two count. Rowan runs Kofi into the steel ring post. Harper grabs the rubber mallets. Harper slaps Rowan in the face. Woods sends Rowan crashing through the ringside barricade. Harper SuperKicks Woods. Harper rolls Woods back into the ring. Harper gets Woods in position for a PowerBomb. Kofi hits Harper with the rubber mallet. Kofi connects with The Trouble In Paradise. Woods puts Harper through the table with The Limit Break to pickup the victory.

Winner: New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The New Day via Pinfall 

Author: Josh Lopez